Buying Condos For Sale – Why Now is the Best Time to Invest

here has never been a better time to purchase your a home. A large tax credit has been extended until the end of April, which makes buying property an attractive alternative to renting. This tax incentive coupled with low mortgage rates for those with good credit and plenty of properties to choose from make now the perfect time to buy

If you are a first time buyer, condos for sale are the most affordable solution which allows you to outright purchase a residence while living conveniently near work, shopping, and other parts of your daily routine. On the other hand, paying rent on an apartment offers no tax benefits and does not count towards any type of ownership.

If you purchase a condo before April 30th, 2010, you may be eligible to spend less and save even more on your home purchase thanks to the tax credit. This incentive will provide a check of 10% of the purchase amount (up to $8,000) and can help offset the cost of closing and any other fees associated with buying real estate.

This tax credit is available to first time home buyers on qualifying real estate purchases, and is designed to eliminate concern and provide financial relief to responsible, potential owners. The most recent extension will allow “late buyers” to access the credit, provided the essential paperwork has been signed and the deal official by the end of April. Additionally, current owners moving to a new residence can take advantage of a $6,500 tax credit, if they sign a contract by April 30.

Got Good Credit?

For those seeking a new, comfortable place to live, condos are the best solution. The mortgage process usually includes a strict budget, or a “cap” so you know how much money you have to work with. Condos provide many of the same luxuries, if not more, than many mansions or estates that only a celebrity could afford. A smart investment means setting your goals and standards reasonably high, so you’ll enjoy the value of life in your new place to live.

If you have good credit, you’ll find that mortgage rates are low and the payments can even be cheaper than paying rent on an apartment. The best benefit of all, naturally, is that you will be able to pay it off and then you own your own home. There is no better feeling than that sense of security.

Have You Heard About The Market?

Most importantly, you may have also heard that the market prices have changed. The cost of homes and condos for sale have dropped, and when you combine that with the tax break you’ll find that right now truly is the best time to act.

The best time to buy a homes or condos for sale is right now, when the prices are hot and there are so many financial benefits to first home buyers who act quickly.

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