Thrilling Adventures in Thailand

Thrilling Adventures in Thailand

Thailand is an astonishing territory with lots of Buddhist temples, prominent wildlife and fabulous islands. Thailand has a very enthralling history attached with it along with its rich unique culture, its famous Thai food and massage. The people of Thailand are very friendly and modern that actually typifies Thailand as the “Land Of Smiles”. With the smiley nature people of Thailand are also very sporty and they consider the different sport as their part of live that’s why Thailand also sometime referred as the “City of Adventures”. It’s a land crammed with lots of opportunities for excitement, exploration, adventure and limitless fun. There are various different sports opportunities for the Thai people and the visitors of Thailand that gets your adrenaline pumping. Here we give a feel for the heart throbbing experience of different adventures of Thailand.



Caving one of the most exciting and fun adventurous sports of Thailand as with this you will explore the heart of Thailand. the city is full of ancient incredible caves like one in the Pang Mapha District of the Mae Hong Son state and there you can actually explore the underground caves and discover the history, geography and wildlife of Thailand. The Thailand tourism has also organized an expert guide, where various expert guides will guide you through the geologic tangle, vertical and collapsed caves. Along with the journey of caves they get you through with forest walk or rafting to see the more Thai landscape beauty.

Forest Trek


With the trekking through the jungle bring yourself more close to the hidden wild trails of Thailand. Once you got to Thailand it’s definitely for sure without this it’s all incomplete for the Thailand journey. So to make it complete we recommend you to add-on three more days in you tour as you definitely got to see beautiful mountain rims, rainforests and have a amazing experience of camping in the astonishing wild territory of Thailand. The Active Thai folks provides you fantastic tourist experience as they provide you with English speaking Guide, who picks you up at Chiang Mai City hotel and all the arrangements of food and other camping needs are arranged by them itself all you need to bring is some dry socks, some sort of SPF protector and some excitement of adventure.

Waterfall Abseiling


This Thai sport is perfect package of adventure and fun for those who find regular tracking over the mountains quite boring. As in this sport you actually are thrown under the powerful force of water against the rock climbing and once you finish this you actually talk of adventure. The tourism of Thailand and some tourists hotels in Thailand in merger have organized a travel guide programs that let you enjoy the abseiling in Thailand‘s beautiful and mesmerizing waterfalls. While having fun with this sport you will actually feel your heart in your chest as you bend over 35-foot waterfall and all you feel is that ground slipping beneath your feet.

Mountain Biking


Though we all know that the Thailand is the city of Elephants but let me just tell you give it a break and enjoy the beautiful wildest city on 2 wheels with cool excitement and adventure of Mountain biking. Mountain biking is one of most famous sport of Thailand. The different route to different destinations gives you the perfect exploration experience of wilderness of the city. And after all it’s dependent upon the tourist to choose the track where he wanted to ride upon as different routes offers a journey of few hours to a full day. Once you got to decided to ride up on bike then all you need to do is just drive and fun, enjoyment automatically comes to your way.

Sea Kayaking


As we already know there is so much to explore in Thailand, its beautiful sceneric landscapes and wildlife.  But as we know every beautiful thing vanishes one day so before that day come why not to do something to preserve it?? So here’s Thailand have Sea Canoe, an eco-friendly company operating over 18 years in the Southern Thailand, to preserve the Thailand’s beauty and wilderness with lots of fun and adventure. It has many centres in different cities like in Phuket, Krabi and koh Samuir. It also offers this adventure sport fun in Khao Sak, Trang and Tarutao. The Sea Canoe has a wonderful trained staff and offers you fun of few hours to over 6 days over huge number of locations.



Another adventurous sport for the water lovers, as this sport let you just dive in to marine life just off the seashore of Thailand. To enjoy the underwater beauty of Similan and Surin Marine National Islands in Phang-Nga all you need is training of some days. Similan Diving Safaris proffers a variety of training programs of diving and lets you to discover the reefs where you just lost in the blue world in the open-water dives.



The most wonderful and fun sporty event of Thailand is sky diving and how amazingly daunting it is we need not to tell you out this. It’s really going to pump your heart beats high and if you actually wanted to instill your trip of Thailand with pure adrenaline this is just the extreme. Jumping is always fun and when it comes to jump off from sky it’s just another thrilling experience. The weather in the Thailand is awesome blossom all 365 days a year, so there is jumping every day. So just let go everything and feel the thrill of lifetime in Thailand’s sky diving.

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