5 Carpet Cleaning Methods to Consider

Carpet cleaning is performed in the best possible way with truck mounted machines, depending on the location. If you are incoming into a multi-story building, then a moveable carpet cleaner would be enough to solve the purpose. There are many methods you can use to clean carpets. The following are five techniques that have been used over time.

Hot Water Extraction

Steam cleaning is another name which is famously used in place of hot water extraction. You can find extraordinary superiority commercial carpet steam cleaners. This method demands you to sprinkle the carpet with a pre-spray, then whisk it using a machine with brushes or manually with a wand. Later on, you may rise the area with hot water rinse to remove the soil and soap.

Dry Compound

This is a combination of products that are 98 percent recyclable. You may spread this over the carpet in an even layer and then vigorously rub or brush it in. The compound makes dirt and grime stick to it, which ultimately results in cleaning of carpets immediately without water.


This method rose to fame in the 1990s. It crystallizes soil particles, converting them into dry residue upon contact. In a way, these behave just like tiny sponges, liquefying and then captivating soil from the carpet before being detached. A cleaning solution is then realistic to use with a brush applicator, rotary machine or compression sprayer. The dry remainder can be pulled up prior to the beginning of the cleaning process.


In this process, you spritz the base of the carpet with a pre-spray, followed by vigorous scrubbing it in using a bonnet or round buffer. It utilises a rotation motion, comparable to a floor buffer. It has a feature of absorbent spin pads that entice soil, which is then washed over and over again. Water is used in this process, and can take a substantial amount of time to dry.


This is the traditional method for cleaning carpets, which came to fame in the 1970s. This quickly changed once encapsulation products and hot water extraction came into existence. The shampoo consisted of coconut oil soaps, which lead to a foamy or sticky residue.

As you are deciding which carpet cleaning methods to use for your customers, keep in mind convenience and cost. You can learn more about portable and truck mounted carpet cleaning machines, as well as cleaning solutions on http://www.clearchoicecleaners.ca/

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