Blyde Canyon River, South Africa

Blyde Canyon River, South Africa


There is no end to the infinite list of nature’s wonders. Canyons are just an example to show the grandeur of nature. These are mostly formed due to the action of river water which leads to a gorging effect. They are also formed from earthquakes. The tourist spot that we are going to talk about is the  second largest canyon in South Africa and the third largest in the world. Located in Mpumalanga, the Blyde River Canyon roughly stretches for about 25 kilo- metres in length. It surrounds the Drakensberg Escarpment from the Northern side. The depth of this canyon roughly goes for about 1383 metres.


Covering the Drakensberg Escarpment from the Northern end makes this canyon provide the tourists with the rarest scenic beauty of the Drakensberg Escarpment. The canyon cuts throught the Drakensberg Mountains and stretches through the grand Blyde River. The canyon mostly consists of red sandstone. The highest point of the Blyde Canyon is Mariepskop and it is 1944 metres above the sea level.

echo caves

There is no end to the number of things and activities which can be carried out at this wonderful tourist spot. These activities range from various kinds of trails to excursions and safari. Leopard trail, Guinea- Fowl trail, Hiking trail, Kadisi- Tufa trail and the Horse trail are some of the trail sports available over here. One on hand where Tufa trail is quiet easy to complete and takes roughly an hour; trails like the Fowl and the Leopard trail require good amount of fitness. The two trails are comparitively even more time consuming. Safety is the primary issue of concern over here. Though the activities make you feel rejuvinated but then it is suggested that the tourists should register about the trail they are going for in the resort where they are staying so that those people can keep a track of whether the tourists are safe or not.


There is another activity called the five hour link route in which the Kadisi- Tufa and the Guinea- Fowl trails are mixed together and a trail which varies roughly around a span of five hours is achieved. Fitness is the primary pre-requisite over here and unless one is fit, he or she will not be able to enjoy the wild beauty of this place. There is also a facility of Horse trails. It is basically for those people who cannot readily walk over long distances. It is meant for family purposes which includes even the children and the other aged people who are not likely to go walking on a trail.


Another delight to the eyes sight over here is the God’s Window. It is called so because of it’s splendid character and beauty. Standing over here would give you a simultaneous sight of the Rondawels, also popularly known as the Three Sisters. Apart from this, you will get to see Mozambique and the Kruger National Park. Not only this but you will also get to see the highest point of the Blyde Canyon, Mariepskop.

river scene

Pot holes are another great example of the scenic beauty of this place. These pot holes have been beautifully carved out centuries ago. It is also called Bourke’s luck potholes. It has been named after the gold digger Burke. It has been formed by the swirling  whirlpools. They are found in the beginning of the canyon.Another wonder to be visited over here is the echo- caves. The history of these cves is quiet interseting as it was accidentally discovered by a cattle herd owner. Later on some passes were constructed to make it accesible and after the completion of this route in the Paranoma area, these caves were declered to be amongst the National Monuments. It has got it’s name so because on tapping the walls of the caves distinctive echoes were heard. They are even heard till date outside the caves.


The Pinnacle Graskop is another beauty. It is made up of quartzite and aloe.  There is a whole plethora of restaurants and lodges where people can stay and and take rest. The lodges leave no picture untold when it comes to the beauty of the Blyde River Canyon. The place at the same time is quiet rich of some of the rarest species of Flora and Fauna. Flora includes mainly Cyclades, orchids and lilies.


Blyde River Canyon, as it gets it’s name from ‘blyde’ which means ‘glad’ is definitely a namesake place.  Blyde River Canyon, just like it’s name says is a place which definitely cannot make the tourists leave a single bit of happiness while the are amidst this wonderful piece of nature’s art. It is a mixed mag which has everything in it. It has beauty, adventure, flora, fauna, good food and facilities. What else does a tourist need? Blyde Canyon is not a place to be missed if you are a nature lover. You simply cannot afford to.

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