Cabanas: An Ultimate Poolside Luxury

If we look back in the gone decades, we find that people used to set up cabanas on poolside areas, as a storage to stock the essential pool maintenance kits. In fact, there are many, if not most, who still store diverse tools and accessories in these poolside shelters. However, if we gaze at the current booming trend, we find that cabanas of today are not really a storage space. These spaces, nowadays, are being broadly used as a poolside ‘temporary’ room, where small group of guests (10-15 people) can gather, and enjoy the amazing views of the poolside party, while sipping their drink and chitchatting with their peers.

According to the widely-spread definition of pool cabana, it is a small structure, usually made up of timber or cloth material. It could have a similar structure as hut, canopy, or stall. But, the facilities, that these small structures are blessed with, make it a luxury. There are daybeds, refrigerator, sofas and table set, and television or music player in these units, so that the people can enjoy some private moments, while being a part of the ongoing party. Fan, heater and air conditioner are placed as per the ongoing weather. The design of these contemporary huts can also facilitate you with private closets, in which you can keep your towels, clothes, and other belongings.

The interior designs of cabanas

There are various designers and design studios that compose pool side huts on special orders for poolside parties. The organizers want a cabana where their guests can feel comfortable and contented, and their privacy can be ensured. Things need to be soothing, well-placed and well-maintained. The organizers ask the designers to keep the theme and class of the party in mind when designing the interior of these special-purpose huts. From music to television, and from snacks to drinks, everything related to guests’ comfort is supplied into these separate rooms.

Organizing space and serenity inside cabana


    • There should be sufficient drawers and cupboard space, which guests can utilize as per their need. To manage the space, ideal it would be to install sliding doors for cupboards.
    • For a grand pool party, there should be some huts that look like other shelters, but actually should be designed to be storage rooms. Optionally, some storage space can also be set up at the back of each shelter, however proper designing and planning will be required for this. Still, to maintain the supply of snacks and drinks at every hut, there will be an immense requirement of a large store room. Therefore, things need to be planned prudently.
  • Additionally, to maintain the wastes, there should be a space that does not come in everyone’s view, and where waste can be disposed of.


Cabana is hut like structure, oftentimes seen around poolside areas. In earlier times, it was used as storage space for pool maintenance accessories, but today they have an entirely different purpose. They are an ultimate luxury for poolside parties.


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