Conveyor System Belts and Their Uses

Do you know that conveyor belt system is the key component of escalators?

A conveyor belt is a thick belt that is an essential part of an industrial conveyor system. And, a conveyor system is responsible for transporting heavy, bulky industrial products, luggage and packages from one place to another.

In simpler terms, a ‘conveyor’ system is a mechanical thing that ‘conveys’ different sorts of items in indoor and outdoor industrial setups. Prior to invention of the system, to move heavy industrial belongings from one place to another, the human or physical labor was deployed. Not only was it quite time-evolving, but also there were increased chances of mishandling.

With the progression in the scientific and mechanical engineering, the conveyor systems surfaced as a great help for industrial facilities. These systems facilitate quick and controlled transportation of various industrial materials.

Conveyor belt

A conveyor belt is a utility that allows the pulleys of a conveyor system to move back and forth, as programmed. There usually are two pulleys in a system, however, there are also available systems with more number of rotating units. In many designs, only one pulley rotates, which is named as driver, and the wheel that does not swivel is called idler.

Depending on substance of the material to be transported, and the quality and endurance of the machine, there are generally two classes of belt conveyor – bulk and agricultural material transporters. If we talk about the type of belts, more often than not, there are two kinds – PVC and rubber – both square different purposes.

Typically, there are two layers of material in a belt, though number of layers may vary with the unique features of machines, they are intended to be used in. The innermost layer serves the purpose of providing the strength, smoothness and durability in the operation, while the upper, visible layer is the protective one that provides a shelter to the inner layers.

The uses of belt conveyors

As mentioned earlier, conveyors are industrial apparatus; used in various applications across industries.

Automated distribution – These machines are used for distributing or transporting various materials and products between departments. This is one of the foremost exercises of the warehouses of retail and wholesale industries. When programmed with computer applications, the pulleys of conveyor can work more efficiently.

Shipping uneven bottomed items – Another constructive facilitation of belts! The rubber belts are considered best for the items and packages that have an uneven, irregular bottom. The strong grip of rubber bars any chances of sliding down. Rubber belts are also ideal for the boxes with too smooth bottom, they avoid slipping.


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