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Munich-During the Oktoberfest

Munich-During the Oktoberfest

Munich is the largest city as well as the capital of the state of Bavaria in Germany. The city is situated north of the Bavarian Alps on the river Isar. The city gets its name from the founders of the city who were monks of the Benedictine order.  The city served as the seat of Bavarian Dukes. Munich has a rich cultural heritage and is a major attraction for architecture and cultural fanatics. The city is an education hub and also has a number of museums and theatres that encourage performing arts. It has been a home to various great composers including Mozart, Richard Wagner and writers such as Max Helbe and Paul Heyse. The motto of the city is München magdich meaning Munich loves you. In the eys of this motto Munich has served as the host of the 1972 Summer Olympics and continues to host the biggest world-wide festival-The Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Beer

Oktoberfest is the largest fair held in the world. The sixteen day long festival extends from late September to the first week of October.  The inhabitants of Munich call it ‘Wiesn.’  The Oktoberfest is imbibed into the culture of Bavaria and is being held since 1810. The festival derives its history from the royal marriage ceremony of Crown Prince Ludwig who later became Kind Ludwig I to the Princess Therese. The fields of the celebration were hence named Theresienwiese meaning Theresa’s Meadow. Horse races marked the final event of the ceremony. It was decided to have the horse races every year which gave birth to the tradition of Oktoberfest.    With the progression of time agricultural shows were added and carnival booths appeared.  The horse races ended in 1960 and since that year Oktoberfest turned into a worldwide fair.  The event has a traditional opening with a twelve gun salute and tapping of the first keg of the Oktoberfest beer.

The event always begins on a Saturday.  The opening week is considered the best time to visit as it is less crowded which means a lesser number of drunken people around. The ground is a vast 100 acres and includes rides, games, displays and a large number of food and beer stalls. There are family oriented attractions such as the circus, carnival games and various live performances. So it is possible to have good time without having to enter a beer-tent. All the alcohol flowing around doesn’t interrupt the smooth functioning of the event.

Beer in large quantities amounting to around seven million litres is served during the festival.  However it is not just any beer that can be served during Oktoberfest. Beer conforming to Reinheitsgebot that is a minimum of 6% alcohol by volume is only fit to be served.  This beer is termed as Oktoberfest beer and is a trademark of the Club of Munich Brewers. A special beer called Maerzen is being brewed now at the Oktoberfest. It is a full-bodied, malty flavored beer and has a dry but clean finish.


However not every one of us is going to go to a festival to drink beer. The festival has various other attractions in the form of amusement rides, side-stalls and games.  If you have a thing for the adrenaline rush that comes out of a ride then you can explore a range of rides from like the ancient “Krinoline,” “the Ferris wheel,”  and the “Top Spin.” There are also a number of children rides with fairy tale characters and spooky ghosts.  There are a bunch of other rides such as the Wall of Death, the Power Tower, The Munich Slide, The Haunted Castle, and the Free fall.  A must try ride is The Weissbier Carousel which moves at quite a pace while a guy serves weissbier that is wheat beer, so if you can handle scary ride while your stomach is full of a liquid that can make you a little tipsy then this will make for a good experience.

While you are visiting Germany you can’t leave it without exploring the culinary culture of it. Oktoberfest provides the perfect opportunity as the place serves traditional dishes such as:

Food at the Market

There are junk food available such as potato pancakes, mushrooms cooked in wines, pretzels etc.

Candy and sweets

Traditional candies are served at Oktoberfest such as Gebrannte Mandeln (sugared almonds), Black Forrest cakes and Apfelstrudel.

Main Meals

Proper traditional meals such as Bratwurst and Weisswurst are served. Some other famous dishes served are Sauerbraten and Schwienebraten.

oktoberfest food


Some of the key-points that need to be taken care of if you are going to visit Oktoberfest are:-

  • Accommodation is very sparse as most rooms have been booked for up to a month so make sure to make your reservations well in advance. You can also try private renting as various people rent their spare rooms.
  • Make sure to hit the grounds early so that you can get a table in the beer tents as an initiative of the silent Oktoberfest drinks and food are served only to people who have a table. If you don’t have a table reserved you can associate with someone who has a table.
  • Take care of your belongings as there are lots of people and lots of mayhem.
  • Visit on Tuesdays as the prices are quite low being the family day.

Oktoberfest is something that everyone should have on their bucket list and must visit once in their lifetime.

The Exotic Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

The Exotic Hotel Kakslauttanen, Finland

Located in the mountainous regions of Finland, Saariselka is a village and a famous tourist spot. This place comes under the Inari municipality and is situated 300 meters above the sea level in the Northern Lapland. Hiking, spa and skiing are the activities for which the place is popular. In this Saariselka village, there is a beautiful and famous hotel named Hotel Kakslauttanen. This beautiful Hotel Kakslauttanen is surrounded with the gorgeous Lapland scenery in the vicinity of Urho Kekkonen National Park. Ivalo airport and Highway 4 is also nearby the hotel. Thus, there are many direct tour buses from the hotel to the airport and that’s why this hotel is the main tourist accommodation place.


This big hotel has almost 40 large size first class cabins. Out of these 40 cabins, there is one honeymoon suite, five are queen suites and one is Lappish farmer log house. Each cabin has its own private location and is separated from the other cabins. Thus, privacy of people is maintained. These log cabins are made up of kelo pines (dead trees) and can provide accommodations to 1 to 10 people. A personal dishwasher, a fireplace and a wide TV is provided for entertainment purpose. In 2014, few new four person cabins are added at Kakslauttanen.


The queen suites are very classy and are specially designed for lovebirds and honeymooners. A single queen suite covers an area of 60 m2 and is made up of kelo woods again. People can relax in the outdoor Jacuzzi which is available on the terrace in every season. A personal beautiful bathtub and sauna is provide in each suite. The smoke sauna of this hotel is the largest in the world. This smoke sauna has its own log house restaurant which is in the main building, a ravishing snow restaurant and even two Lapis tent restaurants. This smoke sauna allows 150 people to be seated inside the same igloo. Ice chapel, ice gallery and ice bar are the other things to explore there. Even the Saariselka ski trail networking passes through this hotel and is of about 180 km in whole.

wedding chamber

In addition to these queen suites, there are the wedding cambers for the wedded ones. These wedding chambers are the perfect love nest especially for the newlyweds. The full chamber is wooden with turf roofs giving it a unique and charming look. Additionally, this wedding chamber also has a huge bathroom with a gorgeous bathtub and sauna. Now everyone can say it is a perfect place for wedded ones. Moreover, there is a traditional house which is designed according to the old Lapland lifestyle. The chairs are old wooden chairs and the whole room can accommodate 2 adult and 2 children. This house is provided with a sauna also. Modern families will surely feel like visiting their traditional ancient house after so long.

The charming snow Igloo is very famous in the winters. People staying in this hotel are allowed to enjoy the over-night experience of staying in a snow igloo. This snow igloo is not a normal igloo; it very unique and is a futuristic glass igloo. Normal room temperature is maintained inside this igloo with a beautiful glass ceiling and northern lights. This temperature will be maintained constantly even if there will be a minus 40 degree centigrade dip in mercury. Every winter, an ice bar and a snow chapel was built in this igloo village. People can visit this igloo village from December or January and the village is open till April end.


There are three kinds of accommodations available in this igloo village. People can choose from real arctic experience with 20 snow igloos, watch the northern lights from bed in the warm glass igloos (20) and the 32 long rustic log cables. To survive in the snow, the hotel provides its customers a head-cover, socks and even sleeping bags. The igloos are designed in the way that only one to five guests can reside in one igloo. There are separate sauna and shower facilities for men and women. During night the only sound that you will hear is the sound of the cold wind. The inside walls of the igloo are beautifully colored. Every igloo is provided its own toilet, double bed and an extra single bed too. Thus people can simply enjoy the warmth of the igloo and the twinkling of the lively starry sky with a cool and comfortable night.

Other eye-grabbing facilities available in this hotel are the reindeer safaris, ski treks, husky safaris, ice-fishing and snowmobile safaris. People are mad about guided ski treks. They used to rent the country ski from this hotel. Bus transportation is provided by the hotel to take people to the Saariselka ski slopes (which are at a distance of 10 km from this hotel). Another winter attraction in the Hotel Kakslauttanen is the Sampo ice-breaker. This is the only ice-breaker in the whole world.

santa's home

When it comes to the summer attractions, Hotel Kakslauttanen has many things to offer. These are going for fishing in Inari Lake, a trip to Midnight Sun and Utsjoki and boat trips at river Lemmenjoki. Tankavaara Gold Village is also among the well-known sights. Santa’s Home is the new attraction in Hotel Kakslauttanen which has its own bedrooms for its guests. Overall the Hotel Kakslauttanen is the only hotel in Saariselka which offers many delightful facilities to its guests.

Antartica: The Coldest Land on Earth

Antartica: The Coldest Land on Earth


Earth’s southernmost continent and the coldest continent on Earth, the Antarctica is the geographical south pole of the globe surrounded by southern ocean. Etymologically the word means opposite of Arctic which means the North Pole whereas the word Antarctic defines as the South Pole. It is one of those continents with approximately 14,000,000 km square area, which is 1.3 times compared to Europe and the fifth largest amongst the continents on the land of earth. Antarctica is a continent which is almost double in size of Australia and with an approximate population of only 5,000 habitants which are majorly researches situated sparsely across the very less inland available.

The temperature at Antarctica has reached to as low as -89 degree Celsius degree. Animals which can adapt to cold are major residents of this ice covered region such as penguins, fungi, algae, nematodes and seals. The southern waters of the three oceans Indian, Atlantic, and the pacific surround the continent. The Transantartic Mountains, between the Wedell Sea and the Ross Sea, divide the continent into two hemispheres the western and the eastern according to the Greenwich Meridian. The western hemisphere is hotter than the eastern hemisphere because of its lower elevations.


Antarctic ice sheet covers about 98% of the South Pole continent which is almost 91% of the world’s ice and about 70% of the fresh waters of the world. A rise of 60m would occur if all this eyes were to be melted..!

The highest peak, at 4892 m, in Antarctica is the Vinson Massif located at Ellsworth Mountains. Frequent Volcanoes, lava flow and giant eruptions have been observed at various mountains of the continent over the recent years. Lakes are found in large numbers of approx 70 in the continent’s ice sheet region where the water flows from one lake to another in large quantity. A largest of its kinds, sub glacial lakes , Vostok Station is found beneath the Antarctic continent’s ice sheets and it shares its characteristics with the moon of Jaipur, Europa, through which it is believed that their exists life on the moon.

In comparison to the Arctic, the Antarctic is colder for majorly three reasons. Firstly, the covering of the Arctic ocean over the north polar zone of the Arctic which prevents typically high temperatures, Secondly , Antarctica is above the sea level for about 3 km which has a direct relation with the temperature decrement because with the elevation in troposphere region the temperature decreases. The third but the less impactful parameter is the Earths position in comparison to the sun during the winter i.e. perihelion which is the closest and farthest during the summer i.e. aphelion which makes the temperature hotter in the summers at the continent Antarctic.

Snow petrel exclusively breeds in Antarctica with a few terrestrial vertebrates and other invertebrates like the lice, rotifers, krill and springtails. The sea life comprises of the fur seals, Blue whales, Penguins,  orcas and colossal squids. The major variety of the penguins like the emperor penguin, adelie penguin, rockhopper penguin, chinstrap penguin, gentoo penguin and the king penguins are only found in the Antarctic habitant family. In both Polar Regions more than 235 marine animals dwell in about more than 12,000 km space.

images (7)

About 400 lichen forming and 750 non lichen forming fungi are found in the Antarctic which makes a total of 1150 species of fungi of well adapted themselves in this ice clad region of the Earth. Plant growth is inhibited in this region due to factor like lack of sunlight, lack of moisture, poor soil quality and extreme freezing temperatures. Bryophytes comprise of the flora of the region largely with about 100 mosses and 25 liverworts. In the coastal region phytoplankton, snow algae, diatoms, protists are largely found. Bacteria were also found by scientists in a report on February 2013.

Antarctica is a politically neutral continent with no government of its own where a few countries have signed the Antarctica Treaty. In 1959 the treaty was duly signed by 12 countries which include Russia, U.K, Australia, U.S, Argentina and Chile. Greenpeace international established its own scientific station in the Ross sea called the World Park Base for research of the environmental effects over human beings, animals and the natural vegetation. The treaty doesn’t allow any country to take part in any military activity in the continent and the mining of any natural element is prohibited because of the lack of abundance of the element to be exploited. A small scale tourism and fishing near the coast are the only two major economical activities in the continent since 1957 except the research base programs.


At Mc Murdo Station there are about 4,000 researches in the summers whereas in the winters it is only 1000 due to the extremely elevated temperature of the region. Researchers from about 28 countries visit the ice clad region from different backgrounds like glaciologists, oceanographers, physicists, biologists, meteorologists and also geologists. The ozone layer which is in the atmosphere above the Antarctica has been an important goal of studies since 1970’s. In 1972, David Henry Lewis from New Zealand, was the first person to sail to Antarctica in a sloop ice bird (10-meter steel sloop)

Adventurous Walk at Bay Of Fires, Tasmania

Adventurous Walk at Bay Of Fires, Tasmania

The Bay of Fires got its name in 1773 by some Tobias Furneaux and has this name due to the presence of some fires of Aboriginal people on this bay. The Bay is located on the north eastern coast of Tasmania which is located in Australia. The Bay is extended from Binalong Bay and goes till the Eddystone Point. The place is having its own renowned beauty having clean blue color with the white beaches and orange colored granite stones make the place really astonishing.  The whole place i.e Bay of Fires is divided into two parts northern which is part of Mount William National Park where as the southern part is a pure conservation area.

Walking Experience in Bay of Fires





While there are various numbers of activities that can be done in this Bay like camping, boating, watching birds chirping , surfing, swimming or walking but the walking experience is high lightened in detail.  For letting you enjoy the walk around the bay, an adventurous and secluded walk can be enjoyed where one can go in their thoughts and enjoy the beauty of the place while roaming in your own thoughts. Also, there is facility of carrying your bags to the destination while you can enjoy the walk around this mesmerizing place without this heavy pack on your shoulders to make you exhausted. Also, the place is isolated one; therefore you will get the change to enjoy adventurous and scary camp firing just under the blue sky with your loved one to make this place even more romantic. Also, another alternative to make night cheerful are to enjoy on waterfront beach available at this Bay of Fires with the delicious food and special wine and cheeses and this will make your  four special days of journey ever more complete.

The walk is more enjoyable from October to May, in which the rich diversity and environment of the place will enrich you with more pleasure and enthusiasm with rich coastal effects of the stretch of the sapphire water streaks and rocky woodlands.

Plan Your Journey






You can plan your trip according to this in which first day you can have a visit to the Mt William National Park where you can enjoy the splendid views of Bass Strait Islands and can have the beautiful evening with the campfire touch at Forester Beach Camp.

Your second day can be planned on the coastlines of Bay of Fires where you can explore the sand dunes while walking along the bay but keep in mind not to disturb these dunes as these contain the preserved Aboriginal middens that are bones and shell left outs within these dunes. You can also view healthlands and can have the secretive covered sheltered lunch behind the dunes in any lighthouse and the day completes with a sound sleep at any comfortable and cosy Fires Lodge.

Coming to the third day of your trip, another place to explore is River Ansons where another species of wildlife can be encountered like the Snorkel, a peninsular fish. You can enjoy this marine nursery and can even see the nearby sights of the shell coves or stroll and explore the Abbotsbury dunes.

 At this stage of your journey you have covered the most of the amusing places of the neighborhood. Next come is a walk through the eucalyptus forests or explore other places like the Pipers Brook wine area, Pirie’s vineyard or Launceston and complete your journey with the mesmerizing memories of the beautiful four days you spent here.

A Conservational View







The Bay of Fires has been chosen as one of the most mesmerizing beach of the world by the renowned magazine Conde Nast Traveler, a UK based magazine describing travel and tourism. While the exotic environment of the place has been described above like the clarity and diverse temperatures of the Bay allows numerous divers to enjoy the purity of the Bay but now, let us describe the conservational view of the place. The bay of Fires is a supportive system to conserve water creatures like the colorful sponges, crayfish, abalone, Sea-dragons and many other fish life which is endangered species of the marine life. The Bay also supports migration of the fishes which is mainly experienced in October and November. Helping and supporting migration during the adverse season help in encouraging the marine life of the bay.









According to the definition of sustainability, conserving the future while using in its present have been followed while constructing this Bay of Fires Lodge and the Forester Beach Camp which has been covered in the four day tour of the place.  All the preserving efforts like the controlling killing of endangered species, maintaining gas emissions and global warming, all have been gradually included in the construction of all the places of the Bay. Even from constructing the place to the material used to its designing all includes protecting the environment and using in a sustainable way.  In fact, you will feel proud and calm while roaming in a place that has such a groomed history. Also, a well known Green Guardians program-me is conducted in which visitors’ participation is actively welcomed and you are sure to feel proud to be the part of such a contributing program-me.



The Bottlenose BlueZ, Bahamas

The Bottlenose BlueZ, Bahamas

images (5)

The Blue lagoon as the name suggests is a store house of the immense water body in the Bahamas. One of the finest pieces of natural being that was developed by the almighty lies three miles from a city Nassau in Bahamas. It serves as one of the finest destination for tourist owned privately.

The blue lagoon holds an immense history of the owners beginning from the pirates who used it as a source house for preserving their food from the salt of the island. Later Charles King-Harmon, in 1875, bought the island and preserved its rich heritage for about 11 years. After king Harmon, Van Winkle took over the island, incubated a zoo which had animals like parrots, peacocks and monkeys. Van also planted approximately 5000 palm trees in the island.

For a period of 63 years the island viewed its ownership in the hands of a Pulitzer Prize winner, John T McCutcheon, who named the blue lagoon as the Treasure Island. This was the first name change of the former name of blue lagoon salt Cay. The allies used the island for a secret training camp during the World War II after which the ownership was handed to L. A Meister in October 1979.

A massive storm in 1991 was responsible for the division of the island in two. From 1993, Dolphin encounters began at the Bahama’s Blue lagoon, which is one of the most attractive tourist views at the destination. After the addition of the dolphins sea lions were also added to the habitat of the lagoons which were rescued from their former place of being. These lions have also been a great source of natural and cultural variety at the lagoon for the visitors and the media.

images (3)

The dolphin encounters started from two Atlantic bottlenose dolphins after which six others were added after which the commercial dolphin encounters started. They are spread over three acres and to a dept of about 25 feet, with modern technologies for the natural habitat of the dolphins. Many Hollywood movies have been shot to capture the habitat of these dolphins and a regular feature of these has been on many famous TV channels. The Universal studios work the” flipper” and “Holiday in the sun” have witnessed these bottlenose creatures show their features on big screens. The dolphins have also been a part of the educational exercise of the local schools and some underprivileged kids wherein programs like Make-A-Wish and others are implemented.

Not only the dolphins have been telecasted worldwide but also the sea lions have shown their talent on the screen in the movies like “Andre and “Slappy and the stinkers”. Both these animals have been featured uncountable times on the television by different countries teams and production units.

A planned vacation to the lagoon shall be a mesmerizing event for the tourist as it not only provides scenic beauty on the island but also to the neighboring Nassau’s historic harbor. This beach is unspoiled and provides calm and composite temperament to the visitors. The project B.E.A.C.H and the dolphin encounters have been awarded by the Bahamas’ Tourism Ministry .They have been continuously voted as one of the top Bahamas attractions over the past years since 1989.

images (1)

Adding to the list of the attractions at the lagoon next comes the Entrance tower by which every tourists is struck and which provides them with a view of the island from the top along with other scenic beauties surrounding the island. One of the former versions of the tower was deviated by a strong wind after which Howard Shaw got it reconstructed with immense modification in materials, components and architecture. A Cannon that point to a three miles away rose garden is placed next to the entrance gate. A remarkable ceremony of the reopening of the gate was planned for which dignitaries from all over the world showed up which was also witnessed by a pirate and his mimic.

The island has witnessed an amalgamation of esteemed guests on its soil covering people from all backgrounds of life. Like Author Anne morrow Lindbergh, who wrote the book’s part “Gifts from the Sea” on the island, Numerous European Earls, American luminaries like James Thurber, Arthur crock and many more to add to the list. To spend some quality time amongst the marine animals some famous TV and radio stars, screen and stage queens and heroes have also visited the island. The author H.Shar McCutcheon named the island “A Family Island “ in his book with the same name.

The major drawback of the lagoon during the late 1970’s was the communication medium through which boats and ships were to be scheduled and called for any visitor, but gradually as the lagoons sixth and current owner, L. A Meister, took in charge he helped the lagoon maintain its dignity in this domain also.

Places like Blue lagoon have been a great source to keep the scenic beauty intact and maintain the love for nature for all the citizens of the world. Approximately two million tourists have visited the Bahamas to participate with these wonderful bottlenose creatures and the dolphin encounters have been a great source of education and entertainment with a safe environment.

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The Beautiful Peninsula of Southern Europe: Italy

The Beautiful Peninsula of Southern Europe: Italy


The Beautiful Peninsula of Southern Europe, Italy, has been the ultimate manifestation of beauty, art, civilization, republic, society and together with Greece the founder of Western Culture and Ethics. A country whose landscape is as diverse as the number of rulers at have ruled its lands, whose history is perhaps one of the most decorated and widely written about in the world, whose cuisines tantalize taste buds all over the world, whose fashion and automobile industry are the benchmark of luxury and whose artists have given the world perhaps the greatest specimens of human intelligence and creativity Italy has been the grail from which Western Civilization has drunk much of its ideological inspiration.

images download (1)

Humans from the Paleolithic ages have inhabited the mountains and plains of this great peninsular region, first recorded foot prints of mankind were found to be some 200,000 years old making it one of the first regions where our forefathers from Africa settled in along with the Neanderthals of Western Europe. The very first Neolithic civilizations sprang their roots in the region through the many indigenous tribes of the area such as the Etruscans, the Elymians and the Sicani in Sicily, there settlements were largely uprooted and their people assimilated by the constant invasion of the Indo-Europeans who came to be known as the real Italics some of them were the Latins, the Umbrians, the Volsci and the Samnites. Etruscans were the first to establish a full-fledged civilization in the region during the 6th century B.C with their culture highly influenced by the Greeks who had already established colonies in southern Italy.

The agricultural fields of Rome which were largely an independent area became an informal city by 753 B.C, the people of this greatest city of all came to dominate much of the western civilization for centuries to come with the Roman Empire coming to occupy one of the largest land empires ever in the history of mankind. The Roman Empire at its Golden zenith contributed to much of the glory of this great country that tourist from all parts of the world come to witness.  Post the decline and eventual division of the Roman Empire into the Byzantium and Western Roman Empire, Italy slumped into a period of cultural and intellectual decline known as the Dark Ages. Post the fall of the Byzantium Empire in the 14th century, Rome and much of Italy was flooded by artists of great repute who changed the course of Italian culture, literature and arts bringing out of its paralyses and giving us the beautiful heritage as a result of it this period became famous as the Renaissance of Western Civilization.


A country as diverse in its geography as it is in its history, Italy’s geography is full of mountains, plains, coastal regions and the lakes of course. The country is largely dominated by the Apennine Mountains and The Alps in its Northern territory with its highest points coming at Mont Blanc at around 4,810 m which also the highest point in European continent. The Italian Alps and the Apennine regions make for beautiful sightseeing as well as skiing destination during the winters. The snow covered land is one of the reasons why its nicknamed Bel Paese. The country by virtue of being a peninsula has a long coastline which runs some 7,600 kilometers which provide for some of the most stunning beaches and coastal towns in all of Europe. The Mediterranean part of the coast is suppose to be a ‘thing of beauty’, a place that has for centuries inspired artists be it painters or poets through its ravishing beauty.


Culture and Italy are synonyms for each other; the country as a result of being divided into various regions throughout its history up until its unification in 1861 has been able to develop a very unique mix of cultural elements from each region so as to give us a ravishing canvas of everything Italian. Italian culture and art has been the inspiration for Western Civilization for ages. Its contribution to architecture, theatre, painting and music as well as food is perhaps unmatched by any other country in the western hemisphere. The fact that it is home to the largest numbers of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 49 to be exact, is a testament to the heritage that centuries of talent has left us. Monuments such as the Coliseum, the Florence Cathedral, the Milan Cathedral, the Sistine Chapel and many more are inspiration for artists even in this age.


Among the cities of Italy Rome comes first on any list due to its shire cultural and historical presence in Italian history and politics, the city is blessed with some of the greatest architectural marvels of Europe. Next up is the demolished ancient city of Pompeii which is one of the most visited sites in all of Europe with some 2 million visitors every year, the well preserved city is a great peek into the great history of the people of this peninsula. Another famous city, a dream for all the romantics out there is the breathtaking city of Venice which is a must visit for anyone traveling to Italy. Other famous cities include Milan – the fashion capital of the world, Genoa – the gastronomic capital, Florence – the cradle of Renaissance, Naples and Sicily. Besides all the attractive landscape and the historical sites, Ital is also heaven for food lovers with Italian food tickling the taste buds of millions all over the world the country which gave us pizza is a brilliant place to eat and eat. One can find some great Italian food in the many famous street side cafes and stalls which together make for the romance of being in Italy.