Choosing Bunk Beds Kids Will Not Instantly Outgrow

Sleeping is often termed as the ‘most peaceful time’ in psychological literature, and a bed has a huge role in making the sleeping time comfortable. Everyone, from children to adults, all want their bed to be perfect. Therefore, Furniture retailers often has a huge variety of options, when it comes to bunk beds, since every child and adult will have their own views in this matter. There are numerous patterns available in bunk beds, and they are made mainly from wood and metal. Since, there are abundant choices and options in bunk beds, being a parent, you should always examine the bunk bed, so that it is the best for your child.


Often parents become confused about the idea of twin mattresses in bunk beds. So, let’s just make it clear for all the parents who are reading this. Bunk Beds come in the following forms:

  • Two twin frames.
  • Two full beds.
  • A twin on top with a full bed on bottom.

If you are a parent, and you are purchasing the bunk bed for a pair of children, then you must go for matching mattresses, as they will resolve the disagreement between the siblings, about who will take the larger one. While, if you are buying for a single child, then you may go with any of the other options, because the extra set of mattresses will give the child an extra space to access, which he/she can use when he/she is getting bigger.


Bunk Beds are generally great because it can be modified accordingly as the child grows. Therefore, always check the height of the ceiling before buying a bunk bed. Since, if the height of your bedroom is low, then it might be a problem for a child who is sleeping on the top loft. He/she will bump his/her head every time the child has to enter or exit the bed. Also, if the ceiling is lower, the ceiling fan can also incur injury. While buying a bunk bed, always see if the bunk bed can be adjusted. Since, most of the bunk beds comes in with features where the top loft of the bunk can be raised or lowered.


Bunk Beds are an investment, and therefore, you should always think about the future while buying the beds. Children always love bunk beds, because it looks pretty cool. But, you being a parent should also think about the future. Because, as soon as your child reaches adolescence, he/she will not like the bunk bed, and they will want something that looks a little bit more matured. Therefore, instead of buying a new bed set for your child, you should consider something that grows with your child. Some beds give you the option of reconfiguring them.

Age Factor

Age is a factor that parents should consider before buying their child a bunk bed. They should assess that, if the child can climb up to the top loft of the bunk bed, or the safety assured by the bunk bed. Today, all bunk bed comes with a rail systems, which ensures the child’s protection. You should also consider that if your child walks or rolls in sleep, and other factors like leg space.

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