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The City of Waterfalls and Flawless Natural Beauty – Skogar

The City of Waterfalls and Flawless Natural Beauty – Skogar

Skogar is a village situated in South Iceland known for the waterfalls, Skogafoss, on the river Skoga. Skogar is surrounded by amazingly beautiful location near the spectacular waterfalls Skogafoss. These waterfalls springs from top of a craggy cliff that is at around 60 meters away. Another famous place of Skogar is the museum, Skogasafn, which is open all the year around.

There are many other stunning waterfalls on the upstream of Skoga River one of which is Kvernusfoss falls. Skogar was highly influenced by the explosion of a volcano named Eyjafjalla in 2010.


Here the museum name Skogar Folk Museum conserves the heritage and tradition of the place through a beautiful gathering of handicraft, manuscripts, books, documents, and a variety of tools, old buildings and equipments. One of the key point of the museum is the construction of various old farmhouses where visitors can see the place how people of Iceland lived in the past. A new Museum of Transport was also opened by the Museum in 2002. It enhances the history of transportation, technology and communication in Iceland along with the history of electrification and postal services in Iceland in the 19th and 20th century.

When it comes to restaurants and food courts for the visitors of Skogar, there is a place called Café Skogar, famous for its pleasant selection of sandwiches, Icelandic soups, home baked cakes and muffins are some of the most popular of the café for both snack and lunch.

Skogar is an amusing scenic place in the south coast of Iceland which arise from an ancient agreement of more than 1000 years ago, which lays the foundation of the hotel Edda Skogar. The hotel is surrounded with the giant glacier Eyjafjallajokull and black sand beaches which provides a contrast to the green sheet of Skogar forests.  Other natural attractions nearby hotels in Skogar village are Dydholaey sea arch and Skogafoss waterfall. Various other activities which happen around the hotel are glacier hiking, snowballs thrills, horse riding, bird watching, folk museum and lot more. One can also have a refreshing evening walk till the top of the Skogarfoss waterfalls which are around 183 steps away. There is a spectacular view of Antarctica at the nearest land near the South Pole.

Skogar is also not an unusual name for the schools which were inaugurated in the year 1949. The buildings of schools were used as summer hotel. The authority responsible for the schools is the same that were for the communication and traditional folk museums of Skogar. The initiator of the foundation of the schools was also the supervisor of the folk museums who was also responsible for the maintenance and development of the place for around 60 years. Still the place is managed well and entertains the tourists of the place. Various old houses and church are being reconstructed on the foundation of museum. The church represents the mirror image for the old churches of the country in which decorations inside are old artefacts from bygone churches. In 1998, the church was being blessed by the Bishop Luther. The place was without a single church of its own for approximately two and a half century. There is also an alluvial plain south in Skogar which gives a hope to change the sandy deserts and grey gravels into lush green fauna and to spot harbour seals dipping in the water.


The perfectly fashioned rectangular waterfalls of Skogar have a width of 25 meter and drop with a 60 meter stream and these features of the waterfalls make it the favourite waterfalls of Julie. High volume of water stream makes it a thunder which fabricates a mist which yields a sheet like a rainbow that adds the allure to its scenery. These factors make these falls a dream in sunny skies for a painter and a photographer. The waterfalls are so popular because of the reason that it was easy to access. So it was not a big surprise to see mass of visitors to see the waterfalls. The place is popular also for its camping activity. It is a fantabulous waterfalling experience of getting so closely near the base of the waterfall. When we track to the official path along the cliff the waterfall not only gives the precarious top down views of falls abuts also the views of the Atlantic Ocean. Further going towards the Trail of Skoga River we can also go through many more beautiful waterfalls.

During morning sunrays falls on the waterfalls, we will have a beautiful view of rainbow in the waterfalls which will cherish the hearts of artists as well as visitors of the place. If you are lucky enough, then we have a nice photo of blue skies with Skogofoss and coloured rainbow. The waterfalls of Icelands are totally surrounded by forests so these are named Skogofoss which means forests that’s why these are also called as forest falls. The forests are not very green these days but the place has a rich fauna at one point of time. The waterfalls are particularly situated at Ring Road which is about 105 km east of the town Selfoss and in the west of Kirkjubaejarklaustur.

The Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney Amusement Park

The Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney Amusement Park

Expedition Everest is a very entertaining and adventurous roller coaster ride in the Animal Kingdom of the Walt Disney Amusement Park in Florida. It was announced on 22nd April, 2003 and three years later it was inaugurated in a grand opening ceremony on 7th April 2006. It took six years for its planning and construction. The Expedition Everest is made up of 5000 tons of Steel. The Expedition Everest is not the most aggressive and threatening ride of Walt Disney but it definitely is adventurous and fun. It is considered as one of the family attractions, suitable and commodious for children, teens and adults.

The theme of the Expedition Everest is based on the legend of a creature named Yeti guarding the ancient mountains of the Himalayas. Yeti is believed to be a snowman found in the region of Nepal and Tibet, taller than an average human.The story says that the ancient snowman guards the sacred places of the Himalayas and should not be disturbed or no one is spared from its wrath and fury. Features like Fastpass and Single Rider Line is available in the ride. The Fastpass allows the rider to avoid waiting in long lines and allows them to enjoy other rides and attractions during the wait time period. The capacity of the ride is about 2050 riders per hour. The duration of the ride is for about two minutes and fifty seconds.


The journey of this ride starts from the office of a fictional travel agency named “Himalayan escapes”, then they reach an old tree warehouse which has an old museum known as “The Yeti Museum” run by Professor Pumba Dorjay which showcases artifacts from Nepal showing their culture and traditions, the facts about Yeti and its footprints thus warning the riders of the monster and the coming potential dangers they are about to encounter. The guests of the Single Rider Line can skip this part of museum and exhibition. After the museum, the real adventure begins when the riders board the train from Anandapura Rail Service at the model village of Serka Zong.  The train was initially used to transport tea but is now used to deliver guests to the foot of Mount Everest. It is given the look of an old steam engine. It runs at a maximum speed of 50 km per hour both forward and backward.

The ride starts through a quite village and bamboo forests with twittering birds and beautiful sceneries all around. The area is decorated with bright flags and colours, the indigenous plants and wilderness and other native things of Nepal. A lot of research, time and thought have been put into it by the designing and the creative team of Walt Disney. It is indeed very beautiful and fascinating to watch. Besides the beauty, the setting also involves various perilous warnings of the danger that lies ahead. Despite of that the train advances to the forbidden mountain which is said to be the domain of the fearful Yeti.

The train then ascends the mountain which is 200 feet tall. It passes through a raided temple which has the carvings and paintings of the yeti thus confirming his existence to the riders and that it is not a myth. The height of the ride is about 112 feet. The train ascends the mountain through a bridge connecting the mountain and the village. The view of the park from such a height is amazing. The train goes through circles of path surrounded by glaciers valleys and finally reaches the peak of the mountain where it enters a dark and frightening cave. When it finally emerges from the cave, the riders witness the track being broken and torn apart presumably by the Yeti. Thus, having no other way to go forward the train retreats and starts going in the backward direction through another spiral way. When the train again enters the dark cave, it comes to a halt and a large Yeti is seen damaging and tearing apart more tracks in fury as his territory is being violated. The Yeti then seems to plunge upon the riders but the train escapes and continues to move forward and exits the cave. The train descends to about 80 feet where it enters another cave where the shadow and the shrieks of another Yeti could be witnessed again. The lightening and the sound effects here are incredible. The train finally emerges from the cave and returns to the station and the adventure ends.

The ride seems to be very fascinating and wonderful and a treat which one must give to himself but a certain safety precautions must be kept in mind before going for it. Pregnant ladies are strictly prohibited to go to this adventure ride. A person should be in good physical and mental health. A person suffering from heart disease or blood pressure problem is advised not to take this ride. People suffering from motion sickness may encounter vomiting, nausea or dizziness.

The Expedition Ride is listed in the Guinness book of Records as the most expensive roller coaster built in the world. Its cost is estimated to about US $ 100 million. Its USP is that it can travel in both forward and backward direction in a single ride. Contrary to popular belief it is not the tallest point in Florida, it is the tallest artificial artifact of Florida. It is one of the finest specimens of the story telling ability of Walt Disney and the special effects it could create.

Empire State Building- The Desire of Man To Reach Zenith

Empire State Building- The Desire of Man To Reach Zenith

The empire state building is a 103 floors skyscraper (a tall commercial building) in New York city of USA. Its height is 1,250 feet (381 meters), and 1,454 feet (443.2 m) high including antenna .The name empire state is taken from the city name new york( the empire state) the nickname of the city.it stood as the world tallest building for 40 years from 1931 to 1970 after the construction of world trade centre. Which was attacked and destroyed by a terrorist group in  September 11 , 2001.now empire state building become tallest building  again in new york city until One world trade centre reach a tallest height on 30 April 2012.the empire state building is now the fourth tallest skyscraper in USA after One world trade centre, Wills tower, Trumph international hotel. The empire state building is the 23rd tallest building in world ( Burj khalifa in Dubai is the tallest)










The empire state building is thought as a America culture icon. It is designed in art deco style, and named as seven wonders of the modern world by the American society of civil engineers.   It is the no1 favourite Architecture  in America according to AIA . The Empire State Building was designed by architectural firm Shreve, Lamb and Harmon and the designer was  William F. Lamb . Lamb produced the architectural drawing of building in just two weeks by using the earlier knowledge of designing for the Reynolds Building in Winston-Salem ,North Caroline . Every year the staff of the Empire State Building pay homage to its role in construction of empire state building by sending a father day card to staff at the Reynold building in WINSTON-SALEM. The contractor of building construction were  The Starrett Brothers and Eken and this dream project was financed by  John J. Raskob and Pierre S. du Pont . The construction company was owned by  Alfred E. Smith, a Governor of New York and building material supplied by James Farley’s General Builders Supply Corporation .








Excavation on the site was started on 22 January 1930nd construction on the building started on 17 march .This project   involve 3,400 workers in which most were immigrants from Europe along with 100 of Mohawk iron workers. According to official account 5 workers died accidently during work. During the time of construction there was an intense competition of making the world tallest building. Two other building were also in the race of tallest building naming , 40 Wall Street and the Chrysler Building , each of this two building held title for less than a year and after the completion of Empire state it took the crown. The construction took 410 days instead of taking 18 month it completed in 15 month. The Empire state building opened on  May 1, 1931 by president of America at that time  Herbert Hoover by turning on the light of building. the building is completed in one year and 45 days.








The Empire state building was the first building in world history to have 102 floor including a 62  metre pinnacle. Its full height reaches 442.09 metre. The building has 85 floors of commercial and office use ,with an outdoor observation deck on 86th floor. The remaining 12 floors are art-deco tower , covered by a 102th floor of observatory .Atop it consist of a pinnacle consisting of broadcasting tower and a light rod. Building has 6,500 windows and 73 elevators(64 elevators are located in centre core and remaining are service elevators) with 1,860 stairs from ground .It takes less than a min to go to 85th floor. The total floor area of Empire state building  is 2,768,591 sq. ft (257,211 m2), and the base  2 acres (8,094 m2). The building have 1,000 businesses and has its own Zip code 10118. According to 2007 record, the building has 21,000 employ making the Empire building as the second largest office after pentagon.








The building has 113 km of pipe, 760,000 m of electric wire, it is heated by low pressure steam and require a 12 k.pa. of steam pressure to do so. The Empire state building has one of the most beautiful outdoor view from its deck at 86th floor. Its deck offers a 360 degree view of the outer world. There is a second observation floor at the 102th floor which was closed after 1999 and reopened in 2005. The empire state building make more money from tickets for observatory deck than rents from the office.

In 1964 flood lights were added to decorate the building and special colors are chosen according to festivals and events. after the eightieth birthday of Frank Sinatra the building was illuminated with blue light to represent the singer nickname where at the death of actress  Fay Wray (King Kong) the building change to complete darkness for 15 min .The flood light illuminate the building in to red , blue, after the attack at world trade centre. During 2012 the building metal halide lamps was replaced by  led lights.

Nature’s Miraculous Power- The Krimml Waterfalls

Nature’s Miraculous Power- The Krimml Waterfalls

The falling water means the waterfalls give you implausible sight of the nature’s magical move of the water. If those waterfalls falls from the long height gives you more and more incredible view of the miraculously flowing water. And for those who love water will definitely want to visit the highest waterfall of the world. So here let’s visit this phenomenal waterfall of Europe-the Krimml waterfall. The Krimml waterfalls are the highest waterfalls of the Europe.


The Krimml waterfall of Austria is one of the highest waterfalls of Europe with thrilling motion of water in the three stages with the total height of 380 meters. The source of the waterfalls is the Krimml River and gently it flows through a paddock before it falls as sub glacial stream. With a 10 minute walk on the cemented path that is mounted from the WaterWonderWorld by Austrian Alpine Association. Then again with the 1-hour walk through the waterfall path finally takes you to the highest waterfall and that scene gives you extravagant views of the rumbling masses of water.


Knowing about the way to Krimml waterfalls some of you would might have thought of backing out from visiting there. But wait, if you actually thinking so, the way to waterfalls is not at all difficult when you go there with the dazzling sceneries around. The Hohe Tauern National Park gives you great background scene for your photographs when climbing from the village of Krimml to Central Europe’s Krimml waterfalls through the territory of Salzburg state.

Then about half an hour walk above the Salzach valley from the southern end of the village, takes you to the lower falls which is the first view point of the falls. Then going further to Riemannkanzel takes you the second stage of the Krimml waterfalls where you actually realize the magical power of water. And then 5 minutes walk from there finally takes to the destination means the third and topmost view of the waterfall. And in between the journey to your destination, the Schoenangerl restaurant at 4,216 ft is perfect break point as it gives you best view of the Bergerblick which the top of the falls. And due to tectonic shifts the earth is pushed and a high distance is created to the bottom of the falls. Once you are finished with the sight view of the waterfalls then you must visit the Aquatic theme park which is adjacent to falls and that portray the myriad forms of water.

History of Krimml Waterfalls


Europe’s highest waterfall has a great history behind it. It has won a numerous awards over the centuries. The Krimml waterfalls won the European Nature Conservation Award. In 1845, the Baedak Travel proudly declared the falls as “the monarchy’s most beautiful waterfalls behind Krimml”. And already earlier in 1796, Krimml waterfalls were called as “the biggest and most magnificent natural spectacle in the state of Salzburg”. And until then access to those waterfalls was not possible. But later, in 1879 the young Alpine Association decided to build a footpath with the bridges and platforms in three stages. And finally in the same year the new path to the falls was opened. But only after the completion of the Pinzgau Railroad line in 1967, the visitors started visiting the waterfalls.

The Power of Water


The fifth highest waterfalls have the tremendous force of water when it falls. The power of the water with which it falls from its source the Krimml River is just mesmerizing. The River has catchment area of 110 square kilometers along with 23 glaciers.

The water carrying capacity of the Krimml River is seasonal dependent and mostly it carries between 10 and 83 cubic centimeters of water per second. And on average day at the time of glacier melting period from to August water carrying capacity varies between 20 and 35 cubic meters per second. On late afternoon more and more water plunges into valley as in noon snow starts melting and sometimes creates a flood situation.  And also it leads to ebb tide to prevail. The morning glaciers do not provide much water to the valley due to icy cold nights.

The Krimml Achen valley and waterfalls both were made protected by creating Hohe Tauren National park in 1984.  If you are interested to watch the powerful force of the nature then best view can be seen from the “Wasserfallblick” parking lot which is alongside the Gerlos Alpine Road or you can directly go to Waterfall Trail.

Waterfalls and the Health:


Krimml Waterfalls do not have magical power just in their view but it has miraculous power implanted in the water itself. As many researchers have proved that the Krimml valley’s water works as remedy for the people in the close propinquity. The millions of negatively charged ions from water help in the stimulation of the immune system which leads to improvement in the functioning of the respiratory system and pulmonary arteries. As these charge particles are accountable for the cleansing effects of the lungs which leads to the suggestive and immunological improvement.

The waterfall have been proven best for the people suffering from Asthma and allergies as they suffer majorly because of the lungs non cleansing and that is overcome with the help of these charged particles. In fact due to its remedial water the Krimml Waterfalls are declared as health and spa center. So the along with the finest view waterfall also gives you health compliment too.

Maldives : The Perfect Venue for Holidays

Maldives : The Perfect Venue for Holidays

The Maldives ground is found on high of the Chagos-Maldives-Laccadive Ridge, an enormous submarine range of mountains within the ocean. Maldives additionally kind a terrestrial ecoregion along side the Chagos and also the Lakshadweep.The Maldives atolls comprehend a territory contact roughly ninety thousand sq. kilometres (35,000 sq meter), creating the country one in every of the world’s most geographically spread. Its population of 328,536 inhabits one92 of its 1,192 islands. In 2006, Maldives’ capital and largest town Malé, placed at the southern fringe of North Malé coral reef, had a population of 103,693. Malé is one in every of the Maldives’ body divisions and, historically, it had been the “King’s Island” wherever the traditional Maldive royal dynasties were enthroned.The Maldives is that the smallest country in each population and area. With a mean ground level elevation of fifteen metres on top of water level, it’s the planet’s lowest country. It’s additionally the country with rock bottom natural highest purpose within the world. Forecasts of Maldives’ inundation could be a nice concern for the Asiatic individuals.

South Nilandhe, Maldives






You initially expertise the sweetness of the Maldives from the air. Flying over this dry land, they say, can’t be replicated anyplace else. You see plenty of ocean, of course. In between, there area unit tiny patches of vegetation—the islands. Around every of them area unit the sensational rings of white sand, then inexperienced waters, then green-blue deeper waters and so still-deeper turquoise blue. Ringed reefs area unit a Asiatic speciality.

The Maldives may be a place with no rivers and hills, and really little or no land, however no matter precious very little land there is—in its nearly one,200 islands, on twenty six atolls unionised during a double chain, all a part of a coral reef—makes you forget all else. concerning 200 islands area unit colonised by native residents and quite 100 of the once-uninhabited islands area unit currently luxury resorts.






Here, once they say ‘luxury island resort’, they don’t say it gently. every resort has associate degree island to itself. And on the island, the business of luxury is carried on fully earnest. Constance, a Mauritius-based cluster, runs 2 island resorts within the Maldives—Moofushi and Halaveli. In all, the cluster has seven resorts, dead the Indian Ocean—in Mauritius, Madagascar, Seychelles and also the Maldives.


Moofushi and Halaveli—like most islands within the Maldives—are tiny, very small. you’ll walk the outer boundary leisurely in but  associate degree hour. Moofushi has area enough to hold 2 restaurants, two bars, a gym, a spa, a swimming bath, a dive centre, 2 beaches and beach villas. Long limb-like appendages extend from the island: on concrete stilts, picket walkways cause rows of water villas on the open ocean. Halaveli accommodates, besides 2 restaurants and a bar, a court toward land. Its spa and also the fine-dining Asian eating place area unit out on the ocean among the water villas.







The beach villas, particularly the double-storeyed ones at Halaveli, hide behind tropical trees their gardens-with-pools, their out-of-door loos and their air of Mediterranean lightness. But for me, the place to remain is that the water villa. The Indian Ocean rolls below you, the space opens bent on a deck associate degreed an endless expanse of blue. You wear a preserver and a snorkel and walk down the steps to mention how-do-you-do to the coral and also the visiting fish. The sky changes all day and there’s a bottle at hand.


At Constance, they need the appurtenances in situ for you to place your feet up and find completely spoiled. You book your keep here, reach Malé flying field and provides up all worries. They receive you, take you to their flying field lounge, refresh you, feed you, transfer you by seaplane, welcome you at the resort, provide you with your daily bread (and food and cheese and dish and fruit) and wine (and brewage and hard liquor and cocktails), place the Asiatic ocean and sand and sun at your disposal, and allow you to be—to gaze open-mouthed at the immenseness of the sweetness on provide. The read from the seaplane is brilliant, as is that the sand on the beach, the color of the lagune, the proximity to the water, snorkelling and diving within the coral, chilled piña colada before time of day, the range of culinary art, obtaining a massage whereas searching to the open ocean, heaps of personal area.







Even with of these similarities, Moofushi and Halaveli provide completely different experiences. As you enter Moofushi, it asks you to depart your footwear associate degreed your world behind and offers an wide package that has transfer by seaplane from Malé flying field, all meals and snacks and drinks, as well as a spread of drinks and cocktails and a few wines, minibar, a seafaring excursion, associate degree off-shore snorkelling trip and a lot of. Halaveli, in Constance group’s jargon, is associate degree ‘Ultimate’ expertise, a lot of upmarket  (for some, a lot of high-strung too). No wide package here. a lot of personal space—bigger villas, personal plunge pools altogether villas, a-la-carte meals, fine-dining eating place, area service, court. So it proves an ideal venue if you want to celebrate your holidays in eternal relaxation.

The Lavishly Aromatic and Spicy Cuisine of Sri Lanka

The Lavishly Aromatic and Spicy Cuisine of Sri Lanka

The teardrop-shaped island of the Sri Lanka  has been a stopover for ships, drawing merchants from the center East, Persia and geographical area, UN agency brought with them their distinctive cookerys and change of state styles; its cookery is additionally influenced by Malabar moreover as Tamil cuisine. At breakfast there are hoppers (anglicized name for appam) made up of hard rice batter with a touch of palm mixed drink and coconut milk served in a very myriad ways in which with eggs and meat, moreover as pittu made up of rice flour, historically steamed in a very hollow bamboo, and eaten up with coconut milk dribbled thereon. The island’s signature dish is, of course, ‘rice and curry’—sometimes amid as several as fifteen aspect dishes galvanized by the Indonesian nasi padang.  Each meal comes with rice—usually rice medium in coconut milk. Coconut sambol may be a firm favorite throughout the island, a zesty paste of ground coconut and chilies, and lime juice; variants embrace katta sambol created with curry leaves, and therefore the sweet-and-sour seeni sambol created with onions. Rice and curry is usually served with lemonlike acharu (pickle created with pearl onions, carrots, turnips and cauliflower florets soaked in vinegar with mustard, turmeric and garlic). Another Sri Lankan staple, mallum or mallung—chopped greens and chilies, seasoned with ginger, red onions and a sprinkling of coconut—provides the vitamins to a meal loaded with carbs and protein!

Sri lanka







Part of the traditional Spice Route, land uses spices extensively in its cuisine: fragrant fenugreek and cardamom, cloves and cinnamon, and therefore the long and slightly nutty-flavoured pandan leaves (screwpine leaf)—often remarked because the ‘vanilla of Asia’ thanks to  its lovely aroma—are all hallmarks of the country’s cookery. Ceylon seasoner, created with roast coriander, cumin, fenugreek, cardamom and fennel seeds, contains a distinctive color and aroma. Once walking round the region Galle Fort, have a meal at Mama’s Roof Café, that has wide  views of the Indian Ocean, the fort and therefore the musjid. Their lemonlike mango curry with rice and Sri Lankan drinkable is price making an attempt.

Amangalla is another attractive feature. It is a colonial heritage property with polished wood floors and sepia prints on walls inside the Dutch Fort in Galle. The pamphlet guarantees Pine Tree State ‘the copiousness of smells and tastes complementing nobility field views.’ The change of state category starts with a visit to the 300 year previous lined Dutch Market. There are totally different material clay pots for various varieties of cooking—deep ones for rice; longer, shallower ones for curries; and even smaller ones for serving. “Many folks on the island are followers of the writing, wherever food is checked out as the way of life and has medicative properties. “Our recipes ar fast ones. Since it’s such a hot island, food tends to spoil quickly”, say the cook overseeing the change of state category.







There is a practising of scraping coconut on a standard hand tool to form a fiery sambol with chillies, lime and herbs, prepare the mallum, and create a lemonlike, taboulleh-like dish with gotukola leaves (Centella Asiatica). Gottukola is extremely sensible for memory and therefore the mind. It will increase longevity and intelligence.

Back in capital of Sri Lanka, for a whiff of one thing totally different, you can  visit the Cricket Club Café full of record together with bonkers, balls, gloves and shoes utilized by noted cricketing personalities. You may really like the posters, previous newspaper clippings and sepia pictures on the walls. The food on the menu is eclectic and names once cricketers—Murali’s soup, Sobers’s fry and Miandad’s mango magic. The aromas that waft out as you expose the banana leaf are nearly intoxicating, attracting the eye of diners at neighbour tables!







My last meal in land is underneath the huge cover of associate ancient banian within the Cinnamon Grand in capital of Sri Lanka. within the heart of the edifice, and accessed via a slim path lit by coconut husk torches, is Nuga Gama, wrapped sort of a typical Sri Lankan village. Ancient music on flute and drums, sarong-wearing employees and food served in clay pots underneath awnings product of timber and clay—my final brush with native cookery. i really like the style of the jackfruit curry with chillies, turmeric and coconut milk. Tea is served in a very blackened previous kettle with small glasses. There’s even a kade, marketing fruits, sweets, and home items.

The eating expertise that I cherished the foremost, however, was one night in Amanwella, once a table was set for simply my partner and Pine Tree State on a candle-lit stretch of beach. Bowls of curry associated rice amid an array of grilled vegetables unbroken returning to the table. With the waves overlapping at our feet and therefore the solely sounds being that of the wind against the coconut palms, this was region food at its best! Thus it can be truly called as the island and spices. The variety offered here is elite and exquisite. Thus it is the best place where trade meets the taste. It is an advice for all the readers to visit the place at least once.

Georges Du Verdon – Deep, Picturesque, Beautiful River Canyon France

Georges Du Verdon – Deep, Picturesque, Beautiful River Canyon France

The Gorges the verdon is a river canyon  in south-eastern france.it is considered as  one of most  beautiful in Europe. It is a twenty five km long and seven hundred meters deep. It was formed  by  Verdon river  and it was named by its  blue- green colour. It is a equivalent to grand canyon .Its wonderful    view is seen when travelling between Riviera and central province. The most incredible view is between the towns Castellane   and  Moustiers-Sainte-Marie where a crowd of tourists  can be seen. At the end The Verdon river joins an artificial lake of  Sainte-Croix-du-Verdon. Because of its beauty , the Gorge is popular with tourist ,travelling along its rim and by enjoying the river flow by boats .The limestone wall all around the river , attract many rock climbers . The total length of river is 40 km, including the 20-km reign of the canyon from the Pont de Soleis to the town of Aiguines. The most amazing experience is driving along N85, a lovely forested  roads . The Gorges du Verdon is continental Europe’s largest canyon with  vertical limestone cliffs with heights up to 600-700 meters. It can be easily accessible from Nice or Cannes by car and a drive through takes a couple of hours depending on how many stops one makes.   It contains steep slopes,  bath in fresh water (in summer), great views throughout the whole journey and a small dark cave to go through at the end of the hike.









During the Triassic period, this region   subsided and was covered by the sea, that deposited a thick layer of limestone. Many million years later, during the Jurassic period, this area was covered by a warm shallow sea in which various Corals grow. Due to large-scale geological activity, the limestone deposits during  Jurassic period fractured, creating relief with valleys and other beautiful parts which can be seen now. The Verdon canyon is mainly originated from this era. The river Verdon originated from col d’Allos hill in the Trois Eveches , and after travelling a distance of 175 kilometre it joins the river Durance near vinon-sur-verdon. The river passes through the lac de sainte-croix between Castellane and the Pont du galetas, formed by a Dam of the same name. Earlier the village les salles-sur-verdon in that area was evacuated to construct the dam before flooding the area in 1973.A modern and much better settlement was reconstructed higher up the valley called   Les Salles-sur-Verdon and it is known as the youngest village in France. The Verdon Gorge is narrow and quite deep, with a depth of 250-700 meters and width of 6-100 meters,It is 200-1500 meters wide from one side to other at summit. Five Dams are constructed on the Verdon river from Castellane and Gréoux-les-Bains. The names of dams are taken from the village over which it is built after flooding them like Lac de Castillon, which was constructed by flooding the village of the same name.








The Verdon is one of the most beautiful Canyon in Europe and an intense tourist spot during summer days. The river sparkling  turquoise  colour originated from the glacial source and minerals of the rock floor suspended in water give touching view. It is easily to reach on its right bank from the north (through route D952 from Castellane to Moustiers-Sainte-Marie), and to its left bank  when moved from south (through routes D71, D90 and D955 from Aiguines to Castellane).The southern route offer a great view of  Col d’Illoire, summits of Plein Voir, le Pavillon,  la cime de Barbin, le Mourre de Chanierm,  and the Saint-Croix reservoir. When the road passes through the  Tunnel du Fayet, which give the traveller a great view of architecture .The route D90 passes through a bridge spanning over Jabron river (a subpart of Verdon)  in the same way there are Museum and Tourist bureau . The famous hikes in Gorge are.. Le sentier de Martel, Le sentier de l’Imbut , Le sentier du Bastidon, Le belvédère de Rancoumas par le pont de Tusset.. The most among these, the Sentier Martel, was created  in 1928 by the Touring Club de France. It was named in honour of the explorer Édouard-Alfred Martel  in  1930. Martel was an employee of southeast electricity company and he had visited Verdon in 1905.He carried out massive geological survey of the Verdon river. On august 11 , he and his team started a exploration of Verdon river and near by place by boat and on foot. They discovered a narrow corridor and  Martel named it “Styx.”. When they arrived at Imbut ( “narrow” ), Martel wanted to stop the exploration, but his team members encouraged him to continue the work. Martel team reached canyon and discovered many passage and rock cliffs and after all work they reached at the Pas de Galetas and shared the exploration of their exploration. After that many expedition began with Martel and others which led to the discovery of many sites in Verdon.. All though Gorge verdon is one of most famous place one most visit .








It is an exotic natural beauty for people to visit. The experience is cherished for the lifetime.  It is a must visit for people who seek adventure and are looking forward to adventure.

Sydney Opera House – The Epitome Of Magnificence

Sydney Opera House – The Epitome Of Magnificence

When we talk about tourist’s spots of the world, there is an endless list of monuments, gardens, temples, beaches and heritage sites. Inspite of this the list is so incomplete without mentioning about Opera House, the heart of Australia. It is one of the most famous tourist’s spot of the world. Opera House is located in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. It is a multi venue performing art centre in Sydney. Its elevation is around 13 feet and architectural style is expressionist, with a series of large precast concrete shells, each composed of sections of a sphere of 75.2 metres in radius, forming the roofs of the structure which is set on a monumental podium. The building covers a huge 1.8 hectares of land and is 183 m long and 120 m wide.







When we look from a distance the shells from which it is constructed look white but actually it is made of subtle chevron pattern and the tiles are composed of two colours, glossy white and matte cream. John Utzon was the main architect of the Opera House whose concert hall has a seating capacity of 2,679 people and the total capacity is around 6000 people. The structure was built in three stages as earlier its construction was demolished. The three stages include: – the podium stage, the roof stage and the interiors. Its construction cost is around 102 million dollar. The Opera House was formally opened by Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen of Australia on 20 October, 1973.








The opening was televised and included fireworks and performances which were immensely amazing and eye captivating. It is supported on 588 concrete piers sunk as much as 25 m below sea level. It took 14 years to construct this beautiful wonder as its construction started on 2 March, 1959 and completed in 1973. It was opened for general public around 40 years ago. It contains the ‘Sydney Opera House Grand Organ’, the largest mechanical tracker action organ in the world, with over 10,000 pipes. In many of its theatres various famous Australian groups and ballets perform and it has a worth of its own worldwide. The concerts and organisational shows held here are extremely renowned and popular and have much of cultural value as well as public appreciation. Many world famous artists have performed here. The building also comprises of retail houses, cafe, restaurant, bars and music studios. Guided tours are available, including a frequent tour of the front-of-house spaces, and a daily backstage tour that takes visitors backstage to see areas normally reserved for performers and crew members. The building is undoubtedly very beautiful and picturesque and is considered to be the heart of Australia. For tourists and travellers alike it is one of the major tourists destination which serve both the forms of giving eyes immense pleasure and the nearby surrounding is also very magnificent. The place looks grand and classy and is considered to be one of the most renowned areas of Sydney.








The place is absolutely beautiful and neat and the building’s aura gives tourists many things to ponder upon. Identified as one of the 20th century’s most distinctive buildings and one of the most famous performing arts centres in the world, the facility is managed by Sydney Opera House Trust, under the auspices of the New South Wales Ministry of the Arts. It became a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 28 June 2007. It is a universally admired masterpiece of the world’s heritage. The saga of beauty that it beholds is so true that we can just imagine by even getting a glimpse of it. According to a survey more than two million people from around the world visits Opera House every year. From the time it was constructed, the building had been a source of admiration for its ecstatic beauty preserving the cultural aura. The Sydney Opera House is an extremely magnificent building, rightfully considered to be one of the wonders of the modern world. It is located at a very prominent location on a peninsula near Sydney’s harbour; it is reminiscent of a ship which is in full sail leaving harbour. The idea for the construction of an opera house arose after the Second World War, when Australians realized that the country lacked a world-class opera house. The opera house put Sydney on the world map, both architecturally and culturally.









The iconic Opera House is a thriving hub of art, culture and history. It is one of the most distinctive buildings of the world. One of the very beautiful things about Opera House is that the sun sets over this stunning triumph of architecture and design. When you will opt for any tour of this famous building you will get an introduction of the history behind this building as well as the events and performances that takes place at its concert hall. The beauty of this monument is totally unquestionable. So, just pack up your bag and take a soothing view of the wonder of the world with family and friends and feel the calmness and beauty of the place as well as the structure.

Paris – The Moveable Feast

Paris – The Moveable Feast

Ernest Hemingway wrote, “If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.” Paris is the capital and most populous city of France with a population of over 22 million. Paris had reached its zenith as a centre of learning and arts by the 12th century and was the largest city in the west until the advent of 18th century.  The city has witnessed centuries of cultural and political evolution in its very lands. Paris served as a focal point in both The French Renaissance and the French Revolution. Over time Paris has established as one of the leading centre for both business and culture influencing the economy, fashion, entertainment, literature, politics and even science. Paris is a city that attracts tourists of all age-groups, of all inclinations from all over the world. The city is studded with iconic masterpieces such as the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. It also houses the 80,000 seat Stade de France which is a stadium built for the 1998 FIFA world cup. Paris is as beautiful as it seems in Woody Allen’s ‘Midnight in Paris.”


Geographically speaking Paris is located in northern central France. It is well connected to London, Brussels and various other cities via road-networks. It comprises of two inhabited islands, the Île Saint-Louis and Île de la Cité located at both banks of the river Siene which adds to its beauty. Paris has a warm and pleasant summer, mild spring and autumn and a cold but bearable winter.


If you plan to visit Paris this year make sure that you have ample amount of time because this city has way too much to offer and you don’t want to miss out on anything. If you are a lover of literature you should begin at the streets around Place de la Contrescarpe. If you have read A Moveable Feast by Hemingway then you’ll be able to recognise those roads as they haven’t changed much. You can see hotels and places inhabited by writers like Hemingway himself, George Orwell and Jack Kerouac. Coffee- houses in Paris have been camping grounds for a lot of great writers. Among these Les Deux Magots and its neighbour Café de Flores are a must see. They were frequented by Hemingway, James Baldwin and Albert Camus. Les Deux Magots has a portrait of Simone de Beauvoir scribbling in a notebook seated in that very café. Other places of literary importance include Maison Victor Hugo which is a small museum to commemorate the works of Victor Hugo and Maison Balzac dedicated to the memory of Balzac.

If you are an art lover you should begin at the Louvre. It houses the famous Mona Lisa by Leanardo da Vinci and the Venus de Milo statue among various other masterpieces. The Louvre is also an interesting piece of architecture. It has a large pyramid made of glass and metal and is surrounded by three smaller pyramids. The bigger pyramid serves as the main entrance. The works of Picasso can be found at the Musée Picasso.

The architecture of the city is subject to regulations related to height and shape of the building since the 17th century.  If you are in Paris on your honeymoon then The Eiffel Tower is the place for you. It is located on the Champ de Mars. With a height of 324 metres it is the highest structure in Paris. The structure consists of restaurants and is decorated by life like models of Gustave Eiffel, the engineer whose company was responsible for building the tower. It is well equipped with lifts to take you through the levels. The Notre Dame Cathedral is another architectural attraction. It lies in the older parts of Paris. It is considered to be the best example of French Gothic architecture and is a prominent church. Hotel des Invalides is a beautiful complex of several buildings and containing museums dedicated of French military history.

To add to its aesthetic charms Paris has various beautiful gardens. Tuileries Garden and the Luxembourg garden are the the oldest of them. Paris houses Operas Houses who feature classic ballets and offer a mixture of classic and modern theatre. For people with a taste in music would like to visit Paris during the Paris Jazz festival and Rock festival.

Any place derives its credibility as a tourist attraction by the quality of cuisines it has to offer. Paris derives its reputation from the haute cuisine, a technical terms for classic and expensive dining, food prepared and presented in a beautiful manner and accompanied by expensive wines. A number of world’s leading chefs like Alan Ducasse who specialize in the French style of dining have opened outlets for people to savour the meals offered.


It is not just the landmarks that matter but also the stray tour which sometime surprises you with the most beautiful of moments. One such tour would be to cruise across the Siene and discover Paris through an entirely new perspective. A walk along the streets of Champs Elysées will appeal to a romantic at heart. It is one of the most popular places for shopping as you will want to bring back souvenirs as token of memory. It is near to Siene so you can come here after you are done with the cruise.

Paris is an extravagant city with a prosperous economy as well as a prosperous culture. Moreover it will dazzle and enlighten you to the very depths of your mind.

Lucknow – The City of Nawabs

Lucknow – The City of Nawabs

Lucknow is the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh in India. The city derives its name from the younger brother Lakshman of Lord Ram in Hindu mythology. It is truly a multifaceted cultural city of the country. India has been known to be the land of cultural diversity and Lucknow is a perfect example of this idea. Lucknow under the reign of Nawabs evolved to be the art and cultural centre of Northern India. The city is a home to architectural masterpieces dating back to the British Raj and even from before it when Nawabs had autonomy over the region. The city has also gifted some extraordinary poets like Javed Akhtar, Kaifi Aazmi and Saif Lakhnavi and politicians like Atal Bihari Vajpayee who served as the Prime Minister of India. It is also home to some famous cricketers such as Suresh Raina and Mohammad Kaif. Lucknow was also an active centre for ‘Khilafat Movement,’ the rebellion against the British and in India’s struggle for independence. The best part of Lucknow is the culinary aspects of it. The food of Lucknow is a must taste for anyone visiting India.  The city serves as the centre of railways for northern India with trains running to all parts of the nation. It also houses ‘Amausi International Airport’ which offers swift conveyance to various major cities. Lucknow is also an education hub as it has an Indian Institute of Management, Institute of Engineering and Technology and King George Medical College.

Gomti river


The city lies in the fertile plain of Ganges and has a tributary Gomti running through it. Though there are no strict boundaries dividing the city but there are regions which are much older than the newly formed metropolitan city. The city is connected via a network of buses and auto-rickshaws running throughout the day. The city is clean as well as green.


If you are visiting Lucknow the first place you’d want to begin at would be ‘Bara Imambara.’ Bara means Big. It is a complex built in 1784 by Asaf-ud-Daula, the then Nawab of Lucknow. The building consists of a mosque, a labyrinth and a step well. It was built during a devastating famine with the sole objective of providing means of employment to the starving people. The building is crafted in Mughal Design, constructed without using any European design or iron. The labyrinth has over 489 identical doorways and is the only existing maze in India and serves as a major tourist attraction.

There is a ‘Chota Imambara,’ Chota meaning small to the west of Bara Imambara. It was built by Nawab Mohammad Ali Shah and comprises of more intricate ornate designs. It has gilt-edged mirrors, silver mimbars and colourful stuccos.  Another architectural marvel of Mughal style is the Jama Masjid, a mosque located to the north-west of the Hussainabad Imambara. Various other architectural marvels of the Nawab Era include the Kaiserbagh Palace, tombs of Saadat Ali and Khurshid Ali, Dilkusha Kothi which was built in gothic style and the Shahnajaf Imambara.

Vidhan Sabha

Coming from the Charbag Railway station you will witness the majestic state legislative assembly built by the British and whose foundation was laid by Sir Harcourt Butler. Near to it you will see The Clock Tower built to mark the arrival of Sir George Couper, who served as the first Lieutenant Governor of the province of Awadh under British Raj. Another example of the British architecture is the Residency, a complex of various buildings. The relevance of the place comes from the fact that it was a battle-ground during the Mutiny of 1857.

Lucknow houses a state museum and zoo under a single complex. The zoo has been developed by the Forest Department and has a deer park and a nursery for one of the endangered species of crocodiles in India. It also has an extensive aviary. The museum houses a lot of artefacts from the Nawab and British period including weaponry and jewellery. It is one of the most visited picnic spot of the city.

National Botanical Research Institute built at the fighting grounds of the first war of independence at Sikanderbagh conducts extensive research in fauna and biotechnology.

The city is also beautified by two enormous parks, Ram Manohar Lohiya Park and Ambedkar Park named after the forerunners of Indian politics in the post-independence period.  Ambedkar Park is decorated with beautiful lighting and has a majestic architecture as well.

ambedkar park

The city has a great culinary culture. The food of Lucknow possesses its own individuality and has been influenced by the Mughal period thus imparting a royal touch to it. The most famous dishes are ‘kormas,’ ‘kababs,’ ‘roomali rotis’ etc.  Some must-eat joints in the city are Dastarkhwan at LalBagh, Ouydhana at Hotel Taj in Gomtinagar and Tundey’s Kababs. If you don’t mind street food pay a visit to Ram Nehari’s Kulcha in the Chowk Bazaar which is an older part of Lucknow. If you must have junk food Lucknow is well furnished with all the major chains like Mc Donald’s, Pizza Hut and Barbeq Nation.


The days in Lucknow are bright while the nights are vibrant. Insomniacs who like to party hard at night could crash in Zero Degree in Gomti Nagar or the Privilege Club at MG Marg. For shopping fanatics Lucknow has a number of malls with all the major brands available. If you feel like bargaining and would like to buy from the street you should visit the Kaiserbagh Market.

The last word is to visit Lucknow and savour its aesthetic charms.