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Koh Kood – An Island of Thailand

Koh Kood – An Island of Thailand

Ko Kut, also commonly known as Koh Kood, is a small group of islands and district located in the Trat Province in eastern Gulf of Thailand. This district houses about two thousand people. This is the lowest population for any city in Thailand. The island of Ko Kut has always been the popular destination for family holidays. The tourists also love going to this place in teams for fun and adventure. But some of you who might want to enjoy the nights on this island will be highly disappointed as there are no night parties on this island.

How to reach here?


There are two ways to reach Ko Kut. One is from Trat and other is from Koh Chang. You can take a ferry from Trat like Boonsiri High Speed Ferry or Koh Kood FantaseaCatamaran. You can also jump on Ko Kut Express that is also a boat which travels from Trat to Ko Kut. Other such services are provided by Koh Kood Princess, Siriwhite Speedboat, Ao Thai Marine Express, and many more. From Koh Chang, there are just two such service providers. One is Kai Bae Hut Express and other is Bang Bao Boat. It takes one or two hours to reach Ko Kut from Koh Chang depending upon the conditions and stops at various islands located between this journey. Once you reach Ko Kut, there is a Taxi service which can help you travel from one destination to other. Also, you can rent a motorbike for your stay and travel by taking guidance from maps. Other way is to hire a bicycle for yourself and the group but bicycles are not a very good idea for everyone as the roads are hilly.



The West Coast of the island of Ko Kut has some of the best beaches in the world. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful and are very clean. Most of these beaches are bordered by plots of land which are undeveloped. But you will many resorts near the beaches. The western coast has the maximum resorts on this island as the beaches here are very beautiful and adventurous. One of the most famous beaches is the Bang Bao Bay which is famous all around the world for its calm water. Most of the beaches have warm water and most of the portion of year, they are empty and you can have complete privacy.



The two very famous waterfall of Ko Kut are Klong Chao Waterfall and Klong Yai Ki Waterfall. The largest of these is the Klong Chao Waterfall and has a huge pool where tourists swim and enjoy the day. The other fall is in the North western region of Ko Kut. This waterfall is comparatively smaller than the Klong Chao Waterfall. But these are not much different. Klong Yai Ki Waterfall also has a pool where you can enjoy to the fullest. Both these waterfalls are like the must-see attractions of Ko Kut and you may be tired after covering a distance for 20 to 30 minutes but still you should go there once.

River Estuary:


River estuary is a mangrove-lined estuary near the turn-off that leads to Klong Chao Waterfall. From here, you can easily rent kayaks (portable boats) which can be used in the pool at this place. The top of this estuary is a very rocky area which leads to the pool. The kayaks can be easily carried over this area. The pool is a very beautiful natural pool amidst the forests where you can swim and spend the day with nature. The place is very clean as only a few people prefer going up there. The tributary of the river flows through the mangrove forest on the western area. The natural environment here is very spectacular at some points and you may get a chance to see some of the rare bird’s species. The kayak can also be taken to the ocean as the ocean is very still and there are no much waves.

Adventure Sports:


Ko Kut offers a lot for the adventurous people. The crystal clear waters near the island make it very suitable for all sorts of water sports and activities. Scuba Diving is one of the most celebrated activities of the island. The underwater world of Ko Kut can be discovered with complete training and guidance. The diving off task at Ko Kut is very easy and a lot of fun. You get to see turtles, stingray fishes, sea horses, barracudas and many small fishes. You can combine swim and dive which is a great experience in itself. Various locations for diving at Ko Kut are Ao Tum, Clong Hin, Bang Bao, Hin Jedi, Ko Reat, etc. There are diver services available at the island where you can learn to dive and experience an unexpectedly lovely trip under the clear waters. Apart from scuba diving, many other water activities can be experienced at Ko Kut. You can do kayaking, trekking in the jungle, trekking till you reach a waterfall, snorkeling, take sunbath and swimming. Fishing is also very popular at the island.

The Thailand entertains around 14 million people each year. Most of these tourists make sure to visit the beautiful island of Koh Kood.

Where Tigers find their homes – Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Where Tigers find their homes – Kanha, Madhya Pradesh

Kanha forest    Kanha

The meadows cropping in between the bamboo and sal forests, the meandering streams crossing by and with the wild animals freely roaming around, there is only one child who survives all this; Mowgli, the man cub. Rarely have people not heard the name Mowgli from the Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. The true inspiration of this author came from the Indian forests situated in Madhya Pradesh. To be precise, it was the present Kanha Kisli National Reserve that provoked the author and helped him in his imaginative expedition to write the book. Supported by morals and verses, it depicts the Indian culture of telling moral stories. Not only this, it also has all its characters named after the Hindi names of the animals. Located in the district of Mandla, this area is a definition of an awe inspiring landscape with beautiful valleys and breathtaking forests. The abode of the fierce Bengal tigers and the elegant barasingha (swamp deer), Kanha is a mesmerizing and enchanting view for all. Inaugurated in 1955, as the Kanha National Park, it was the extension of the Project Tiger started in 1974. It is due to this park that the almost extinct species of swamp dear now thrives healthily in the forests. One of the flawlessly maintained parks, Kanha is the paradise for all wildlife lovers and obviously the flora and fauna that exist there.

Tiger Tiger

tiger 1   tiger

The main attraction being the Bengal tiger, it is enthralling to see the untamed wild beast roaming freely around you. The magnificence of the animal has always left everyone spell bound at its site. May it be the fear or the amazement it makes your mouth drop open when you see a tiger so closely. With no bounds or limitations, the tigers here are untethered souls and prowl through the jungle in pride. As of now the tiger named Munna has allured hoards of tourist eyes towards itself because of its large size and a big head which has a symbol of ‘cat’ on it.

Oh Deer!

barasingha    black buck

Numerous species of deer are seen in the reserve. The barasingha (swamp deer) is the crowd puller as well. Survival through a phase where these beautiful creatures where about to be extinct from India, has made them more special through their journey. Also, it finds more attention due to the uniqueness of the deer which lives on the hard grounds instead of the marshy swamps like in the North. The most commonly spotted types of deer here are black buck, black deer, sambhar, chital, and the list goes on. To have a look at their lifestyle and the grace with which they tramp through the forests is a site never to miss.

orioles    parakeet

The other animals found here are the bison, sloth bear, gaur, monkey, porcupine, mongoose, hyena, jungle fox, pea fowl, leopard, hare and python. The wide range of the avian group is also mind boggling to evidence. With the beautiful colors and different combinations, the birds here opulently circle the entire expanse of these reserves. These include the parakeets, ring doves, pintails, quails, storks, jungle fowl, patridges, drongos, orioles, woodpeckers, kingfishers, peacocks, egrets and warblers.

Bamni Dadar

Bamni Dadar

A sunset point, not to lose out on, is a spectacular dose of pleasure to your eyes. The deer and bison feeding on the meadows in the reddish yellow light of the setting ball of fire is an extravagant moment. Situated on a high plateau and encircled by the admirable plains, the view of the forest from here is unique. Especially a flamboyant and romantic place to be, the view of the setting sun amidst the greens and the mountains is the epitome of romancing.

Wild stay

Baghira Log Huts

For those who want to experience the adventurous proximity with the wild, the Baghira Log Huts are situated amidst the forests. With the encompassing forest and suave river flowing, you meet the unhampered nature face to face. Perfectly located in the core area of the forest, you find the langoors and deer in your vicinity throughout your stay. With spaciously comfortable rooms and no distractions of the television set, you get to taste pure charm of the nature surrounding you. The plush greens and the soft meadows are perfect location to sit and watch the colorful birds fly and chirp while the monkeys keep entertaining you with their astounding behavior. You can also go out on the tiger trails, swimming, boating, fishing, and of course, the strolls through the luxuriance of the dense foliage.

Besides all these fascinating things to explore, there is a museum which exhibits the tribal life and the culture of the natives. Also, the park offers elephant safaris on hourly basis and can be enjoyed with the entire family swaying on this giant’s back through the jungle. Prior bookings being an essential recommendation one can make sure the trip is smoothly chalked out and is flawless at all times. The nirvana for all the photographers where they get an unrivaled shot of the grandeur the place has to offer, Kanha is always jam packed with tourists flocking in. Tailor made for the people who love adventurous encounters with nature and the experience of a thrill in the jungles, Kanha can never let you down in these aspects. A true exposure to the nature and wildlife is what awaits you in Kanha.

Takoyaki – The soul of Japanese street food

Takoyaki – The soul of Japanese street food

Every country is identified in one part by its landscape and in one part by the lip smacking delicacies they have to offer. Japan being an island nation with oceans enveloping its borders has an impressive list of fish dishes that are ranged between awesome and phenomenal. One such is the legendary Takoyaki that can be found almost anywhere in the country. Takoyaki traditionally hails from Osaka but is found almost in every corner of a street or a market in Japan. Pickled with scintillating garlic sauce and onion shavings, the cross cultural appeal Takoyaki carries has earned itself the name ‘soul food’ as it packs a distinct flavor nostalgic to so many first time eaters.
The mesmerizing taste of Takoyaki does not need one to hunt on google or a Japanese search engine map. All you need is to find a food market or a street shop and the chances that there is a Takoyaki stand outweighs any chance of it not being there. Its hard to miss the flavour of the sizzling spices and sauces permeating the air. Takoyaki stands are almost a must in festivals and summers in Japan and a vibrant throng of locals and tourists pile in hungrily for seconds.

snip snip snip

The word –yaki itself rings a bell. All of the yaki varities found in Japan including Teriyaki, Sukiyaki and Yakitori are fried foods! Following the same line of thought we come to the conclusion that Takoyaki must also be a fried food. If that does not get your gastronomical juices surging, then read on.

Takoyaki are simply deep fried and sauced Octopus Balls. If ‘Octopus balls’ does not sound apetizing, then visualize a batch of tiny, piping hot balls of batter filled with green onions, ginger, crispy tempura bits and octopus all deep fried to a golden brown perfection. It is then slathered with rich, velvety sauces and adds the fine flavour to the equation. The queasiness roused by the name vanishes the very moment the sights and the smells of a Takoyaki stand hits you. It is simply delicious, no doubts about that.
Takomaki Takomasa is a must visit if you are visiting Osaka as legends state that they home the tastiest and the most reasonably priced Takoyaki in all of Japan. One serving (about 6 to 8 pieces) costs about 300-500 Yen which is about 200 -300 INR. Sounds reasonable for a plate of history and a serving of world class cooking.


For those who wish to bring home the flavor of the east, Takoyaki is quite a low maintenance dish although grand in its allure. It takes only few ingredients and a few minutes of work with either an electric cooker or a muffin shaped frying tray. Today, every big supermarket is stacked with a make-it-yourself Takoyaki mix. Many chains of Japanese restaurants found around the globe also dish out variations of the dish. But the original taste of the chewy octopus portions, creamy Mayonnaise, the brown Tako sauce and the Bonito flakes all lie in the heart of those tiny streets.



The Kansai prefecture in the western region of Japan saw a batch of Takoyakis for the first time decades ago. Takoyaki became iconic in Osaka when Tomekichi Endo, a street vendor crafted the dish in 1935. But the question of actual origin of this dish takes us back several centuries.In the 19600s when French cuisine first made an appearance in the east, Osaka and Tokyo came up with an impressive range of battered foods to bring back people’s love to the indegenous delicacies. Little did they know that their attempts would find a global response.

Although a rice based country, the 1923 earthquake had left a huge dent in the food supply chain. In an effort to make do, they improvised on existing flour based dishes and conceived the ingenious ‘Takoyaki’ – a cheap but filling food that would go on to not only substitute for lack of rice, but create an iconic recipe behind. The post World War -II period also saw a shipment of wheat from the United States to Japan as a relief. About this time, the flour and wheat based foods picked up momentum and started gathering fans from around the world.

It even inspired similar creations in the years following its invention. Akashiyaki, a close cousin of the Takoyaki, is a type of dumpling found in Akashi and Hyogo (Japan) which adds a rich egg-batter spin to the same recipe.


Takoyaki Museum


In fact it is so popular there is even a Takoyaki Museum in the Universal studios in Japan. It is open through the year and carries an assemblage of many interesting exhibitions. Everything gtom games, to events and even cooking paraphernalia is found here. Five of the best Takoyaki outlets in all of Japan have their shops scattered around the premises of the museum. Take-out menus and souvenir goods are also sold in dozens everyday with people thrilled to be in a museum dedicated to a food dish. If that is not enough, there is even a theme park somewhere inside the museum that is both fun and informative and tells one everything they need to know about Takoyaki. So when you visit Japan, don’t forget to put down Takoyaki Museum in that list of yours right after ‘Eating takoyaki’. It furthers this unique experience that only Japan offers.

Ecuador- The Light of America

Ecuador- The Light of America

Ecuador is a huge country located in Northwestern South America and lying next to the equator between Colombia and Peru. Many popular sites and cities of Ecuador are listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.  The names of some of such big cities and best sites are the city of Cuenca, the Galapagos Islands and Cotopaxi which is the most active and the highest volcano in the entire world. In the year 1830, the Gran Colombia collapsed and three countries were emerged from this one. One among these three is the “Republic of the Ecuador”. Some of the territories of Ecuador were lost between the 1904 and 1942 period. In the year 1999, the war of Ecuador with Peru was also resolved.


When it comes to crimes in Ecuador, Ecuador has become the safest country in Central and South America. The names of the main cities of Ecuador are Quito, Loja, Ambato, Cuenca, Banos, Guayaquil, Otavalo, Ibarra, Riobamba and Manta. Canoa is a small beach town whereas Montanita is the famous surfing beach across the world. People should also visit Puyo, the jungle town of Ecuador. For bird watching Mindo is the best place to go. Many other beautiful sites are located in the big cities of Ecuador.

Vn. Cotopaxi

The country of Ecuador is very famous because of Cotopaxi, the strato-volcano of the Andes Mountains. It is actually located in the Cotopaxi National Park and is regarded as the most active and among the highest volcanoes around the world. It stands 2nd among the highest summits, having a height of 19,347 ft. The world famous Cotopaxi has erupted minimum 50 times since the year 1738. Thus, many small valleys are formed across the volcano as a result of mudflow. Cotopaxi with some other volcanoes forms the chains of volcanoes situated around the Pacific plate and together they are known as the Pacific Ring of Fire.


The next main attraction of Ecuador is Galapagos National Park which was formed in the year 1959. This is the first national park of Ecuador and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. UNESCO declared it as a Natural Heritage for Humanity. In the year 1986, a reserve named Galapagos Marine Reserve was also created inside its boundaries. The favorite place of many visitors in Galapagos is the Tortuga Bay which is situated on the beautiful Santa Cruz Island. In this Tortuga Bay, along with the lava rocks some marine iguanas, birds and galapagos crabs can be found. Many sharks with white tip reefs can also be seen swimming with their groups along with some Galapagos tortoise. This national park is a must visit one in Ecuador.


The Church of the Society of Jesus, which is also known by the name La Compania, is the most famous and the most visited church of Ecuador. It is indeed one of the best known Spanish churches around the world. The interior of the church is so beautiful. The entire church is decorated with gilded plaster, gold leafs and wood carvings. The interior work of thoquee church is regarded as one of the most significant works in South America. The church is especially designed in Spanish Baroque architecture. The church is titled as the most ornate church of Quito. The very famous bell tower of La Compania was regarded as the tallest structure during the colonial period in Quito. After the restoration of this church in the year 2005, the church became very famous in Ecuador again.

Situated next to the Guayas River in the port city of Guayaquil, Malecon 2000 is a famous boardwalk area in Ecuador. The area stands along the west edge of the Guayas River and is of approximately 2.5 km. From this boardwalk area overlooking the beautiful Guayas River many historical monuments can be seen such as restaurants, museums, fountains, food courts, shopping malls, gardens and bars. This is one of the largest and the stunning works of Guayaquil. Malecon 2000 is also divided into some sections. Some plazas, spaces for aerobics, a planetarium and water fountains are located in the north section. In the southern part, the popular Bahia Malecon Shopping Center is also located. The main and central section consists of the Moorish Clock Tower, the historic Civic Plaza and the Rotonda Monument.


The next big thing in Ecuador is the “Basilica of the National Vow” which is a Catholic church dedicated to the Roman people. The church is located in the city of Quito and is stated as the best neo-Gothic basilica architecture in the World. The building is known for its grotesques which are designed in the form of some Ecuadorian animals such as iguana, Galapagos tortoises and armadillos. In all there are fourteen bronze images and representing separate three evangelists and eleven apostles. The sanctuary is open to all but visitors have to pay some entry fee. Visitors are also allowed to climb to the top of all the towers to enjoy the mindboggling view from them.

Apart from the above mentioned places there are some other nice places in Ecuador like Pinchincha Volcano, Batra islands, El Panecillo, Basilica del Voto Nacional, Charles Darwin Research Station, etc. Ecuador is a big country with so many great as well as interesting places to visit.

Krabi Island: Thailand’s Steamiest Destination

Krabi Island: Thailand’s Steamiest Destination

krabi caves and cliffs    krabi island

Krabi island or you can say krabi town is a coastal province and is located on the west coast of southern Thailand. Due to the infinite natural attractions like huge limestone cliffs, mangroves, untouched jungle, pristine water of the beaches, white snowy sand, colorful riots of coral reefs which fascinates people and thus never fails to attract and impress tourists. With great nature attraction comes the great activities for tourists to indulge one’s soul in nature.

cliffs of krabi island

Krabi town being famous more for tourism, concentrates on fascinating activities to keep the joy of tourists on high with the place. Although krabi province is famous for its laid-back lifestyle, beach part and beach lounging, yoga, massages and beauty treatments, it also features beach-side activities. Adventure activity   like snorkeling, scuba diving, rock climbing, boat rides etc. are very popular. Coast of Ao nang, phi phi islands, raily beach, princess lagoon, hong island, etc. are the most popular places for such activities. Phi phi island of krabi town is one of the beautiful island with the beautiful picturesque and the beaches. Phi phi island has something to offer for everyone. The entire region falls under the marine national park and has variety of marine life, which can be easily seen in the clear water. The beautiful island has everything around, from the adventure to the activities to rejuvenate yourself. It has good restaurants, coffee shops, tattoo parlors, spa and massage parlors, and even atm all on the shores. Activities like sunbath, diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, cliff jumping, bird watching, sailing and cruising along the Andaman sea with thee beautiful sunsets, fishing and camping all are very popular activities on phi phi islands. The activities along the coast are perfect to enjoy the beautiful serenity of the place and to rejuvenate one’s mind, body and soul. There are many lounges and bar along the coast to enjoy the nightlife and good hotels to stay.


There are many other attractions in the province of krabi. Krabi four island is another excellent place to discover in krabi town on speed boat. Boat trips by speed boat or longtails, no one can ever get bored with this island. There are elephants camp as elephants are a part of krabi’s history, travelling on elephants is the one of the activity to get close with these giant animal. Trekking through the coconut, rubber and palms of untouched jungle of krabi island is one of the magical experience to have. The other attraction on the krabi town is the james bond island, it’s one of the spectacular sight for its marvelous beauty and variety of dramatic lime stones. Its not famous for the popularity of the james bond films but for the unusual beauty of the formation of the rocks. Kayaking and canoeing in the sea and in the mangroves at krabi island is the best and must try way to explore the beauty of the krabi province. Other activity to for adventure lovers is rock climbing. Railay’s limestone cliff are famous for this activity, it’s also known as the rock climbing capital of the province. Cliff jumping is the other adventurous activity which lets you jump from the certain height of 60ft. into the clear blue water.

Night life of krabi island is another thing to attract the tourists. After spending the day in indulging self in the adventures and other rejoicing things, good drinks, music, food is the best thing to call for in the coast of krabi islands. There are infinite hotels and lounges and many good restaurants offering a great night life for party lovers, attracting the youth and tourists.krabi hotels

The experiences of all these activities are beyond describing with words, it’s better to experience it personally. With the adventures and the rejoicing things in the province of krabi, it becomes a must place to visit for holidays when in Thailand. The best time to visit krabi islands are between the months of November to april. Between these time, krabi island is more flourished with the tropical flora and fauna and more appealing to the tourists. To experience the cool sea breeze and the tropical view at its best, it’s better to visit in these months The overall sea temperature of the place is 29 degree and between the months of june to November is the rainy season. It’s better to avoid the beaches in the rains because krabi island experiences heavy rainfalls between these months. The overall climate of krabi island is like a tropical climate.

There are plenty of good hotels providing the best of krabi culture and beautiful view of krabi island, though the top amongst them are hotels like Sheraton krabi, raily bay resort, centara grand beach, anata burin resort, Sofitel krabi resort, lanta cha da resort, cantara anda dha, raily great view , pimalal resort and spa, and many other more. There are many luxurious resorts and hotels highlighting the beauty of krabi islands. The lush green island is beyond imagination for its beauty, but is easily within one’s reach. Krabi town and province has an easy access through all means of transport, specially from Thailand. Since Phuket is neighboring to the krabi island, it has an access from there also. One can easily plan Phuket and krabi island as a destination for holidaying as its matter of few hours to reach.

phi phi island

It’s also one of the best place for honeymoon destination. Krabi island attracts more tourists for its adventures, beauty and other advantages altogether from one place, which is even easy for the pocket, hence one should not miss on the beauty when in Thailand.

Baltic Sea Islands – The Epitome of Luxury

Baltic Sea Islands – The Epitome of Luxury

Baltic Sea Islands

Away from the mundane routines and schedules and endowed with the pleasing and enchanting natural beauty, the range of the Baltic Sea Islands is definitely going to spoil you to the core. With luxurious resorts encompassed in tranquility and solace, you find the doors to another world altogether. The calm blue waters, unhampered forests, the scenic villages and the mesmerizing view in totality will take your breath away. Enclosed between the Northern Europe and the Central Europe, this small sea, has locals (Scandinavians, Germans, Estonians etc.) having a gala time to cool themselves down during the hot days. Hardly sticking to the true definition of a sea, the pleasantness of this place is simply an astounding memory once you are back from it. With 200 large rivers emptying their waters in this sea, you will barely find the saltiness that prevails in normal sea waters. Swimming in a sea without tasting the salt, is what you can enjoy here. That is why people all the more believe that this place pampers you through all directions in all ways.

Rügen Island

Rugen 1    Rugen

The entire party crowd of Berlin has one unique party junction, and that is Rügen Islands. Located off the Pomeranian coast, this place is a hotspot known to all the tourists. The luxurious resorts on the golden beaches are alluring and always warm. The perfect location to make you feel royal and special, this place has made provisions for every comfort of yours. The gorgeous cliffs and lush greens are surely not a site to miss. The resorts of Sellin, Baabe, Göhren and Binz are renowned for their serene structures and efficient service. The Racing Roland is a favorite from kids to adults, which is a train that takes you from one resort to another. The Jasmund National Park flaunts the chalk cliffs and has been declared as one of the World Heritage sites by UNESCO. Elegantly maintaining its charm, this place is full of richness and royalty at your service.

Äland Island

Aland    Kastelholm castle

Finland’s Äland Island is set in the Gulf of Bothnia. Connected to Turku, in Finland by air, this main island is often easy to reach. Independent and intriguing in all senses, the island offers its tourists an array of things to do and see. The never ending cycle routes are a hit in the romantic souls and never fail in making the atmosphere perfect for a couple. Flanked by trees and scenic villages the place is no less than a part of an unblemished romantic film scene. Besides the romance portion, one can also dig into the historical books of this island. The Kastelholm Castle, dating back to the 1300s, the medieval churches and the remains of the fortress build by the Russians can be visited on this island. With cabins just besides the waters, the resorts here are a pleasure stay.


oland 1    oland

The second largest of the Swedish Islands, this place is known for nurturing the endangered and unique species of flora and fauna. Separated by the Kalmar Strait, the island is connected to the mainland by a 6km long bridge and is quite easy a destination to flee away from the chaotic life. Considered as the hunting grounds in historic times, one can evidence old burial grounds and Iron Age ring forts; this has provided a humungous lot of about 24,000 artifacts from the olden times. Numerous wooden windmills and the prehistoric sites of Gettlinge and Eketrop make this island worth a visit.


Usedom     Usedom1

The sunniest part of Poland and Germany, the Usedom Island is a prime holiday location for the Germans. Second largest after Rügen, amongst the German islands, the place flaunts the lagoon landscapes and quiet villages throughout its expanse. The resorts here offer you the luxurious lifestyle you have always craved for along with a golf course on the hinterland. The Usedom Botanical garden, Mellenthin Botanical garden, the Karnin Lift Bridge, Dannenfeldt Mauselum are a few sites to visit here. Apart from these small site visits, the beach offers you a long stretch of silky sand where you can soak in the pleasure of lazing around and getting a tan, whilst you read your favorite book. You also find amazing spas here that soothe your mind and soul.


Saarema   Kaali

The largest island of Estonia, the name Saaremaa means the district (land) of islands. The island was lifted up from the sea approximately 10,000 years ago and is continuing to the same every year till today. The beauty and the variety of flora and fauna that you find here is astounding; the reason being the littoral climate and the wide range of soils. You can evidence the array of marvelous cliffs as well because of the limestone denudation on the island. Another attraction of this place is the Kaali, a small group of nine meteorite craters. The Kuressaare castle, in the capital of this island also attracts tourists because of its historical backgrounds.

All in all, the Baltic Sea holds small treasure boxes of immense gratification and placidity. The islands in this sea will not only pet you from inside out, but also take you away from the world. A cluster of ecstasy and contentment, it is truly the place to visit for your leisure vacations.




Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand

Stitched Panorama

Abel Tasman National Park is a national park situated at the northern end of the South Island of New Zealand situated in between of Golden Bay and Tasman Bay. It is named after the first European explorer who spotted New Zealand in the year 1642, Abel Tasman. This is one of the smallest National parks in New Zealand with an area of approximately 225.3 sq. Kms. The park was founded in the year 1942. It is covered by bush on all sides and has a few walking tracks for the visitors and has clear blue seas and bays with golden sand.


A lot of vegetation in this area has been destroyed because of the early inhabitants over here but the park is slowly renewing itself now. However, you can find all the four species of beech trees which are a rare sight. There is not much wildlife here except for the avian life. You can find a few blue penguins in the isolated areas of the park but their population has been decreasing too recently. You can see and hear many different birds some of them being the wood pigeons, tuis, the rare birds like wekas and cormorants. By the sea you can also find the oyster catchers.


A lot of wildlife here is under attack due to some of the introduced species in the park by the Government there and the forest departments. In the year 1880, there were too many rabbits in the park and to control their population the park authorities introduced Stoats which now instead of killing the rabbits has been targeting the blue penguins thus making it endangered. There are many traps set for these stoats in the park. So while exploring the park if you come across any trap then make sure you do not disturb these efforts taken by the authorities to protect the wildlife in the park.


Vehicles are not allowed in the park. So the only way to get in the park is through walking, by boat, kayaks or a helicopter if you wish to splurge a lot of money. There are four main car park entrances where you can park your car and then start walking towards the National Park.  If you wish to go by boat or ferry then there are many companies that depart from the Marahau or Kaiteriteri and go to the main beaches at the park. There are also kayaks that help you reach the park and kayaks can also be used to travel around places in the park.


Cleopatra’s Pool

This is a wonderful rock pool having a natural, moss lined waterslide. It takes about an hour walk from both the Torrent Bay and Anchorage. You can reach the turn off to Cleopatra’s if you follow the high tide track between both the Torrent Bay and Anchorage. However there are two things that you need to be aware of- firstly, this track of the pool crosses a river and there is no bridge for the same. You have to hop across a few rocks and if it has been raining then this could be dangerous. Secondly, at the bottom of the waterslide there are a few hidden rocks so clear it off before using the slide.

cleopatras pool

Cascade Falls

This is a spectacular waterfall hidden in the bushes. This waterfall is situated about 1.5 hours walk from Torrent Bay. It is a little difficult to reach here as this track compared to others is quite steep in some areas. You can leave from Torrent Bay on the High Tide Track to Anchorage and then by following the signs you can reach here. It is around 15 minutes away from the Torrent Bay campsite.

cascade falls

Abel Tasman Coastal Track and other walks

The Abel Tasman Coastal Track is known as one of the ‘Great Walks’ of New Zealand. It takes almost 3 to 5 days to complete this walk. You have to climb around headlands, through some native forests and some beautiful beaches. This walk can be done throughout the year as it is always open. There are too many walkers and visitors especially during the summer months. However, there are many other tracks too. To experience a different view of the park, there are inland tracks that take you towards the dramatic karst landscape of Takaka Hill.

Falls River Bridge

It is a beautiful foot bridge built over the Falls River. It is situated on the track between Bark Bay and Torrent Bay.


Mountain Biking

There are two places in the park where you can go mountain biking. The first is a section of the Moa Park Track. This track can be used throughout the year. The other is the Gibbs Hill Track. This is available only during the months of May to October. And while mountain biking in the park you need to limit the group size to eight and follow the mountain bikers care code.

Blessed with a moderate climate throughout the year, golden beaches and a coastal forest, the Abel Tasman National Park has it all for the visitors. You can always choose to walk around along the various tracks or use Kayaks to go to different locations in the park. Hence, it is a perfect place for some adventure and relaxation as well.

The City of Islam- Islamabad

The City of Islam- Islamabad

The City of Islam, as it is rightly called, Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan. With a soaring population of about 2 Million people, it is one of the most populous in the country. By area, Islamabad stands as the ninth largest city, and with Rawalpindi being its neighbouring city, these two cities combine together to form an Industrial hub which is the major promoter of trade and commerce for the entire country as such. Since its induction as the capital, people from all over Pakistan have migrated to the capital city of Islamabad, to focus on increasing their trade or to seek employment opportunities. Being the capital, it also houses the Parliament house and other important structures such as the Presidential Palace and a couple of other National Monuments as well. Located in the Pothohar Plateau in the north east of Pakistan, lying within the Islamabad Capital territory, this city is a mixture of modern metropolis mixed with the charm of ancient structures which adds to the beautiful blend of the old and the new.


This city was developed in the 1960’s to transform the capital of Bangladesh from the city of Karachi to Islamabad, to meet up with the growing needs of the economy. The city of Islamabad is also home to one of the fourth largest mosque in the world, known as the Faisal Mosque. People from around the world consider this mosque to be a place of religious importance and thus a lot of travellers seek to visit this Mosque every year. This adds to the tourist economy of the country. Not only this, the city of Islamabad is regarded as the educational capital of the country and it is home to a number of famous universities such as the National University of Sciences and Technology, Quaid-i-Azam University, the Allama Iqbal Open University to name a few. As a matter of fact, the Allama Iqbal Open University is one of the universities in the world in which maximum number of enrolments are done. To add to the pride of the city, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences is regarded as one of the largest hospitals in the whole of Pakistan.


The city has attained importance in the recent past as one of the most urbanised and cosmopolitan cities in the world. Some of the most important meetings in recent times such as the SAARC global summit have taken place in this city, which has put this city on the global map. This city is also an important part in the tourist map as it has a congenial climate. The subtropical climate is extremely favourable for agriculture as the hottest temperature reaches only 38 °C and even during time of heavy rainfall, the water is almost washed off immediately due to the fact that the city is 500 odd metres from the sea level.

The city is controlled by the Islamabad Capital Territory Administration, also known as the ICT. However, all the operations are not carried out by the ICT itself as the Capital Development Authority or the CDA also plays an important role in taking decisions. For administrative convenience, the city is divided into eight blocks and each block has its own importance. Planning has been put forth by the government to divide the city into different sectors and a competitive development plan has been devised for the same.


The architecture in Islamabad is much reckoned for and some of the historical monuments such as the Pakistan Monument and the Faisal Mosque are present here. The beauty of the Mughal Architecture is reflected clearly in each of these monuments and these monuments, when seen in the night under the beautiful lighting provided is an absolute treat to the human eye. Historically, this part of Pakistan is of much importance to the Indus Valley, Soanian and the Aryan civilisation. There are a lot of evidence which show the beautiful handicrafts and other structures left behind by these civilisations. Not only the old structures, but also the new facilities that are meant for the hospitals and colleges in Islamabad are to be talked about. The very fact that Islamabad has the highest literacy rate in the whole of Pakistan is a standalone example. With the number of Private and Public sector institutions taking education to a whole new level, the current age of education in Islamabad has certainly attained a boom.


The transportation facilities in Islamabad has to be talked about as well. The major airport being the Benazir Bhutto International Airport, this facility has reported more than 30,000 aircraft movement every year. However, due to the huge inflow of passengers every year, the Islamabad Gandhara International is being constructed and once fully finished, this airport will be the largest airport in the whole of Pakistan. Pakistan has always been a country which promotes sports. Islamabad is one city in Pakistan which has seen the rise of so many great athletes that the country has ever produced. A lot of multi-purpose sporting facilities have been built to make sure that the athletes have the correct atmosphere and facilities to bring glory to the nation.


City Palace, Udaipur: Palace of Royal Grandeur

City Palace, Udaipur: Palace of Royal Grandeur

city palace  city palace udaipur

A royal art and structure of marble and masonry is located in the city of Udaipur, in the Indian state of Rajashtan. It’s one of the largest palace complex in the romantic city of Udaipur and the roual state of Rajashtan. City palace, Rajput style of architecture was built by the Rajput kings over centuries ago. Moulded in the soft yellow stone, Udaipur’s most famous attraction, City palace is located on the northeast side of the pristine lake of pichola.

The palace is beautifully planned with the view of royally romantic lake Pichola, Jag mandir and Aravilli hills. City palace gets the splendor view of nature, with the harmonious combination of the lake, sun and ranges of Aravilli hills. Each corner of the place gives a perfect and passionate view for the eyesight. With the sun’s reflection on the crystal clear lake, the water dazzles like diamonds and the view just becomes royal in its own way.

The palace shines as the jewel in the crown of Udaipur, city which is known for its lakes and palaces. The grandeur palace od Udaipur, the City palace, is originally built by Maharana Udai Singh of the Sisodia Rajputs, after he moved from Chittor and later was expanded and developed under the succeeding Maharanas, who added many adjoining palaces and structures. The monument stands huge on the side of the lake and has beautiful features like balconies, cupolas, towers etc. from the outside and the interiors of the palace showcases it’s royalty with the use of marvelous marbles, colored glass, mirror works, fluted columns, wall paintings, silver doors, beautiful carvings and structures, inlay works and  decorative exquisite stuff. The design of the city palace is in such a way that, when looked at from the right angle, the beautiful precious gems, stones, glass and tiles will reflect on the lake, making the view more romantic and marvelous. City palace showcases the excellent example of the beauty of the architecture, featuring courtyards, terraces, pavilions, gardens, water fountains etc. each corner of the City palace is designed with complete royalness, which will treat the eyes with a great fascination. The architecture of the Udaipur City palace reflects a mixture of Rajasthan, Mughal, European and chinese influence.

balconiesof city palace

The famous structures inside the palace are interlinked with narrow corridors and chowks. The structure has many gates known as ‘Pols’. ‘Bara pol’ is the main gate to enter the palace complex, taking one to the courtyard first and on passing ‘bara pol’ one will come across the triple arched gate known as ‘Tripolia’ and across that comes the elephant gate known as ‘Hati pol’. Exquisite glass and mirrr work, royal paintings and furnitures and ornamental tile work fascinates eyesight. Different villas and mahals in the palace features different things, like Manak Mahal known as ruby palacefigures the beautiful and exclusive work of crystals and porcelain. Bhimvillas and Laxmi villas chowk features collection of miniature paintings with the real storied of Radha and Krishna. Krishna villas,  showcases the paintings featuring the royal festivals and events of the kings. Sheesh Mahal known as palace of mirrors, reflects the beauty of mirror work. Moti Mahal reflects the royal pearl décor. Dilkhush Mahal known as the palace of joy, showcases paintings on the wall and beauty of the mural. Chini Chitrashala, for it’s ornamental tiles. Bada Mahal  for it’s garden palace, showcasing a 90 feet high natural rock formation. Mor Chowk  is known for having exquisite mosaics of the national bird peacock. Royal Bhavan is known for its royal treasure. Amar Villas, the highest point of the palace having beautiful gardens and from where you get a picturesque panaromic view of the romantic lake Pichola along with the hills, the lake palace and Jag mandir. There are many temples in the city complex near the Rang bhavan. Thus , there are various villas and mahals comprising the city palace and each of them their own unique story to tell.

sheesh mahal

In later years by around 1974, to preserve and safeguard the cultural heritage, parts of city palace were converted as museums. Few parts of the palace including Zenana Mahal known as ladies chamber were open to public. The museum exhibits the royal paintings, portraits of maharaja’s , armory and weapons, clothes and other such things of the maharana’s of that time. Due to the museum the entry to the city palace costs Rs. 200 and the money is used for the preservation of the cultural heritage. Presently there are few shops opened in the city palace and few portions are serving as hotels.

The new attraction is the sound and light show which one should not miss while sightseeing the palace, the show highlights the history of Mewar with its various episodes. It takes place for limited time in the year, and thus its necessary to remove prior inquiry for the same.

sound and light show

City of palace is easily accessed by roadways, railways and airways from Udaipur airports and stations. From that cars, rickshaws and other private and public vehicles are easily available as it lies in the center of Udaipur.

The City palace thus attracts lots of tourist all over for its fascinating view and royal charm.night view of city palace

The Wonderful Skyline of Singapore

The Wonderful Skyline of Singapore

Tourism in Singapore has always been on the high, especially with the government of Singapore putting in so many aspects into its tourism base to capitalise on the huge money at stake, I would say that the money is going to boom in the next few years to come. With an inflow of more than 13 Lakh tourists into the city every year, and the number increasing at a good rate every year, I would personally suggest that Singapore is a must visit to the travel enthusiasts around the globe. Enjoying the lowest crime rates for a record number of years is not an easy task, especially in a city of this scale and that too with so many cultural differences. Though the government of Singapore has taken so many steps to preserve the natural history of the country, the concrete and the glass exteriors that form the beauty to the skyline of Singapore is still a beautiful sight to see. The massive number of people being moved in the Mass Rapid Transit System is a classical example as to how efficient the government here is.


The wonderful skyline that stands tall in the city of Singapore can be viewed in a number of convenient ways, so as to make sure that the tourists can select from the different options that are available to them. The different bus fleets that are made available to the tourists are the Scania L94UB, Scania K280IB, Scania K230UB to name a few. These buses provide the best view possible to the tourists and the best part about these buses are that these buses are Open-Top, which gives the tourists the most amazing breath-taking views possible. There is also the fleet of Volvo B9TL Optare Visionaire buses which add to the luxury of choosing the buses which are best.


More than using the buses, there are a lot of other options to take a look at the amazing skyline as well. Yes, the second bust way to take a look at the skyline in Singapore are the water ways. The boat rides on the Singapore River are the best way to get away from the hustling atmosphere of the city. The calm waters of the River provide the ideal atmosphere for to have a wonderful time with your loved ones.


Another way to enjoy the glooming lights in the Skyline is the Quays along the riversides. The Boat Quay is one of the two quays which is located in the mouth of the Singapore River in the upstream side of it. The amazing views from the bars, pubs and the restaurants are extremely famous among the locals and the travellers as well. As a matter of fact, these restaurants have been preserved over time and the exact nature of these establishments are lauded for. With the number of Indians on the rise every year, a lot of Hindi Pubs have rooted along the riverside and a lot of these pubs play Bollywood numbers and glorious dancers from India dance for rhythm.


Another important Quay in Singapore is the Clarke Quay, which is known for the pumped up parties that it produces. This Quay is situated in the mouth of the Singapore River as well but it is located even further upstream the River. The warehouses which were once considered to be a waste, have now been converted into buzzing markets where antiques are sold. There are also the pubs and the restaurants which are basically moored junks from China, refurbished to form these places of economic interest. However, this Quay is not at the best of its business owing to pressure from its counterparts in the Boat Quay. However, being located in the riverside is an added advantage, as people come here to have a look at the skyline which is beautifully reflected in the river water, if not to enjoy the bars and pubs in these Quays.

One of the most important steps that the government has taken in Singapore is the rejuvenation of the city to meet up to the immense competition provided by the other major Asian Cities. The city has been provided with a whole new lighting system which gave the city a whole new dimension. Another important step that the government has introduced is to improve the skyline of the Central Business District. The feature of this new development would be that the skyline would be lit up with best in class neon lighting which would change from time to time and it has been programmed in such a way to make sure that it changes with seasons. The waterfronts were also provided with a facility to view this lighting. Shows are also held every week to make show off the beauty of this lighting. One of the main attractions that was focussed on was the development of the Marina Bay as an ultra-modern financial hub. 3-D signboards and bashing lights were provided to show off this place as a place of financial strength and also an integrated resort was built for the people to enjoy the luxury that the place provided. The Hanging Pool in the Mariana Bay is an example of the financial strength of the government of Singapore.
Image source: http://500px.com/gamell