Arousing Kids Interest in Musical Instruments

Having a skill sets one apart from others, and adds an interesting element to one’s unique personality. Such a skill is like playing musical instruments. Musical instruments require a certain amount of regular practice, and if started from an early age, kids can master them soon.
Generally kids show an interest in musical instruments at an early age and it is upon the parents to help cater to this interest.

One good way to start is to provide kids with basic knowledge about musical instruments and the different categories they fall into:

o Percussion instruments
o Woodwinds instruments
o Brass instruments
o String instruments
o Keyboard instruments

Parents should help kids learn about  these instruments by doing a little research with them, by looking up information about the instruments in dictionaries, browsing the web to see pictures, listen to them, see videos of how they are played, learn the names and different features. Parents could also print pictures of the instruments or poster of a famous musician to inspire kids throughout the different stages of the learning process.

The kids can be made to learn about the instruments through games. They can be asked to identify the instruments from the printed pictures, parents can help them too. Kids particularly enjoy guessing games.

Next, the kids can try to identify different instruments by listening to their sounds. This can be done in the form of a fun game to help kids enjoy the learning process and hold their attention. Once the kids become familiar with the sounds and can identify the instrument, start to listen to bands and identify the different instruments the band is using.

Your kids must be inclined towards a particular instrument, ask them why they loved it they most and what interested them in it.  Ask the school music instructor to show the kids the different instrument and explain the features. It would be a good idea to take the kids to a music concert to encourage their interests.

All this should be good enough to inspire you kid to sign up for music lessons. Learning to play an instrument is not just fun and enjoyable, it also inculcates a sense of discipline in the child as they practice and learn helping in the overall development of kids along with adding a unique persona to them.

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