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Confident Beach of Sydney: Manly Beach

Confident Beach of Sydney: Manly Beach

manly beach1  

‘Seven  miles from Sydney and thousand miles from care’, aptly said by Port Jackson, while describing the beauty of the Manly beach.

The beach has it all! For all the beach lovers, Manly beach located in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia brings out all what a beach lover would wish for. The confidence of having it all in the beach is the reason it is known as Manly beach for having a manly confidence. Captain Arthur Philip, while on his tour to Sydney and the beach was fascinated by the people living there and the beach. He thus gave the name Manly cove to the place after seeing the confidence and manly behavior of the people. Many beach is one of the scenic and popular beach of Sydney. With the serene and calmness of harbor beaches on one side and wild waves of Pacific ocean on the other side, the beach showcases the mixture of both the worlds.

surfing at Manly neach

Manly beach is one of the most popular and beautiful tourist attraction of Sydney, Australia. Manly beach considered as one of the most beautiful gateway to Sydney’s northern beaches, offering activities and attractions to engage in for people of any age. There are ferries available from Circular Quay to Manly which disgorges lots of tourists to the Manly Wharf number of times in a day. Weekend are the times when people from all places land there to explore the place for everything it offers. The appealing atmosphere and the serene unique peace and beauty of the place makes it a perfect place for picnics and weekend getway.

ferry for manly

bicycling at manly beach

Along with the beautiful walk on the coasts of the tranquil beaches and bay, there are many activities to indulge in. With the stretch of over 20km beautifully designed bicycle track, it becomes an amazing adventure to explore the the beautiful town with the beach on bicycle. Manly is famous for its bike and bicycle tours, where you can hire the latest models of bicycles at the best price and select from the wide latest range. Exploring Manly on bicycles, rollerblades, bikes or on foot is just a peaceful treat. Nearing to the beach and a short walk along the Corso till the Manly wharf, the oceanfront is lined up with pine trees adding to the beauty of the place and making it a unique in itself.

corso at manly beach1

corso, manly beach

Another way to explore Manly is a self-drive leisure boat, with the perfect safety and comfort matter in which no license is required. It’s a perfect way to discover the joy of Manly’s waterways.

Many beach is also famous for its beachside activities like surfing and other watersports activities are very popular. There is oceanworld situated near the beach with a ten minute walk offers an array of interesting sea life and sea creatures. Along with the oceanworld is the Manly sea life sanctuary which offers few amazing and limited experiences worldwide, with underwater encounters with the sharks, where you can shark dive and get a rare chance to enter their world without the cages.  Kayaking around the sea is another activity to enjoy the beach.

ocean world at manly beach

shark dive at manly

Apart from the wonders of the Manly beach, the only pedestrian thoroughfare from Manly corso that leads to manly beach is something one should not miss for. After the beach activities there is lot to around the Manly beach. One can opt for the pleasure of shopping while strolling along the beaches in the northern direction to queenscliff or south to the shelly beach.

restos at manly

Manly beach offers amazing seafront restaurants, amazing pubs and night life. There are many famous restaurants along the beach with great food and refreshments after a long tiring day with the beach activities. Cafes and lounges are also a cool treat along with the sunny beaches. Best lunches served at ‘Out of Africa’, for those who want to explore and try exotic and aromatic dishes of Moroccan. Pubs like Steyne hotel, The shore club are the of the famous pubs along the way of the beach of Manly. Wharf bar for the drink beverages like elegant wine and perfect chilled beer which are waiting specially after the beachside activities. Hugos is a restaurant serving excellent Italian dishes like pizzas in the whole of Manly beach, the place is bit upmarket with great cocktail bars, lounge seats with the mark of comfort and with the awesome view of the Manly. With the great place like Manly beach, which has it all from activities and attractions with the serenity of the place, it attracts lots of youngsters making it a perfect hub for night life and party lovers, with the pleasure of good restaurants, bars and lounges. Many beach thus attracts people of all the ages as everyone has their share of activities. Many has a good accommodation option along the coastal area of the place. There are many residential option with beautiful structured houses in Manly.

blue water cafe

Manly beach is easily accessed from Sydney by ferries and private vehicles or tour buses. 7miles away from the hustle bustle of Sydney’s city life is place of calmness and perfection, Manly beach. A tour to Sydney is incomplete without the visit to Manly and its beach.

Thus the confidence of the beach having it all is a true saying by Captain Arthur Philip. Manly beach is thus a Australia’s one of the popular beach.

The home of Insurance institution – Lloyd’s Building, London

The home of Insurance institution – Lloyd’s Building, London


The Lloyd’s building, sometimes known as the Inside-out building is a great illustration of the radical Bowellism architecture, according to which the building is provided with the services like ducts and lifts in the exterior that enlarges the space in the interior. The building has its name from Edward Ll0yd who founded a coffee shop at this location in 1688, where the maritime insurance was conducted.

The architecture of the building was designed by the architect Richard Rogers and it took eight years to build the 33,510 square meters of concrete, 30,000 square meters of stainless steel cladding and 12,000 square meters of glass was used as a material in its construction.

This internationally renowned building is also the home of insurance institution Lloyd’s of London. After 25 years of its completion in 1986, it became the youngest structure ever to receive the Grade I listing in 2011 and also referred by English Heritage as “globally distinguished as one of the key buildings of modern epoch”.



The building is situated on the prior site of East India House in Lime Street near Leadenhall Street in London’s financial district.

Coming to the center of the building, there lye a chamber having 14 floors and 76 meters in height. At the ground floor of this chamber, one can see the Lutine Bell, which is reclaimed from the French frigate La Lutine . There is a norm behind the ringing of bell, it is rung once for every good news that comes and is rung twice for every bad news. When one reaches inside the glass and steel, he can find an unexpected treasure that is the classical Italianate wood-paneled Adam room, designed by Robert Adam in 1763. The building is having seven storeys on the south elevation to a series of terraces on its north side. The architecture emits a glow which can be easily visible from the exterior and also the building looks more extravagant even at night.


The building’s spectacular design has given it numerous awards, and some of them are Civic Trust Award, Concrete Society Commendation and Financial Times Architecture at work award and also the most honorable RIBA award in 1988 notifying its success and fame. Its windows have triple layered solar control glass with airing craters helping the artificial light to refract back in the interior. Also the building is incorporated with 1400 kilometers window gasket seals and ducts and pipes of 80 kilometers. The building’s underwriting area is 19,000 square meters. The mind-blowing rostrum on the ground floor which houses the popular “Lutine Bell” is fashioned from mahogany and was redesigned to the current building by Sir Thomas Edwin Cooper. The total cost of completion of the building was around 75,000,000 euros.

Awards and achievements


Lloyd’s building was opened by Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh on November, 1986. All the awe-inspiring features have made this spectacular architecture to be one of the finest examples of British High-Tech architecture and also have been referred as a mechanical cathedral. The building was also bestowed as the Eternit 8th International Prize for Architecture and also won the PA Award for Innovation in Building Design and Construction in 1988.

The building is also attracted by its multi-storey, free-standing escalator within its atrium and also its mechanisms are bared and punctuated in yellow. Its atrium has also quite influenced by the Crystal Palace designed by Joseph Paxton in 1851.

A few great awards are too added in its list and one of them is the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence.


Attractions near the building

This fabulous building is surrounded by many attractive places to visit and entertain. A few of them are –

  1. LeadenHall Market

A splendid market with a variety products including great fashions and accessories at genuine prices is located between Leadenhall Street, Gracechurch Street and Lime Street. One can also enjoy the city food and drinks with shopping experience and can also entertain himself with the beautiful infrastructure and artistry. An event named St. George’s Day is being organized at the place on 23 April, 2014. This event comprises of a breath taking performance by the Morris dancers and other fine English traditions.

The market also has an eye catching architecture resembling that of the  Victoria’s with beautifully painted wrought iron beams. The place is a complete filming location for all kinds of productions.

2. Old operating theatre museum and Herb Garret

A great theatre museum which is the oldest in Europe and discovered in a unique space in the Herb Garret of St. Thomas Church, is one of the most unusual museums in London. It is a 300 year old herb garret house with wooden operating tables and stands for observation from which observer witnesses surgery that is performed before anesthesia.

3. Fashion and Textile museum

This museum is a center of contemporary fashion, textiles and jewelry of London. It not only exhibits various beautiful exhibitions showcasing the elements of fashion, textiles and jewelries but also executes courses where students can enroll and learn to be more creative and innovative, hence making an inspiration for the new generation who are inclined towards this field and want to have a good network in the market.


Island of Serenity and Nature: Philip Island, Melbourne

Island of Serenity and Nature: Philip Island, Melbourne

philip island

For those who love to explore the divine serenity of nature, and its calmness, Philip island is the best place for it. One of the world’s most beautiful island located in South-east of Melbourne, Victoria. It’s a glory of nature which soothes the eyes and soul with the beauty of its place. Away from all the city’s chaos and stress, Philip island brings you the perfect treat to cherish your soul with its beauty. Philip island is named after the first governor of new south wales, Arthur Philip. A less than 2hr drive from Melbourne, leads to the beautiful island of Philip.

To discover the divine serenity of the place, a one day trip to Philip island is enough. With the spectacular coastal serene and abundance of chance to explore the wildlife with other heritage structures, a trip to Philip island becomes more thrilling. With the breath-taking views, island is famous for its wildlife, koala conservation center, Churchill island  and the world’s famous penguin parade.

boarways in philip island

Penguin parade is the most popular attraction of Philip island, with the electrifying moment of watching infinite number of penguins coming one by one from the sea and emerging on the beach of the island in the dusk time. Mind-blowing parade of little penguins attracts thousands of tourist around the world. The adorable little penguins never fail to charm the visitors. There are many different ways to explore the little penguin parade tour with the different packages available.  Penguin plus viewing platform is a type in a package which lets visitors with more personal viewing experience limited to around 200 people along with a ranger experienced for giving commentaries. VIP tour package, privileges with a spectacular view of penguins with a personal ranger, complimented with a cheese platter as a part of the VIP package. Ultimate adventure tour is a package limited to ten people which provides exclusive commentary on a private beach to view the penguins in the latest night vision technology. Guided ranger tour is a package providing reserved front row seats. Thus experiencing the amazing sunset along with the penguins makes the trip a memorable trip of lifetime.penguin parade

Koala conservation center is another attraction of the island. Strolling in the woodland and coming face to face with the koalas is one of the exciting moment. Centre provides tree top boardwalks and other such places to explore the amazing life of koalas in their own natural habitat. The place also features the beauty of natural wetland. One gets a chance to know all about the life of koala’s from coming out of the mother’s pouch till learning to find food and meeting other koala’s. Koala’s are known as the most laziest animal which spends maximum of its time in sleeping. To promote koala conservation has become very essential for saving the population of koala’s in the Philip island. Strolling through the bushes amongst many other different types of species, specially the wallabies, alligators, possums, echidnas, snakes etc. tourists and visitors can indulge with the wildlife and the thrill of finding the koalas by themselves. The koala conservation centre provides visitors with its interpretation centre which has gift shops with the collection of soft toys of koala’s and famous animals of Australia. It also provides educational displays which showcases the interesting information of the place.koala conservation centre

The nobbies centre is one of the finest tourist attraction of the Philip island. Located on the tip of western Philip island, the centre has breath-taking views of the strong water waves of the Bass Strait.  The place also features the view of world’s largest colony of Australian fur seal. One can spot the real beauty of the place from the outdoor observation desk specially created to explore the vastness of the nature with advanced telescopes all over the desk. A small walk on the boardwalk specially designed to experience the stroll over the cliffs and the cold strong breeze refreshing the souls with a musical note of the waves along with the air. The walk on the beautiful wooden boardwalks gives a chance to talk with the beauty of nature and a perfect space of soul and nature. One can get a chance to spot wild kangaroos and other animals wandering freely in their natural habitat. Running carelessly all over the place and keeping the visitors fascinated.

nobbies centre

Churchill island heritage farm is other fascinating attraction of the place. Off the coast of Philip island, the place holds the history of European settlement and a piece of victoria’s heritage. With the land of around 57 hectares, place offers beautiful cottages with gardens and lawns. It gives a glance of beautiful Philip island and the western port. The farming practice of ancient Australia is reflected from the Churchill heritage farm. The breeze itself of the place reflects its ancient culture and natural importance. You can found moonah trees, wetlands, heritage gardens and buildings etc in the Churchill farm. There are many gift shops, cafes and restaurants providing ultimate beverages and food with quality wine and the perfect pleasant views of western port.churchil heritage farm churchil heritage farm1

Philip island is accessed by roadways, a 90 minute drive from Melbourne. There are many tours services which provides buses and private cars daily for Philip island. There are no accommodation options available on the Philip island, thus Melbourne is the only option providing ample of options for accommodations as it has many world’s best hotels and restaurants.

philip island1

Thus the beauty of the place calls to explore them, once in Melbourne. The serenity of the place excites the soul with joy.


Of French Cuisine: Quiche

Of French Cuisine: Quiche


Quiche, full of Italian flavors and herbs is a perfect crispy creamy treat for dinners and snacks. Quiche is an open faced Italian baked dish with the crust and stuffings of cream, cheese, custard, meat, seafood and exotic vegetables. Quiche is a perfect treat for all Italian food lovers who loves baked cheese and creamy dishes and thus is popular all over the world like that of other Italian dishes like pizzas, pastas, enchiladas, lasagna etc. The quiche does not only look great, but it tastes delicious with the fresh exotic vegetables and ingredients with the Italian spices and herbs. Ingredients like bacon, mushrooms, etc. are the most common and popular ingredients of quiche. The filling of quiche is just like liquid satin as it is so cheesy, creamy and rich in the flavors that it just melts in the mouth, and will let the taste-buds of the mouth to a different high.

Quiche is an ancient dish which is believed to be originated from the Lorraine region in France that borders Germany and during the medieval times the area was named as Lothringen, which fell under the German kingdom. There is still a mystery of the origin as some say its originated in 16th century and according to Oxford Companion to food it says that it became popular only in the beginning of the 19th century. Thus the only clear thing with the history of quiche is that it is originated in Germany during the ancient times. The meaning of quiche is cake which is derived from the German word kuchen. Though in today’s quiche is only considered as French cuisine with its typical flavor it gives. Quiche Lorraine is the most famous and popular type of quiche which is flavoured with cheese, onions and bacon.

Quiches goes well with all types of meal, whether it is brunch, lunch, evening snacks or for dinner parties. The recipe of quiche has variations according to the types and ingredients. According to the variation, there are plenty of recipes available on internet, both with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. A good knowledge of baking is a must for trying this delicacy at home. Quiches are generally made with the combination of eggs, liquid, cheese, vegetables all baked in a pastry shell. One should be careful with the baking temperature and baking time. The filling of the quiche depends on anything like creamy cheese mustard with exotic vegetables, bacons, mushrooms or any leftover foods. The pie crust should be tender and flaky. Once mastered the art of baking quiche, one can always try with different ingredients and flavors.quiche 2

All types of quiche has a common thread between them, that is of creamy cheese custard and Italian flavors and herbes. Though the other ingredients like bacon, vegetables, meat etc. vary from type to type. Quiche Lorraine is a popular type consisting of bacon, onion and cheese. Roasted tomato basil and parmeson quiche is another variety with gives an amazing taste of tomatoes blended with crème and cheese. Goats cheese and watercress quiche is another type of quiche which is gluten-free and tastes amazingly awesome. Sticky onion and cheddar cheese quiche is another type of a great quiche which gives a perfect treat for dinner parties, picnins n other such events. Garden vegetables and goats cheese quiche is another type of awesome quiche which includes fresh vegetables from the gardens making it more tempting and delicious. Pea, mint and goat cheese quiche is adds delicious elements to the perfect treat. Cauliflower and bacon cheese is another variation in the types of quiche. Rocket, mushroom and bacon cheese and potato spring onion and Montgomery cheddar quiche is few of the rare types of quiche. Salmon and watercress quiche, Broccoli and Boursin Quiche egg free cheese and bacon quiche are other types available in France.  Seafood Quiche with Havarti Cheese and Dill, and Roasted Pepper, Prosciutto and Feta Quiche are other good and exotic variations of the French cuisine quiche. Spinach mushroom and corn quiche is other common variation popular all over for the vegetarian option in quiche. Thus there are numerous variations and types of quiche all over.spinach quiche

Quiche has many nutritional advantages like protein due to dish’s high egg content and the cheese and crème. It has lots of fiber as it has many vegetable having rich fiber contents. It also has its part of vitamin and mineral content. Vitamins like B-12, calcium, iron and zinc are the range of vitamins and minerals found in quiche. It also has content of fats and calories.

Quiche nowadays are easily available all over the world with those restaurants providing French and Italian cuisine. Apart from the French territory and countries, quiche is best available in many other countries. Brasserie by LM is a restaurant in Chicago serving the French traditional cuisine, quiche. Most of the options available are all the vegetarian types. Sharis restaurant serves quiche in many parts of US. In India quiche are available in restaurants like indigo deli, le pain quotidian and other restaurant and bakeries serving French cuisine.

Quiche goes well with milk, tea or coffee when had for breakfast and goes amazing with the sip of wine with dinner. French cuisines are always linked with the art, elegance and wine.


Land of Turin

Land of Turin

Turin is one of the finest and culturally rich cities of Italy. The city is located very near to the French border and is located in the northwestern part of Italy. The city has a long standing history and a very rich cultural. The city is very well known for being the home of the royal family of Italy. The city also hosted the 2006 winter Olympics in a very successful manner. The city has a population of about 900,000 according to 2012 estimates. The city is situated at a height of approximately 239 meters above sea level. It is situated in the piedmont region of Italy.

History of Turin

As most of us might have heard the name Turin quite a few times when we were being taught our history lessons in school, we get to know that Turin has a very rich history. In early 19th century the French annexed the whole of piedmont region along with Turin. Sardinia-Piedmont was responsible for heading the charge of unifying Italy and in the year 1865. It was later on that the capital was changed from Turin to Florence and then to Rome. Even during historic times Turin was an important communication node between Italy and France.


Turin is located in a humid subtropical climate zone. The average temperature during the hottest month of June is around 27 degree Celsius and the coldest month in Turin is usually January when the temperature usually falls below 0 degree Celsius. The location of the Alps also affects the weather of Turin. Turin is located on the east side of the Alps and this affects the weather of Turin. The time period of May to September can be considered the best time to visit Turin because the weather is quite comfortable and neither is the climate too hot nor too cold.

Tourist Attractions

The city of Turin has several tourist attractions because of its rich culture, heritage and history.


Turin is a city which is filled with different sorts of museums, here are a few of the most popular ones:

Mole Antonelliana

Mole Antonelliana

If you talk about Turin then you can never miss Mole Antonelliana. The building was completed in 1888. The building stands tall at a height of 167.5 meters. It can be regarded as the highest work of Masonry in Europe and currently the building contains one of the finest cinema museums of Europe.

This beautiful museum is a large museum having 5 floors and covering 3,200 square meters. The museum has a section called The Great Temple, where one can relax and enjoy some classic and wonderful Italian movies which are projected on giant overhead screens. Several items, artifacts, drawings and objects related to the rich and historic Italian cinema can be found in this museum.

Museo dell’Automobile

Museo dell'Automobile

The city of Turin is popular for different types of museums and amongst the long standing list of museums there is another museum called Museo dell’Automobile. Here one can find over 170 types of different motor vehicles from the historic 18th century carriages to modern F1 cars. The museum underwent a three renovation which has now made it one of the hottest places in the city. This is surely a unique and wonderful place which everyone tourist is suggested to visit.

Egyptian Museum


If you want to have a taste of Egyptian history and you want it right here in Turin then this is the place to go. The beautiful museum has several important and valuable Egyptian artifacts. The museum contains over 30,000 exhibits. It documents the rich history and ancient civilizations of Egypt using several objects relating to their respective eras. It is worth taking note that the museum is closed every Monday.


Apart from museums, Turin has several more things to offer to any average tourist and cathedrals are one of them.

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

The Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist

The cathedral is one of the most popular cathedrals in Turin and probably no tourist can afford the chance to miss this cathedral because it is home to the famous, Shroud of Turin. It is stored in a vault below the duomo. It is only displayed by papal decree and the last time it was shown was in 2013. The next time it is expected to be shown is in 2014-15.

Cathedral of Superga

Cathedral of Superga

The cathedral is situated in the top of the hill near Turin. The cathedral was built in thanksgiving for a victorious battle against the French. In 1949, a tragedy involving a plane a crash happened near this cathedral. The plane carrying the team of Turin’s local football club, Turin FC crashed near the Cathedral. If you want to enjoy a splendid view of Turin then visiting this Cathedral is highly suggested because there is no better place than the top of the hill, where the cathedral is located to view Turin. With the Alps in its background and a beautiful view of Turin, this cathedral is a must see for every tourist.

Usually people and tourists forget to think about Turin when planning their trip to Italy. Turin might not be as a popular a tourist destination as Rome or Florence but even then it is surely a place you must not miss.

Mount Ararat Eruption, Turkey

Mount Ararat Eruption, Turkey

Mount Ararat Eruption

Mount Armenia

Mount Ararat Eruption

Mount Ararat Eruption

Mount Ararat is the highest mountain in Turkey which dominates the skyline which is utmost breathtaking  from Yereveran which is the Capital of Armenia.After the great flood arose,it is believed as the resting place of Noah’s Arc.Mount Ararat holds an important role in Armenian culture and its illusional eruption.

Mount Ararat,Armenia

Mount Ararat,Armenia


Location of Mt.Ararat

Location of Mt.Ararat

Mount Ararat ,which is popularly near Noah’s Arc is of 5165 meters height  which is the largest mountain in Turkey.It is located in Eastern Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia region on Iran borders of Armenia and  Nakchivan.This mountain rises to 17,000 feet from the plains which surround atleast  2000-3000 feet which is larger than any other mountain range in the world.It is situated between the Aras and Murat Rivers.

The elevation  of the mountain is of 16945 feet.It has two peaks-Greater Ararat,the highest peak with 5137  m of elevation and Lesser Ararat with an elevation of 3896 m.

Noah's Arc

Noah’s Arc

The name of Noah’s Arc,which is a boat like form  came according to Old Testament,due to the flood,all except a man named Noah was alive.So.God warned him to build a boat to rescue his family and birds and animals on the earth.And miraculously,the waters returned continually and within a hundred and fifty days the waters decreased and the ark was rested on the seventh month upon the mountain of Ararat.God then pleased by his actions gave him a rainbow and says that he will never flood the earth and it came true which is believed by many people and there is a belief that the rainbow occurring after the rain is the symbol for it.

Mount Ararat volcanic eruption:

Remains of Georgian church due to earthquake

Remains of Georgian church due to earthquake

Ararat is considered as holy mountain for the Armenians.The sacredness comes from the legend history through Old Testament of Noah,whose ark came to rest on Ararat due to a great flood.But,Ararat has no crater and records of eruption is nowhere seen which is a mystery.However,an earthquake has been rocked the mountain in 1840 which buried a chapel,a small church;a village and a convent which was located in the slopes of the mountain.

Over the years,many groups of people have explored for the truths behind the beliefs but there is no specific reason to prove that Mount Ararat was not in existence at the time of flood.None has any evidence of volcanic ash or lava flows that indicates a great volcanic eruption.

Climatic conditions and Mountain Treks:

The weather on Ararat mountain is mostly stable and is suitable to ascend the mountain any day.On an average day it takes 4 to 5 hours to ascend and 3 to 4 hours to descend the mountain due to an easy climate.

Mount Armenia covered by fog

Mount Armenia covered by fog

Fog is created by the venting of hot gases which are erupted from the mountain’s gases.The fog which starts with smaller portions covers the wide areas of the mountain.

Climbing Mount Ararat

Climbing Mount Ararat

The first to climb Mount Ararat in recent times is Dr.Friedrich Parrot with Khachatur Abovian who was the first explorer to reach the Mount Ararat summit .

The climb to the mountain is very lengthy but there is an easy route in late summer from the south who can use crampons and familiar with climbing as in other ways snow will occupied largely which is difficult for trekking.


Amazing view of Mount Ararat

Amazing view of Mount Ararat

Most of the people go to trips just to relieve from their stress filled lives and be on a peaceful journey.Such a life time opportunity is the visit to Mount Ararat.The view is amazing scenery by which people forget the city for a while.It is just a recharge booster.

The tourists across the world surely appreciate the beauty of this mountain just by seeing its peaks,which cannot be described by words as it is an wonderful experience.Hiking is another adventurous experience who are interested and fearless  which gives them a terrific experience.

Difficult to climb

Difficult to climb

Worth the difficulties

Worth the difficulties

The lifetime picturesque will be the climbing of the mountain that none can forget which needs an preparation for months.Also travellors should have the climbing permit along with an experienced,certified guide,approved by Turkish Government which needs arrangement for about 2 months.The climb may be a lot difficult than expected and it is just like a challenge to face but when the task is over,the effort is really worth it.


The national symbol of Armania-Mount Ararat

The national symbol of Armania-Mount Ararat

  • Ararat is a film released in 2002 by Atom Egoyan about Armenian Genocide.4
  • The song “Hollywood Mountains” is written  about the importance of Mount Ararat by Armenian-American Metal Band System.
  • The surrounding area of Mount Ararat was made as a National Park in 2004
  • Mount Ararat is the country’s national symbol.
  • Armenia is believed to be the first country to adopt Christianity in 301 A.D.

Thus,by all its attractions and its confusing history,Mount Ararat is just an unique mountains with lots of tourists across the world just for enjoying its beauty with its snow capped peaks.



The Door to Central Europe- Belgrade, Serbia

The Door to Central Europe- Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and one of the oldest cities in Europe is situated where the two rivers Sava and Danube meet. It is because of this confluence of the two rivers, that Belgrade is known to the world as ‘the Door to Central Europe’. The word ‘Belgrade’ literally translates to ‘White City’ but this contradicts the city’s greyish variety of architectural styles that brings about its charm. Belgrade enjoys a clear and dry climate brought by the southeasterly and easterly wind also known as ‘The Košava’. The average temperature of the city is roughly 11.7 degrees Celsius with its height being 117 meters above sea-level. Belgrade holds a strong population of 1.23 million and it is also known to be the financial, cultural and educational capital of Serbia.

The Belgrade Fortress

belgrade fortress

The Belgrade Fortress was originally built by the Celtic tribe of Scordisci but was later rebuilt by Justinian I, the byzantine emperor, in 535 AD. The fortress, built as a defensive structure is made up of the old citadel and the Kalemegdan Park. The park takes its name from the Turkish words kale meaning ‘fort’ and meydan meaning ‘square’ or ‘field’.  Little street markets welcome you on your way to the castle area, where the visitors can purchase real-homespun-wool hand-knitted jackets, jerkins, slippers, scarves and also enjoy the stunning view of the Sava and Danube rivers. A plethora of historical monuments in the form of two orthodox churches, Military Museum, and an Art Gallery carrying an extensive collection of military equipment await the tourist.

The Nikola Tesla Museum

The Nikola Tesla Museum

Located in the central area of Belgrade, is the Nikola tesla Museum, a residential villa built based on the designs of distinguished Serbian architect, Dragiša Brašovan. The museum is a symbol honoring Tesla’s legacy, whose mastermind revolutionized the field of science and technology. The museum houses a sculpture of the bust of Nikola Tesla by the renowned Ivan Mestrovic. All of Tesla’s personal belongings, his notes and correspondences are in this museum. The museum has over 160,000 original documents and over 2000 books and journals, 1200 historical technical exhibits, 1500 photographs, making it the only place in the world to house Tesla’s documents to such a great extent. Demonstrations of some of his work, is also carried out at the museum. The museum, being the last resting place of Tesla, still holds his ashes, which are kept in an urn at the back of the museum.

Topčider Park


The word ‘Topcider’ is derived from the Turkish word topči meaning ‘cannoneer’ and the Persian word der meaning ‘valley’. The park is one of the oldest parks in Belgrade and it is also a popular picnic spot. It welcomes tourists to relax and cool down among its green spots and fountains. Prince Miloš Obrenović developed the park with royal finishes like a church, barracks, and a tavern. Situated nearby is the museum of Prince Miloš Obrenović which will give the visitor an insight into Serbian history. Carriages are available for tourists to tour around the park. Stone mines full of catacombs lie under the park; they were used recently used by the Germans in the Second World War.

Tower of Sibinjanin Janko

Tower of Sibinjanin Janko

Located on a cliff in the Zemun suburbs and built by the Hungarians in 1896, the Tower is famously known as the “Zemun Tower” or “Millennium Tower”.  Legend has it, Janoš Hunyadi, also known as Sibinjanin Janko, a famous Hungarian soldier died in a battle against the Turkish, thus, the tower gets its name from the name of the soldier. Visitors can enjoy the stunning view of the Danube River in the backyard. The site is roughly 15 minutes from Belgrade city. After visiting the tower, tourists can go down to the banks of the Danube river and take pleasure in some good sea food.

Ada Ciganlija


Popularly nicknamed “Belgrade’s Sea”, this River island has been transformed artificially into a peninsula. It is situated through Central Belgrade in Lake Sava’s course. The beach is popular in the summer season with its recreational facilities. It boasts of a 100,000 visitors daily and 300,000 visitors on weekends. The peninsula spans across a wide area of 2.7 km². With, oaks, elms, birches and willows forming the skeleton of its deciduous forest, Ada Ciganlija has an ecosystem, which is truly unique and lush. Parts of the peninsula, is covered with uncultivated vegetation that boosts adventuristic spirits of a true explorer. In the middle of an urban area, Ada Ciganlija is an animal paradise, where the visitor can hope to see a hare or a roe. With shops, picnic spaces, tourist trains, pedal boats and canoes, you simply cannot strike this place of your list while visiting Belgrade.

Belgrade Zoo

belgrade zoo

Located in the center of the city, the Belgrade zoo was founded in 1936 and it is one of the oldest zoos in the whole of Europe. The zoo is home to approximately 2,000 animals that represent a total of 270 species despite its small area-7 hectares of land. The zoo also has a separate section called ‘Baby Zoo’ where visitors have the opportunity to make contact with baby animals.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay

MB 1

Also popular as MoBay, Montego Bay is the second largest city of Jamaica. The city nestled between the gentle slopes of Bogue, Kempshot and Salem Hills is the capital of the parish of St. James (one among the 14 parishes of Jamaica). According to history, Christopher Columbus reached the bay in 1494 and called it ‘el Golfo de Buen Tiempo’ (translated as the Fair Weather Bay). However, the Monterias are believed to be the first Spanish settlers of Montego. The city got its name (which was derived from the Spanish ‘manteca’ or ‘lard’) because of the practice of extracting hog butter from herds of wild hogs by local settlers of Montego.

The bay is also shown as Lard Bay in some ancient maps. Over the years, Montego Bay (specially its northern shore) has earned the title of the ‘tourist capital of Jamaica’. Gloucester Avenue, rechristened as Hip Strip and the city proper referred to as downtown are the two distinct parts of Montego. The city receives a lot of international flights every year and also houses the Sangster International Airport. Today Montego Bay is famous for the Cornwall Regional Hospital, port facilities, luxury upper class Jamaican homes, restaurants and shopping. The bay has emerged as one of the most preferred tourist destination of the Caribbean world.

MB 2

You can reach the city directly via airlines as the Sangster International Airport is located here. Also the airport is very close to the cruise ports at Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. Getting around the place is also very easy. A lot of companies offer private transportation and tour services. Travel around Jamaica Tours, Best Jamaica, Island Transfers and Jamaican Taxi Tours are some of them. There were also trains that connected Montego to the main towns and cities of Jamaica, but the service ceased in October 1992 when all the passenger traffic in Montego ceased abruptly. Those who love the sea and the blue waters can also arrive at Montego via a cruise. Built in the 1960’s on the then Bogue Islands, Montego Freeport is the port of Montego Bay.

Surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, this quiet ocean front is the ultimate tourist destination. From beautiful coral reefs and beaches to sugarcane plantations, Montego Bay is a paradise of happy days, vivid nights and dreams that come true. Visiting downtown helps one to know how life is in a city in Jamaica. A crowded place, it’s best to visit Downtown during the day as it is not that safe at night. The Gloucester Avenue, on the other hand is where one can find a number of tourist hotels, shops, restaurants and also has side-walks on both sides. It’s best to visit Hip Strip on foot. If you are a first time traveller, beware of people offering advice or posing as tour guides as they only need money.

MB 3

At Montego Bay, one can never be without something amazing to see. The small but cozy Centerstage Theatre has musical shows in patois every other day. This beautiful place in the Caribbean is also home to many historical monuments and châteaus worth seeing. Those who would love to take the sun can take a break and relax under the palm trees lining the beautiful white sand beaches of Montego Bay. At the Cornwall Beach you can also go scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling and involve yourselves in fun beach activities. The Doctor’s Cave Beach is also a fun place to be with family and offers the best sunset view in Montego. The Dunn’s River Falls and Park is another amazing place where four rivers combined into one unending flow drains into the Caribbean. Interested tourist can even climb the falls under the guidance of an experienced falls guide. Montego is also famous for its sugarcane plantations with some of the original buildings and mills still standing. The White Witch’s Rose Hall and Tryall are the most famous among them and even have world class golf courses.

Yacht clubs, golf courses and horseback rides also add flavour to stay at Montego. There are also several tour packages available that takes you through a thrilling and amazing tour of the culture and traditions of Montego and Jamaica. The place is also famous for its duty free shopping and cruise line terminal. Shopping at Montego is reasonable and is a wonderful experience. So are the restaurants offering native Jamaican food! Jimmy Buffets in Gloucester Avenue provides the best Jerk and Curry Chicken, one of the most popular dishes of Jamaica. Other warm, comfortable and reasonable restaurants include Pork Pit, Evelyn’s and Belfield 1794. Some of the best budget hotels in Montego are Linkage Guest house, The Bird’s Nest, Caribic House and the Jamaica Grandiosa Resort.

MB 4

Not as hedonistic as Negril and not as crowded as Ocho Rios, Montego remains the grande dame of island resorts. In fact the 1973 James Bond movie was shot around Montego Bay. However if you are seeking authentic or traditional Jamaica, Montego is absolutely not your destination point. Montego is more a party town that holds innumerable surprises for those who would love to enjoy a getaway on a Jamaican island. Lying back on the white sand beaches taking in the sun while cooling down with delicious drinks, you can perfectly relax at the Montego Bay.