5 Questions to Ask your Driving Instructor

Driving is a skill. Some find it a mere cakewalk, some don’t! Learning to drive comes at a price if you plan to hire a driving instructor. Everyone is competing out there to enhance their business, but we at Canadian Professional Driving School believe that you deserve the BEST! Hence this is a little guide for you to know how to choose the right driving instructor in Calgary.

Make sure you ask these 5 questions to any potential driving instructor before you spend on them.

1. Is he good enough to guide you?

Start questioning yourself. Ask yourself if you like the way they teach or guide you. You will be spending a good amount of time with your trainer, learning new skills so it is very important that there is a certain level of tuning between you two. Since, you will be paying a handsome amount of money, be sure of their personalities and analyse if you are satisfied with the way they guide or explain things.

Pick up a conversation either in person or on call or via email. Analyse if your trainer is patient enough to answer your questions.

2. Is the trainer qualified enough?

Don’t get entrapped in all the sweet promises they make to you. It is very important that the trainer is qualified according to certain governmental standards.

Your driving instructor must be an ADI or Approved Driving Instructor. An instructor’s vehicle will display either a green octagon or a pink triangle. This is issued by the DSA or Driving Standards Agency. The octagon is symbolic of the fact they are fully qualified and the triangle means they are a licensed trainee.

A driving instructor will have a grading issued by the DSA, this will range from 1 to 6 with 6 being the highest. There might be a case where the instructor has a low or no grading and still be very good. The instructor gets this grade by virtue of a test. If the instructor fails to have a good grade then they may have opted not to take the test. You may enquire about this in the initial conversation, you have with them.

3. Which car will you be driving?

Usually one should learn driving lessons lower powered car like a hatchback. Such a car is preferred since it is easier to learn for a beginner.

Make sure that you learn driving in a dual control car. This means that a set of control panel is available with the driver too. Since you are learning, there is a possibility that you don’t hit the break at the right time and that is when the dual control car helps! It makes you feel safe and hence you develop the confidence to drive.

You also need to decide whether to learn on a manual or a fully automatic car. It is advised to learn on the manual car. Learning on an automatic car is comparatively easier. The problem is that if you learn in an automatic car you can legally drive an automatic car only once you have passed your test.

4. How Soon Do You Want Pass Your Test?

Decide a due date. Try learning driving by that decided date. Set the frequency of your driving lessons. An instructor might push you through the process quickly if you are confident enough with your driving skills. If you want to go slow, then prefer an instructor who is gentle and doesn’t rush the process.

5. Ask for a free trial

Ask for a free trial session. Most of the instructors will agree to this before you pay them any money. This will give you a chance to analyse everything. It is the only way to make sure that you are satisfied before you go ahead.

Ask all the above questions to your driving instructor before hiring him. You deserve the best and these questions will help you get the best. Conquer the art of driving in the best possible way. Make your learning experience worth it

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