How to Choose an International Freight Forwarder

A freight forwarder is normally a company, but can sometimes be an individual, that organizes shipments for individuals (or corporations) to get goods from the manufacturer to the market, or from the distributor to the customer. Forwarders tend to work with multiple carriers to move the goods – so the forwarder doesn’t move the goods, but acts as a middleman of sorts, and handles the logistics of this situation. The modes of shipment used can vary, from trucks, railroads, ships, and even airplanes – and multiple modes of shipment can be used for the same set of goods.

Choosing a freight forwarder, especially an international freight forwarder, especially a good one, is crucial for any business that regularly deals with imports and exports – and the last thing that import/export business need is for the shipment of goods to get late or even worse, to get lost during the journey. To ensure that these situations never occur, it is important to make sure you know who you’re hiring to handle this, and to make sure that the international freight forwarder you’ve chosen is up to the job, and is able to handle any situation that they may come across.

One of the first questions you should ask the freight companies is whether they’ll be able to handle the amount of goods you’ll be importing or exporting- this question becomes important especially when you’re dealing with items in bulk, and it’s important to ask the company whether they have the ships that will be able to carry that much, or other modes of shipment that can handle that much weight. Another thing to check is how long it will take for your shipment to get delivered, and whether the goods will get delivered in stages, or if all of your goods will be delivered at once.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to know how long the freight forwarder has been in business – and it is always preferable to choose a freight forwarder that has been practicing for a long time, or is part of an established, reputed company. It is important to work with an established company because they would have built a large network of agents, shipping companies, and other vital contacts to have. This way, it’s preferable to work with an established company because they’ll be able to get your shipment to the required destination as soon as possible.

One last thing to ask them is whether they’ve dealt with your type of cargo – so they will know how to treat your goods, and how careful they have to be, and the best way to ship it from one point to the next.

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