Get the Best of Scuba Diving at Blue Heron Bridge

Get the Best of Scuba Diving at Blue Heron Bridge

Those who are visiting the West Palm Beach of Florida should definitely experience Scuba Diving at Blue Heron Bridge. This renowned place is also known by the name Phil Foster Park. PADI, the famous sports diving magazine, awarded the Blue Heron Bridge as the Best Dive Site across the world as per the records of 2013. This terrific scuba dive site has amazing diversity of marine life and additionally they are easily accessible. Numerous sea creatures can be encountered in the sea, which are very rare to found. These sea creatures include the frogfishes, flying gurnards, stargazers, sea robins, batfish and other 100 different creatures. Even pipefish and seahorses can be found in different sizes and shapes. While diving in the sea of Blue Heron Bridge, mimic octopus can also be encountered.


Diving At Blue Heron Bridge:

Diving at the Blue Heron Bridge is free and simple too. The sea is not too deep; the deepest you can go is 20 feet from the sea level. A dive of one and half hour will cover all the exotic scenes inside the sea. The location of the Blue Heron Bridge is so perfect that even the weather of the open ocean won’t affect the sea. Its intercostals waterway will be accessible in any kind of weather.

The diving area of the Blue Heron Bridge is divided into two separate sites: the larger one is on the south-eastern side and the smaller one is on the south-western side. A large beach stretch completely separates the two sides. One side is of the snorkelling trail and the other is a public protected and guarded area for swimming.


The Phil Foster Park Artificial and Snorkel Trail:

Snorkelling is also available at Phil Foster Park. Snorkelling at Blue Heron Bridge is a recent addition and was introduced in the year 2012. The Phil Foster Park Artificial and Snorkel Trail consist of rock boulders from Anastasia and offers varying depth ranging from six to ten feet. This artificial reef is an 800 foot large tract. This beautiful park was completely developed in a short time. This amazing area was now a home of countless incredible marine species. This spectacular marine park is open for non-certified scuba divers also. Night dives are the things for specialized scuba divers but night dives are not allowed with special permissions from the country itself.


Things to Remember While Diving:

Although diving at the Blue Heron Bridge is quite easy but still there are some things that people should keep in their minds. Sometimes the tidal flow can be very strong in the sea as compared to other slack tides because the sea is very near to the Lake Worth inlet which is very huge. Visibility under the sea can be at its worst because of the dirty water that is coming from Lake Worth inlet. It will be good to enter the water sometime (atleast 4 hrs) before the high slack tide. The crystal clear Atlantic Ocean water enters the sea area at that time so sea water will be clear for some time. Those who are not divers should carry a dive flag with themselves to indicate danger if required. For the safety of the people a boat channel also runs parallel to the diving site. Diving is restricted in the eastern side due to safety reasons and only swimming is allowed on the eastern side. Apart from that there are many safety signs and orange buoys on the beach.


Boundaries of Diving:

People who are new to this place can hire guides if they think they should. Guides can guide them throughout the day on their tour. Else they should enter the sea from the small bridge area and should remain on the west side only near the bark. Stick to swim on the right side to dodge sharks, turtles, mantas and groupers and you can even swim from south to the north.  You can navigate yourself with the concrete bridge panels. Bridge maps are also available for the swimmers. West side is not so safe and people often don’t prefer to swim too far in the west side and cross the 4th set of bridge column. Thousands of octopuses and many other amazing creatures can be found under the big bridge. So dive near the big bridge to have a look at them. To have more fun dive to the shopping carts and sunken rowboats where you can find many small fishes and lobsters hiding as it is their favourite hiding place.

Blue Heron Bridge

Blue Heron Bridge is also a place for professional photographers. To click the underwater marine life is a photographer’s dream. The mud and sand of the beach is a home to many creatures like frogfish, seahorses, nudibranchs and some other tiny creatures. People love to capture them on their cameras. Some other species that can be found there are barracuda, parrotfish, two sting rays, angelfish and bunch of lobsters. At the bottom of the sea many other distinctive creatures can be witnessed by the divers. Visiting this place will be the best chance for all the water lovers and divers to see the collaboration of many different and rare species at the same place. The tour of the whole sea will be once in a lifetime experience for all people.

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