Assisted Living – Planning the Move with your Elderly Parents

Sometimes, if you are a single child of aging parents, then persuading them to stay in an assisted living environment can be tough. Sometimes, you as the only caregiver to your parents, might feel uncomfortable about them managing everything, from medical to personal needs alone, and hence, decide to keep them in an assisted living environment, where they would be given the necessary freedom, as well be assisted about certain things in day to day life.

Convincing your loved ones about the advantages of staying in an assisted living environment can be tough. In this article, we will discuss seven such tips, which would help you to talk to your parents about the assisted living environment, which reflects the advantages of assisted living and at the same time also, respects and honors the feeling of your parents.

1. Make a plan beforehand about how to persuade your parents. One of the best ways to do that is by proving that they actually need to stay in an assisted living environment. Make a list, where you would write the different conditions after which your parents need to take a choice of assisted living. For instance, when your parents can’t dress by themselves or, they cant bathe by themselves or, when they cant balance themselves and hence, always is afraid of falling down, these are the cases which should be there on your list.

Then make an arrangement with your parents, that if these incidents occur, then they would have to stay in an assisted living environment for their own safety.

2. When you are making the plan, involve your parents or loved ones as much as you can. Since, the more they are involved in the process, the less they will be resistant when it actually comes to moving to the assisted living facility. Visit a lot of assisted living facilities and finally choose one. The assisted living facility should be a mix of freedom and assistance at the same time.

3. If you are not a single child, and if you have siblings, try to involve siblings as much as you can. Since, when the time comes for the final decision, a disagreement between siblings can cause a civil suit, and also send a bad message to the parents.

4. Make your parents understand that they would not be losing their independence and freedom. On the contrary, in an assisted living environment, they would be granted complete independence, and will only be assisted when they feel the need.

5. Communication is utmost important when it comes to taking a very important decision. Sending your parents off to an assisted living facility is a very important decision, and is required that, you talk to your parents a lot and understand their perspective as well. Listen to their concerns, and try to break it by giving logical reasons. If you can’t falsify a concern, then at least try to cover that by, citing advantages of an assisted living facility.

6. Your parents have sacrificed a lot throughout their life. Therefore, you need to give them the required respect. Respect them and ask them gently to understand the facts, which you are demonstrating.

7. Assure them that their family, that is you, will always be beside them, as they have stayed beside you, since your birth. Reassure that you will visit them weekly or monthly. At the same time, you need to reassure them that, the assisted living facility will be a great place for them.

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