Armored SUV – Are They a Good Choice?

If you are a private citizen and want to purchase an armored vehicle, you have two style options available to you. You can get an armored car or an armored SUV. Although they are outfitted with the same bulletproof materials, they each have their own set of benefits and disadvantages that they offer. A bulletproof car has the advantage of being inconspicuous. Most people notice SUVs because of their size especially in this era of high gas prices. Since they are smaller, cars have the advantage of getting better gas mileage; although neither the car nor the SUV will get better mileage than those that don’t have armor.

The armoring that a vehicle receives is very heavy. For this reason, an armored SUV may be a better choice since they have the size and engine capabilities to move around all that excess weight. Depending on the car, you may need to replace the engine with a stronger one in order to give it the power to move smoothly on the road with all that extra metal attached to it. One of the most important things about an armored car is how quickly it can get you out of the scene of trouble. If you are driving down a road and shooting breaks out, you want to be able to get out of there fast.

Determining if an armored SUV is the right bulletproof vehicle for you, you really need to look at what you need it for. SUVs tend to have more passenger and cargo space. Therefore, if you are going to be transporting a lot of people or things, this is probably the better option. Another reason why you may want an SUV over a car is that the sport utility vehicle is built to tow. So if you need to pull a trailer or another car along with you on the road, then you will want the SUV for that.

An armored SUV is not going to be cheap. There are a few companies that make them in a factory. For the most part, though, they are retrofitted with the bulletproof materials after they leave the factory.

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