Advantages of Asphalt over Concrete Paving

Asphalt roads have quickly become increasingly common in places around the world, and asphalt is now synonymous with the material used for roads. Asphalt is now used in commercial, residential, and industrial sectors across the world, because it is easy to install, is cost-effective, and durable in nature. Previously, concrete was used to make roads. However, the benefits of asphalt greatly overpower those of concrete, making asphalt the preferred option for construction of roads and transport.

One of the biggest benefits of asphalt is that it is easy to install, making it time-effective. It is an easy material to pave the ground with, and is extremely easy to prepare. Furthermore, it dries faster than concrete, making it a preferred option. This is extremely useful, especially when potholes and parking lots, or driveways, get damaged, because it becomes easy and quick to fix.
When it comes to cost, the initial cost of asphalt is less, compared to that of concrete. However, maintenance costs of concrete are cheaper than that of asphalt, making asphalt a little more expensive to maintain, compared to concrete. However, if installed and maintained well, asphalt becomes easier to use than concrete. The up-front costs of asphalt are less than that of concrete, making it easy for contractors to overlook the higher maintenance costs.
Concrete is not preferred for construction of roads, because concrete is more prone to cracks and require a higher amount of maintenance in the long run. Concrete, therefore, becomes more difficult to keep smooth, making asphalt the better option. Asphalt, on the other hand, is less prone to wear and tear, and will last longer than concrete.
Furthermore, asphalt is more flexible as a material, making it easier to use as a paving material. Because of its flexibility, it can be molded and shaped for a multitude of uses. Therefore, asphalt is now used in commercial and residential sectors, and is mainly used in construction and restoration work.
Finally, an important factor to consider is that of weather resistance. Asphalt, as a material, is naturally more weather-resistant than concrete. Asphalt is able to withstand harsh weather conditions, and is resistant to everyday wear and tear and everyday weather changes. Therefore, it becomes clear that asphalt is clearly the preferred options by most contractors.

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