7 Key Reasons to Seek Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a word derived from two Greek words (cheir), meaning hand and (praxis), which mean action. These two simply imply chiropractors use their hands to administer some form of action on an area exhibiting a chiropractic condition, usually a spinal joint.


Chiropractic treatment is a common medical therapy that does not unnecessarily involve drugs or injections but rather it aims at reducing pain along the nervous system and or correcting the spinal interference leading to such pains. These two are therefore the basic reasons as to why one may seek a chiropractic treatment.


Pains can be experienced in various parts of the body. Some of these include: The back, neck, and or the legs among other body parts along or connected directly or indirectly to the spinal cord. The pains may manifest in but not limited to the following forms: muscle pain, stabbing pain, chronic pain, and also depending on the affected area; upper back pain, joint pain and or the middle back pain. For these, one really must see a chiropractor.


However, other medical specialists and practitioners have observed the following attributions to chiropractic care and or recommended the treatment for various other medical conditions. The following are the seven most significant of those:


  1. Stronger Body Defense System,
  2. More Energy,
  3. Better Focus and Brain Function,
  4. Less Pain,
  5. Prevention and Decrease Control of the Progression of Arthritis,
  6. Studies Show Chiropractic Costs Less, and that
  7. Kids on Regular Chiropractic Care are Healthier and Happier.



Chiropractic patients under treatment have been observed less susceptible to illnesses and diseases such as cancer, colds, influenza, and pneumonia as well as inflammatory disease such as fibromyalgia and eczema. Some studies also indicate that people under chiropractic treatment have a 200% immunity compared to those who have not received the care. That CD4 cell counts are higher in patients under spinal chiropractic treatment.


Nervous system is the electrical and energy center of the body, interference as a result of subluxations and or misalignment of the spine often lead to fatigue. Chiropractic care however manipulates the spinal cord to take pressure off the nerves hence increased energy levels.


One of the first effects chiropractic care makes on patients is less haze. Chiropractic treatment primarily deals with the spinal cord, information center of the brain and other body organs. By correcting misalignment, the brain is able to collect thoughts more easily, just like straightening a telephone cable, the speed and clarity of information reach to the brain from the rest of the body parts is better hence better and clearer thinking.


When the back bone and or adjoining bones or muscles are misaligned, movement is slowed down or completely hindered. This is because subluxations in the spine often exert pressure on the nerves. Proper motion is required for joints, muscles and or the discs to get nutrition so as to stay healthy and function well. When joints do not move properly over a period of time, they bulge and or degenerate hence osteoarthritis.



A considerable amount of scientific proof also shows chiropractic treatment is less expensive and yet more effective compared with other medical therapies like yoga, and acupuncture. It is more of a common sense as well that staying healthy is cheaper than treatment, and yet this is one of the key benefits of chiropractic care.


Having discussed the effects of chiropractic care to increase or rather restore proper mental abilities on patients, a parent should therefore have his/her checked for subluxations and or misalignments. Chiropractic care generally keeps children off diseases like otitis media, sinusitis, and allergies among others hence more school and playing time for the children.


One more gain chiropractic care has over other conventional medical forms is that it seeks to cure root of the medical condition rather than its symptoms. The impact is lifelong. A little surprise for a summary is that regular chiropractic care can as well eliminate unnecessary headaches. And this is because most headaches are often caused by a neck strain and or from the spine, both are core to chiropractic treatment.

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