Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo Disney Sea

Tokyo sea disney

Are you a cartoon lover? Are you obsessed with the cartoons of Disney? Have you loved to mimic the cute, little mice that the Disney has given us? Then this place is where you need to go in order to pamper this obsession of yours. Tokyo Disney Sea, as the name suggests is related to the world of Disney. It is a theme park based on Disney. It is located in the Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan.

american waterfront

The theme based park was set up not somewhere in the past but as recently as in 2001. Tokyo Disney Sea is not the first theme park to be set up in the Tokyo Disney Resort. It is the second one in the queue. Before this; the world has eight Disney based Theme Parks in different parts of the world. Tokyo Disney Sea is the ninth one. It will not be a wonder to call it the fastest growing theme park in the world. There are facts to substantiate the statement. In 2009, it was the fifth most visited theme park in the world whereas immediately in the 2011 it was promoted to the fourth rank for the same.

Lost River Delta

It has a number of attractions; some of them being the Mediterranean Harbour, The American waterfront, The Port Dioscovery, The Lost River Delta, The Arabian Coast and many more. Thwe Mediterranean Harbour is a re- creation of the beautiful city of Venice, Italy. It has three main lements included. The first one obviously that without which Venice is said to be incomplete, the Venetian Gandolas. Then we also have the Disney Sea Transit Streamer Line and the Fortress Explorations. The layout of the land of the Mediterranean Harbour differs from the other parks of Disney because unlike those, it’s entry is made in the form of a ‘v’.

mediterranean harbour

Popularly known as the ‘tomorrowland’ of the Tokyo Disney Land; the Port Discovery is somewhat a hybrid of the Discovery land of the Disneyland in Paris and a yet to be built idea of a discovery bay. Like the Mediterranean Harbour, iy also has three main attractions: the Disney Sea Electric Railway, Aquatopia and the Stormrider. Disney Sea Electric Railway is a a connecter which takes the visitors to the adjoining American Waterfront and also brings them from there. Aquatopia is a boat ride which uses a special trackless system to spin through the waterfalls, whirlpools and narrow gauge. Stormrider is a stimulator ride.

mysterious island

The American watrefront has many sections to it. Here we have the Tower of Terrpor, the Toy Story Mania, Big City Vehicle, Village Greeting Place. Disney Sea Transit Streamer Line from the Mediterranean Harbour and the Disney Sea Electric Railway from the Port Discovery are also a part of the American Wavefront. It also has the Turtle Talk section which has quiet recently been upgraded. This section is the hub of live entertainment that take place in the Tokyo Disney Sea.

Mermaid Lagoon

The Mysterious Island, another great feature of the Tokyo Disney Sea has two centres of attractions. One is the Journey of the Center of Earth and the other is the 20,000 leagues under the sea. Located within Mount Prometheus, the main center of attraction of the theme based park is this smallest ‘port of call’. It describes the mythology of the volcanoes mentioned in ‘vulcania’ and Jules Verne’s storytelling.


Then we have the Mermaid Lagoon. Mermaid Lagoon is abode to all the characters of the famous cartoon show, ‘The Little Mermaid’. It is inspired by the sea- shell architecture and gives a feeling of being underwater, the world which was actually shown in this cartoon. The rides available in this section of the Tokyo Disney Sea are quiet enjoyed by the children. It has many rides and that to the famous ones which include the Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster, Scuttle’s Scooter, Mermaid Lagoon Theatre, Jumping Jellyfish, The Whirlpool, Ariel’s Greeting Grotto. Ariel’s Playground and Blowfish Balloon Race.

port discover

Another section of this theme based park is the Lost River Delta.It is the ruins of an ancient pyramid, Aztec. It is quite dingy in it’s aura. The Lost River Delta has many rides like the Indiana Jones Adventures, Mickey and Friends Greeting Trail, Raging Spirit and the Greeting Dock.Each and every section of the theme park has proper facilities of shopping and food.

tokyo sea disney at night

Tokyo Disney Sea has won the Thea Award for the best themed park. There is not a single reason as to why a person should miss this ever- fabulous world of Disney. The kind of rides which this theme park provides has no words to describe it but amazing. Mainly, If you have children at home and if you are planning to take them on a fun- filled excursion then the Tokyo Disney Sea is the best place to go to.

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