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The Victoria Falls – Nature’s Beauty Untouched

The Victoria Falls – Nature’s Beauty Untouched

Victoria Falls is a waterfall that is located in Southern Africa. It is situated on the Zambezi River at the border covering Zambia and Zimbabwe. A visit to Africa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed waterfall. Victoria Falls is very famous in terms of its beauty. This waterfall offers something or the other for everyone who just wishes to enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and explore their horizons philosophically and ecstatically. It is one of the hottest waterfalls which is ideally recognised as a must go tourist spot serving the very purpose of giving a soothing and calming viewpoint to travellers about the nature and its surroundings.

victoria falls


Sun rays glinted off the lush blue water that seemed like emeralds embedded in the deep blue sea. The beautiful water livelihood and the jubilant atmosphere and people including tourists roam around the length and breadth of the waterfall. The underwater world which has an incredible collection of animals, plants and marine life completely amazes the people. It is a natural waterfall which is about 355 feet high and totally elegant. It has only a single drop and the watercourse is Zambezi River. Here, average flow rate of water 1088 metre cube per sec. Frolicking in the sun and sand, and letting the gorgeous sights ebb away the  city-bred stress, most of the travellers come here to enjoy the picturesque sight-seeing and the lovely waterfall beauty which is just amazing to watch. The gorges below the fall depict the recent geological history of the Victoria Falls. The upper Zambezi River flows over the basalt plateau and it has many large cracks filled with sandstones that are weaker. The largest cracks run in the area of the current falls and it roughly runs between east to west with smaller north-south cracks connecting them.


Over at least 100,000 years, the falls have been receding upstream through a gorge named Batoka which is eroding the sandstone filled cracks on a continuous basis to form the gorge. Across a period of time this and various other activities rooted deep inside the earth led to the formation of this waterfall which is not artificially created by men, it is natural. The river’s course in the current vicinity of the falls is north to south, so it opens up the large east-west cracks across its full width. While it is neither the highest nor the widest waterfall in the world yet it is classified as the largest based on its width of 1708 meters and a height of 108 metres which has resulted into forming the world’s largest sheet of falling water. It is roughly twice when it comes to height as compared to the Niagara Falls. The Victoria fall is bounded by low and distant sandstone hills, there are basically no mountains and no deep valleys situated in this waterfall but there is only a plateau that extends over kilometres when it comes to distance which it covers. Carved by its water flowing across the Basalt Plateau this waterfall is considered to be the best if one wishes to enjoy the peaceful nature and its calmness.


victoria fall






It releases the travellers from the mad race of city life and gives the ease to distinguish and identify its beauty. It is also easily discoverable when it comes to the matter of finding the location. The places around the waterfall are also well connected with all the possible means of transport so for tourists it is not an uphill task to locate this waterfall and enjoy its beauty. Large chunks of tourists come to see it from across the world and admire this very gift of nature as pious and soul abiding. . Catch up on your reading or simply enjoying the sun and the sound of the flow of water deep down the valley. It is comparatively less crowded than the other waterfalls situated across the world so you have a lot of opportunity to enjoy solitude. The waterfall is very beautiful and ecstatic as it is secluded from various other areas which are densely populated as well as crowded. Also the area around the waterfall is very neat and peaceful and not always full of so many people. The time one spent here is full of peace, soothing and calm. You could have a variety of experience by having a long and isolated stretch of the waterfall. One could easily absorb and connect with the atmosphere which is a combination of some lively activities plus the calmness and silence. Just go there and enjoy the stillness of nature and figure out the beauty of life in different forms.victoria





It is full of long term travellers and is occupied with foreigners hanging around and resting on the endless rows side by side of the waterfall. One could easily enjoy a wide variety of water sports so if you are really interesting in some fun coupled with adventure it’s the right place for you. So, go and pull up your socks and enjoy the highest level of these activities. Years of heavy tourism has also improved and developed the areas around this waterfall. So, just pack up your bag now and go on a trip with your family and friends to enjoy it.

Mandrem Beach – The Innate essence of Goa, India

Mandrem Beach – The Innate essence of Goa, India


A visit to Goa is incomplete without a trip to its sun-kissed beaches. The variety of beaches in Goa offer something or the other for everyone from luxury resorts to huts and from beach parties to tranquillity and within its sweeping coastline and sandy bays, it is one of the hottest sun-and-surf destinations in the country for local and international travellers alike. Sun rays glinted off the lush green islands that seemed like emeralds embedded in the deep blue sea. The beautiful water livelihood and the jubilant atmosphere and people including tourists roam around the length and breadth of the beach. The underwater world which has an incredible collection of animals, plants and marine life completely amazes the people.


Now when it comes to food, then one must be spoilt for choice as there is a wide and vast variety. Just take your pick from the spicy local sea food, everyone here gorged usually on fish. Frolicking in the sun and sand, and letting the gorgeous sights ebb away our city-bred stress, it was time for us to head home. Mandrem beach is the most famous beach in Goa. It is situated in North Goa, It is a tranquil beach and it is secluded amongst all the beaches. Counted among the most beautiful and scenic in Asia, it is very clean and people that wish to meditate can come and enjoy on this beach. Catch up on your reading or simply enjoying the sun. It is comparatively less crowded than the other beaches of Goa. So you have a lot of opportunity to enjoy solitude and if you just want to do some activity go and jump for a country boat and you could also just go for dolphin spotting. It is also known for its beach parties and the perfect atmosphere that it creates for these parties and the nightlife. The seafood which is served here is amazing and finger licking.

mandrem goa

The beach is very beautiful and ecstatic and as it is secluded from various other areas it is said to be perfect for couples as they could enjoy the privacy here. Also the beach is very neat and peaceful not always full of so many people. The time one spent here is full of peace, soothing and calm. You could have a variety of experience by sitting on this beach and exploring the scenic beauty of nature. There is a long and isolated stretch of this beach and one could easily absorb and connect with the atmosphere which is a combination of some lively activities plus the calmness and silence. Just go there and enjoy the stillness of nature and figure out the beauty of life in different form previously unknown to you because of the rat race going around in the city life that we live into. It is also home for lot of hippies and is easily discoverable.


It is full of long term travellers and is occupied with foreigners hanging around and resting on the endless rows of side by side sun lounges. One could easily enjoy a wide variety of water sports so if you are really interesting in some fun coupled with adventure it’s the right place for you. So, go and pull up your socks and enjoy the highest level of these sporty activities. There are many upmarket, restaurants and cafe also in this area and you could also have a taste of one of the finest variety of wine. Dolphin sightseeing is also an offer that one couldn’t easily deny, it usually becomes crowded in December but move a little further down the south and the quietness will be restored. It is crowded with the palm and coconut trees and the scenic beauty is very pleasing plus picturesque.


Just wash away your city blues through swimming and is cautious of the sudden drop and rise in the waves and you will eventually figure out why these beaches of Goa are famous world over. Years of heavy tourism has also improved and developed these beaches and you could easily figure out endless number of guesthouse and resorts for resting. There are huge showrooms situated near the beaches which are full of handicrafts from Kashmir and various other parts of India, these have also become an eyepiece for the tourists. It is also known for its soft sand and breeze catching palms. There is also a good connectivity of roadways buses so reaching the place is not a hectic task. It is like a gateway of paradise because of its beauty and eye capturing waves. It is a very cosy beach with sand spreading across and shifting huts that adds to its beauty and it’s just like a new innovation for the tourists. One could easily take the advantage of its calmness and go for meditation in this peaceful place. Go for the late night beach parties in this place and dance to the tune of peppy songs. You would seriously enjoy the lively and jubilant atmosphere surrounded by a pool of tourists here. So, just pack up your bag now and go on a trip with your family and friends to enjoy Goa and its beaches.

Aquaventure Water Park: For the Crazy Adventurer in you

Aquaventure Water Park: For the Crazy Adventurer in you

There are two types of travelers. One, who love to see the beauty and explore all that a place can offer visually, and then there are those who like getting in there and having some wild fun. If you happen to belong to the second type then this place can be your paradise for the day. Aquaventure is one of a kind water-park created on Atlantis, Paradise Island in Bahamas. Spread over 141 acres, having over 20 million gallons of water, 20 swimming areas, 11 amazing swimming pools and a number of thrilling water rides this water-park is the main and the biggest water themed attraction in the whole Caribbean. The water-park also has pools specially created for kids and a water play fort for them. The water-park is a home to much more than you can imagine or have experienced in any other water parks. Stay in the Atlantis Resort or make a one day trip to this water park and you will be amazed beyond your imagination.

The Water slides

aquaventure water park

There are some 9 water slides that can blaze you like nothing else. Leap of Faith is one these which is a 60 feet long water slide which drops you from the iconic Mayan temple almost vertically into a clear tunnel which passes through a shark filled lagoon. If you want to get into a slide challenge then get into the challenger slide which is a twin slide that lets two people race to the bottom and check their completing times in the time clocks. The Mayan Temple has 2 more water slides- the Serpent Slide and the Jungle Slide. The Jungle Slide takes the kids through an exotic Jungle safari into the caves. Then there is a 120 foot tall Power Tower which features a 50 plus 200 feet long slide named “The Abyss” which begins with a 50 feet long vertical drop pushing the guests through darkness into an underground lair. The lair has prehistoric alligator gars and fishes. The Surge, The Drop, The Falls are some other throbbing water slides in this Power Tower that can intoxicate your body with an adrenaline rush! The Surge involves twisting and turning and throws you into The Current while The Drop begins with an ominous drop in an enclosed tube. The guests have to cross through the darkness and again reach into The Current.

River Rides

aquaventure water park 2

Besides the extra adventurous water slides of Mayan Temple and Power Tower, there are also few relaxing and lazy rides one can find in this water park. These river rides can be enjoyed by the whole family where they have to sit in their inner tubes and they meander around a loop which is about one quarter of a mile and takes you through the beautiful tropical landscape. The gentle current of Lazy River and rolling waves and rapid currents of The Current makes for an exhilarating ride. It takes the guest through lush tropical backdrop and provides a fun experience. They never have to get out of their inner tubes and do not even need to get out of the pool for climbing back to start like many other water parks. But they are propelled back by the water escalators and can enjoy their lazy rides for hours.

Swimming Pools

aquaventure waterpark 4

One can find over 20 different swimming pools and 11 unique pools over here. If you want to go for an exclusive adult ride then try the Cain at the Cove but this pool is exclusive only to the guests of Cove Atlantis. There are 8 pools where the whole family can enjoy together. For a relaxing experience get inside the Grotto Pool that has 2 beautiful cascading waterfalls. The Mayan Temple pool is the spot for swimming and sunbathing while to enjoy a royal bath with soft music and a romantic backdrop The Royal Bath pool can serve you well. To keep up with your fitness regimen there is a 4 lane Lap pool and to enjoy the oceanic beauty and white sanded beaches there is Cascades Pool. The Blu Pool will rock you with its hottest tracks from the 80’s and 90’s combined with the latest hit list. Basically whatever mood you are in there is a pool for you! Connected to the Lazy River Ride is the river pool which gradually deepens as one move forward. The kids can enjoy in 3 special kids pools- Ripples, Poseidon and Splashers. Ripples can be found outside the Royal towers and has mini water slides. Poseidon is located outside beach tower and has animal figures and mini slides that children can easily climb over and slide from. Splashers is a Mayan themed pool with tube slides, rope bridges, water cannons, slides, fountains and many more. All these kids pools are shallow so the parents can be far away from being worried while their little ones have the time of their lives.

Rock Climbing

aquaventure water park 3

The Aquaventure Water park also has a fitness center with a rock Climbing facility. There are 12 different climbing surfaces with different difficulty levels that the guest can choose from. They can go for the simplest vertical climb or can be enrolled into instructional training before climbing up the surfaces having higher difficulty levels. You can also go for a team climbing experience which requires teamwork and skills.

So, started planning a Bahamas trip yet?

Igloo Island: Cozying up under the Northern lights

Igloo Island: Cozying up under the Northern lights

Northern Lights display is a natural phenomenon caused when the gaseous particles of the Earth’s atmosphere collide with the charged particles coming from the sun’s atmosphere. These collisions create bright dancing lights in the sky which look exceptionally beautiful and are spectacular to watch. Different gases interacting with the charged particles emit different colors of light. The most common ones are yellowish green which are formed by oxygen molecules while the red auroras are quite rare. These red auroras are formed by height altitude oxygen. Also known as ‘Aurora borealis’ in the north and ‘Aurora australis’ in the south, these are one of the world’s seven natural wonders. The Northern lights can be seen over the magnetic poles of Northern and Southern hemisphere but the place should not be subjected to light pollution. Since Earth’s magnetic field is weak at the poles, the charged particles easily enter the Earth’s atmosphere and collide with gaseous particles giving rise to these unique dancing lights. One can see the magnificent view of Northern lights in the southern parts of the western hemisphere like New Orleans while the best ones can be seen in north-western Canadian parts like Yukon, Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Alaska. At the Southern tip of Greenland and Iceland also one can see the phenomenal Auroral display.

northern lights finland

How about having one whole night cozying inside a luxury igloo under this spectacular natural light show? Sounds like a dream right? Well, good news! You can experience such a night in the Igloo Village of Finland. In north east corner of a cultural region of Finland, Lapland, there is situated one Kakslauttanen Igloo Village. This Igloo village has several glass as well as snow igloos in which the guest can spend a night and view the spectacular Aurora display. In Lapland, the northern lights can be seen on around 200 nights especially when the sky is clear and the best time to watch these is at midnight. The sky over the Lapland is also free from light pollution which makes millions of blinking stars visible to the human eye all throughout the night.

igloo island finland 2

At the Igloo Village one can get a snow igloo which has space for up to 5 people. The insides of the snow igloo maintain a temperature of -3 C to -6 C even when the temperature outside drops to -30 C. In these igloos, the guests are provided with a warm down sleeping bag, a hood, and woolen socks which help them stay warm inside. The glass igloos maintain a normal room temperature inside and two people can live in one glass igloo. They are made up of special thermal glass which insulates the interiors and helps in keeping the insides warm and is also frost preventive so that the guest can get a clear view of the lights. There are also luxury beds and toilets in each igloo so that the guest can have a comfortable stay. The whole igloo gets illuminated whenever there is an auroral display in the sky.

northern lights

The Hotel Kakslauttanen doesn’t guarantee a light display but they alarm the guests with a signalling bell whenever the lights are visible in the sky. Also the hotel keeps an eye over the weather conditions so that they can predict the visibility of the northern lights. These color outbursts can last for less than a second or can be as long as two minutes. Though the Igloo Village is open from August to April the best time of the year is during peak winter months when the Auroral display is more prominent and clear.

glass igloo in finland

Besides the snow and glass igloos there is also one of a kind ice restaurant which is the largest Ice restaurant in the world. There are ice sculptures, an ice chapel and an ice bar and all these are made fresh every winter. To showcase their talent in the international ice sculpting week, ice sculptors from all across the world visit this area. This sculpting week takes place in the month of December and the different sculptors made by the participants are kept on display in the Ice Gallery for the rest of the winters. A little away from the restaurants are located log cabins. These cabins in form of small cottages are far apart from each other so that every customer can enjoy their own space and tranquility. There are 31 such log cabins which come with an attached toilet, a kitchenette and a fireplace.

After having a night under the beautiful lights, guest can enjoy world’s largest smoke sauna and also dip to a hole and swim in the ice hole nearby. There are also showers available which are open every morning. Winter Safari by a reindeer, a husky, or snowmobile also attract the guests and leave them exhilarated. Some of them also get excited to take part in the ice/snow rally held over here.

While traveling to Finland and booking a one night stay at Kakslauttanen, the package for one adult person will cost £929, where minimum of two people can share a log cabin and an igloo. For children below 15 years of age there are discounts available too.

The baffling beauty of Banff National Park, Canada

The baffling beauty of Banff National Park, Canada

Canada has always been the land that intrigued a lot of people due to it’s great history and a brilliant present. The ways nature and civilization have blended in to form this beautiful nation is truly a marvel. And in this country that is so full of marvels, is a gem, hidden deep in the south west of the country. We have heard of Niagara Falls being the most beautiful thing that Canada has to offer. But I beg to differ. Niagara Fall is beautiful, but to those who have visited the Banff National Park, nothing else compares.


Banff National Park is located in Alberta, Canada. It is Canada’s oldest National Park located in the cozy gorges and valleys of The Rocky Mountains. The National Park is huge, spreading 6,641 kilometer square. And in the national park itself, there are many lakes, towns, camping grounds, ice-fields etc. And one such town is the town of Banff. It was the first municipality inside the National Park and hence, the National Park was given the name ‘Banff National Park’. Banff is a resort town which is mainly famous for its tourist activities. But the beauty of this place is such that it leaves every single person who visits the town spell-bound.


Banff is a comparatively small town but it has a lot of amazing attractions around it. Number one attraction of Banff has to be the surreal lake of Louise. Lake Louise is basically a hamlet in the area of Alberta which is around 36 miles away from Banff. The lake has a shade of the bluest water and is surrounded by mountains which are either covered by white snow or green forests or both. Such a scene makes for an amazing and breath-taking landscape. One of the best ways to enjoy the scenic beauty of the Lake Louise is to book a room in the enthralling Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise. This was a typical French chateau which has now been converted into a hotel. The hotel provides with world-class facilities like gym, spa etc. For those who are into relaxing when on a vacation, a room with a view so splendid, a glass of wine or a cup of coffee, and book whilst tucked in your blanket is something that this hotel can offer.


Another attraction in Banff is the Banff Gondola which ascends from the town of Banff to the Sulphur Mountain. The Sulphur Mountain has a boardwalk from where people can take pictures of the entire vicinity of Banff, along with the lake and mountains in the background. The Sulphur Mountains is also home to another attraction of Banff, which are the Banff Upper Hot Springs. These are commercially developed hot springs and on a cold winter evening, a dip in the springs is what one can describe as heaven!


For those who like to get an adrenaline rush, there is something for you too, in Banff. Mountain biking is one of the sports that Banff and the Rocky Mountains surrounding it are famous for. You can get a bike on rent and go mountain biking. The path is topsy-turvy and full of rough stones, so one needs to make sure that they have all the right safety equipment before taking this adventure. Apart from that, hiking is also one option. Tunnel Mountain is situated within the town site and is a very famous route for hiking in Banff. Hoodoos Hoke is another famous trail where one can see the Hoodoos. Hoodoos are sculptures of rock and stone created by forces of nature over a large period of time.During winters, ice-skating and skiing are famous sports that can be undertaken in Banff. Fishing in the Lake Louise is also a fun activity for those who like it.


The Jasper National Park is connected to the Banff National Park and it is equally breathtaking with it’s own set of beautiful lakes and mountains. Icefield Parkway is a highway that runs across Alberta, Canada. This highway passes through to the two National Parks located near that of Banff and Jasper. This highway is famously known to be one of the most scenic highways in the world. Driving on the highway is a pleasure in itself because the landscape around is just that beautiful. One this highway are many stops and spots where cars can stop and people can take pictures of the scenery around. The Athabasca Falls are also on this highway. The Athabasca Falls are located in the Jasper National Park and are known for its force.

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All said and done, the one reason why we love Banff more than anything else in the world is because it is one of the very few and rare places on earth from where you can see the wondrous northern lights. The Northern Lights, which can be seen during winters, teamed with the backdrop of a scintillating blue lake and ice-covered mountains is something that is not to be missed. If nothing else, just taking a lovely stroll in the town will also refresh your mind up.

Northern Lights at Banff

There are a lot of places to explore around this area and the true beauty of it all cannot be expressed in words. So when you are planning for a trip to Canada, make sure that you do not miss out on this beautiful little township of Banff and get ready to get Banffled!

A Historical and Archaeological Treasure – Petra

A Historical and Archaeological Treasure – Petra


Described by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as “one of the most important cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage”, Petra Jordan is a city of great mysteries and architecture unmatched anywhere else in the world. Petra was an ancient city in the country of Jordan which is sandwiched between the two great seas of the Middle East namely the Dead Sea and Red Sea. The city was a great destination in the famous silk routes that stretched from the Roman Empire to Central Asia during the Hellenistic and Roman times. Inhabited by an Arabian tribe known as Nabateans who were famous for their skills in trade, commerce, engineering and stone carving, the city is an undying tribute to the magnificence of Mankind’s abilities.

Petra, going by the archeological records, was built during the 3rd century B.C by the Nabateans who were masters at stone carving and established a whole city by carving through the sandstone desert cliffs and in the process building some of the greatest architectural marvels in the world. The city is half-built and half-stone carved through the surrounding mountains in the region connected through a series of passages and gorges. The ingenious water drainage and retrieval system established by the Nabateans allowed the city to flourish beyond generations, at its peak Petra was home to some 20,000 Nabateans. Petra was brought to the attention of the Western World by the Swiss explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt in 1812.

Petra, Jordan

The Rose city so called due to the color of the sandstone available in the city, is one of the largest and most famous archeological sites in the world whose prominence rose to phenomenal levels post the declaration of the site as one of the Seven Wonders of the World which made it an instant attraction of millions of tourists from world over. Its great value lies in the numerous architectural marvels that have been carved into the stone mountains of the region including the tombs, the high temples, the stone-carved gods and goddesses which make for such an enchanting exhibition of mankind’s true genius and love for preserving its culture and heritage. A World Heritage Site Petra was also shortlisted by National Geographic magazine as one of the twenty-eight places to visit before one dies.

Lying between the West and the East, Petra’s architecture is hugely influenced by elements from both architectural styles of the western and the eastern civilizations which in itself is a unique artistic achievement for those times. The Nabateans were a genius tribe who were able to establish this mammoth city out of nowhere in the middle of the Arabian deserts and leave it to us to admire their brilliance. One of the greatest spectacles to be witnessed at Petra is the King’s Wall which has in itself three Royal Tombs carved into it, these tombs are imposing structures which lie north from the Kheznah in the massif of Jebel Khubtha.

Urn Tomb

First of these is the Urn Tomb, a grand structure opening to a terrace which is fronted with double rows of vaults. The elaborate façade, gigantic and intricate in its design, is a cover for a large single room where the only decoration comes from the different colors of sandstones in the ceiling, the walls and the floor. Second, is the Corinthian Tomb which is a smaller tomb to the Urn Tomb, this is followed by the Palace Tomb or Silk Tomb so called because of the chromatic effect of the rock. But the masterpiece among all these beautiful monuments is located north from the Royal Tombs which was built in 130 A.D for the Roman governor called the Khezneh el Faroun or the Treasury of the Pharoh.


The Khezneh is an amazing piece of stone carving and the only monument or architectural piece in Petra which doesn’t bear the mark of the Nabatean style of architecture and is dominated by Alexandrian style of architecture. The monument is an imposing figure whose façade stands tall at some forty meters carved directly out of the rock of the mountain side. The monument used to be the office of the Roman governor of the time and has some of the finest architectural and sculptural decorations to be found in the world. The large façade again covers a single large room inside with smooth walls and virtually no decoration this is a way of designing found in all monuments of Petra, Jordan.

The Petra, Jordan has been rightly dubbed as one of the greatest archaeological discovery of mankind; it is a testimony to the abilities, skills and artistic brilliance of our forefathers and a treasure that needs to be preserved in all its glory. Petra is a dream which was seen and actualized by the great Arabian tribe of Nabateans, it is a wealth that has been left to us to admire and preserve and surely an outrageous display of man’s abilities. One just can’t help him/herself from getting awestruck by the magnificence of Petra, Jordan.

Bellagio Casino- The Soul of Las Vegas

Bellagio Casino- The Soul of Las Vegas

Las Vegas or the sin city is practically incomplete without Bellagio. The Bellagio is a luxury edifice and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada.  It is closely-held by MGM Resorts International and was designed on the positioning of the dismantled Dunes edifice and casino.Inspired by the Lake Como city of Bellagio in Italia, Bellagio is celebrated for its class.  One among its most notable options is an 8-acre lake between the building and also the Strip, that homes the Fountains of Bellagio, an oversized terpsichore drinking fountain synchronised to music.

Fountains Of Bellagio

Fountains Of Bellagio







Basically four types of fountain nozzles are used for the various effects:

  • Oarsmen – jets with spherical motion
  • Shooters – shoots the water upwards
  • Super Shooters – sends a water blast as high as 240 feet (73 m) in the air.
  • Extreme Shooters – sends water blasts as high as 460 feet (140 m)


Inside Bellagio, vale Chihuly’s Fiori di Como, composed of over a pair of about 2,000 hand-blown glass flowers, covers 2,000 area unit (190 m) of the lobby ceiling. The main tower of Bellagio, with 3,015 rooms, has thirty six floors and a height of 508 feet (151 m). The Spa Tower, that stands to the south of the most towers, has thirty three floors, a height of 392 feet (119 m), and contains 935 rooms.

The interior

The interior








The Fountains of Bellagio could be a large, choreographed water feature with performances set to light-weight and music. The performances happen before of the Bellagio building and area unit visible from varied vantage points on the Strip, each from the road and neighbouring structures. The show takes place each half-hour within the afternoons and early evenings, and each quarter-hour from eight pm to hour. Before a water show starts, the nozzles break the water surface and also the lights illuminating the building tower communicate a purple hue, or red-white-and-blue sure music. The show is also off unexpectedly attributable to wind, though shows sometimes run with less power in face of wind. One show is also skipped to avoid interference with a planned event. The fountain show is choreographed to numerous items of music.

The fountains area unit set during a 8-acre manmade lake. Contrary to urban story, the lake isn’t full of treated from the building. The lake is really maintained by a fresh well that was trained decades before irrigate a golf links that antecedently existed on the positioning. The fountains really use less water than irrigating the golf links did. They incorporate a network of pipes with over one, 200 nozzles that create it doable to stage fountain displays coordinated with over four, 500 lights. It is calculated that the fountains price is $40 million to make.









Bellagio was planned by Steve Wynn and engineered by his company, Mirage Resorts, Inc. following the acquisition and demolition of the legendary Dunes edifice and casino in October twenty seven, 1993 when the Grand gap of Luxor urban center. Bellagio was designed by DeRuyter manservant and Atlandia style. Construction on the Bellagio began in 1996. Bellagio had an inventive construction price of US$1.6 billion.

Bellagio opened on October fifteen, 1998, simply before eleven pm, during a ceremony that was reportable to price US$88 million. The VIPs invited to the grand gap were expected to gift to the inspiration fighting visual impairment US$1,000 someone or US$3,500 a handful, that entitled them to associate degree nightlong reside Bellagio’s suite rooms.Opening night’s amusement began with Steve Wynn giving a 40-minute welcome speech. Performing in Bellagio lounges that night were big apple cabaret and recording creative person archangel Feinstein, patron saint Bugatti, and John Pizarrelli. Once it opened, it had been the foremost big-ticket edifice ever engineered.

In 2000 it became associate degree MGM Mirage property once Mirage Resorts united with MGM Grand opposition to form MGM Mirage. In 2010, the corporate was renamed MGM Resorts International during a move to travel worldwide with its brands.

Hotel Bellagio

Hotel Bellagio








Bellagio employs just about 8,000 people. Within the fall of 2006, the casino floor was transformed and new uniforms were issued, dynamic  the first combination to a lot of elegant kind.On Dec fifteen, 2010, a helmet-wearing gunman robbed the casino of $1.5 million in chips. In August 2011, he was condemned to a jail term of 9–27 years.Bellagio has won the distinguished AAA 5 Diamond Award (the highest level of the AAA Diamond Ratings System for restaurants and lodgings) eleven times.Bellagio completed a $70 million upgrade in Dec 2011, transforming all of the 2500 rooms.

Many skilled poker players value more highly to play at the Bellagio poker space, occupation it their home base owing to the board limits, together with the high stakes game placed in “Bobby’s Room”, named once policeman Baldwin. The stakes at the massive Game will vary up to $4,000/$8,000, and area unit frequented by such poker professionals as Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, and Jennifer Harman. It is according that the pots throughout this game will way exceed the $1 million vary.Bellagio has conjointly partnered with the globe Poker Tour to host many of their tournaments. It is thus also called the soul of the sin city.

The Epitome of Timeless Love and Beauty: Taj Mahal

The Epitome of Timeless Love and Beauty: Taj Mahal

When we talk about tourist’s spots in India, there is an endless list of monuments, gardens, temples, beaches and heritage sites. Inspite of this the list is so incomplete without mentioning about Taj Mahal, the heart of India. It is one of the most famous tourist’s spot of the world and it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Taj Mahal is an Arabic word meaning ‘crown of palaces’. The Taj Mahal is said to be “the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage”. The construction began around 1632 and was completed around 1653 employing thousand of craftsmen and artisans. The principal mausoleum was completed in 1648 and the surrounding buildings and garden were finished five years later. Lahauri was said to be its main designer.

Taj Mahal Wallpapers 1






The saga of beauty that it beholds is so true that we can just imagine by even getting a glimpse of it. It is considered as symbolic of love, trust and faith as it was built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife. So, it occupies a special place in the minds of every traveller that comes across it. It is situated in Agra in Uttar Pradesh. It is a wonderful work piece of Islamic Architecture. It consists of a tomb made in white marble throughout. The tomb represents the house of queen which is supposed to be located in Paradise, and it was well placed on the palace gardens of the great nobles that were lined both sides of the river located in Agra, India. Taj Mahal’s entire structure consists of complex buildings that give the ambience of mausoleum’s urban setting, its design and construction and its symbolic representation along with the history that it curtails each has a specific yet interesting background as well as meaning.

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Taj Mahal was built by one of the rulers of the Mughal Dynasty named Shah Jahan who was very famous for building various other monuments and gardens across Delhi as he was very specific about adding beauty and giving a respite to nature. So, he ordered the construction of this beautiful monument, which was dedicated to his wife Arjumand Bano Begum popularly known as Mumtaz Mahal. The monument was constructed within 22 years and around 32 crore were spent in constructing this monument. Twenty thousand labourers were involved in constructing this absolutely mesmerizing building which was built according to Islamic architecture. The parameter of its beauty can be analysed by the fact that the king ordered to cut the hands and legs of all the labourers who constructed it so that they couldn’t construct any other equally beautiful architecture. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage site. Taj Mahal is truly an epitome of Mughal Art as Mughals are very famous for building monuments and they also helped in developing a rich culture in the North India. Ebba Koch, who was an important scholar, has been permitted to take measurements of the complex and has been working on various gardens and palaces of Shah Jahan for over thirty years and on the








Taj Mahal itself which, was the tomb of emperor’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal- for around a decade. The tomb is the main focus of the entire complex of this monument. This huge, white marble structure stands on a square plinth and consists of an equally symmetrical building with an iwan which is an arch shaped doorway topped by a large dome and finial. The basic elements like most of the other Mughal tombs have its origin from Persian. The base structure is essentially a large, multi-chambered cube which forms an unequal octagon that is approximately 55 metres on each of the four long sides. The construction consists of mainly white marble but some semi precious stones are also involved. The exterior decorations of the Taj Mahal are among the finest in Mughal architecture and the interior decorations shows features of Mughal heritage. In several other parts of the world artists have tried to construct it’s replica but all in vain as it is truly a single piece of masterwork. Taj Mahal attracts a lot of tourists from across the world.








According to a survey more than two million people from around the world visit Taj Mahal every year. Most tourists visit in the cooler months of October, November and February. It is also one of the new wonders of the world. From the time it was constructed, the building had been a source of admiration for its ecstatic beauty preserving the cultural aura and heritage of India. It is also attached emotionally with the felling of love and bond of trust and relationship. The grounds are open from 06:00 to 19:00 weekdays, except for Friday when the complex is open for prayers at the mosque between 12:00 and 14:00. The complex is open for night viewing on the day of the full moon and two days before and after. The beauty of this monument is totally unquestionable. So, just pack up your bag and take a soothing view of the wonder of the world with family and friends.

Palace of Versailles – The Most Stupendous Construction

Palace of Versailles – The Most Stupendous Construction

Palace of Versailles, a former French royal residence and governing centre at that time, now a national landmark & a famous tourist place in France. Before the palace was built Versailles was a country village located 20 km south-west of French capital and today it is wealthy region in France. The original residence, built between  1631 to 1634, was mainly a hunting residence and other private work for Louis XIII (reigned 1610–43) and his family. The court of Versailles become the centre of governance and official residence of king in France by 1682, when the king( Louis XIV)moved from Paris, until the royal family was forced to leave the palace and return to capital(Paris) by the revolutionary in French revolution.








VERSAILLES is a royal château(fort) in  Île-de-France region of France. In France it is known as Château de Versailles i.e. palace of Versailles. Louis XIV transformed the palace into a Immense and incredible complex (1661-1710) surrounded by beautiful English and French garden. The additional construction was mainly designed by  architects as Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Robert de Cotte, and Louis Le Vau.  Charles Le Brun designed the interiors was a famous painter and designer at that time.  André Le Nôtre  a famous landscape artist designed the gardens around the palace and fountains with magically still water. After the French revolution the fort was nearly destroyed and it was restored by  Louis-Philippe (1830–48) . In the 20th century it was used by  plenary congresses of the French parliament and  as house for the state heads, the primary utility of the palace lay in tourism. Now a days it is a major tourist attraction in France and one of most visited place in world.







The palace was mainly constructed in four parts known as The four building campaigns (1664–1710). The first building campaign was started  (1664–1668) with a fete(festival) held at  7 and 13 of  May  1664 naming  Plaisirs de l’Île enchantée (Pleasures of the Enchanted Island).The second building campaign started with the signing of treaty of Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle which ended the war of devolution. The most important modification of the chateau was hunting lodge of Louis XII. One of most important thing is that both the apartments built has rooms with similar dimension .  The decoration of the rooms, which was constructed under Le Brun’s direction, showing  the “heroic actions of the king” and were represented the actions of historical figures from the  past (Alexander the Great, Augustus, Cyrus, etc.). The third building campaign  (1678–1684) started with signing of   Treaty of Nijmegen in 1678,which ended the dutch war. Now the palace of Versailles acquired much of the look of the present one. In refrence to hall of mirrors  Hardouin-Mansart constructed the north and south wings and the Orangerie. Many designers and artist naming Le Brun,  Le Nôtre’s were involved in designing of interiors and the garden surrounding the new palace. After the defeat in  War of the League of Augsburg Louis XIV took its step toward construction of fourth building campaign(1699–1710) . some modification were also done in the apartments naming appartement du roi.  There is no work done till next 20 years.








In  Louis XV time transformation and restoration is done ,designed by Louis Le Vau and his workmate Monsieur Paul Chatal but the pase was not as Louis XIV .one of major work done in his time was completion of Salon d’Hercule. Many apartments were also built in his time like petit apartments du roi; the apartments de Mesdames, the apartments du dauphin, and the apartments de la dauphine on the ground floor; and the two private apartments of Louis XV – petit apartments du roi au deuxième étage (later name changed into the apartments de Madame du Barry) and the petit apartments du roi au troisième étage – on the second and third floors of the palace. The main contribution of Louis XV was construction of opera house and the Petit Trianon and sadly the destruction of  Escalier des Ambassadeurs (Ambassadors’ Stair), he also made a way through the state apartment to his daughters.

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One of the most famous room in the palace is the Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors; 1678–89) and the  Grands Apartments (State Rooms). The hall of mirror is consist of17 wide mirrors opposite 17 windows; glass chandelier(frame) hang from its ceiling, painted ceiling, and  statue in the apartment. Other important places are, Grand Trianon and petit trionon  it was built for the royal family as private residence and for guests. A museum was constructed by Louis philippe during restoration , was image  of all glories of France. however, its 6,000 paintings and 2,000 sculptures are mostly closed to public . UNESCO identified the palace and its gardens as the World Heritage site in 1979 due to a devastating winter storm in 1989, this destroyed 1000 tree in the garden making garden a heritage site. the French government started a wide-ranging project of repair and restoration. An intense windstorm in 1999 caused the loss of some 10,000 trees, consisting of several planted by Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte. The chateau was also damaged at several places. In the late 1990s more than nine million people visited the palace annually.