Jaffa Gate’s Tower of David

Jaffa Gate’s Tower of David

jaffa gate Tower of David is a very famous citadel which was built in the ancient times. This monument is situated near the Jaffa Gate entrance which is an historic entrance that leads to the Old City of Jerusalem. This is a museum of the History of Jerusalem and presents the story of Jerusalem in the best way. The main idea of building this citadel was to strengthen the defenses of the Old City but it has now become a museum. It was built more than 2000 years back in the 2nd century BC and it was destroyed and rebuilt successively by the various conquerors of Jerusalem like the Christians, the Muslims, Ottoman and Mamluk. The name “Tower of David” was given the Christians who thought of this as a palace of their King David. The site is now playing a major role in attracting tourists from all over the world and is also used as a venue for important and large events, concerts, craft shows, sound-and-light performances, etc.


The Citadel/Tower of David The Tower of David Museum was opened to the public in the year 1989 under the Jerusalem Foundation. This is situated in a series of multiple chambers leading in the original and main citadel. There is a courtyard in the complex of the museum which contains some ruins of archeological monument which were dated more than 27 hundred years back. The exhibits of the museum display the history of Jerusalem of about 4000 years which is at the beginning of the city as a Canaanite city and till the modern times. They depict the story of the history through maps, videotapes, drawings, holograms, models and other forms like sculptures. All of these means are used in the exhibit rooms to depict about the rulers of Jerusalem and the conditions of Jerusalem under those rulers. There are ramparts, which gives a complete 360 degree view of both the cities of Jerusalem, the Old City and the New City. As stated in 2002, there were more than 3.5 million people who visited this Tower of David Museum and had a tour around the city.

The Citadel:

citadel The main citadel of this museum is also known as the Tower of David and is the main attraction of the place. It is an archeological asset to the country and has a great significance in the international places and is, thus, the symbol of Jerusalem since ages. The citadel is like a fortress and had experienced a lot of additions in the architecture over time due to the various rulers. It is located at the point where the East and West meet. There are remains of a quarry inside the citadel that are from the period of First Temple. There is also a segment of the First Waal which was the wall that surrounded the Hasmonean Jerusalem. Also, there are remains from a fortress of the time when the Ummayid Dynasty ruled Jerusalem during the 7th and 8th centuries CE. There are also ruins of some steps from a monument which are supposed to be from the Herod’s Palace that was built at a nearby spot. The Citadel has many such archeologically important structures from various periods of time and is, therefore, the most important place in Jerusalem.

Best view:

view The visitors have access to the top of the tower. From that height, you can have a breathtakingly beautiful view of the city of Jerusalem and can watch the entire city in all the directions. The top of the tower offers a complete 360 degree view of the Old City as well as the New City along with the Four Quarters, the Mount of Olives, the new neighborhood, the Judean Desert, the Mount Scopus, the Dead Sea, and everything else that surrounds. This panoramic view of the city cannot be seen from any place else but just the top. It will feel like you hold the Jerusalem in your palm and the city will feel alive every moment you watch it. The tourists are always suggested to start their tour of the place with this panoramic view.



The Tower of David is known for the amazing exhibition of the history of the city. There are permanent exhibitions as well as temporary ones. The permanent exhibits are located in the guardrooms built during the medieval times. These guardrooms are located inside the Citadel. The exhibitions are arranged in the chronological order. This means that those events that occurred first during the 2nd century are displayed first and this continues till the time when Jerusalem was announced as the capital of Israel. Every period in history is properly demonstrated in different exhibition rooms and some selected items of that time are used to depict the history of that period. As mentioned, there are temporary exhibitions that are conducted at this place which brings out the unique integration of the large period of history and the modern times. There are contemporary presentations of various issues about the art and history. These are conducted inside the complex of the Tower of David Museum. Some of these temporary exhibits are about fashion designs, industrial designs, some art and masterpieces of the great artists and experts over time, etc. The place will be a journey in time where you will travel back thousands of years and reach the old Jerusalem and the place it used to be. It is an experience worth having.

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