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Sea copter Ride: Dubai

Sea copter Ride: Dubai

Talk about making money from sand. That is what Dubai is up to! From being an infinite expanse of sand to the being one of the most luxurious of cities on the planet, Dubai knew exactly what it was doing all along. In fact, the city is so wealthy that it can afford Lamborghini for its Police Force! Now, take a moment and compare that to the vehicles you might expect to see with the elite Indian force. Dubai has everything a man can ask for. Cars, Beaches, islands, the ‘high-life’ and what not! The city itself is a testament to the feats of extraordinary engineering and architecture that man can produce. Places like Burj-e-Dubai and the Palm Island are star attractions for the marvelous place.


One more extravagant entity that this place boasts about is the sea copter ride. The helicopter ride is a best way possible to explore the magnificent architecture and one of a kind skyline.  Discover Dubai from the sky and catch sight of the beautiful Burj Khalifa, The World Islands, Dubai Marina and many other landmarks from an eagle’s eye perspective. Witness the current and future developments of the world’s fastest growing region and the unfolding of a truly extraordinary city of the 21st century. There are many certified helicopter charters offering an incredible sightseeing experience which you have never experienced before. The time of each ride ranges from 15 to 60 minutes at a cost accordingly starting from 250$ to 3500$. Pick up is usually done at a common point with a helipad and drop back at same place after ride. These companies are striving to provide the clients’ best possible helicopter rides to make their helicopter tour worthwhile. When you choose a private Helicopter or Seaplane, you can expect a professional and tailor made charter brokerage service of the highest standard. Clients will be provided pre-flight briefing in order to make them well aware of the tour. Children of age 00-02 years are not allowed to take the ride. Not only it is a great way to get best sights of Dubai but also packs a little bit of adventure. Experience the immense height of the Burj Khalifa, dazzled by the Palm Jumeria, amazed by the World Islands, and breathless with the visual splendor of Dubai. The ground and buildings are specks beneath you, and you realize as you circle the tallest building in the world, you are only half way up the building! What and adventure and once in a lifetime perspective.


This few minutes of city tour is worth a shot as it offers you an opportunity to explore the city of glamor and man-made marvels. During this helicopter tour of Dubai you can view places that you might not be able to explore without these helicopter flights. Usually this city circuit package includes the city tour on the certified helicopter charters is one of prominent attractions of tourism department in Dubai. They offer a large armada of helicopters and an adept flying team which makes these minutes of ride worthwhile. This City Circuit is a 25 minutes flight from the Atlantis the Palm to the Old Dubai Creek via the Burj Al Arab, The World Islands Villa, BurjKhalifa, Union House, Port Rashid, Ski Dubai, Jebel Ali Horse Track, New Dubai, Media city, Internet City, Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Lakes Towers, and Emirates Livings back to Atlantis the Palm Helipad. This 25 minute long city tour lets you have glimpses of these business communities from up above in the skies. Not just this you can also have views of Dubai Marina the largest man-made marina which will leave you speechless for a while. We have amassed the best places in this tour which you can possibly visit in 25 minutes so that you can enjoy a wonderful experience of sightseeing gorgeous coasts, islands, palms and lake towers. Other places that you can sightsee via this sightseeing helicopter flight include one of the emirates which make up United Arab Emirates and are known as Umm Al Quwain. From up above the skies you can also take whimsical peeps of the first indoor ski resort in Middle East known as Ski Dubai. You can have an incredible and the most joyous experience sightseeing the most popular horse track and Jumeirah Lake Towers the largest development in Dubai. Helicopter tour in Dubai is one remarkable experience which should not by any chance be missed if you have landed in the splendid city of eye-catching coasts and iconic breakthroughs. Also, remember to fasten your seat belts when in the air. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to fall off onto the sands, however beautiful the city may appear from the skies!

Helicopter sightseeing via these helicopter flights is one of the most astonishing experiences one can have in their lifetime. Shouldn’t really miss this wonderful opportunity if we have the right budget and you have landed in the city of iconic landmarks i.e. Dubai. This city helicopter ride offers you one the most memorable helicopter tours which you will reminisce for an epoch. It won’t be wrong in stating that you haven’t had the dead-on fun if you haven’t explored Dubai through the sea copter.


The Rugged Terrain Of Himalayas – Mustang , Nepal

The Rugged Terrain Of Himalayas – Mustang , Nepal

Forbidden Lands Of Mustang, Nepal

Nestled deep inside the deserted lands of mighty Himalayas lies  a small region completely isolated from the rest of din of the world. Mustang or Mun tan in Tibetan still remains elusive from the lists of travellers, a province politically in Nepal but cut off from  its home state in terms of its  culture, climate and  geography. Although the geography remains same with  empty cold desert lands with occasional areas of population, Mustang had been cut off from rest of the world for a very long period, much later in 1992 a bit of tourism flourished and recently from being  “nobody’s been there” to progressing towards “last chance to see” , a haven for a backpacker willing to tread the off beaten path. Recent developments in the region suggest of more tourism oriented developments for showcasing the rich preserved lifestyle, terrain and culture of the locals.


Sights which behold breaths.

Aptly termed as ‘Little Tibet” or the “forbidden kingdom”  thanks to its rugged terrain and a hard lifestyle which keeps unwary visitors at bay,  the situation is much changed now due to more tourist development centers and an impression of a ‘secluded spot’ on the world map. Both of which attract many a curious wanderer. Tightly sealed from  the world before  man’s thirst for new ‘places to visit’ quest began ,the kingdom preserved a civilization which hardly saw any development on the technological and sociological fronts . A staunch  bearer of Buddhist architecture , Mustang  still has  centuries old monasteries which retain ancient artifacts and relics. Possibly a connection existed with Indian culture as cave murals were found depicting movement of Caravans across the rugged paths.  A must stop place for history lovers. Since along  paved roads and a helipad have started providing easy accessibility but the best adventure remains in scaling this rugged terrain on a trek.


caves dug on the rock faces in Mustang

Many a comparisons have been made of Mustang with the Grand Canyon due to its enormous number of man made caves which make even the Grand canyon diminutive to Mustang. Thousands of caves are dug out more popularly known as ‘holes’ in this region, no particular reference has been found out for their existence as no steps  or ropes were ever found. These caves often dug out on the face of the rocks seem to be like a grand chorus of neighborhoods combined together.

The climate here witnesses harsh winds which ply the arid lands with traces of rainfall fuelling the scant flora and fauna of the region. Weathered rocks and eroded dry lands are stratified with colorful  rock formations and dents offering a worthy trek for the adrenaline hiker. Legends point out towards the great founder of Tibetan Buddhism, Padmasambhava (Guru Rimpoche), who before building Samye (the oldest monastery in Tibet) came to Mustang to stand guard against and do battle with the evil powers out to destroy Buddhism.  To this date the temple stands becoming an important part of this land of mysteries. To date Mustang remains quintessentially Tibetan in geography and landscape , the peaks remain snow capped throughout the year while the face of the mountains changes from vibrant hues of orange and red during seasons.

Vibrant hues of its Flora

Vibrant hues of its Flora

A visit to Mustang surely takes one a step back into time, largely unaffected by the overwhelming din in our lives. The pure mountain air  fuels  vigor and passion added to that is the presence in a region untouched by modern civilizations making it a rich extravaganza of sorts. A  feast for the eyes as one traverses down the beaten paths towards sporadic fields of Barley, Wheat and Maize richly canvassed in hues of red, green and yellow with a picturesque backdrop of  sun bathed mountains and occasional pockets of human habitats. The town folk here are local Buddhist monks and farmers  with an ever welcoming grin on their brown faces. Curious kids cling onto tourists as one makes way through villages, women folk are always dressed in colorful woven blouses accessorized with beads and necklaces. Its hard to digest the fact that these people live in so much harmony with mother nature , almost everything here is devoid of human touch.  The region has its own culture and festivals are mostly family affairs as a small community of ‘tibetans’ they like to preserve their rich heritage. However a visit during festivals is always an added benefit to closely witness their rituals.

Buddhist Mural.

Buddhist Mural.

The exclusivity of the region is regulated by the local government who levy taxes in the upper spectrum for travellers ensuring the area remains elusive and preserved.  This prevents any outside influence to this fragile environment as a journey here sets one back by close to 400 years. Tourism is regulated by the government and the locals who vehemently oppose anything ‘modern ‘ in nature in believe in remaining aloof to developments in other parts of world. There definitely exists a certain aristocracy about the place as very few are privy to visits here courtesy the laws , yet it continuously  features  in ‘must see’ places on popular guidebooks


Mustang offers travellers a solace with  its  natural aspect to life, from lofty mountains to  deep caves scattered all over the valley. The bright fauna tended by its non-polluted air and clear water from its rivers.  Simple townsfolk who strive to preserve their traditions and in the process keep the region free from manmade development and advances. Compelling mankind to search within for the answers.

World Of Coco- Cola Museum, Georgia, USA

World Of Coco- Cola Museum, Georgia, USA

The  world’s most popular beverage making company, coca cola has its headquarter in  Atlanta, Georgia. The Georgia is also famous for its world  of coca cola  museum situated at Pemberton place ( named in honor of John Pemberton, the inventor of coca cola)  in the Georgia city. it is a permanent exhibition of featuring history of the coca cola company.  It is well known for advertising and as a host of entertainment areas and attraction opened in may 2007. The original world of coca cola was in the heart of Atlanta opened in 1991 and was the most visited attraction door with 9 million visitors. The museum is located in a one story pavilion and its entrance had a huge blue coca cola sign. A series of 10 galleries trace the history of coca cola from its 1886 debut at Jacob’s pharmacy in the downtown Atlanta to its current worldwide fame.


The tour stated on the top floor and worked downward featuring approximately 1,000 coca cola artifacts presented in the chronological order and by a video presentation which shows that :every days of your life” about coke around the world. The highlight of the tour is the tour of the world and spectacular fountain allowing visitors to sample various coke products and to try 22 different brands -Cola Company around the world. There was also a gift shop.

When you enter your mind may have the image of an exposition showing the world’s most popular soft drink, world of coca cola sounds like a huge coke commercial and it is. It is also one of the biggest attractions of the city. The museum has a massive collection of coca cola memorabilia, along with numerous interactive displays, high-tech exhibition, an art gallery and video presentation.


The tour begin with the The lobby it tells the real story behind the world’s most popular beverage. coca cola loft it sign that immerse yourself in the rich heritage of coca cola surrounded by artifacts from yesterday and today. the preshow in the memorabilia laden coca cola loft, which includes the oldest artifact, a 1905 “drink coca cola” Christmas bell decoration, advertising the fizzy beverage for 5 dollar. It also features the large coca cola bottles made from different materials from around the world.  Music heard there in the background is a world music style medley of 10 Coke jingles from the last 60 years arranged by Stephen James Taylor. From here, visitors get entrance to happiness factory theater, where a short film gives them a glimpse into the magic behind every bottle of coke. happiness factory theater Journey to a magical world inside a Coke machine and learn the five lessons of Happy fiction. It currently advertise “open happiness” campaign. visitors can also see the vault of the secret formula, which tells  Learn about the legend of the secret formula for Coca-Cola. For 125 years coca cola putting its secret formula into each bottle of coca cola. Now it invites the visitors to feel closer than ever before to coca cola’s most closely guarded trade secret and learn about the intrigue behind the secret formula in its new vault of the formula. You can learn about origin, mystery and magic surrounding  the story of the secret formula. coca cola polar bear which positively shows how the coca cola system benefits people and communities around the world. This museum gives to the visitors an opportunity to meet the coca cola polar bear and have their photo taken with them. Adults and kids alike are mesmerized by the the bottle work exhibit, a working bottling line that allows visitors to stand in the midst of the process, watch for the small glass bottles to be filled and then be sure to pick up one as your free souvenir before leaving. Milestones of refreshment, Explore the fascinating story of The Coca-Cola Company in an engaging walk through history then bottle works it tells get an inside look at the bottling process. The bottling process is slowed down significantly to allow guests an easier view.


At the upper level of the museum visitors can visit the hub, from this point upward visitors can visit various attractions in whatever order they choose. A number of attractions can be posed for a picture with coca cola mascot and the coca cola bear The secret formula 4 d theater airs a film featuring an eccentric scientist on a quest to uncover the mysterious secret formula for coke and. The tour ends in the massive gift shop which sells a mind boggling array of coca cola logo items and everything from t- shirt to coke polar bears. The seats in the theatre move and the attraction features wind and water effects.


Then In the Pop cultural gallery shows how fans of coca cola made the brand an icon of popular culture.  guests gain insight into Coca-Cola’s influence into popular culture. This section includes trinkets and memorabilia made from used Coca-Cola cans and bottles, as well as an array of Coca-Cola themed collectible items. Work by many artists such norman Rockwell, howard finster and steve penley are on display. now world of coca cola is famous for its new special exhibition. from 1928 to 1935, the coca cola company commissioned norman rokwll to creat 6 oil paintings. Of these 6 paintings 3 are in company’s hand and now are on display at the world of coca cola first time. Three original artworks- barefoot boy, out fishin and concert on the steps. Then the prefect pause theater which display coca cola’s television advertising throughout the years.

The upper level includes everyone’s favorite exhibit — Taste It!. where visitors can have free samples of more than 60 soft drink products from around the world. The world coca cola premier is the latest premiere location where you can experience coca cola freestyle- offers 100 different flavors around the world it offers like its various varieties coca cola cherry coke, cherry vanilla, diet coke coca cola zero, caffeine free diet coke, sprite, sprite zero, mellow yellow, barq’s, pibb, dasani, fanta, hi-c, powerade and seagram’s. There is also a coca cola freestyle self serve machine which can dispense a visitor’s choice of over 100 carbonated and non carbonated beverages produced by the company. where guests retrieve them as they exit the museum. This museum welcomes 1 million visitors every year.


Coca cola company has its other exhibition location like club cool in Walt Disney, world of coca cola las Vegas, world of coca cola Tokyo but it closed on January, 2007. The World of Coca-Cola exhibits are meant to entertain, inspire, and educate to the visitors about the history and present of coca cola. It is attractive because of its history, antique and worldwide goods This is the place where you can enjoy with more madness. If you get the chance you Must visit the real world of coca cola.

Wilderness Romance: Stockholm Archipelago

Wilderness Romance: Stockholm Archipelago

Getting married? Thinking of an off-beat location to ring in the wedding? Places which come to mind are Switzerland, for the frosty mountains and Maldives, for the pristine and sparkling beaches. They are so passé’. Ever thought of romancing in the wild? Head to the Stockholm Archipelago!  A welcome shift for couples from the usual and clichéd romantic getaways. This is the new thing and it is one you simply have to try.

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The archipelago, which has been taking shape right from the Viking Era, is the largest archipelago in Sweden and the second largest in the Baltic Sea. Initially, fishermen inhabited this beautiful place on the earth. However, now it has been transformed into a quick and stunning getaway for many Stockholmers and offers many cottage houses for the guests. The archipelago is a cluster of 100 islands and it is assumed that these little islets rise by around three millimetres each year. This place also plays host to some of the popular parties thrown in by Europeans.

The citizens of the archipelago had been mostly farmers and fishermen who lived there right from the 1400s. However the younger generation born around and after the World Wars moved out and away from the archipelago for better employment opportunities. However today, most of these islands are shut and fishing activity has come down to a nil. The most popular sporting activities in this archipelago is boating, and there are many sailing events held here.

Getting down here is easy all the year round, however in the winter months; it totally depends on the climatic conditions. There are many companies offering trips and rounds of these islets. Even taxi boats are available for the tourists. The summer months are extremely popular with the guests of this place, as they can take ashore their private boats, host parties and let their hair down, quite literally!

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What could one except on the archipelago? Oh! There is a lot to offer! The sun, surf, sand, waves, rocky edges, mountain cliffs and never-seen-before scenic beauty all await you with open arms. The best way to explore the little islands is hoping from one land to another by way of boats or ferries. The people there are as warm and welcoming, and once you go there, it will be difficult to pack up and leave. So leave aside all the worries of the workplace, shut down your laptops, switch off your cell phones, breakaway from the chaotic world, and soak into the wilderness the islands bring you.


The islands are divided into northern, southern and central. There are companies which give out boats on rent. There is also a map giving details of all the information pertaining to the islands. This map is definitely handy for the tourists. You could rent a boat or take a ride in the numerous boats ferrying along the archipelago.

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There are also many options of lodging and staying. Make yourself at home in a campsite, or a hostel, or a tent by the beach, stay like a caveman or just check into a hotel if you are still reluctant to explore the not so contemporary methods of living. However. Don not forget to make reservations well in advance. The archipelago sees many visitors and you obviously don’t want yourself without a roof in an unknown land.

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There are many interesting things to do on these islands; however it varies from island to island. Have an idea of how you want to spend time on this place? Name it and you shall have it! On an island, you could rent bikes, go shopping for the local artefacts, visit museums and theatres. Being surrounded by ocean on all sides, you also have the option of going fishing or just renting a kayak. If you are an indoor person, you could log onto the local sites which let you browse through music, novels, movies, etc. laze around at home, or just settle down in a lounge chair with a book.

Remember to take along sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, scarf, loose clothes, flip-flops when going there in the summer months or windcheaters, gloves, moisturizing lotion, gum boots in case you happen to drop in there during winter. Always keep your cell phone close to you and keep it well charged with sufficient balance. You don’t want you running out of currency on your phone and find yourself stranded. Have sufficient local currency when you leave the mainland as ATMs may be hard to find on the group of islands.

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Holidaymakers on the archipelago could also have the traditional Swedish sauna or if not nothing, directly plunge into the ocean. Although the water may be a little cold for your liking, you are bound to enjoy it to the T. One important tip: There is no TV, so make sure you equip yourself well to beat the boredom. Even board games like ludo or chess or playing cards could keep you occupied.

The next time you plan a tour with your loved one or your family, you know where to head and what to do. Drown your worries in the ocean and watch the evening sun setting down while sipping on a homemade cuppa!

Trans-Siberian Railways – A Journey of Epic Proportions

Trans-Siberian Railways – A Journey of Epic Proportions


Yes, it is! The Trans-Siberian journey through the Trans-Siberian Railways is one of the meanest and most exhilarating journeys in the whole wide world. The amazing ride that is not meant for the fragile souls is one of the greatest things on our lovely planet. The pride of Russia, this railways journey is a challenge to all the train lovers, adventure seekers and out of the box people out there. The Trans- Siberian or Transsib starts from Moscow in the European part of Russia and goes on till Vladivostok the eastern most point in the country, in the Asian part of Russia through the great inlands of southern Siberia. It is a journey that lasts for around eight continuous days and traverses two continents before reaching its final destination providing its passengers with great challenges, joys, beautiful landscape, food, interactions and a great sense of achievement.


The rail journey which has today become one of the great engineering marvels of the world was born out of the economic needs to develop and provide connectivity to the poor region of the Siberian hinterland, the rail route though in conception since late 19th century could only see construction work start from February 1891. Construction was started from both the ends, that is, from Moscow as well as Vladivostok with Tsar Nicholas II himself inaugurating the construction at Vladivostok. The idea for creation of a rail network through the Russian hinterland connecting Siberia was proposed by many foreign rail companies to then ruler of Russia Tsar Alexander III but he wanted no foreign intrusion into Russia leave alone Siberia, so the project got delayed. Through the coming decades many ideas were proposed but now work could be started due to lack of agreement until finally in 1886 the Tsar tired of the delays ordered his son, the future Tsar Nicholas II, to complete the task of building the Siberian Rail Route.


So it started one of the greatest tasks in the history of mankind, the building of the Trans Siberian Railways under the watch of the future Tsar. It was a humongous task to build rail tracks through the harsh, extreme geographical landscape of the Siberian region with its high mountains, hundreds of rivers, as many lakes, deep canyons, and forests. Add to all those geographical challenges the extreme weather conditions with temperatures dipping as low as -30 degrees during winters, thick permafrost almost all year round, lack of mobility of goods, lack of labor and the humungous logistics. The waterlogged areas and the permafrost made construction or laying of tracks an extremely difficult but the most difficulty was faced by the workers around the Lake Baikal region. The seventh largest lake in the world and also the most voluminous, Lake Baikal, is the largest storage of non-frozen freshwater on the planet and also has the honor being a UNESCO World Heritage Site but all this didn’t stop it from being a pain for the builders of the Transsib. The region which full of deep gorges and mountainous rivers required the construction of many bridges and tunnels.


Despite these extreme challenges, the construction of the rail network continued at a tremendous pace of 600 km per day which ultimately led to the finishing of work in about twelve years which left the whole world baffled. In such a short span of time and through almost seven and a half thousand kilometers of railroad, Russia was able to connect Europe with the Pacific Ocean making the Trans-Siberian Railways one of the wonders of man’s genius. In the coming decades the railways and the journey as a whole gained enormous prominence and popularity, the Siberian region started to see economic development with the movement of goods which led to development of towns such as Irkutsk and Novosibirsk, many peasant started to migrate to Siberia from Western Russia and Ukraine and in recent decades it has given major boost to Siberian tourism.


The journey gives you over 9000 km of pure bliss taking you through one of the most virgin, pristine and unexploited parts of our planet which is rich in natural beauty, full of rivers, valleys, snow capped hill tops, plush green fields, frozen lands and beautiful country towns. The ride starts from the Yaroslavsky Terminal in Moscow going through the cities of Chelyabinsk, Omsk, Novosibirsk, Lake Baikal, Irkutsk, and Ulan-Ude to Vladivostok. At the time it started the journey from Moscow till Vladivostok was the longest train journey in the world standing at 9,259 km but today with many extensions to the original route the ride is the third longest in the world. The train offers three classes of seating to its passengers first class (SV), second class (Kupe) and third class (Platzkart) with the first class being most luxurious of the three. For people who love trains and the beautiful romance that it brings with itself, the ability to see the whole world through your windows, the pristine nature, the various cities, the boundaries one crosses and everything else the Trans-Siberian Railways is as good as it gets. It’s a treasure which is going to get better with time ultimately helping mankind realize the dream of connecting every part of our beautiful planet.

Rocky Memorabilia Of Colorado, USA

Rocky Memorabilia Of Colorado, USA

The rocky mountain is one of the largest mountains situated in Colorado in united states of America. There are several objects in those mountains which are preserved in museum in USA.  The rocky mountain motorcycle museum situated in Colorado consists of some memorabilia of rocky mountain.

Motorcycle race

The people of America have the habit of motorcycle race in the rocky mountain. The winners and the famous pioneers are being photographed and displayed in the museum. This museum was started in 1992 and is considered as the educational institute with no profits. When compared with other museums, it focuses only on the achieving people. This preservation of early Americans make evident that the people who are interested in history are being provided with the legacy. Even the biographies of those legends will also be available in that museum. Those biographies will be considered as the inspiration book for the upcoming youngsters in America. It also has the hall of fame section in which it has mentioned the name of the legends who had devoted their entire life for motorcycling. While coming to baseball, the team of Rockies have been added to the baseball league in the year 1993. At that time Don Baylor was appointed as the manager of the team. The team had their first experience of baseball in the Mile High stadium situated in the Denver. They practiced well and finally reached the world series only in the year 2007. At that time they have to meet the Boston Red Sox team who were meeting only the success in the their previous games. And surprisingly they won over the Boston team and got reputations from the entire crowd in the stadium. At that particular event, the playing equipment used by the players were stored as the memorable objects of the Rockies. Those collections include the jerseys of the players, their bats and gloves, baseball etc. But now only very limited items are available in the market due to the extraordinary demands. Some of the available items are artwork done by the players, some of the baseball cards, photographs of the players, etc. They declared Todd Helton as the finest player in the Rockies team. He was the role model for many youngsters in Colorado and his autographed card will make any collections as a precious one. After him, the second famous player in the team was Larry walker. Many people in America has an ambition to purchase his autograph card to add it to their collection. Station’s archived memories is one of the famous museum which preserves the very precious items of the rocky mountain. It was witnessed as the greatest museum by the people and was honored with community development award in the year 2004 after four years of its initiation. It preserves all the three times of items  in their museum. Anyone who is interested in memorabilia of rocky mountain can volunteer SAM. Volunteering for the SAM provides everyone to get new friends, happiness in admiring the beauty of the rocky mountain, experiencing the thrill of adventure in the mountains and searching for new things to discover. The volunteers of SAM has the work of photography during the special occasions, conduction of interview with past volunteer about their experience with those rocks of the mountains, scrutinizing the historic documents, etc.


Another memorabilia of the rocky mountain is the Rocky mountain railroad. It was one of the historic foundation in the year 1990. It was started mainly for preserving the railroad equipment. This organization was started with some objectives as their targets. They desired to motivate the interest of the people towards the history of railroads in their country. They wished for supporting the preservation of the memorable objects belonging to the history. They also aimed to display some videos and books for the information of railroads built near the rocky mountain. The trams where in the practice after the end of world war 2. But this tram service system was not encouraged by the people of  America and was discontinued in june 1950. The main focus of the organization in the past was to eventually operate the Denver and Intermountain car. This car was rarely used for the transportation systems. But after some years of usage, It was moved to the museum in Colorado and displayed as memorabilia for the people of Colorado. But later in 1988, the railroad club decided to retain the car and to set an area for operation. But the retaining process took more time, around 20 years. The memorabilia of rocky mountain describes the natural beauty of it and makes everyone to visit that mountain by its random precious collection. It is always important to create awareness in the minds of the people about the history of our civilization and about the practice of the people in the past so that youngsters get inspired by the miracles of the past. The memorabilia of rocky mountain not only describes the beauty of it but also about the legendary people who have been honored for their remarkable and precious achievements. These achievements motivates the people who wants to achieve something big in life by providing them the legacy.

The Ebullience of Italy: Naples

The Ebullience of Italy: Naples


“Tourism, human circulation considered as consumption is fundamentally nothing more than the leisure of going to see what has become banal”Indeed,nature has bestowed us with so many abound blissful wonders in this flamboyant world.Such is one of the alluring place located in the heart of Italy,enshrining its ebullience in the entire world-Naples.Being the capital of Campania,the Italian region and the third-largest Italian Municipality,it has acquired a huge space in the hearts of every Italian.Historically,Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world assimilating an intrinsic role in the ancient and pre-historic times.It was the most-bombed Italian city during World War II and gradually,it began retaining its rich cultural and socio-economic heritage. In recent decades, Naples has constructed a large business hub-the Centro Direzionale, and has developed an advanced transport infrastructure, including an Alta Velocità high-speed rail link to Rome and Salerno, and an expanded subway network, which is planned to eventually cover half of the region.It has also grown stronger day by day economically also.
Being glorified as the world’s 103rd richest city,it has augmented the city’s progress at an even faster rate with port of Naples having the world’s second-highest level of passenger flow, NATO’s Allied Joint Force Command Naples, the SRM Institution for Economic Research and the OPE Company and Study Center , thus making the education and the economic sector bolder and stronger day by day.Well-known for its historic castles,museums and churches,this city of lark also highlights and scintillates about the extravagant art,cuisine,music,sports and linguistic cultures and ethical values the city beholds.Naples has long been a center of art and architecture . Artists such as Domenico Morelli, Giacomo Di Chirico, Francesco Saverio Altamura, and Gioacchino Toma worked in Naples and many of their works are now exhibited in the Academy’s art collection.
This beauteous city is also internationally recognized and profound for its cuisines and wines with a accredition as the abode of pizza.Naples has also had an enormous influence on Italian cinema since its beginning, because many literary stories, dramas and comedies spotting the city of Naples as background had been ported into corresponding movie version. Moreover , Naples is one of the main centers of Italian literature with Neapolitan as their official language.Naples’ historic city center is the largest in Europe, covering 1,700 hectares (4,200 acres) and enclosing 27 centuries of history,and is listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Naples has long been a major cultural center with a global sphere of influence, particularly during the Renaissance and Enlightenment eras. In the immediate vicinity of Naples are numerous culturally and historically significant sites, including the Palace of Caserta and the Roman ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Culinarily, Naples is synonymous with pizza, which originated in the city. Neapolitan music has furthermore been highly influential, credited with the invention of the romantic guitar and the mandolin, as well as notable contributions to opera and folk standards. Popular characters and historical figures who have come to symbolize the city include Januarius, the patron saint of Naples, the comic figure Pulcinella, and the Sirensfrom the Greek epic poem the Odyssey.
In Naples, some may find the actual conditions of many buildings and streets, and the rampant graffiti, off-putting. Others claim this is “the immense character and culture of Napoli…and even the dirt and grime has its own flavor…a Neapolitan recipe for reality, and great fun”. Naples’ peculiarity is that the city center is not the elegant part of the city. Just do not expect in the city center the pristine conditions of many other major European cities, since the historical center, unlike most European cities, is not the “downtown”. If you want to visit the elegant part of the city, you can walk around the wonderful lungomare (the Riviera di Chiaia or Via Francesco Caracciolo), and visit Via dei Mille and Vomero hill.Naples is the main transportation hub for southern Italy with several major train lines. The train and bus stations are in the huge Piazza Garibaldi, on the eastern side of the city. Naples has an airport,Aeroporto Capodichino, with flights to other parts of Italy and to Europe. A bus connects the airport with Piazza Garibaldi. Ferries and hydrofoils run from Molo Beverello to the islands of Capri, Ischia, Procida, and Sardinia.Naples has vibrant markets and many small shops that sell everything from clothes to household appliances at prices much lower than in most of Western Europe.

Music and Theatre have always been an excellent mash-up when it comes to any strata of honour.This city of amusement beholds the same essence and for Naples,music and theatre has always played a significant role since centuries.

The first music conservatories were established in the city under Spanish rule in the 16th century. The San Pietro a Majella music conservatory, founded in 1826 by Francesco I of Bourbon, continues to operate today as both a prestigious centre of musical education and a musical museum.Naples was one of the centers of the peninsula from which originated the modern theatre genre as nowadays intended, evolving from 16th century “comedy of art”. The masked character ofPulcinella is worldwide famous figure either as theatrical character or puppetry character.

Naples in its very whole sense has been a munificent place to visit and explore the lure of the place which stands upright in Italy with its glistering charm and aura along with the diverse culture,ethics and morals the city sustains.

The Heart of Fashion – Paris

The Heart of Fashion – Paris

Fashion,in its own sense has various forms and articulations but the place where the real fashion dwells is straight into the heart of the capital city of France-Paris.Paris,a five letter city entitled and bestowed with 500 or so enthralling tourist attractions with multi-faceted iconic places imbibing its rich culture,fashion and arts spread in the hearts of every individual throughout the globe.Since centuries,Paris has always stood up with its fashion style and has attracted abound number of fashion designers and hence has led to the setup of the key center to fashion industry.

The word fashion,when intertwined with traditions is the best combination one can ever think of and this is what the blissful city,Paris beholds in itself.This entwinement has always been an intrinsic part of people’s rich cultural heritage and ethnic and morale values and that is why the French people are well-known by their way of dressing ,their attires and their way of carrying themselves in front of the mass audience.The city is a home to many of the leading and premier fashion outlets such as Pierre Cardin, Céline, Chanel, Chloe, Dior, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermès, Lanvin, Rochas, Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent and many other enduring as well.With highly hospitable fashion weeks twice a year,Paris has turned into a global house or rather a global outlets for several international fashion brands such as Valentino, Gucci, Loewe, Escada, Bottega Veneta, Burberry, including an Abercrombie & Fitch which have now become the main consumer attraction point.Further,with all so much stuffs to do,it has also become a place for big brand fashion designers like Rochas, Vuitton, Balenciaga, Céline, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Chloe, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Hermès and Lanvin to dwell in. This city has also brought up numerous concepts such as Haute-Couture with certain standards set to reach this level of achievement as a badge of honour and the world’s first “Fashion School- Ecole de la chambre syndicale de la couture parisienne”.
Since years,Paris has cemented its hold on style and fashion.Paris is still the fashion capital of the world. While it is true that the fashion magazines and designers don’t have the absolute power they once did, the ability to be flexible and understand changing tastes and trends is what keeps Paris a magnet for the fashion world. The idea of a “Paris Original” may not thrill women the way it once did, but people certainly still respond to interesting, inventive and wearable clothes – and item for item, the bulk of those still come from Paris.Paris has always stood up on all the expectations of people in any sector of fashion industry like cosmetics ,beauty and healthcare.Manosque, La Gacilly, Vichy and many other cities and towns are leaders in cosmetic and industries, with important global premier beauty houses such as Lancôme, L’Occitane, Vichy and many others. Cannes, St. Tropez and other towns are called places of luxury receiving annually a lot of home and extravagant international media personalities, potentates, billionaires, etc

Along with many shopping destinations where fashion meets style,this beautiful city has evoked out a lot of fashion districts consolidating the city as a fashion capital. In today’s global fashion ecosystem,Paris has become the veritable hotbeds of emerging designers who come affront to showcase their talent and hence gain exposure of the soil of their own area of workplace Paris.

To better understand why Paris is the capital of fashion, one needs to comprehend and review the “Golden Triangle” which is a shopping district dedicated exclusively to high fashion clothes and accessories.The triangle resides between the Avenue Marceau, the Champs-Elysees and the Avenue Montaigne. In it, you will find the homes of Vuitton, Givenchy, Rochas, Dior, Celine, Chanel, Donna Karan and Hermes. Regardless of the above facts,the city is generally considered to be part of the “big four” global fashion capitals, alongside Milan, London and New York City.
Paris and Fashion have always been synonymous to each other whereby fashion meets Paris thus making it the mecca of fashion world.Different countries have different culture,art and fashion trends but what makes the global village converge to a single overview is this capital of fashion-Paris.Paris has now become the abode of fashion shows and all the fashion magazines were either based in or looked to Paris for their information. For women throughout the Western world, Paris was the be all and end all of clothes.
Printemps has the largest shoe and beauty departments in Europe.Sonia Rykiel is considered to the “grand dame of French fashion” and “synonymous with Parisian fashion”, with clothes which are embraced by “left bank fashionistas”.Petit Bateau is cited as one of the most popular high street stores in the city,the Azzedine Alaïa store on the Rue de Moussy has been cited as a “shoe lover’s haven” and Colette is noted for its “brick-and-click”clothing and fashion accessories.

The essence of Paris’ fashion has created such an influential perspective of people looking out to fashion world that every beating heart on this universe wishes to have a trendy fashion and style just the way Parisienne culture of vogue and couture has assimilated in everyone’s mind,body and soul.

Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile

Are you planning your next perfect getaway which would include everything ranging from beautiful sightseeing to luxurious lodges and adventurous moments to cool cosy nights with your friends or family then Torres Del Paine National Park is the place to visit.


Translated to Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine in Spanish this national park is situated between the Los Andes Mountain Range and the Patagonian Steppes, in Ultima Esperanza Province, in the south of Chile. The closest and most well known cities are Puerto Natales and Punta Arenas.  The national park is one of the largest and most popular parks in Chile. It has several foreign tourists from all over the world visiting the place. The park has every aspect that nature has to offer to mankind, such as snow coated mountains, icy glaciers, lush green forests, clear lakes and rivers as well as exotic flora and fauna. The national park covers an area of around 181,000 hectares and has roads for vehicles and paths for walkers. Torres Del Paine National Park is often subjected to erratic weather as it is located between the landmass of the continent of south America to its right and the vast Pacific ocean to its left that bring in saturated winds to the area. Hence the park may have unpredictable rainfall or cold strong winds but otherwise the weather can be pleasantly cool on normal days.


The main attraction at the national park is the vast expanse of snow capped mountains that dominate the landscape. These mountains are called the Paine Massif also known as the Cordillera del Paine. It is interesting to notice the colour changes of the mountain rocks, as the sedimentary rocks eroded and gave way to granite rocks. The Big Paine Mountain (Cerro Paine Grande) is the largest mountain in the massif with an altitude of 3050m. Another popular mountain in this region is the Tower of Paine (Torres del Paine). It is suggested that you should visit during October and April which are the months of spring and summer. During the months of summer a queer occurrence takes place where at sunrise the peaks of the three mountains of Torres del Paine will turn purple and then red. Tourists have the chance to bring out their adventurous side by taking up activities like trekking, horseback rides and climbing in this rugged landscape. The hiking trails will take you through thick forests, crystal clear waterfalls and lakes and present you with a stunning view of the beautiful mountains slightly obscured by clouds. Walking the “W” trail is most popular in the region.  A little effort might be required to witness the best of the views but even then tourists have the option to drive around the park’s main landmarks.


Travellers will also get to witness the second largest ice field in the world called the Southern Patagonian Ice Field which measures up to 16800 sq. Km. Other well known glaciers present in the area are the Grey glaciers, Frances glaciers, Dickson glaciers and Tyndall glaciers. There are several large water bodies in the region that are fed through waterfalls or rivers whose source are the glaciers. A few of them are the Grey Lake, Nordenskjold Lake, Pehoe Lake, Sarmiento Lake, Del Toro Lake.  Boat trips and kayaking are all the rage in the lakes there, especially the Grey lake that takes you up till the glacier from where it originated. Fly fishing is a prominent sport in the region. It can easily be done in the freshwater lakes present there as mentioned earlier in plentiful. Recently a yoga dome has been created where visitors can put out of their mind all their stress and worries and practice yoga in the serene environment.


The authorities at the national park take all the steps necessary to preserve the wildlife and plants in the area. Hence the park has a diverse array of species of flora and fauna. There are four different types of vegetations prevalent in the area: Patagonian Steppe, Pre-Andean Shrub land, Magellanic Deciduous Forests and Andean desert. A few well known plants of the region are the Chilean Firetree, The Devil’s Strawberry, Porcelain Orchid, Dwarf Barberry, Dog Orchid, Old Man’s Beard and the Chinese Lantern. The region sports around 26 species of mammals, amongst them Guanaco a form of llamas are found the most here. Guanaco’s are familiar with humans that visit the place often hence they are not easily frightened by their presence and can be caught on camera in large herds that dominate the area. Also found here are the carnivores Puma’s, though they are a rare sight and can be seen mostly during the dark hours a few tourists may get lucky if they keep their eyes open. The national animal of Chile, the South Andean Deer, an endangered specie also reside in the national park under special protection. Bird watchers are in for some luck as there are a variety of birds to spot in the park ranging from wading birds such as Chilean Flamingos to birds of prey like Andean Condor. South America’s largest bird called the flightless Rhea can also be seen here.

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Tourists also have the option of ‘glamping’ which is a combination of camping along with all the amenities that a good hotel has to provide.  For those who choose to skip the adrenaline rush and prefer to sit back and enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature at the national park there are several five star hotels and lodges at your service. Torres del Paine National Park is a photographer’s dream and it compels you to whip out your cameras the moment you put your eyes upon what the place has to offer. It is definitely a unique and delightful place to visit and should be added to your never ending bucket list.

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Inside Taj Mahal: The Spectacular Tomb

Inside Taj Mahal: The Spectacular Tomb

Taj Mahal (The epitome of love) is an architectural wonder built in the period 1631-48 by the great emperor Shah Jahan in the memory of his third wife Mumtaj Mahal. Taj Mahal is situated in the city Agra on the banks of river Yamuna. The Taj Mahal in itself is a marvelous and unique structure that symbolizes love of a husband for his beloved wife. It is also an architectural, technical and a scientific feat.

As you enter the main gateway which is known as the Darwaza-i rauza, you see the majestically dazzling white marbled structure standing right in the center surrounded by the four proud standing minarets around it and on the sides of it are the guest houses and a long rectangular shaped pool with fountains. Alongside the pool are the walkways leading to the main building and also to the other buildings. Don’t just get complacent because of the Taj’s outside beauty, the interiors of the Taj will also stun you and would make you say wow!
On entering the main building you will see carvings on the wall, inscriptions in Persian, hand crafted marbled flooring with carvings of flowers such as lily. The exterior carvings are among the finest in Mughal architecture. There are calligraphy works done on every pishtaqs on every face or entrance of the building. Each with a different phrase from Persian language.
As you enter inside the main building you see a large octagonal shaped structure with a dome on top. The floor inside is vast and if you want to hear the longest echoes of all time, it’s here. The interior is no less stunningly amazing but also beautiful. The majestically designed and richly carved interiors brilliantly compliment the grandeur of the entire structure with subtleness. Interiors also consists works of precious and semiprecious gemstones. The basic elements of the structure are Persian while the large white marble structure that stands on the square base consists of a similar building with an arch shaped doorway known as Iwan, which is carved with exquisite calligraphy. On top of there is a large dome with finial.

The main chamber houses the replica of the cenotaphs of Shah Jahan and Mumtaj Mahal which is surrounded by an octagonal jali screen which is carved with intricate piece of work with precious stones forming vines, fruits and flowers. While the actual tombs lies beneath in the lower levels of the Taj which is inaccessible to common public. The inner chamber is an octagonal shaped room which was built in such a way that any face can be used as an entry, although only the south garden facing door is used. The walls inside the chamber are about 25 meters high and consists of a false interior dome decorated with a sun like pattern. The architectural marvel lies in the dome as it performs two works: first, it is supporting the whole building or can say is distributing the weight of the whole building and second, from outside the dome measures about 44 meters and inside its just 25 meters which in itself is a technical feat. There are eight arches four on the lower and four on just top of it. The four top arches forming balconies or viewing area and each balcony’s window has a jali or screening cut out from marble forming a shape of fruit or flower.
Since Muslim tradition doesn’t allow decoration of graves, hence the bodies of Shah Jahan and Mumtaj Mahal were put in a very plain cenotaphs which lies just beneath the replica. But these cenotaphs are facing towards the Mecca. Mumtaj Mahal’s cenotaph is placed preciously in the center of the inner chamber having a rectangular base decorated with precious gemstones with calligraphic inscriptions with phrases from Holy Quran along with the ninety nine beautiful names of Allah. While Shah Jahan’s cenotaph is placed beside Mumtaj Mahal but to the west, also facing in the direction of Mecca. Shah Jahan’s cenotaph has almost the same decorative elements but with a higher base and is also bigger than the Mumtaj’s cenotaph. On the top of the cenotaph consists of a pen box shaped sculpture which is a traditional funerary icon of the Mughals.
The moods of Taj vary from dawn to dusk. While it’s milky white in the morning light that is shed upon it by the rising sun. In the afternoon it is bright as a star. In the evening it looks as if it is golden gem shinning underneath a blue cover. And then comes the moonlit Taj, breaking into the night sky, majestic and simply beautiful in a sense that cannot be put in words. The most sensuous and appealing it looks is under the full moon light when it shines like a pearl making the visitor speechless and fall in love with the wonder on the very first sight. The romanticism and sheer majesty of this structure sounds unbelievably true. No matter why it is one of the seven wonders of the world.
Coming out of such a majestic structure such as Taj is like coming out of an era that has gone, an era that has added to the world in not one but more than one way, an era that has been kept alive for so long by the wonder that is Taj Mahal itself.