3 Important Things You Have To Consider Before Getting a Teacup Kitten

Small and Miniature cats are known to affect the caring, loving and protective nature of people and bring it out more gracefully. These cats recently have been extremely popular in many parts of Europe and America and people are going crazy to buy these uniquely cute creatures. But buying these teacup kitten is not as easy as it seem, trusting your dealer blindly might land you in a bad deal. Hence before making a decision about which cat to buy there are some basic knowledge which you should be having.

The Dwarf cats like the munchkin cats are much different than the miniature ones. To put simply the dwarf cats have smaller legs as compared to the proportion of their body, and the miniature cats have a smaller body and the parts and limbs being in similar proportion.

Choosing a cat

  • When you have seen the difference between a dwarf and a miniature cat, you can select which type you like better. Now there are various species and varieties available due to crossbreeding like Lamkin, Napoleon, Minskin etc.
  • Make sure you don’t buy an experimented breed which has not been tested, as the cat might have very low life span or prone to diseases.
  • If you have a small apartment, teacup cats could be your first preference as they would not need a lot of space to roam and play. But their agility and activeness should not be questioned as they can jump around all the way.
  • You can choose them if you have kids at home or old parents, as nothing could be more harmless than them.

The Challenge of Caring

  • Like any cat these teacup cats need daily care like combing of the hair. Especially they might need protection from rival animals, like big birds, larger cats etc. which might be on the outside of the house. Hence external environment could be proven hostile for such animals.
  • The health problems in these kinds of cat expose themselves in early stages. In many cases it was reported small and flattened faces led to breathing and eating problems.
  • Kidney diseases manifest themselves in Persian cats. As the breeding is done between different cats of smaller size, there might be many abnormalities like no reproductive organs, bones problem, a softer skull and enlarged hearts. These are the undesired mutations, which generally result in death of the cats within some days of which they are born.

The source of Teacup Cats

  • The next big question should be if there are so many health problems and it would be very unrewarding to buy the cats from untrusted sources. As to treat the health problems, a lot of additional money could be spent
  • Any sellers sell the undernourished cats as teacup cats, which might not live long even after your best efforts. There are multiple ads in the internet which sell the cats in an unexceptionally cheap prices, which generally are these sick cats
  • The welfare and health of the cat is the primary concern for a good breeder. Online websites with such trustworthy breeders are very popular. Generally these cats should not be adopted, as most probably they are going to be undernourished and diseased. As the cats are adopted, breeders would take it for granted and breed without any consideration of the cats
  • The cats which are responsibly bred would have some kind of assurance, document or evidence of perfect health of the kitten and these documents should be asked for.

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