Ceiling Light Fixtures: Types and Uses

Lighting directly impacts the look and mood of a room, so it’s important to consider the overall effect you’re trying to create, be it a light and bright ambience or a cosier feel accented with subtle shadows. Nowadays, people know that overhead lighting is the most efficient source of ambient/general illumination. In almost every home, ceiling light fixtures are a standard; they have progressed over the years to suit a wide variety of room lighting purposes. Here, we’ve listed the most common types of ceiling light fixtures, and their best uses.

Chandeliers– They are defined as hanging lights with many encompassing “arms,” chandeliers are a definitive ceiling light fixture preference. Once held in reserve for the formal dining room, chandeliers are slowly and gradually sliding into all corners of the home, from kids’ rooms to master designer bathrooms.

Pendants– Nothing like chandeliers, pendants particularly consist of a single light source, a fabric or glass casing over the bulb. They are more in fashion and less official than chandeliers, and attaining popularity in the foyer, dining room, and all other areas in the home.

Flush Mounts– These ceiling light fixtures install flush to the ceiling, making them an ideal option for rooms with low ceilings, or tight areas with doors that would bump into a lower hanging light. Despite of being among the most convenient to install (particularly if the space is already wired), they’re among the most multipurpose lights.

Semi-Flush Mounts– Encompassing below the ceiling, semi-flush lights give a more coverage illumination than flush mounts because light is able to seepage through the bottom and the top of the globe.

Track Lighting. It is known as one of the many practical ceiling light fixtures, track lighting is theoretically a type of semi-flush with many, adjustable heads. Track lighting is a perfect choice for large spaces like the kitchen or living room (mainly modern surroundings), letting you position the light, where it is needed the most.

Ceiling Fans. A majority of homeowners are substituting basic ceiling lights with ceiling fans for improved home value and comfort. Mostly, all models of ceiling fans today have the option to add a light kit, making them tremendously practical for almost any room.

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