Advantages of Custom Designed Pools

Who doesn’t love swimming pools? Playing around in the water, or sitting beside the pool during weekends is a luxury that everyone wants to have. Therefore, custom pools are in demand today. It is a growing trend among homeowners mainly in urban areas. Custom pools are a great way to bring the dream of a pool in life. So, in this article, let us see what are the advantages of installing a custom designed pool in your lot.

If you always had a dream of having a pool in your property, it is always better to go for a custom designed pool. When you dream of a pool, you always dream of a design. Now, if you want to achieve the design you have always dreamt about, a custom designed pool is the only thing that can give you that design. A custom designed pool can be of any design you want, and can be as intricate and sumptuous as your imagination. You may also want features that are not available in stock pools, and in this case also, the only way you can achieve this is by opting for a custom designed pool. Custom designed pools will also allow you to design your pool from scratch. Now, while installing a custom designed pool, you will see that,

  • You are completely in charge when it comes to design of your backyard oasis. No matter what the shape or size is, you will be in charge of the design. For instance, if you have a wish of having an infinity pool, which is shaped like a diamond, and leads off your patio, you can also have that when you opt for a custom designed pool. You do not have this advantage if you go for a stock designed pool.
  • Custom designed pool would allow you to play around the size of the pool. Sometimes, it so happens that, you do not have enough area to have a swimming pool in your backyard, but you still want to have a pool as per your design. A custom designer can work with that limitation, and often in these cases he will work around and extend the pool to your back lawn, giving you a spacious pool area to enjoy with. Again, sometimes, you may live in a hilly area, where installing a swimming pool can be tough. A custom designer can work with that too.
  • Additional features are a big plus in custom made pools. If you have always wanted to add a tropical beach look to your swimming pool, you may achieve that if you have opted for a custom designed pool.
  • One of a kind design. When you are investing money in to something, why be satisfied with a cookie cutter version of it. With a custom designed pool, you may have a unique design, which is just exclusively for you.
  • Since the custom pool designers work on less projects than normal pool designers, they spend more time on a project, thereby building the project with utmost care.


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