5 reasons why you must outsource cleaning services in business

To maintain an ideal office environment, clean and sanitary are usually two things that cannot be done away with. In an ideal world, you could train everyone to maintain the cleanliness of their work space, and be happy in doing the little effort. But this is not possible in the real world. For effective cleaning results one must be devoting time, effort, and technology into the process. There are so many reasons just like these that convince building owners and managers to outsource janitorial companies, but the top five reasons are the ones that we bring to you –


1. “Employing our own janitorial staff- too expensive!”

Hiring your own janitorial staff is very expensive when you consider all the things that use up money and time, like – training them, providing wages, health insurance, cleaning equipment and products, overtime, and vacation time. All this is a large investment. On the contrary when you outsource a commercial cleaning and maintenance company, there is only one contract, one point of payment, and way more cost-effective. Many building managers and owners are realizing this secret!


2. “You might lack the technology and the experience to clean effectively.”

Commercial janitorial companies have the latest technologies and cleaning agents, as well as the rigorous training and certifications required in the industry. It is their full time job! At a good commercial cleaning company, employees are owner operators, meaning they chose the commercial cleaning industry as their vocation and pursue it educationally. This means they are all certified, highly trained, and highly skilled. Be sure this is the case in the cleaning company you choose.


3. “We just don’t have the time. We need to focus on our business.”

It is understandable that you do not have time to clean your office. When you are in office it is the time in which you make your bread and butter and you must not be worrying about scraping AC ducts and polishing chairs and light fixtures. This is what a professional facility cleaning and maintenance company can easily do for you and they can take care of not just cleaning, but maintenance issues as well. If something is broken, they are certified and licensed to fix it!


4. “Commercial janitorial companies are affordable and flexible with our changing schedules and cleaning needs.”

A good professional cleaning company can design a customized cleaning plan just for your company and your specific needs. You usually work one on one with a project manager that over sees the cleaning staff in your building every day. So not only will a customized plan fit any schedule, it will fit any budget as well, making it way more affordable than hiring your own janitors.


5. “We find comfort in knowing that everything is up to the mark, hygienic and customized for us”


As the same staff comes every day, or whatever plan or day you choose, they become familiar faces, and almost like part of the business family. You will see them every week with smiling faces while they produce the highest quality work possible. You will be comfortable that they work in a customized plan for you.


Outsourcing a commercial cleaning company is the most cost-effective janitorial cleaning option for your company. If you don’t believe it, ask your colleagues and even your competitors! Then you can see for yourself just how affordable and beneficial hiring a janitorial cleaning service truly is, and save your time and  money!

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