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The Blend of Extremes, Hauz Khas, Delhi

The Blend of Extremes, Hauz Khas, Delhi

Ever heard of a place with characteristics geared up to both the ends? If not, then this definitely is going to be a completely rejuvinating travel tidbit. The place that I am going to talk about today is a paradise to those who live in extremes. I am talking about a place located adjacent to the Southern part of the national capital, Delhi.

 the fort

Hauz Khas on the one hand is called ‘Hauz Khas Village’ and on the other it is flushed with modern day spots where the youth is ost attracted to. It is a blend of both the urban and the rural. ‘Hauz Khas’ has been derived from urdu where ‘Hauz’ means a tank and ‘khas’ means special. This is because it had initially been built as a water tank, a huge one to do away with the problems of shortage of water in this area. This happened way back during the reign of Allauddin khilji. Duiring the Allauddin Khilji Dynasty, Hauz Khas was part of the second medieval city of the Delhi Sultanate.

food items

Hauz Khas exists from even before Delhi does but earlier as the history suggests, it was not more than a forlorn village. It started modernizing around the late twentieth century when many designers started coming to this place and set their boutiques up in here; Bina Ramani being one of the most prominent ones. Hauz Khas has the Hauz Khas complex which not geographically but in terms of popularity can undoubtedly said to be the heart of Hauz Khas. It is located in the Hauz Khas Village. The complex is of more than one importance because it has got so much to offer to the tourists. It first of all is home to the lake or the famous tank. The lake is no more used to draw water because it now remains as the center of attraction to the visitors. At any point of time beautiful ducks and swans can be seen swimming elegantly through the lake water.

paintings sold at hauz khas

The water, as it is had not been taken good care of and so had started exhausting. Observing the plightful condition of the historic lake, the government took an initiative to restore it’ waster. Since around 2004, manny attempts have been made to re- fill water in the lake which have been quiet successful as well. Due to these reasons no recreational activities like boating take place.

 the market

 The serene lake is surrounded by beautiful Mughal Architecture in it’s periphery. The architecture includes various dome shaped structures in a two storeyed pattern. It also includes the tomb of the ruler Firoz Shah Tughlaq of the Tughlaq Dynasty. The whole area is lushy green with huge tress. The other half of the Hauz Khas complex has different parks where several monkeys, peacocks and myriad varieties of birds can be seen. The park area has many exits to it, all of them connecting the tourist to the main road. Besides the park, there are gardens where different species of flora can be spotted. The latter part of the complex is not officially a zoo but then it almost looks like one because as the tourists walk, monkeys can be seen accompanying them.

view from outside

As soon as one comes out of the Hauz Khas Complex, a plethora of restaurants, boutiques and antique shop can be spotted. The beauty and the speciality of these things lie in the fact that these spots have not been constructed with a mainstream idea of architecture. The architects and the designers have tried their best to give an essence of the aesthetic India to these shops and restaurants. Not only this, some of the restaurants are also in the form of bistro which are found in Europe. There is no limit to the beauty of the architecture found in Hauz Khas. This special feature of the place also leads it to be a bit more expensive than the other places in Delhi but at the end of the day it is worth it.


Reaching Hauz Khas is no big deal. It is well connected to different parts of Delhi through the Metro Services and the road transportation as well. One can easily get an auto- rikshaw at a feasible prce from any part of Delhi to Hauz Kas. There is a seperate metro station called Hauz Khas which falls in the yellow metro line of the DMRC. Hauz Khas is different from the rest of the Delhi and this is what makes it special.

the tsnk 

On one hand where the rest of the Delhi is more geared up towards the Western style, Hauz Khas on the other hand does not fail to retainit’s aesthetic value. Hence, Hauz Khas can be said to be a preserver of the India’s rich cultural heritage. Besides, the solace which one gets on going to the Hauz Khas Fort is unfathomable. One can sit for hours and hours ata a stretch in this place and still not get bored. This is the kind of magnetic effect which this place possesses. It can quiet undisputedly be called the ‘Ethnic Shic’ of Delhi due to the fusion it has successfully created and influenced the youth with the same.


Safari Adventures in East Africa

Safari Adventures in East Africa

Whenever it comes to Africa, tourists have never been  deceived because the beauty of this place wins everyone’s heart. Be it any part of Africa, the place tries it’s best to connect the living entity, which is us to the nature and it also has been successful in doing it to a very great extent. Today I am going to talk about the East African side tourism. What is the Eastern Africa known for? For those who do not have a fair idea, let me tell you that it is most famous for the animals which it serves as home to and the safari adventures.

setting sun and animal

Since ages the legacy of safari  has been carried out by the natives of the place. The east African region altogether is so huge that one will not be able to cover it up within a span of 4- 5 days. It needs real time. For the convenience of the travelers, the safari has been divided into mainly some broad categories. The major ones are the Tanzania Safari, the Kenya Safari, the Day Trip, the Gorilla Tracking Safari and the Tailor- made Safari. Among these sub categories also are various divisions available. It fairly depends upon the budget of the travellers as to how long they want to stay. Options like a stay for 2 days 1 night, 3 days 2 nights, 4 days 3 nights or 5 days are very easily availed by the travellers.

people getting to know animals

Beginning with the Kenya Safari, which is the most frequently opted for by the tourists, Kenya is the treasureland of Safari. Kenya not only provides provisions for road safaris but also for the air safaris. Moreover, Kenya has many beaches located as well, so they have provisions for beach holidays and trips as well. Places like Masai Mara, Mombasa, Lake Nakuru and Amboseli are very prominent when it comes to Kenya Safari. There is  a National Park called the Meru National Park which has the rarest of the rare species of animals in it.


Tortilis Camp is another prominent feature which they provide. Then besides these things, they let the tourists enjoy the trekking, they even make them play various adventurous games. The Tanzania Safari, most of the packages come in collaboration with the Kenya Safari. The best possible reason could be these places falling so close to each other. So, the Tanzania Safari incudes all those places which the Kenya Safari  did and in addition, it has places like Isebenia, Serengeti, Arusha, Namanga, Amboseli, Taita and many more. This safari includes hilly trekkings which at times to turn out to be difficult for people who are not very used to it.

people interacting with the tribals

The next segment that I am going to talk about is cute and adventurous both. It is the Gorilla Tracking Safari. It mainly includes places like Lake Kivu and Kigali. This safari also takes the visitors to the Volcanoes National Park. The Volcanoes Mountain is known as a heaven for the mountain gorillas which are found here. There is some amount of money which is charged by the Volcano National park authority to view the mountain gorillas. There is a division made on the basis of citizenship and designation, both. At the same time, spending some amount of money to see the amazing mountain gorilla in return is not actually a very big deal.

tribal selling fruit

If thought carefully, one day trips will not be enough to explore threal beauty of Africa and it’s wildlife. Despite this fact, the tourism companies over here have introduced an option of one day tourism, keeping in mind all the necessary places which would just leave the tourists enchanted. The one day trips mainly include those in Lake Nakuru, Shimba Hills and Tsavo East. Tsavo East is one of the oldest national parks in Kenya. The national park has been named after the Tsavo river which just flows next to it, in the same region. Africa, as we know is well connected to the different continents of the world through airways. So reaching Africa is no big deal. Once a tourist reaches Africa, the tourism package which they select, the officers from those companies  make provisions for the picking up of tourists.  A trip to East Africa is important because it firstly allows the tourists to know the beauty of wildlife which exists in our world and which we barely get to see due to the growing population and pollution with it.

lion spotted during safari

Apart from this, for years there has been a cliché regarding the African Culture. There has been a discrimination against them for ages regarding their physical features and also their cultural traditions and beliefs. It is different undoubtedly but in a good sense. Tourists get to meet these people, have meals with them and during long safaris they sometimes even get to stay with them. When these people are so welcoming and generous, how can someone actually mistook them for being harsh and cruel. To completely reject this ideology, it is very important for people to visit this place. In this day to day tiring life a person does need break. No other place can serve to be a better refuge in the laps of nature, than Africa.

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

Located geographically near Kamphaeng Phet 2, is Chatuchak which houses the busiest market chain of Bangkok, the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The fact that this place was named after the famous Chatuchak Market and it’s park itself is evidentary of how popular this market is. Chatuchak Market is not a new market set somewhere very recently a decade ago or so. It has been carrying it’s legacy on since 1982.

 decorative pots

Spread wide across an area of approximately 35 acres is this market which has stalls related to anything and everything. The weekend market has at least about 8000 stalls. Being a weekend market it attracts an exhorbitant number of over 1,00,000 visitors. The best part about the market is that almost each and everything is on sale over here. Nevertheless, as everything has two sides to it, same is with the Chatuchak Market. Not every product being sold over here can be bought at the lowest possible price. It varies according to the bargaining capacity of the customer largely. The veteran and regular visitors enjoy an over- riding position when it comes to bargaining.

t shirts

Obviously one would just wonder being lost in this wanton journey of shopping but this is no truth. There is not just one but many ways which can prevent you from getting lost in this huge market area and both of them being systematically sound as well. The splendid market has a main, primary walkway which encircles the whole market. This walkway further divides into alleyways and the alleyways into several sections. Besides this mechanism, there is another method. One can just mark point of references as one goes further. There are many reference points like the MRt and the BTS stations or even the banks for that matter.

 delicious food

Unlike many other popular markets, the Chatuchak Market has an organized system of stalls. All in all, there are 27 sections in which stalls are located. Different groups of sections have been dedicated specifically to a particular genre of products. For an instance sections 2- 6 have the stalls where one can buy all sorts of clothes, both for boys and girls of any age. Sections 1,26 and 27 are dedicated to the antique show- pieces and books. Sections 1, 3, 4, 7 and 8 are the hub of the products of home décor and furniture. Section 7 is the Art Gallery section. Besides these, there are huge stalls which sell mainly ceramics, pets accessories, plants and gardening tools, handicrafts and many more in an unending list.

 gardening section

Antiques are the centre of attraction besides the vintage collection which is found here. As it is known antiques are rarely sold and something that you are getting once at some place might just not be seen by you again. So it is good to buy antiques but because they are generally expensive, one should be careful while buying them. It might just happen that the item which we have brought could turn out to be defective and as it is always said, prevention is always better than cure.

 home decor

Most known for the vintage collection, this place undoubtedly masters more than any other place when it comes to the vintage collection. All sorts of the popular stuff from the 70s and the 80s are found all around. The vintage collection is not only limited to the clothing section but almost everything else as well. Be it the jewelleries or the home décor things, books; everything has an essence of the vintage in it. For huge music lovers, die hard rock and roll fans, this place is like heaven because this is one of the spots where you would get merchandise with the prints of those rockstars or the album art from their most famous albums.


A shopping destination without food is incomplete. To make this resplendent weekend market even more beautiful and attractive, food of all sorts have been made available. The food items are native to the Thai culture and cuisine. We get all kinds of noodles and soups. Besides this one can enjoy the refreshing taste of food items like coconut ice cream and other innovative dishes. There is also this very delicious noodle soup. We get noodle soups tossed with with flat noodles, fish balls and Chinese greens. The place is a delight to the sea food lovers.


It is advised to all the visitors to carry water with them because continuous shopping might lead to dehydration. The market opens around ten in the morning. So it is better to visit it in the morning because if one sets out to shop in the daytime, sun might just beat you down. The Chatuchak Market is well connected to various modes of transportation. MTR and the BTS are the best possible mode of transportaion. Chatachuk Market might seem to be a drab for the likers of mall culture but then the kind of products which this place has to offer can even at times beat the expensive products sold in malls. A visit to this place is must for all the shopping freaks round the globe. The more outspoken and wise you be, the more benefit you can reap out of this plethora of shopping goodies. The Chatachuk Market is one amongst the biggest markets of the world. To witness it’s grandeur in itself is a delight to one’s eyes.

The City of Picturesque Beaches, Pondicherry

The City of Picturesque Beaches, Pondicherry


A city also known as Puducherry, nestled in the in Indian Union Territory of Pondicherry, the city is also famous  as ‘Pondi’ and has been officially  called  ‘Puducherry’, since 2006.

The city of Pondicherry has a rich history, since it was ruled by one colonial power after the other, the great powers such as the Dutch, Portuguese, English and last but not least, the French. The city as well as the neighboring places were conquered by the French East India Company and after the independence of India, the city was given the status of  a Union Territory of Pondicherry.

Pondicherry was also ruled by many ruling dynasties of the Indian Subcontinent including the Pallava Dynasty of Kanchipuram , the Cholas of Thanjavur and the Pandya kingdom in the . The Vijaynagar empire took control of most of south India in the 14th century and was entually superseded  by the Sultan of Bijapur. The French took control of Pondicherry and had a tight hold over it, they also fought occasional challenges thrown at them by the British and Dutch. Until at the end when it was finally included into the Indian Union along with rest of the places under the French East India Company.

The avearge elevation of the city is at sea level, the topography of Pondicherry and that of the Tamil Nadu coast are similar. A number of ‘Backwaters’ ( a chain of lagoons and lakes lying parallel to the Arabian sea coast also called the Malabar Coast) can be found there.

Pondicherry experiences coastal erosion (wearing away of land and the removal of beach sediments by waves, tidal currents or drainage). There is a 1.25 mile long seawall, a deffence against strong waves, which reaches 27 feet high. It is protected from the direct assault  of waves by rows of granite boulders which are reinforced every year to stop the eroding sands.


The climate in Pondicherry is on the warmer side. Summers last from April to early June, they are followed by huge humidity and occasional thundestorms from June till September. Monsoons arrive heavily during the the period from October to December . Owing to the coastal climate, winters are generally warm in Pondicherry.

The majority of citizens in the city speak Telugu, Tamil or Malyalam. There is a community of French people and a number of French institutions such as a Consulate (an Embassy or a high commission between commonwealth countries).

The French Institute is a French financially autonomous institution in Puducherry, under the joint supervision of the French Ministry Of Foreign And European Affairs.

L’Alliance Francaise, is an international organization that aims to promote French culture and Language around the World. Since Pondicherry was under the French control for a long time, the French culture is prevalent there in a big way.

Pondicherry also consists of a decent amount of people hailing from different states of India such as West Bengal, Gujarat and Odisha.

The presence of beautiful colonial buildings, churches, temples and statues, combined with systematic town planning and well planned French style boulevards, that still preserve the rich essence the colonial ambience, are the reason behind Pondicherry being one of the most popular tourist destinations in South India. Pondicherry is a melange of spiritual aura, French colonial heritage, Tamil culture, virgin beaches and cosmopolitan flair of many nationalities in a small quaint little town, makes Pondicherry a well-known weekend destination as well.

The most luring tourist attractions are Pondicherry’s spectacular beaches. The Famous Five beaches are the Promenade Beach, is popularly known as the Pondicherry Beach, is a 1.2 km long stretch of beach front, along the Bay of Bengal. A perfect getaway on a lazy sunny day.

Paradise Beach is a perfect getaway, located 8km away from the Pondicherry and can be reached through a House boat or a river cruise. The beach offers exciting water sports, for those who are hungry for thrill.  There are several beautiful resorts and numerous boat cruises available along the beach. On the shore of the Paradise Beach, there are two monuments that stand proud, one is the statue of Mahatama Gandhi and the other is a historical monument, the French memorial.

pondi 2

Auroville Beach, is nestled in the region of Auroville in Pondicherry and is found to be located along the shoreline bordering the Bay of Bengal. The beach situated 12km away from the city centre of Pondicherry, is mostly visited by the local people of Pondicherry and Auroville, since it lies opposite to the road leading to the little town of  Auroville. The beach is populated during the weekends and absolutly isolated during the rest of the days. The calm blue waters are prize hypnotizers and have a capacity to lure you towards them.

Serenity Beach, attracts numerous tourists to its idyllic beauty. One can reach the shores via road through a ten minute drive. Strolling on the golden sands of the virgin beach, is an experience on its own. Swimming in the clear blue waters and basking in the sun are instant soul soothers. The beach also offers various water sports such Kayaking, Canoeing and boating.

Karaikal Beach, is one of the best Pondicherry can offer, with advanture sports like kayaking, also a tennis court introduced by the authorities. For your convinience there is a vehicle parking lot, immovable seating and a beach restaurant that serves mouthwatering snacks and drinks. The road leading to this nature’s beauty has been lit up by sodium vapour lamps. All in all the beach tops the list of ‘must-visits’ in Pondicherry.

Puducherry Botanical Gardens, a cool respite from the city heat and humidity, the gardens are situated at the southern entrance to the city bus stop, which lies in the center of the city. Spread across an area of 22 acres, the botanical gardens serve as a green paradise away from the monotonous city life. The area contains the trees labelled with their scientific names, names written in Tamil and also ordinarily. Their medicinal qualities, the amount of oxygen given out by them and the uses of those trees are also mentioned. The gardens are divided into 28 plots full of endangered and exotic trees and plants. The park also consists of a Children’s train, numerous fountains an Aquarium with ornamental fish and a lot more.

Sri Aurobindo Ashram, is a spiritual community established at Pondicherry, in the Indian district of Puducherry and is one of the most well-known and wealthiest ashrams in India. The Ashram was established by Sri Aurobindo, who was an Indian nationalist, philosopher, poet, yogi and Guru.

Auroville, the name literally means ‘City Of Dawn’, is an experimental township, in the state of Tamil Nadu, near Pondicherry. This township was founded by Sri Aurobindo’s mother, popularly called ‘The Mother’. The purpose behind the establishment of the town was to create a place where men and women of countries different from each others are able to live in peace and are also able to realize human unity. The town is located 8km north-west to Pondicherry.

Pondi auroville

The beautiful ancient Hindu temples in Pondicherry include the Arulmigu Manakula Vinayagar Devasthanam, a famous temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha, is located on the Manakula Vanayagar Street and has existed in Pondicherry since before the French came and settled there. There are many other ancient temples awaiting your photographic attention.


Pondicherry is well connected by roads and rail. The city is connected to Chennai via the East Coast Road through Mahabalipuram. The Pondicherry Road Transport Corporation runs several buses within the city. Pondicherry is also connected by train to places like Delhi and Mangalore. The  Pondicherry airport has flights to and from Bangalore.

If you are an admirer of French architecture and culture, this city of ancient temples, picturesque beaches and a hint of French cultures awaits your undivided attention. So buckle up and do make a trip to Pondicherry, India.

Tulza Angre.

Imperial Palace Garden, Tokyo, Japan

Imperial Palace Garden, Tokyo, Japan

Palace Garden

Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

Can you ever imagine living in a place which is devoid of all comforts (are they real comforts or several  sources of  pollution affecting both physical and mental health?).Can you visualize a part of the world filled with peace and harmony?

If your answer for the above two questions is YES, obviously the place or part of the universe which suits   the above requirement will be “GARDEN”.

A garden is the one which can be planned anywhere we want. It is set aside for cultivation, enjoyment of plants and other forms of nature. It is the place where we can get more and pure oxygen. It can be described in many ways. The garden which display wild animals are formerly called Zoological gardens. Gardens are almost universally based on plants, it is often signified a shortened form of botanical garden. We must preserve the gardens for our future.

Coming to the IMPERIAL PALACE GARDEN, the word Imperial means “relating to empire”. The palace is a residence of Imperial family. Imperial palace garden is located in the chiyoda area of Tokyo close to Tokyo station. This palace is also called as “THE KOKYO HIGASHI GYOEN GARDEN”. It was opened to the public in 1968, covering an area of approximately 2, 10,000 square meters.


The history of Imperial palace is, Edo castle is the residence of Japans Imperial family. It is used to be the seat of TOKUGAWA SHOGUN who ruled Japan from 1603 until 1867.But after the capitulation(demand) of SHOGUNATE and the MEIJI RESTORATION, the people who are living in the Castle, including the TOKUGAWA YOSHINOBU(also known as KEIKI,was the 15th and the last shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate of Japan .He was part of a movement which aimed to reform the aging Shogunate but was ultimately unsuccessful)were required to vacate the premises of the Edo castle i.e., In 1968,the Shogunate was overthrown and the country’s capital and imperial residence were moved from KYOTO to TOKYO. The emperor arrived at Edo castle on 26 November, 1868 and made it to his new residence and renamed it to TOKEI castle. The palace is renamed as Imperial castle on 9th MAY, 1869.

download (2)


Tokyo Imperial palace has remained at the Centre of Tokyo, a large park area surrounded by moats and massive stone walls in the centre of Tokyo. It gives the feeling of old Edo. The palace is surrounded by a water-filled moat and tree covered grounds.Hanmoru is the principal compound, Ninomaru is the second compound located outside the Honmaru and Sannomaru, the third compound surrounding in the Ninomaru of Edo castle. To the North we can see Kitanomaru Garden. To the West, taking up roughly half of the area is the Imperial Palace Grounds. To the South East is the Kokyo Gaien with its flawless fields of pine trees and lastly to the East lies the Imperial Palace East Gardens, the main point of this vast expanse.


Honomaru section consists of a vast lawn and the remaining foundations of the former castle tower can be found on the top of the hill. The tower was completed in 1638 as the tallest castle towers in Japan’s history. But only few years later in 1657, it was destroyed by citywide fires and has not been rebuilt ever since. In the place of the formal buildings at the foot hill, a nice Japanese style garden has been created.Ninomaru section is maintained as an Edo period (1603-1867).While the gardens within the main compound of Tokyo imperial palace are beautiful. The garden which is present at the Ninomaru section is called as Ninomaru garden. It is on the north east side and features a large pond with a land bridge. Just like all other traditional Japanese gardens, the Ninomaru features many round azalea bushes, as well as water Lillie’s and irises.

Kokyo Gaien inherits Marunouchi quality of spaciousness and adds lush fields and pine trees. The West half is closed off by a low fence, preventing visitors from spoiling the meticulously (extremely careful and precise) kept grounds. The East side is open to the public.

images (1)

The inner grounds of the palace are generally not open to the public except on two days i.e., on January 2(for New Year’s greeting) and December 23(Emperor’s birthday) visitors are able to enter the inner palace grounds and see the members of the Imperial family.

The best gardens are Tokyo Imperial palace east gardens which are located next to the Tokyo Imperial palace and were a part of Edo Castle grounds. East gardens is the former residence for the Emperor and his family, the gardens will be very grand and leaves no room for disappointment, The Imperial palace east gardens are open to the public throughout the year except on Mondays, Fridays and special occasions. We have to learn a lot from our history.

So when you visit Tokyo this must be in your list of visits and must not miss at least each part of the garden.


ADDRESS: 1-1 Chiyoda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo.

TIMINGS: Daily 9am-4:30pm.

ADMISSION: Free, token collected at gate to be submitted on leaving.

JOURNEY: A short walk of about ten minutes from Tokyo station.

Undavalli Caves.

Undavalli Caves.


Caves are natural forming. They are formed by weathering of rock.A cave is a hollow space in ground,mostly natural under ground space.It is large enough for a human to enter in. Undavalli caves are one of the natural caves in World.They are located in Tadepalli mandal,in Guntur District,Andhra Pradesh,India.This caves are nearer to the city Vijayawada.This caves are on the top of the hills and face Krishna river.

images (17)



This most beautiful caves belongs to 7th century.There are four stories around this cave history.These are four stories around this caves history.In olden days,the parts of India are ruled by different kings.In 7th century and before i.e.,. 420-620 AD.Vishnukundin kings ruled this place. Vishnukundin kings were followers and supporters of Buddhism.This caves are started to be used as Buddhist temples.So Buddhist monks used this place as rest house and they preserved Buddhist statues,which we can see even today.Later the caves were taken over by Hindus.This caves were said to be dedicated to Ananthapadmanabha swami and Narasimha swami.These two were treated as God in Hindu religion.These caves were dedicated by Madhava Reddy. He is the local Governor at that time,who ruled the region.

images (18)


The highlight inside the cave is it holds a 25 feet long statue of Lord Vishnu in a relaxed position with the back supported.All the sculptures are made of solid sand stone.Other statues are dedicated to Shiva,Brahma and Trimurti.These temple hold great importance among Hindus.This beautiful caves appears to be fort from far distance but when approaching it will be an exciting sight.there are several chambers inside the cave.The main attraction is 25 feet Vishnu sculpture made of single granite and 5 meters long statue of Lord Buddha.The inner design of cave shows that it belongs to the Gupta architecture.the designs and sculptures in second floor shows that it belongs to Chalukyan architecture.The sculptures in the first floor are Buddha sculptures.Totally four floors are present.First floor is larger than all.It has 12 columns and 8 openings in between the columns.The facade is 29 meter wide.The temples of Brahma,Vishnu and Shiva are on first floor and in front of them a big hall and pillars are present.

images (19)    images (20)


The sculptures which are on the walls reflects the Hindu Mythology.The giant sculpture of Vishnu is present in second floor.Ground floor is unfinished.Only hall,8 pillars and seven door openings are present.Top floor is also unfinished.These  caves are the best examples of our history.This shows our Ancient Indian Architecture.These caves are the largest of all.These caves have high rock-cut caves,beautiful sculptures.These caves are listed as heritage monument the caves are been under the care of Archaeology department since 1958.The sculptures which are present inside the caves appears to be natural stone carvings.They just look like original faces of gods and goddess.All designs inside the caves  also looks good.This type of caves are undertaken by Hindus so these caves spread about Hindu religion.At first theses caves are given to Buddhist monks or disciples so few Buddhist sculptures also can be seen here.These caves are just like caves with dark setting all around.These caves have not been undertaken by anyone or repaired or completed the construction of the caves.These caves are still under construction.This shows the negligence of Government on prehistoric heritage.No V.I.P.(very important person who has lot of money)has also not come forward to complete this building.The paintings on the walls are fainted and the beautiful sculptures are loosing its pettiness due to the exposure to sun,rain and moisture.The visitors to this place has also decreased.At once there would be some lakhs of people per year to this place,but now it is only in hundreds per annum.But this place is a must visited one and everyone enjoys the beautiness of these caves (though they were been not taken care).We need to learn alot from our history.The greatness here is the designed sculptures in a perfect way.(it took along period to complete these caves).

images (21)    images (22)

No one can miss this beautiful caves and fantastic sculptures.As there are the representation of our Indian history.The carvings on walls gives the beautiful message of Hindu religion.No need to worry about accommodation.Vijayawada is the city which is nearer to it about 8 kilometers.All star hotels,lodges are present in Vijayawada.All types of food is available according to the tastes and preferences.On reaching top of hill one can see the agricultural fields on one side and Krishna river on other side.Best time to visit this place is from October to February because remaining time it will be little hot.Better to wear light cotton cloths on Summer,if you are visiting this place.There are many other site seeing places around this. Amaravathi,Ghantasala,Gudivada,Kanaka Durga temple etc.,.One can come here by bus,train,flight.By airways nearest airport is Hyderabad,280  kilometers from Undavalli caves.By train nearest railway station is Vijayawada station,8 kilometers from Undavalli caves.Buses are always available from different places.No entrance fee to enter in to the caves and one can carry their own camera’s no restrictions.Better to carry one water bottle with you.

This place is geographically said to be in Guntur but it is near to Vijayawada(the city which is near to caves).So better to accommodate in Vijayawada.Vijayawada bus stand is the biggest bus stand.There the food,bed,facilities,transport and so on every thing is available.

images (24)

Char Dham Yatra – India

Char Dham Yatra – India


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India, officially republic is a country in South Asia. It is the 2nd most populated country with 1.2 billion populations and 7th largest country by area. India strengthens with a beautiful combination of landscapes, culture and traditions. Indian culture is about its distinctive qualities that have progressed and subsisted across time. The Indian culture is described by its customs, festivals, music, cuisines etc. India vaunts of strong traditions. These culture and traditions of India have been affecting India from generations to generations and have been deeply entrenched in Indian way of living. Religion in India is categorized by assortment of religious beliefs and practices. India is a birth place of world’s foremost religion namely Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. With more than 85% Hindu population, Hinduism is the prominent religion in India and their opinions about God is as strong as there strength. In India it is believed that there are about 33 crore God’s in Hinduism. So when we talk about pilgrimage tour in India, there are lots of sanctified places which we can visit in India, But when it comes about ‘Char Dham Yatra’ , we have only 2 options one is Char Dham in India and the other is Char Dham of Uttarakhand which is also known as ‘Chota Char Dham’.



Char Dham are the names of four abodes in India that are widely revered by Hindu’s. It comprises of Badrinath, Dwarka, Puri and Rameshwaram. The Char Dham defined by Shri Adi Shankaracharya consists of three Vaishnavite and one Shaivite pilgrimage. Char dham bestows to Lord Vishnu or to his Avatars. The Char Dham is positioned in the North, East, south and West of India. The Char Dham at the 4 corners of India Symbolized the essential unity of India’s spiritual traditions and Values. They are arranging as Badrinath in North, Puri to East, Rameshwaram in South and Dwarka is in west.


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Badrinath is to be found in North India state of Uttarakhand, in Garhwal Mountains which is a part of greater Himalayas, on the banks of Alaknanda River. The town is flanked by the Nar and narayan mountain ranges and in the shadow of Nilkantha Peak. The Badri refers to Berry which were grown abundantly there and Nath refers to lord Vishnu. Badrinath is the Divinest Shrine of Lord Vishnu. It is also known by the names of Badri-Vishal and Badri-Narayan. The gates of the temple are open only for a phase of 6 months, due to thrilling weather conditions of Himalayas. There are number of hot water pool such as Tapt Kund and Narad Kund etc. These pools are considered to posses medical assets. According to Hindu mythology the legend Shri Shankaracharya discovered black stone image of Lord Badrinarayan made of Saligram stone in Alaknanda River. He originally enshrined it in a cave near the Tapt Kund, which was later moved to the present temple by the King of Garhwal.


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The Jagannath temple in Puri is a eminent Hindu Shrine. Puri is a small town of Orrisa positioned on the coastline of Bay of Bengal about 60 km from the capital city bhubneshwar. The temple is abode of Lord Krishna who is known as Lord Jagannath there with his elder brother Blabhadra and his sister subhadra. The particularized moldings and carvings done in this temple are very adequate examples of Orrisa architecture. The main temple is about 1000 year old and is constructed by raja Chodaganga Deva. The temple is an enormous tall edifice which dominates the seaside town. The temple is also famous for the annual Rath Yatra, Chariot festival where huge and elaborated ornamented chariots are used for the parade of 3 main dietys of the temple. According to Hindu mythology it is said that Vishwakarma himself carved the main idols out of wood. It is also said that he ordered the special wood and went into the temple. He also stipulated that he will also close the doors of the temple and remain inside till the idols were ready. Before that no one would enter or open the doors of the temple but the impatient king opened the doors of the temple before Vishwakarma came out. When the king went inside the temple he found that Vishwakarma has carved all the idols of God up to their elbows. He was about to move on, but when he saw the king he got angry and went away from their and was never seen again. So the unfinished idols of God had to be set in the temple and adored. The idols of God were impressed out of Margosa Wood.


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Rameshwaram is a town in Ramanathapuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is located on an island which is spread out over 56 km wonderful with calm sand dunes embellished with casuarina trees and stark palms. Rameshwaram temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to God Shiva. Rameshwaram temple also stands as an example of awe-inspiring Hindu architecture. The temple comprises 40ty wells where the taste of water is different in each and every well from one another.The temple has longest corridors among all Hindu temples in India. The temple is also one of 12 jyothilinga temples, where lord Shiva is adored as Ramanathaswamy. According to Ramayana, Lord Rama, the 7th avatar of Lord Vishnu, is believed to have worshiped Lord Shiva here to forgive his sins that he might have committed during the war against the demon king Ravana in Shri Lanka. Lord Rama wanted to have largest Lingam to worship lord Shiva, so he transmitted Lord Hanuman to Varanasi to bring the Lingam from the Kashi temple there. However Lord Hanuman was delayed to bring the Lingam, Goddess Sita, the wife of Lord Rama built a small Lingam and conducted the prayers. When Lord Hanuman returned with the Lingam he was staggered to find that the prayers were completed. To pacify him Goddess Sita also mounted Kashi Lingam and announced that this Lingam should be worshiped before Rama Lingam.


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Dwarka is situated on the west coast of Gujrat on the shore of Arabian Sea. The legendary city Dwarka was the dwelling of Lord Krishna after he left Mathura. The city lays in the West most part of India. The Dwarka temple is also known as Jagat Mandir where Lord Krishna is adored by the names of Dwarkadhish or king of Dwarks. This temple is about 2500 years old. It is a 5 storied building, maintained by 72 pillars. The temple was built by the Sambha, who was the grandson of Lord Krishna. There are 2 gates namely Swarg Dwar where pilgrims enter and Moksh Dwar from where the pilgrims exit. The story behind the temple is that one day Durvasa Muni, a sint was invited to Dwarka by Lord Krishna and his wife Rukmani for Dinner. It is said that when a person is invited for the dinner, the host should not eat until the guest is pleased but Rukmani got thirsty and drank the water. As rukmani was drinking the water however Durvasa Muni saw her and became very annoyed. The angry Durvasa Cussed Rukmani to Live apart from Lord Krishna. That is why Lord Krishna temple is in town and Goddess Rukmani’s temple is located outside the town.

Shillong the Scotland of East

Shillong the Scotland of East


Shillong which is the capital of Meghalaya is one of the smallest and beautiful states in India. Nature has create this state in pace, surrounded by hills, waterfalls and many colorful flowers is situated at an average altitude of 4,908 feet (1,496 m) above sea level Shillong Peak is the highest Point of Shillong (6,449 feet) the whole lovely city can be visualize from the peak. Shillong has Air force headquarter there in Shillong peak, and the place is guarded very strictly, well maintained for that reason. Being a hill station it is calm, quiet and pollution free. Formerly it was said that the rolling hills around the town reminded the European settlers of Scotland Hence, Shillong is known as “Scotland of the East” our very own Scotland. The Weather is very pleasant there; summer is not hot there but very cooling specially in evening. Sun showed mercy over there. The temperature varies from 20 °C to 25°C in summer. In the winter people can enjoy more, it is around 4 °C to 9 °C the life style here no different from the English country. The dressing sense, even food habit is also similar to English people, so it is quite obvious that our Former ruler love this place with other hill station. Shillong is well connected with Guwahati, Tripura and Mizoram by road, bus; taxis are available there in sharing or private basis. Although well connected by road, Shillong has no rail connection and a proper air connection. Umroi Airport has only limited flights. Shillong is full of natural beauty sightseeing is one of the main attractions here some of them are Lady Hydari Park: The Park stretches over a kilometer and has an adjacent mini zoo. Wards Lake: Known locally as Nan-Polok. It’s an artificial lake with garden and boating facilities. Many stories are there, related to this park, but the scenic beauty of the park in winter is marvelous.


Elephant Falls 12 km on the outskirts of the city, the mountain stream descends through two successive falls set in dells of fern covered rocks. The original Khasi name for the falls was’kakshaidlaipatengkhohsiew ‘(Three steps falls), Of course it was the British who named it ‘Elephant Falls’ because of a stone that resembles an elephant near the falls. But the stone was destroyed by an earthquake in 1897. But the name hasn’t changed. The scenic beauty is very nice there, many couples spends hours to watch the beauty. Police Bazar-this is the main heart-throb of the city. Markets, shops, Bus stands restaurant all are located in the city. Youth use to come here for gathering, and entertainment. Many fashionable items especially woolen woven things are available here. Next is Motphran: The ‘stone of France’” which is locally known as ‘Motphran’ was in memory of the 26th KhasiLabour Corps who served under the British in France during World War I. Shillong Peak: Earlier Shillong peak is mentioned here for its outstanding view, It is a picnic spot, 10 km from the city, 1965 m above sea level, highest peak of the Shillong offers a panoramic view of the state. Barapani is not actually located inside the city but it is another tourist spot to visit the water is completely blue here; water line is dissolve with skyline here. Seven Sisters and Nohklikai Falls are another two must visiting spot here, the silence is covered by dangerous beauty here, many other wonderful waterfalls are there ,they may be small or long in size but the beauty is remain same for all, nature has beautified the states by her own. Shillong is also knows by STATES Of CAVES,Mawsmai Cave is one of the famous nature cave here, It is 6 km. away from main town Cherapunji,after driving through a golden land of hills and grassland ,finally see the most awaited place ,Mawsmai Cave lay hidden beneath the trees. Though inside of the cave is a bit suffocating but the beauty of hard rocks overwhelming you to enter inside. Asia’s cleanest village and root bridge is also very famous places of khasi hills and is known for its cleaner and greener surroundings, and Mawlynnong is the Asia’s cleanest village and known by God’s own Garden has acclaim of being Asia’s most cleanest village award 2003.Mawlynnong Village is 90kms from Shillong, along with offered the visitor a real sky walk, a 80 feet high Machan, a very romantic and an exotic destination along the India Bangladesh Border will give you an experience of flying. Not only local or Indian tourist comes to enjoy the trekking location but this place is very famous and liked by foreign tourist also and is very famous spot where many foreigners are spotted. The another well-known tourist spot is Tagore’s house, the famous ‘SESHER KOBITA’ was written here in Shillong, and the house is well maintained by Government where Rabindranath Tagore love to spend his . It is memorable place for all tourists. Beat the hit in Shillong in Summer, Shillong can be visited anytime except Rainy season as world’s one of wettest place Mawsynram is nearby(65 kilometers away from Shillong).and another one ,i.e. Cherrapunji is also very nearby notable for its scenic beauty and is the wettest place in the entire India. With Shillong has a wide range to natural scenic view to offer from greenery to a cleaner surrounding Shillong is just a must place for every individual to visit for.

Grand Prismatic Spring

Grand Prismatic Spring


When it is cool,we bath and drink hot water.For heating the water,we take some quantity of water and heat on fire .Water is from Earth and part of Earth.But if Earth itself heats the water what we call that!!!!!!!!It is called as HOT SPRING.


The definition of Hot Spring is natural spring with water temperature above body temperature above body temperature-normally between 36.5 and 37.5 degree Celsius. It is a spring that is produced by the emergence of geo thermally heated ground water from the Earth’s crust.It is the most common hydro thermal feature of Yellow Stone,is an area where heated water can easily rise through cracks and fractures in the Earth’s surface.The movement of water is not blocked by mineral deposits.The circulation of water is fairly continuous and does not result in geyser eruptions.Very hot water cools as it reaches the surface,sinks,and is replaced by hotter water from the Beneath.At this spring,Siliceous Sinter is precipitated from the silica rich water and is deposition along the edge of the pool.This is represented by the white mineral deposits furthest from the colorful edge of the hot spring.

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Grand Prismatic spring is the hot spring which is located in Yellow Stone National Park,It is the largest hot spring in the United States,and the third largest in the World,after Flying Pan lake in New Zealand and the Boiling lake in Domanica.Grand Prismatic spring is located in Midway geyser Basin.


Generally the history of the hot spring is based on the Geology of the area.The park lies over a hot spot in the Earth’s crust,where hot molten rock rises to the surface.Over the past 18 million years,the area’s volcanic has shaped the surrounding landscape through a series of eruptions Grand Prismatic spring sits on a bed of Rhyolitic rock located on the West side of the present Yellow stone Caldera.Caldera. Rhyolite is a light colored volcanic rock with high silica content.Water deep in the Earth is warmed by the heat of the Magma.The hot water circulates and dissolves some of the silica in the rocks,carrying it in the solution to the surface of the hot spring.As the mineral-rich hot water flows over the ground and cools,silica compounds come out of solution and are deposited as a precipitate called siliceous sinter,creating the white-grey landscape around the spring.Many violent incidents happened in this area.During those incidents,magma bursts from the ground so rapidly that the overlying land collapses in to empty chamber forming a depression called a Caldera.The Yellow stone region sits on top of three overlapping Calderas,the latest of which was formed during an eruption more than 6,00,000 years ago.There is no obvious Sulfur i.e.,. rotten egg smell near Grand Prismatic spring,so it was concluded that no Hydrogen sulfide gas is present.

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Up to now all this history deals with the history of the spring and its biological conditions .European explorers and surveyors has first recorded the spring.In 1839,a group of fur trappers from American fur company crossed the mid way geysers basins and made mote of a “boiling lake”,which is named as Grand Prismatic spring,with a diameter of 300 feet i.e.,.90 meters.In 1871 the Wash bum-Lang ford-Doane Expeditions visited the spring,noting a 50 -feet i.e.,.15 meter geyser.It measures approximately 370 feet i.e.,.112.8 meter in diameter and is over 121 feet i.e.,.37 meter deep.


The different colors which appear on the spring are due to the pigmented bacteria mats that grow around the edges of the mineral-rich water.The bacteria produce colors ranging from green to red;the amount of color in the microbial mats depends on the ratio of chlorophyll to carotenoids and on temperature of the water.In summer, the mats tend to be orange and red,where as in the winter the mats are usually dark green.The center of the pool is sterile due to extreme heat.The deep blue color of the water in the center of the pool results from the intrinsic blue color of water,itself the result of water’s selective absorption of red wavelengths of visible light.The water is a vibrant blue,with red color like lava surrounding it.The temperature can be determined by looking at the color of the spring.

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Grand Prismatic spring can be seen in the National park of Wyoming in U.S.A.each year. The spring will release about 560 gallons per minute at a temperature of 160 degree Fahrenheit.The water temperature can vary from about 147 to 188 degrees Fahrenheit during the year.The temperature in the spring is impossible for us to swim .The water gets its heat from underground vents which works as part of the volcanic system that Yellow stone sits on.

We need to pay 25 dollars per vehicle or 12 dollars per person to enter the National park and go all around the park.Visitors who want to see Grand Prismatic spring will find the entrance of the spring closest to the West entrance of the park.At Grand Prismatic spring there is a wooden walk way that takes visitors over the Earth,close to bacteria and spring to get a truly decent view of it.Photos can be taken on the walkway with the steam rising bacteria edging closer to the walkway.All the surroundings of this spring are covered with pine trees which adds lush green colors to the view of the spring and also hills and mountains are present around the hill.

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Landscape Denksiya

Landscape Denksiya



When we look at a solar system we find Planets,Asteroids,Star,Satellites and many more.When we go to the Planet ,the most beautiful Planet in which living and nonliving things exist, in which gravitation is present and which is different from the other Planets is “The Planet EARTH”.Our Earth is a combination of forests,deserts,oceans,mountains etc.,.

Mountains are generally less preferable for human habitation than the low lands,because of harsh weather and little level ground suitable for Agriculture.It is a land form that rises high above the surrounding land in a limited area.They are made from Rocks and Earth.The Dictionary defines it as “the higher and steeper than a hill”.Generally Mountains are higher than 600 meters.Those less than 600 meters are called Hills.

WAIT A MINUTE!!!, Why we are talking about all is just to describe about the most beautiful and glorious Mountains-LANDSCAPE DENKSIYA-the colored mountains.


Landscape Denksiya are located in Gansu,CHINA. Gansu is a province located in the North West CHINA.It is the seventh largest province on that country base on the area.The Yellow River passes through the Southern part of the province.It is the historic area in the Country with settlements.The present population of Gansu is 27 million people.Landscape Denksiya means “rosy cloud”.

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Coming to the History there is no particular History to this site.As these mountains are naturally formed.But according to some Historians some thousands year ago it was a Thriving city,one of the richest of the country.As per the Scientists research on the Landscape they declared that,the Landscape was formed back in the Mesozoic Era and in addition to that it has preserved many Dinosaur fossils and the remains of the plants and many have been detected.

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The formation of this beautiful Landscape began many millions years ago.This Landscape consists of reddish sandstone,Hematite,clay,large amount of sand and other mineral deposits.Because of this minerals only no plant species can grow there.

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These mountains are colored mountains.The unusual i.e., commonly occurring or spread color is because of giant cluster of red stone and centuries of erosion.This undergo heterogeneous precipitation and as the land is more exposed to air and water,the mineral deposits are slowly oxidized , which was the cause of so unusual riot of colors.This interact with each other and they form Bizarre figures leaving beautiful scenarios on every mountain,on every hedge.They are covered with shades of ocean waves.The thing is that these colors are not straight or horizontal or vertical they are curved which appears like colorful ocean waves flowing across the hills.This is an amazing place with a suitable climate all around.No agriculture is cultivated here because the sand and minerals here are different and according to scientists views cultivation is not possible here.Even plants do not grow in this place.This place suits to be an exact landscape because of the climatic conditions,height,length and area of the hill.

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Thousands of years ago,Gansu was a Thriving city,One of the richest in the Country .This consists of a silk road which is called as the GREAT SILK ROAD.many people especially hundreds of Merchants come here daily to buy or sell something.But now the Silk road began to loose its popularity,and the road was abandoned.Today the World had forgotten not only about the once great city,but also about its main attraction-colored mountains.This shows that the richness of the city is not there now.

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In 2010 , this landscape was added to the UNESCO(United Nations Educational ,Scientific and Cultural Organization) World  Heritage.Its purpose is to contribute to peace and security by promoting international collaboration through education,science and culture.This Landscape is protected with many rare animals and plants.This is open to tourists.Any one can come and enjoy the beauty at any season.Coming to accommodation one can take rooms in China if interested they can even get accommodate in Gansu. If China is in your list of visited places then make Gansu also one of the site seeing place in your list.

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The concept of cultural Landscapes is not new,But today the most Richest and Beautiful Landscape has lost its prominence.This shows the negligence of people.Every individual must take the responsibility of protecting at least the natural beauties of the world.One need not do something over the place but at least spread about the greatness of the place and let it move to its original position as on the past.No foreigners can do this.Only the people who are living in the surroundings of the area can do this.Negligence should not be shown on such beautiful places.

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What to say anymore about this beautiful place.Silk road,colored hills,curved surfaces and many more.A bus is available even now to move all around this mountains they move from starting point to ending point of the town. It is even more beautiful after rainfall because the mountain get wet in rain and reflects its original color.During summer season it is tough to sustain here and even we cannot see the colors of the mountain clearly.Because of less plants here we even do not get good shelter when we visit the place.So it is better to visit this place either in rainy season or in winter season.So,finally I hope every one enjoy this place !!!!!!!!!!