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Fisherman’s Wharf : San Francisco

Fisherman’s Wharf : San Francisco


More than 80 percent of the visitors include Fisherman’s Wharf in their tour. Fisherman Wharf is one of the most admired tourist attractions in San Francisco.Being  located at the northern waterfront area of San Francisco and at the corner of Pier 39, is a alluring and prepossesing  sign of Fisherman’s wharf that indicates  its importance in the city’s history :  past and its present. The Wharf consists of a long coast side row of  sea food, restaurants , sea vendors, and beautiful ocean scenery. While , the main focus of the area is its historical tourist attractions .




Italian immigrant fisherman came to  the city in the city starting  days of the mid or later 1800′s. Fisherman wharf has inherited its name  from the neighbourhood characteristics in the city. Italian immigrants used took a lot of benefit of the influx of population as their was  gold rush prevailing in the city at that time . Achilli paladini  thought to become california’s second most wealthy italian .The first wealthy italian being the founder of the Bank Of Italy and later he became the founder of bank of America. He also worked as a colonist in expanding  the fish industry on the west coast  and he got his name very much popular as the ” Fish King”. And as  result , most of the italian immigrant fisherman went on to settle near the wharf  and they fished for the community intricacies for some time.

From then until the present day ,it remained the home base of San Fracisco fishing fleet. It also got expanded  and prominent as a very popular tourist attraction during the 1970′s and 1980′s .That particular area is still a homeland to many active fisherman and their fleet. The developnment plan was also proposed by the city officials to enhance its experience for the tourists . Astonishing sea lions are one of the most popular attractions of Fisherman’s Wharf. Most of the years, hundreds of these mammals got gathered on the docks beside Pier 39, .They cavorate , eat and bask in the sun. Depending upon the time of the year, their number differ but their  distinct barks can always be heard blocks away.



Attractions  of Fisherman’s Wharf

Fisherman Wharf is best known for being the location of Pier 39. It is one of the engaging  tourist attractions in California. Fisherman wharf has served many events  in San Fransisco  . It includes a world class and eccentric  display of for the fourth of July,and some of the best views of the Fleet Week air shows. Fisherman Wharf area in the last 30 years has gained a fair amount of veneration and stature for the citizens of the country  and tourists .

Fisherman wharf was also used in the film A view to kill by James bond . The Cannery shopping center ,Ghirardelli Square, a ripley’s believe it or a not museum  ,the wax museum at Fisherman ‘s wharf , the Aquarium of the bay , and the San Fransisco maritime National Historical park have made Fisherman’s Wharf a well known representative in the California. People can also ride on a national historic landmark in the Fisherman’s Wharf . It provides ample things at same time. The visitors are free to choose their favourite.

Sea food restaurants are enough in this area. Other attractions in the Fisherman’s Wharf are the Hyde’s street Pier, the USS Pampanito and Northern California.

World  famous Bushman is the most popular and debatable  resident of Fisherman’s Wharf . As he is  a local street performer , his basic job is to sit behind the branches and to startle people who walk by. Over the last 30 years , he is working as an  eye-catching performer in Fisherman’s Wharf who has been entertaining people with all his commitment and the locals and tourists love to see him . Bushman has always been the  centre of attraction in the Fisherman’s Wharf. Hyde street Pier is also one of the favourite tourist attractions which provides regular ranger guided tours, chantey sings , special programmes and hands-on demonstration for all the ages .

There is something for everyone at Fisherman’s Wharf to do . No one can get bored after stepping in Fisherman’s Wharf. Be it dining, entertainment , food , history leisure , family fun. Fisherman’s wharf has some of the best dinings in the world. The food of Fisherman’s Wharf is all the way hit to your taste buds. During the day , entertainment is also there . Street performers are also there to entertain the locals and the tourists. Magicians , mines, jugglars ,clown feel very proud to welcome the visitors and try their level best to entertain you . At night, Wharf offers live music with seizling  light that always keep the atmosphere going and alive . And live music keeps the visitors repose and calm. Fisherman Wharf is one and only package that offers you live music , clubs , dance , entertainment , delicious food at the same time . When all these things get clubbed into one , then  that makes a very refreshing and tireless day . It is perfect for feeling some fresh air .A walk along the shoreline over the Golden Gate bridge can do wonders for you. It will make you fresh and very active for the whole day.  One can also see the Angel island from the Fisherman’s Wharf which is one of the last undeveloped island in the California.

Walking along Piers and restaurants gives you a classic atmosphere. It is a delightful outdoor area. Fisherman Wharf is one of those places which everyone should pay a visit to. It is surely to be discovered and admired.

attractions getting_around nightlife

Aquatic Paradise: Coral Bay, Western Australia

Aquatic Paradise: Coral Bay, Western Australia

If your next holiday calls for sand, surf and super friendly people, set your sights down under to the stammeringly beautiful town of Coral Bay on the Western coast of Australia. This tiny settlement is an ideal travel destination to escape the Northern winter and experience the wonders of nature at their best. Home to the Ningaloo, Australia’s sole fringing coral reef, the town is located about 120 km south of Exmouth in Western Australia.

Coral Bay

No sooner do you leave the gleaming white coast than the coral reef begins boasting a variety of coral and other marine life such as several species of sharks, whales and turtles. The weather here is mild and pleasant all year round sans the humidity usually associated with tropical climates. As if the sheer brilliance of the scenery wasn’t enough, plenty of activities are available at your disposal such as fishing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling and surfing to name a few. However, you would be perfectly content strolling along endless white, sandy beaches, feasting your eyes on scenic sunsets and enjoying romantic alfresco dinners.


The landing of the Schooner ‘Maud’ in 1884 marks the beginning of documented human activity in this region. In 1896, an old site reserve was gazette to protect this site which was officially named ‘Maud’s Landing’ in 1905. Due to this action, there was a marked development in the trade of the area and the settlement grew in size. A gorgeous bay called Bill’s Bay lay about 3 km south of Maud’s Landing which served as a popular vacation spot for the locals of the settlement.

Coral Bay

In 1968, a hotel was established at Bill’s Bay and people started to settle there. The hotel was later renamed the Coral Bay hotel after the astoundingly beautiful coral reef that fringed the area. Consequently, the entire region came to be known as Coral Bay.

Getting There

You can fly to Exmouth from Perth, the capital city of Western Australia via Skywest Airlines or Qantas. Make arrangements with your tour operator to be picked up at the airport. Alternatively, you can travel by bus or rental vehicles. If you are driving from Perth, it should take you about 11 hours to reach Coral Bay.


Coral Bay is most famous for its enchantingly beautiful natural wonders.

Visit the idyllic Purdy Point for snorkeling. It is a short walk away from Coral Bay. Bill’s Bay with its immaculate beaches and protected waters will offer you a sense of serenity in addition to the dazzling ambiance.

Bill's Bay

View marine life from the shore itself at the Coral Bay Walkway. This coastal walkway offers one of the best vantage points to spot dolphins, manta rays and other fish swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Ningaloo reef. Unlike other coral reefs, just stepping off the beach will take you to the Ningaloo, one of the largest fringing coral reefs in the world. Grab a snorkel and a mask and swim with whalesharks and wallow in the bright colours that adorn the pristine waters.

Ningaloo Reef

Coral Bay is far from short of stunning beaches. Visit Paradise Beach which lives up to its name with tranquil, clear waters and glistening white sand. You can enjoy your solitude in this protected beach which offers you opportunities to relax and snorkel in its waters teeming with life.


Most of the waters of Coral Bay are protected but you are permitted to fish anywhere north of Point Maud and anywhere south of the bay. Species like the Spangled Emperor, Sweetlip, Court, Trevally and Squid are found inside the reef and Red Emperor, Pearl Perch, Rankin Cod, Mackerel, etc. are found off shore. Take care not to damage any precious coral while fishing or sailing. Safety precautions such as life jackets, flares and radios are a priority. Most fishing tour operators provide preservation, filleting and cleaning services for your catch.


Snorkeling and scuba diving in the Ningaloo reef is simply a must while you are here. There are instructors to guide divers with all levels of experience. Even if you have never been scuba diving before, instructors safely guide you as you explore the treasures of the deep sea. Look out for a variety of fish, fabulous coral, turtles and reef sharks on your dive.

Ningaloo Reef

Small stores like the Ningaloo Reef Boutique allow you to shop for shell and coral jewellery, gemstones, clothing, sandals, sarongs, bikinis, bathers, board shorts and even 24 carat gold nuggets as souvenirs.

Accommodation and Dining

Plenty of accommodation options are available for every budget with hotels, lodges, villas, houses, chalets, shacks, cabins as well as powered and unpowered camp sites.

Cuisine from all over the world is available in the areas many cafes, bakeries and restaurants, but Coral Bay’s local delicacies are well worth a try. Tourist favourites are the Coral Resort Bakery, Fins Café, Ningaloo Reef Café, Seriani and Shades.

The tourism and fishing industries keep Coral Bay on its feet. The entire town is powered by a hybrid wind-diesel system.

For a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life, Coral Bay is a dream. Touted heaven on Earth by locals and tourists, you must definitely go here if you love everything about the water and even if you don’t, you’ll learn to by the end of it. A true aquatic idyll, it is one of the few places on Earth where such stunning natural beauty still prevails.

Magnificent Minnesota

Magnificent Minnesota


With the state motto as ‘The star of the North’, this state of USA is located in the Midwest on the northern boundaries. Minnesota (meaning clear water) is covered with the elegance of nature throughout. With crystal clear waters and forest in abundance, this place has always been remarkable for recreational purposes. Known for the Scandinavian American culture, the state has a highly educated population. A land of 10,000 lakes as a few call it, Minnesota is one joy ride for the people who love outdoor fun and natural beauty.

water skiing

An explicit place blessed with the astounding flora and the wide range of the wildlife it has, the state also serves as a good place for nature tours, picnics and family outings. Especially known for its water sports like water skiing, boating, canoeing and fishing the state has many other things in store for you. Even the ice cannot stop the people of Minnesota from going out and having a fun time. And hence you can thoroughly enjoy the ice fishing, ice skating, hockey games etc. when its winters here.


If the aim of your vacation is to laze around in your bed and look at the scenic view of a lake outside then you can always get a nice resort in Minnesota. With most of them being smaller ones, there are a few luxurious resorts which provide you with the lavish services of spa, golf course, suites, gourmet restaurants etc. the others here go easy on your wallet and at the same time give all possible comforts to you. The small cabins are usually located around the water bodies and have an amazing view and atmosphere surrounding the cabin. So you can always stick to your bed and book, encompassed by the fresh breeze form nature.


Wining and dining is your forte? then you will find numerous places in Minnesota which offer you a vibrant variety of taste tickling wines from old to new and dining experiences which carry you to food paradise. Listed in the top 10 in the whole country for its beer, Minnesota offers you some of the best wines. Making it more fun, the breweries and wineries host fests and events where tasting and touring the entire process of how the celestial drink is made can be done. For an ecstatic dining experience, the state has an array of mind blowing restaurants which serve food that starts from the heart of Minnesota’s traditional food to international cuisines. You are surely become greedy here when you taste the food.


People interested in gaming are also won over by this place as it offers so much to do. An outdoor gaming session can involve fishing and hunting. The fishing goes on throughout the year while hunting can be done during the fall, following its tradition. With multi-species freshwater fish available as prey fishing always sounds an exciting catch for people crazy about fish. On the other hand small games that can be hunted include the pheasants, turkey and waterfowl. Golf courses are in abundance in the state and find special attention from the followers of this game. The state also shelters a few casinos and gaming zones for the indoor game people.

Ice fishing

Snow is equivalent to a gleeful and chirpy weather here because of the rides and games offered here. Snowshoeing through the forest or dog-sleigh ride or simply skiing; the entire family has a great chance to let go off and slide through the snows like a kid. Cross-country skiing provision is made here during the winters when you want to simply slide and sway gracefully and stylishly on the ice floor and flaunt your skills. Besides these, one finds the snowmobile trails throughout the place in a large number. Ice fishing is a strong tradition and is followed religiously every year in the state.


Summers see more of hiking and road trips, when in Minnesota. The hiking is mostly recommended with a guide to show you around safely as well as take you to your required destination from the safest path possible. An awesome expedition with your ways flanked by lush green trees, and the smell of the nature you feel energized and fresh even after a steep climb. There are a lot of theaters as well for the art and drama adoring heads.

Mall of America

A vacation is incomplete without a souvenir of that place; and for a souvenir you need to go shopping. For all those who indulge in the sin of shopping and love it from the core, Minnesota will prove to be a dreamland for you. The range starts from local small boutiques to humungous malls and the most famous Mall of America in Bloomington. With no sales tax on clothing and shoes, you are lured to enter into a shopping spree where you get buried in heaps of clothes without even disturbing your budget plans. Isn’t that a good enough reason to get more and more of this state?

An open and welcoming place Minnesota shows its grandeur through the generous and warm amicability entwined with the enthralling and spell binding experiences it has lined up for the guests. Undoubtedly the place leaves a smile on your face as you go exploring the placidness of this locale.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Lands_End_Cabo_San_lucasCabo San Lucas is a city located at the southern tip of Baja California peninsula in the Mexican state of Baja California Sur. This place is commonly called as Cabo. It has also been rated as one of the top five Tourist destinations in Mexico. It is popular for its beaches, the fantastic scuba diving locations, marine life and the famous sea arch El Arco which is in Cabo. Cabo is a place that captures the essence of Baja Peninsula with its many resorts, golf courses, fabulous outdoor activities and its world class dining. Cabo San Lucas is a vacation Paradise. And it also has tons of activities for everyone who comes to this place. So what else can you ask for in a vacation destination?


For many years Cabo was mainly a sleepy and a remote fishing port which was accessed either by a ship or a three hour drive from La Paz. In the year 1977, the transformation of Cabo took place because of the expansion of the airport to the north of San Jose Del Cabo to handle the international flights. Later in the 1980s and 1990s this place grew into a lively hub for sport fishermen, handicraft vendors, cruise ships, etc. In the year 2005, Hurricane Wilma that took place destroyed a large part of Cancun which was famous for its beautiful white sand beaches. Cancun was a major tourist destination and with its devastation people started looking for other places in Mexico for their vacation options. And that is when Cabo San Lucas came into picture and became one of the major tourist destinations in Mexico. Now Cabo is regarded as one the second fastest growing resort destination in Mexico.



The city of Cabo San Lucas is filled with numerous natural landmarks and many well known monuments. From the month of January to March, a must see sight is that of whales as they come to Cabo during this time. There are many boat rides that take you to the sea to watch them. However during early March, they are many in number.

Land’s End

This is one of the most famous landmarks in Cabo San Lucas. It is known for the exceptional views and photo taking opportunity that it offers to the tourists. This area is formed due to the large cluster of rock formations made by wind and sea. During the low tide, visitors prefer to walk here along the Lover’s beach as it gives a better view of the eroded passageway known as the Arch of Poseidon. You can also spot the famous Arch called El Arco at the end the passageway.

lands end

Church of San Lucas

This church is very famous in Cabo and is 300 years old. Even though it was built hundreds of years ago it has been very well maintained. And it also boasts of many original features.

church of cabo san lucas

Casa de la Cultura

This is built in the solitary hill in downtown Cabo. This place has a theatre and also a tall Mirador tower surrounded by a beautiful small park. This tower provides a beautiful view of all of Cabo. This place is a peaceful retreat from the craziness of the town.

Cabo San Lucas also has activities galore. There are so many things to do here right from horseback riding on the beach to world class diving. It has plenty of water sports options for the visitors and is also very famous for its championship golf courses. You can also go mountain biking here.

Scuba diving and other Water sports

Scuba diving is one of the best water sports here as you can watch the sandfalls under the water. It is one of the most fascinating sights provided by nature. However, there are many other water sports carried on here like surfing, kayaking, snorkelling, parasailing, etc. Diving into the sea is also possible here. You can also swim with the dolphins here. Thus, this is an amazing place for a water sport lover with so many varied water sport activities.

scuba diving


Cabo San Lucas is famous for the Marlin fishes. It is also known as the ‘Marlin Capital of the World.’ Most number of Marlins are caught here than any other place in the world. There are also many fishing competitions held every year. During the competitions there are large numbers of boats in the sea. It is also home to the richest fishing tournament in the world.


There are many golf course tournaments hosted in Cabo San Lucas every year making it one of the world class destinations for golf. There are some professionally designed courses by the world’s most famous golf course designers. The golf courses here a little expensive but they are definitely first class courses.

golf course

The accommodations in Cabo San Lucas are one of the best you can find in Mexico. So that won’t be a problem while you visit here. Cabo also has a very active nightlife. The clubs vary from rock and roll to jazz to a regular pub. Hence, Cabo San Lucas is a great choice for a vacation if you are looking for the sun and san to relax in. With so many water sport activities and other outdoor adventures it becomes an ultimate travel destination for travelers looking for some outdoor adventure.

Nature’s Luxury Land, Orange County Resort- Coorg and Kabini

Nature’s Luxury Land, Orange County Resort- Coorg and Kabini

orange county,kabini   coorg

Orange county resorts in Karnataka, providing world’s luxury holiday experiences and being awarded as a responsible tourism invites the tourist from all over the world by kindling the spark of  interest in the wildlife, picturesque, culture and beauty of the land.

Orange county resorts in Karnataka is the India’s only property so huge for providing  luxury holidays. It has two resorts in the state of Karnataka. One is orange county resort, coorg located near karadigodu post, siddapur, Karnataka and the other one is orange county resort, kabini located near mysore district, along the kabini river, Karnataka.inside the huts, orange county

Orange county resorts provides it’s guests the rejuvenating experience and good get along time with nature. Away from the life of city and stressful life, orange county provides divine experience of nature with luxury that one will forget all about other things and get lost in the splendor view of nature’s treat. Orange county resort’s is the glory in the land of Karnataka. Surrounded with tree’s , lakes and rivers it gives you a refreshing experience of holidaying with many other activities to do around. It lets you get along with the nature and refresh our mind and soul. Orange county resorts are designed in a beautiful  way, each rooms which are called as huts or cottages are separated with a long distance from each other. So there is complete privacy with nature. Each hut has private pools and zaccuzi and getway to the lakes or rivers according the package selected. Each hut has mind-blowing and relieving view and since it’s all private, you can just enjoy the nature in your own private way and enjoy the open courtyard experience with zaccuzi and infinite pools. The huts are designed specially giving the culture look with luxury touch with all amenities. Orange county resorts are ranked amongst the best resorts for luxury holiday and its hospitality and is awarded for many other features which makes orange county resorts unique in its own way!

orange county, coorg

Orange county, coorg is located under the beauty of nature, where there are spice and coffee plantations on one side and cauveri river on the other. It is one of the biggest property land in India. The total land of orange county, coorg is stretched for 300 acres, with its own private lake, coffee plantations, gardens with beautiful and vibrant flowers, forest where beautiful birds and other animals reside and river flowing from the property. You get to experience all this part of nature from your own cottages. You can enjoy the nature in luxury way by indulging yourself in zaccuzi or pool, with an open view of the nature or just sit along with the cup of coffee and see the sun settling with the chirps of beautiful birds and all other nature’s chords and music. Other activities to indulge yourself with the nature is to go for sight-seeing. Dubare forest is popular for elephant camp. One will enjoy the elephant ride in the forest along with the river and by interacting with them. Harange water dam, Buddhist montessary and abbey falls are other attractions to watch. After the sight-seeing a beautiful view with a delicious cup of coffee in the resort is awaiting. With the romantic coffee lounges and libraries later with a perfect dinner with the traditional dishes completes your day. Not to forget the beauty tips available from ayurvedic spas and saloons within the resort reflecting the ancient culture of the place.zacuzzi, kabinielephant ride. coorg

Orange county resort, kabini takes 3hrs from the resort in coorg. Its located in the heart land of kudu kuruba tribes of nagarhole forest and is surrounded on the three sides by the kabini river. Resort in kabini too private huts and other similar features like that of coorg, but it still differs in its own way. One encounters luxury with the wildlife of the place. Along with the beautiful picturesque views of forests and river one gets to explore the wild part of the place. Kabini is known for its wildlife experience by the jeep safari and boat safari leaving you just speechless and engrossed with the nature. Wild animals in their natural habitat, in their own comfort zone and free life is an amazing experience to have. Animals like Malabar trogon and Malabar pied hornbill, the crested hawk eagle, herbivores like the Asiatic elephants, Indian bisons ,tigers, sambar etc. are found here. The Ayurveda village nearby is a good experience too. Apart from the wildlife spending time inside the resort also offers many things. With the timeless infinity pool which is the popular attraction and coffee lounges, libraries and other restaurants. Both of the orange county resorts are famous for its experience and service of ayurvedic and healing spa and massages. Thus, it is a perfect way to rejuvenate yourself with the cultural remedies and traditional oils of Karnataka. The land of the orange county resorts it thus known as spiritual land.kabini jeep safari  kabini wildlife

Orange county resorts is a perfect place of holidaying for honeymoon couples as they get their all deserved privacy and nature to bond new couples well spiritually. Orange county resorts are accessed by road ways from Bangalore airport or Karnataka with the minimum journey of 5hrs from the station. Advance booking are important to experience the blunder joy of nature.orange county coorg

Orange county resorts are thus one of its kind in India, and thus aptly known as the spiritual land of luxury, where culture and nature meets luxury to create a different harmony!

Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main


Situated on the river Main, the prestigious city is famous as a business and trading center to all. It gets its name of Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt on Main) from its location on the river side. It has been a trading center since the past decades and has continued to grow exponentially. Although this is one of the important faces of Frankfurt, it has many other sides to be revealed as well. With the skyline being the pride of Frankfurt, it has its unique character and charm. It is in fact because of this skyline, that most people call it the Mainhattan, a blend of Manhattan and the river Main. Developed as a trading center from the very start, Frankfurt has always welcomed people from all corners of the world. Nurturing a mixed culture from ages, this city is full of people from different places. So it is definite that on your visit here, you are bound to find someone from your origins. The city offers you a wide variety of food as well and hence you land up discovering your own little spot of perfection in just one visit. Renowned for its contrast atmosphere, the city is filled with people from a variety of backgrounds. Even the architecture is an evidence of its contrast character where one can see the 20th century skyline next to the old preserved structures. Besides this, the city resides in the heart of the country and has thus been of prime importance from all aspects. Thus you will never face a problem of transportation here.

Old is Gold


The Römer cannot go without a mention when you visit Frankfurt. Attracting millions of tourist from all over the world, Römer square consists of a complex of nine houses acquired from a wealthy merchant by the city council in the year 1405. Now it stands tall as the city hall and is always fleeted by the new visitors for basking in its beautiful architecture and the marvelous view surrounding it. The square is encompassed by the remains of old Roman architecture and hence the name to this place. With the 12th century church of Alte Nikolaikirche in the vicinity you get a cherry on the cake if you visit both the places.

EIserner Steg

The Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) is another marvel standing from the 1869 which provides you with a flamboyant view of the city skyline and the river Main beneath. The second bridge to cross the river, it is now maintained as a pedestrian bridge. The bridge is minutes away from the Römer and connects it to Sachsenhausen, a place known for the museums and old pubs.

Alte Oper

The Alte Oper (old Opera House) is another historic place to visit. Opened in 1880, the opera house hosted grand performances during its operation. Unfortunately, the World War II destroyed a major portion of this structure which had to be rebuilt. Now used as a venue for small fancy events, the building was also once known as ‘Germany’s most beautiful ruins’ before its reconstruction took place due to the public pressure.

The Skyline

Main tower    view from Main Tower

The proud owner of some of the tallest structures of Europe, the spectacular scene of the skyline, especially during the night time, is truly mind blowing. Crumpled up in a relatively smaller area, the skyline portrays Frankfurt as a metropolis in all aspects. The Commerzbank Tower is the highest official building in the entire Europe, and the tallest building in Germany. The Main tower is the only high rise in Frankfurt that is open to all the people and hence stands out of the cluster of these tall facades. The viewing platform provided on the tower is open for the visitors at some fixed cost. The few hours before sunset on clear days are enchanting to evidence through these heights. You get to experience and see the elegance of the city while it changes its bright cloaks to the darker ones of night.


Stadel Museum   Museum fur Kommunikation

Another alluring place is the array of museums on the bank of river Main. A string of ten museums is surely not a common site to see. With dedicated museums for varied aspects of artwork and backgrounds, this place can keep you occupied for quite some time. The subways lead to this place, called Museumsufer.  The Architektur Museum (Museum of German Architecture) displays the different kinds of structure from the basic small huts to the humungous skyscrapers. Deutches Filmmuseum (German Film Museum) has an exhibition of the evolution of film-making in Germany. Städel Museum (named after Johann Freidrich Städel) is famous for the varied artworks it displays and the small art school behind it. Museum Giersch (Museum of Regional Historic Art and Culture) puts an array of exhibits which are rooted to the city and its history and includes paintings, architectures, sculptures, photographs etc. Liebieghaus is another museum which has numerous sculptures from all over the world displayed for its visitors. Museum für Angenwandte Kunst (Museum for Applied Arts) has a collection of rich and beautiful artwork. Museum der Weltkulturen (Museum of World Cultures) aims at displaying the ethnic cultures from the entire world but is unable to do so in a decent fashion owing to the lack of space assigned to it. Museum für Kommunikation (Museum for Communication) is a fun place with children as well because of its varied collection of telegraphs, telephones etc. from the olden times which you can actually try out. Ikonen Museum (Icon Museum) houses about 1000 icons from the 16th to 19th century. Judisches Museum (Jewish Museum) is actually situated on the opposite bank and portrays the 850 years old history of the second oldest community in Frankfurt.

Judisches Museum   Zeil

Apart from the scenic view and the old and the new monuments, shopping and dining are also something you cannot afford to lose out on. The Zeil is known for its shopping complexes, from big to small and old to new, everything is available. Besides this there are many shops which offer you the local foods and international products as well. The colorful city of Frankfurt has so much more to it than all of this. You need to visit it to know more!

The Sublime City of Sydney

The Sublime City of Sydney


Although an exuberant and insolent place, the city of Sydney welcomes all its visitors with utmost warmth and love. It flaunts the world famous Opera House and yet manages to be one of the timid cities of Australia. The city personifies the beauty and the character of the country aptly. Bounded by the Tasman Sea on its east, Sydney resides on a submergent coastline and is always warm. The capital of New south Whales, Sydney, has the world’s largest natural harbor known as Sydney Harbor. With pleasant scenarios everywhere and a picturesque view of the nature around you, this place nails it when you need some tranquility in your life. On the other hand, when you are wearing your party hat, the city provides you with the downright atmosphere to let loose and joins you in the fun. In spite of the urbanization on a rise, the city adorns the cloak of the majestic flora and fauna it has been blessed with. The city is in true sense sublime in all possible ways.

The Opera House

Opera House    Opera House interiors

With a host of awards in its name, the Opera House in Sydney is known to all. The heavenly abode of music and art can be a precise description of this place. With performers from all over the world, the Opera House is always a fascinating place to be at; especially if you admire music and arts. The elegant structure allures its visitors from its exteriors itself. With the glowing lights through its shells and surrounded by sparkling waters, this place is no less than a paradise where your eyes and ears get a pleasant treat. Being a one of a kind of structure, the mesmerizing design was the masterpiece of Jon Utzon, a Danish architect. This humongous building consists of a Concert Hall, The Joan Sutherland Theatre, the Drama Theatre, the Playhouse, the Studio, the Utzon Room and the Forecourt. The facility hosts about 1500 performances each year and is visited by about 1.2 million spectators. It also shelters a few cafes, restaurants, bars and retail outlets.

Harbor Bridge

Harbour Bridge

Also nicknamed as ‘the Coathanger’ because of its arched structure, the Sydney Harbor Bridge is an astounding site to look at during the evening. Carrying the rail, road, cycling and pedestrian traffic from over the Sydney harbor, the bridge connects north shore and the Sydney Central Business District (CBD).Constructed in steel, this arch bridge is the sixth longest spanning bridge in the world and the tallest steel arch bridge too.  The South-east pylon turns out to be the major tourist attractions where one can find telescopes with guide, an Aboriginal museum etc. which can be accessed by the walk through. Bridge climbing is also an interesting thing that can be done, so as to know the architecture of the structure. Adorned with yellow lights and with the waters beneath, the bridge has an enchanting effect on the people passing by. An amazing view of this magnificent architecture is a must watch if you are visiting the place for the first time.

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

A one kilometer stretch of golden heaven, this beach is just a few miles away from the city center and is as busy as a bee throughout. Be it jogging, walking, exercise, evening strolls, or just basking in the heat of the sun, this beach finds a place in the favorites list of all. Even the film industry cannot keep its cameras off of this beach and hence it can be seen in a number of television shows and movies too. Being the most visited beaches in Sydney it always sees people from a range of all age groups and backgrounds. The walk on the beach from Bondi to Bronte is as blissful as the two beaches.

Manly Beach

Manly beach

A beach for the entire family, this beach is another hotspot in the city of Sydney. Just a ferry ride away, the Manly beach is a symbol and donator of peace. Quiet laid back in character in spite of being flanked by a popular surf beach in Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sydney Harbor Beach on the other, this beach carries you away from the chaos of your life into a peaceful and carefree world.  Because of the manly and confident behavior of the Aboriginal people residing there, this beach has been adorned with a whimsical name, ‘Manly’. It also shelters a museum displaying the trends of fashion in swimwear and beach accessories from the 1900s till date. The beach has a sheltered ocean pool at its northern end. Surfing is a major craze in these waters and is a popular sport here.


Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is also a mesmerizing place for a visit just two hours away from Sydney. With the gigantic mountains covered in greenery and blue haze, the spell binding view is one of its kinds. The bush walks, small strolls, and the climb to the summit are a few things that can be enjoyed here. The view of the surrounding cities from the top of the mountains is really mind boggling.

The perfect combination of a serenity, tranquility and comfort at all levels, Sydney checks all the boxes of a flawless trip.

Jamison Valley : Australia

Jamison Valley : Australia


Jamison valley is one of the most alluring , pleasing and visited site in Australia . It is impossible for the visitors to exclude this heavenly valley from their tour if they are in Australia. Being roughly situated at the distance of 100 km in the west of sydney , and from the distance of few kilometers of the main town in the Blue Mountains that is currently in the Katoomba . main it is an accepted fact that no other valley can take place of Jamison valley which forms part of Coxs river canyon which is currently situated in the Blue Mountains of Australia in the New South Wales.



The people who are gauged to live on this land for many thousand years are very popularly known  by the name of Aboriginal Gundungurra . Lalchan Macquarie , who was the governer of that area , has given the name of that valley as Jamison Valley .  This valley was initially built in the honour of Sir John Jamison , who was a very renowned landowner  and the name of the valley has been borrowed from the name of John Jamison .Charles Darwin  who was a British naturalist  was taken to the valley when he was staying at Wentworth falls in 1836 and he got really impressed by the splendid and dazzling views of the valley . He was so much impressed by the views of the valley that he even undertook a walk along the whole valley to get a clear sight of it. After , Darwin took the whole route of the valley , ever since , the name of the route has been honoured as the Darwin ‘s Walk .



Highlights of the valley

This valley is densely forested  and its very popular for its relatively tranquil , and for its alternative mode of life. This valley is definitely one of the most spectacular sights and has become favourite of the locals and tourists .  This valley is best explored on foot. Jamison valley is considered as the sandstone area , which is further characterized by the deep cliffs. Valley consists of Eucalypt forest over most of it expanse . The concentration of the water is done at the pockets of semi-forest in gullies.

At that time , there was a lake which was also constructed . The name of the lake was Burragorang . As it is a very well known fact that there is a 3 km disallowing distance around the river . And that prohibited area was specially built to protect the river so that it could automatically control the supply of Sydney’s water.


The construction of this service only has made it possible , for both the locals and the tourists to do a trek  taking i the entire valley. In the initial stages , there was a high tension power line that actually passes its way through the Jamison valley from East to West . And , now it is followed by a series of service roads . The construction of these service roads had managed to provide access to the powerline to the entire area and the valley itself.  So , the person who wants to get through that prohibited area , it becomes very necessary for him to take the permission of the authorities who handle the Sydney’s water.

The  very main highlight of the Jamison valley is Brushwalking and Camping .Darwin Walk which is considered as the main common route of the valley , through which himself Darwin had walked , is considered as the very popular route . Presently , there are many tracks who across the common route of the valley , that is , Darwin’s Walk.  These tracks are normally found near Leura an Katoomba. Federal Pass is one of the very famous tracks among all these tracks  Waters and old are the abandoned tracks whom the brushwalkers are trying to restore for many years. . Usually , all these tracks also go to the west around the devastated castle and they mount solitary. Mount solitary , which is a very famous track and the visitors love this track .Mount solitary is very famously used for climbing trips . These walks are suitable for one-day walks and this area is selectively used or this purpose.


There is even a giant staircase to walk through the valley . But it is said that Jamison Valley is best explored on the foot . Foots will give you the real pleasure of walking through the valley and will help you to see the heavenly sight . You will feel the nature walking with you while you are walking by foot. There is wheel chair that is also accessible with the capacity of carrying  the passengers above 80.  The journey to Jamison valley is exact 545 meters .

It is said that from Wentworth falls , the beauty of this scenic place is  clearly visible and one can easily get the heavenly view of this phenomenal valley. There is nothing like walking on the whole valley . It is truly and unforgettable one . Visitors cannot afford to exclude this valley from their tour.


Jamison Valley has certainly earned its reputation for all the activities it provides , be it adventurous , or be it for only enjoyment . Jamison valley is a complete package in one . Thus , Jamison valley is worth a visit .



Visit the Military City: San Antonio, Texas

Visit the Military City: San Antonio, Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the United States and mainly known for Port Arthur, great music, tax-free economy, a lot of festivals, egoistic people, exotic locations and much more. If you are in San Antonio then there is a city that you must visit. San Antonio is the second most populous city of the state of Texas and most probably, most beautiful also. The city is located in South Central Texas, 140 miles northwest of the Gulf of Mexico. San Antonio was ranked second by Conde Nast Traveler in most visited U.S. cities list. It is also called the Military City because its roots are hugely military and it still has a large military presence. There are about 85,000 military persons in San Antonio. The headquarters of US Army Medical Command is located at Fort Sam Houston.


San Antonio has semitropical climate and rain with some humidity takes over the city from July to September. The summers are quite hot with no dry season. The temperature hovers from 40 F to 95 F during the year. Best time to visit is during fall and spring which is considered as the season of festivals in San Antonio.

How to get here?


San Antonio International Airport is just 8.5 miles from the city center which takes only a 15 minute drive from the airport. The Texas Eagle train service links San Antonio with Chicago and Los Angeles which can be a good option if you are coming to San Antonio through these cities. There is Yellow Cab service in the city by which you can easily wander around the city.

Accommodation and Food


San Antonio offers a plenty of hotels to stay in all price ranges. O’Brien Historic Hotel is located near the convention center on Navarro Street tops the list for business travelers because of its low rates and perks like free local phone calls and high speed internet access. There are other famous hotels like Hotel Contessa San Antonio, Menger Hotel, Omni la Mansion del Rio, Riverwalk plaza Hotel & Suites, Drury Inn & Suites Riverwalk San Antonio and Hotel Valencia Riverwalk offering all additional facilities that you desire. You can also find budget hostels in San Antonio like Super 8 Downtown, Travelodge Alamo, San Antonio International Hostel, Red Roof Inn and many more.

san_antonio food

San Antonio has its own style of Southwestern cuisine and offers all types of food from Italian to German and from Peruvian to Mexican. You will surely love the slow smoked beef brisket of The Granary ‘Cue and Brew and cheeseburgers of Chris Madrid’s.  Dough Pizzeria Napoletana is also famous because of its location in downtown and it offers the most delicious pizzas in the city. The most popular cocktail bar is The Esquire Tavern which offers the Esquire’s throwback whiskey and mescal based cocktails. Apart from them, there are many other famous restaurants and bars like Sandbar Fish House, Schilo’s Delicatessen and Rosario’s offering great enchilada.

The Attractions

San Antonio River Walk


One level beneath the downtown San Antonio, there is a network of walkways along the banks of the San Antonio River which is called San Antonio River Walk. It has become a famous landmark and tourist attraction, lined by a lot of bars, shops and restaurants. The River Walk remains open 365 days a year and you can simply go for a stroll along it if you have a little spare time.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas


The Six Flags Fiesta Texas is a theme park with dozens of thrill rides, events and activities. It is owned by Six Flags and covers an area of almost 200 acres. You can enjoy all kinds of rides here like Amerigoround, Bahama Blaster, Big Bender, Boomerang, Buckaroos, Bugs’ White water Rapids and many more and all of them are hell of a fun. At the water park, you will find from multi passenger rafting to speed slides. You can enjoy unlimited visits all summer for the same price as a general admission ticket by buying thrill pass worth $64.99 only.

The Alamo


The Alamo is the sight of the famous battle of the Alamo in 1836. It was the first of six San Antonio missions founded by Catholic missionaries along the San Antonio River in the early 1700s. The Alamo is located right in the heart of San Antonio and considered as a National Historic Landmark of the city. It remains open to the public all year round and exhibits Texas history, the museum shop and gardens. Famous San Antonio Missions National Historical Park and the Spanish Governor’s Palace are the nearby attractions and worth a visit.

Tower of the Americas


Tower of the Americas is actually an observation tower located at East Cesar E. Chavez Boulevard in San Antonio. It is a 750 foot tall structure and from the top of the tower, you can enjoy the gorgeous panorama of the city. The main attraction is the revolving Chart House Restaurant, built in 1961; featuring famous fresh fish specialties like macadamia crusted mahi, slow roasted prime rib and Hot Chocolate Lava Cake.

San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium


The San Antonio Zoo and Aquarium, located at North Saint Mary’s Street, is home of 3500 animals of 750 species. The zoo was established in 1914 covering a total area of 56 acres in which 35 acres are public pathways and exhibits. The admission fee in $12 per person and free for children under 2. The zoo remains open all year round and visited by almost 80,000 school children every year. It also has the largest bird collection in the country and offers specialized education adventures for all age groups.

Majestic locations and rich culture of San Antonio makes it worth traveling. So, just plan a visit and experience it yourself.

Wine farm restaurants, Morgenster olive oil, South Africa

Wine farm restaurants, Morgenster olive oil, South Africa

olive oil estate

‘Olive Oil Estate A Must Visit – Cape town’

Morgenster produces the worlds best wine established in 1711.According to olive oil industries in Italy it is a known fact that Morgenster is meant for good fine quality of wine. It is famous producing internationally acclaimed Bordeaux-style wines and extra virgin olive oil of astounding quality.




Morgenster Wine & Olive Estate in Somerset West,it takes 35 min journey from cape town by taking a car.It is a 300 year old estate  located at the gateway to the western cape-wine growing region.Morgenster is tucked away near Somerset-West and not on the wine route everyone knows about. But it is all worth it to take the small detour and visit the 3 wine farms in that area. The mountain views are spectacular, wine tasting room and outside area stunning and the wine Excellent. The also offer an olive oil tasting, its good too. You do not want to leave, so peaceful and tranquil and the girls are excellent in their knowledge and the way the wine are being presented. You can almost pretend you live there.

olive oil estate

olive oil estate


A fantastic 300 year old farm owned by the Cape Governor  Willem Adriaan van der Stel at that time. Van der Stel was recalled in 1708 and the large farm was divided into 4 parts. One of these parts was bought by a French Huguenot who had fled religious persecution in France and was to found his dynasty in the Cape, Jacques Malan.After fourteen years has passed he hand overed it to his son ,Daniel.Daniel had a very big family of about 13 members.Daniel during his time left a very large and well furnished h shaped houseIn 1992 the farm was bought by Giulio Bertrand, who under the guidance of architect Revel Fox, restored Morgenster to its former glory.Present days the capacity of the estate has been increased a lot about 300 tons of grapes,and depending on the demand they also developed a red wine fermentation tank.A barrel maturation cellar is present so that the barrels are filled with fresh wine,the capacity is increased to 600 barrels and they are maintained at a tempurature of 16 degrees Celcius.

morgenster farm houses

Morgenster farm houses


Morgenster produces a few thousand cases of only two Bordeaux blended wines.Lourens river valley and the Flagship wineare produced only from the selected and finest quality grapes. Giulio Bertrand (the owner) is Italian he imported clones of Italian cultivars.Here the production is limited because of the high standard production.In 1992 when Mr Bertrand bought the property, the market signals were clear that South Africa was ready to begin the process of of adopting an olive oil culture. Although the industry was 75 years old at that stage, Olive oil production was predominantly from a single cultivar, the Mission olive, which produces better table olives than it does olive oil.The production has increased by extending the land and property for farming and wine storage purposes.By taking a long-term partnership with Professor Guiseppe Fontanazza (previously head of the Olive Oil Institute of Italy) and importing, from Italy, the world’s leading cultivars; more than 3000 trees where shipped to Morgenster from an area stretching from Tuscany to Sicily. Morgenster wine labels have not only established themselves in South Africa but also on the international market, being exported to the UK, Europe, North America, Canada, Sweden and Singapore.



Wonderful tasting wine & lunch:

We can get started off with a wine and olive tasting, which includes sampling of different olive oils, tapenade (with bread and crackers) and olives.Many of them like to taste those all delicious food ,One can take bottles of wine there itself and also those tasty Olives and tapenade with them. Sofia’s at Morgenster was named after Sofia Loren by its owner Giulio Bertrand, and is a 40 seater restaurant which is situated on the edge of a meadow, with a vine-covered stoep and views of Morgenster’s vineyards, olive groves and cellar
After that on their way we can find a lovely restaurant, where we sit outside on the veranda and had a delicious meal, with excellent service and presentation. The setting at both locations at Morgenster, was so picturesque and relaxing, with beautiful views over the estate.Most of the visitors who visit these farms will definitely return to this one, it will be one of the most enjoyable visits who wish to have a great time.

The timings  for Morgenster Wine and Olive Estate on the following days is as follows:
From Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 17:00,
Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00 to 16:00,
And on Public Holidays: 10:00 to 16:00

Lunch with pleasant view from Varanda

Lunch with pleasant view from Varanda




This Morgenster estate is a best place to visit for wine lovers. They enjoy each hook of their time with mouth watering wine and the lunch. People can stay there in the estates and can enjoy the nature and excellent climatic conditions with a glass of wine in their hand. The interior of the estate looks Royal with good and flourished finishing. To improve one’s  wine tasting experience in the western cape. Visitors can also enjoy Giulio Bertrand’s three Italian Collection wines from his small sangiovese and nebbiolo vineyards and be guided through an olive oil tasting of intriguing complexity.

Morgenster estate

Morgenster estate