Mendenhall glacier, Alaska

Mendenhall glacier, Alaska

A large of the ice that cascades its long way along 12 miles of the Mendenhall valley floor before plugging into the clear crystal beautiful Mendenhall lake, the Mendenhall glacier is a actually a sight to behold. Mendenhall glacier, the most beautiful and isolated coastal glacier also known as the glacier behind the town, located 12 miles from downtown in southeast Alaska, America. It is around 2 miles wide where it stretches across the Mendenhall valley and around 5, 800 acre area surrounded to the glacier is reserved area. Mendenhall glacier named in the honor of the Thomas Corwin Mendenhall is regarded as Alaska’s most popular attraction, flowing 12 miles from its source which is the Mendenhall Lake and extended to the Juneau ice field. Mendenhall glacier has been flowing from 200 to 240 years.


Mendenhall glacier is one of the nearly 40 glaciers which flows from the Juneau ice field. This ice field covers more than 1,500 square miles and runs all the way from the Taku River up to the town of Skagway. From the Juneau ice field Mendenhall glacier extended to the Mendenhall Lake. The glacier began to form from the 1900 and is drained by the Mendenhall river, which is about 6 miles long. one of the best way of watching the stunning mountains and spectacular views of this amazing glacier is helicopter glacier tour. The most striking feature of the glacier is the Tongass national forest, Alaska’s largest forest that provides the amazing views of waterfall and adventurous tour of glacier’s wildlife.


This glacier is known for its beautiful and stunning glaciers mountains covered with clear crystal ice and when sun rays reaches on the mountains which makes the glaciers more shining and provides a panoramic view of the Mendenhall glacier consisting of high ranges mountains and caves.  This glacier provides an amazing photographic scene when the sunlight with the beautiful blue skies and snow capped mountains. It is a popular destination for mountain trekking with it’s around 6 adventurous treks.


In few places you can experience every stage of the water cycle but the most magical site of the Mendenhall glacier is the Mendenhall ice caves, where water runs over rocks under blue ceilings inside a partially hollow glacier. The spectacular ice caves are illusive, mysterious and striking feature like diamond which formed from the flow of water. The deep blue glacial ice can cause the light filtering through to bathe everything inside in a spectral glow. Visitors can get to see the inside caves formed in many spectacular shapes and can get the feeling of awesomeness by exploring this heavenly place surrounded with peaceful atmosphere with only noise of water flow and wildlife. Visitors need to take safety measures while taking tour of the glacier.


Trekking in the Mendenhall provide opportunity to accesses the unseen amazing views of the nature also to see the crevasses, ice caves formed in the mysterious shapes, melt water streams etc. The incredible caves are constantly on the move of the glacier inches toward the Mendenhall Lake and changes shape along the way.

JNU_810_1Iceberg, Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska


Incredible views of the glacier and ice trekking on the glaciers. This glacier is the popular tourist destination due to its amazing and most adventurous hiking, rafting and ice tracking activities. Hiking trails rages from a short, 0.3 mile walk to 6.8 mile hike provides a great view of the Mendenhall glacier.The east glacier loop trail with beautiful 3.5 mile round trip hike leading through the forest to a view of a waterfall above the glacier. The west glacier trail, 7 miles round trip, is more adventurous and challenging.


This glacier is recognized as the thickest glacier in the world measuring in just short of mile thick. One of the beautiful site of the Mendenhall glacier, the taku glacier sits just to the southeast of downtown Juneau. There are several hiking trails at the glacier, including two fairly steep hikes, one each side of the glacier. By visiting to Mendenhall glacier one may get opportunity to see glaciers- rock sentinels that rises 4, 000 feet out of glaciers and spectacular view of the ice fall that overflows to the lake or rivers. One can get the opportunity to see the spectacular views of forming and flow of the glaciers.  You can get the unforgettable experience.


The glacier glows bluish white, looming above the suburbs like an ice age monster that missed the general extinction, a truly impressive site. Beginning of the august and at the ending of the September the Mendenhall glacier provides extraordinary views. The Mendenhall glacier provides stunning view of the lake terminating and calving glacier. This glacier operates by US forest service. This glacier is also a source of fresh water drinking in the nearby areas. The wildlife in the area includes the mountain goats, wolves and black bears. And the water wild life includes whale and dolphins. Two small parking lots in the area provide salmon and bear viewing opportunities.


This glacier is a practical example of how the global warming affecting the environment. Due to the effect of global warming glacier has melting quicker than they would naturally.  However The Mendenhall glacier ranks as the outstanding attraction of the Alaska so to  explore this heavenly place must visit to the Mendenhall glacier.

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