Tallest Bungee Jumping Spot: Kawarau Bridge

Tallest Bungee Jumping Spot: Kawarau Bridge

Kawarau Bridge was made over the river, Kawarau River, in New Zealand. The bridge actually lies in the Otago Region in the southern region of New Zealand. There are many bridges that run over this Kawarau River. These bridges are Kawarau Bridge, Kawarau River Bridge, Kawarau River (Victoria) Bridge, Kawarau Falls Bridge and the Bridge of Goldfields Mining Centre. Among all these bridges, the Kawarau Bridge is the tallest and the most famous one. This bridge is known by a variety of names like Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, Kawarau Bungy Bridge, Kawarau Suspension Bridge, and only Kawarau Bridge.


About the Bridge:

This is a historic bridge which is at a height of 43 meters from the Kawarau River in Queenstown. The construction of the bridge was completed in the year 1880 and by that time it was used only as a route to Central Otago Goldfields.  When the new highway bridge was made on State Highway 6 in the year 1963, the bridge was no longer used as a route.  Later, the Bridge became a popular jumping spot and even the New Zealand Historic Places Trust classified this bridge in the category of I Historic Place. Today, the bridge was under the authority of AJ Hackett Bungy Company. They are using this bridge for the sport of Bungee Jumping. But still the bridge can be accessed by bikers or walkers to cross over the river. AJ Hackett opened this bungy jump commercial in the year 1888 and since then it was a big success. The Department of Conservation Reserve is taking care of the bridge.


Bungee Stats:

The most thrill-seeking sport in Queenstown is Bungee Jumping. This is known to be world’s best and most loved bungee jumping spot. This is the most popular bungee jumping spot from more than 20 years. It offers the first commercial bungee jump in the world. People have to cover the whole 43 meter height during their jump. Thus, it is the most thrilling experience anyone can have.  It is indeed the only Tandem Bungee in Queenstown. The participants get a Jumper T-shirt for free as a symbol of remembrance of this experience.

People can choose from the huge varieties of ways of bungee jumping.  Some of them are somersault, topple over backwards, with another person, forwards and spin. If you are nervous and you still want to take the jump, they can tie you up and will throw you down alone or with your friend.  People can also choose whether they want to just touch the water or they want to bob above the water level or they can be fully immersed in water.

bungy jump

Safety and Comfort:

The authorities in charge can ensure you that no harm will be done physically during the jump. They will attach a long elastic cord to your harness or you ankles. This elastic cord is very strong and can easily take the weight of even a very healthy person. The people in the system are very gentle and sweet towards the people who are jumping. People can take their time to make up their mind on spot also. People of all the ages come there to get this breathtaking experience. There is no problem with people of quite old age to have this jump as it is all about understanding a simple thing in your mind- ‘shoulders up, not down’ and overcoming your fear about the height.  The persons in the safety team are very trained and experienced. They are first bungy operators and are awarded the ‘S’ mark for safety and quality. They know thousands of procedures to notch millions of jumps.


The Tremendous ZipRide

In addition to the Kawarau Bungee Jump, the Kawarau ZipRide is also appealing to the people. The Bungee pioneer’s latest invention is the ZipRide. This is a perfect ride for tour groups of friends and families.  There are three 130 meter long zip lines which will carry you to a speed of 60 kph. They offer two options for ride: either solo or tandem. Maximum 6 people can take the ride together and at the end return to the launch point. This amazing ride is new and that’s why less costly than the Bungee Jump. This ride is perfectly suitable to those who want to have a look at the panoramic sights around the Kawarau Bridge.


Since 1888, this bungee jumping commercial of AJ Hackett is going strong as today it has become the most enlivening things to do in Queenstown. Inspired from the history of the land divers who used to tie a rope on their feet or ankles in order to jump from large platforms, this sport is now growing more day by day especially in Queenstown. People from all corners of the globe have already visited this place and those who haven’t are planning to do so soon. This is also the most visited tourist site as more than thousands of people are visiting this site every year. People even call it the World Home of Bungy Jumping. All the sporty, fun loving and strong people must visit Queenstown once; if not for anything else then for this sport only. If you are not brave enough to take the plunge, then you should join the excitement as a spectator. It may be possible that seeing the sights of people having the once in a lifetime experience will change your mind!

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