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Interesting Spots to Visit While in Cagayan De Oro City

Interesting Spots to Visit While in Cagayan De Oro City

The Philippines is divided into 3 main islands known as Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Each of these islands has their own physical features that many people would like to visit. Among the 3 main islands, Luzon and Visayas have been very popular with local and international tourists. These 2 main islands, Luzon and Visayas have many beautiful and historical places. However, they have missed one half of their life by not yet visiting Mindanao.

Mindanao is located at the southern part of the country. Just like Luzon and Visayas, Mindanao has also many beautiful and historical spots which everybody should see. There are many key cities in Mindanao such as: Davao City, Cagayan De Oro City, Zamboanga City, Butuan City, General Santos City and many more. All of these cities have their own stories to tell and have each own reason why you should visit them. For instance, you should also visit Cagayan De Oro City. This city is located in the northern part of Mindanao and is called as the “City of Golden Friendship” and the “Gateway of Northern Mindanao”.

Kagay-anons or Cagay-anons are referred to as the people or native of Cagayan De Oro City. They are friendly and hospitable. They are always accommodating and would always want to give their visitors the best accommodations to make them comfortable as they stay in this beautiful city.

Cagayan De Oro City belongs to Region X and is considered the regional center because it is a highly urbanized city in the region. It is the provincial capital of Misamis Oriental. The city is also called as the “Gateway of Northern Mindanao” because of its location which can easily bring people to the different cities, towns and municipalities of the whole region and neighboring regions. Its location can also allow people to go to other places in Mindanao because of its location. Being located at the heart of Northern Mindanao, the city serves as a drop point center where people who wants to go to the other key cities of Mindanao can travel by land via Bukidnon, Butuan and Iligan City.
As the “Gateway of Northern Mindanao”, Cagayan De Oro City can be reached by air, land and water transportation. As you travel by plane, you will be directed to one of the finest airports in the country, the Laguidingan International Airport. It is located in Barangay Moog, Laguindigan, Misamis Oriental. This international airport is one of the best places that you should visit in Cagayan De Oro City. The city can also be reached by water on board the finest ship that travels in the different parts of the country. Travelling by water will already give you a chance to take a glimpse of Macajalar Bay. 2360645655_67ba55697bTaking a land trip can take you to the two drop off points or point of entry. The East Bound Terminal in Agora and the West Bound Terminal in Bulua. The West Bound Terminal caters to passengers who will go to Iligan, Ozamiz City, Pagadian City, and Zamboanga City. However, those passengers who are going to Davao City, Butuan City and Surigao City will be directed to the East Bound Terminal. Another route that can take you to Davao City and Cotabato City is via Bukidnon where you will see the natural beauty of Bukidnon.
The “City of Golden Friendship” is a booming city. Many first class hotels, supermarkets/department stores/ shopping malls and schools have also been put up. All of this product of modern engineering is worth seeing and visiting. They are one big proof how far Cagayan De Oro City has grown.

The Limketkai Center in Lapasan is the home of many food chains and restaurants which offer local and international dishes. The Limketkai Center is considered as a one-stop- shop that can give you everything you need. The Limketkai Center has the best hotels which are always fully booked because of its location.

The city’s oldest supermarket and department store are Ororama and Gaisano. Shoemart and Ayala Centrio are also one of the most visited places in the city. Other supermarkets which were put up in the city are: Rustan’s, Save more and Shopwise.

As you get around Cagayan De Oro City, you have to visit first the San Augustine Cathedral, which is a Gothic inspired church with the centuries old stained glass windows. St Augustine is the Patron Saint of the city. From there, you should also visit some of the prestigious school and university in the city like the Ateneo De Cagayan, Xavier University and Lourdes College. There are other places that you should visit while you’re in Cagayan De Oro City Such as:

Gardens of Malasag is an Eco-Tourism Village where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the Macajalar Bay. It features an ethnic museum, which features the different ethnic tribes in Mindanao.

The Cagayan De Oro River- is the perfect place to go if you want to experience the excitement and thrill in White Water Rafting.
cod6 Mapwa Nature Park – is located in Malasag. It is a 2,500 hectare Nature Park, which takes 30 minutes to travel from the city. It is a conducive place for people who want to relax in a quiet and natural environment. The park also offers many activities for people who wants to have fun and excitement. The park offers the Zipline activity, Canyoneering, Ecological Trek, Obstacle Course and Horseback Trail Ride.

Best Places to Visit in Mindanao

Best Places to Visit in Mindanao

Located in the Southern part of the Philippines is the beautiful island of Mindanao which is also known as the “Land of Promise”. Mindanao is a place where you can find exotic natural wonders which has remained untouched and unexplored. Mindanao, then is a masterpiece and a wonderful piece of art. Its white sandy beaches which the gentle waves kissed as it touches the shore are really amazing and breathtaking. From the white sandy beaches, we come up to the amazing volcano peaks which almost touched the sky.

Mindanao has a very rich in natural resources. It is a beauty to behold and can be considered a Paradise in the southern part of the Philippines. There are many beautiful spots or places in Mindanao that many people should visit. More so, Mindanao has many awe-inspiring beaches which can be a perfect destination for people who wants to enjoy the crystal clear water and white sandy beaches of Mindanao. These places can also be found in the different parts of Mindanao. Some of these beautiful places in Mindanao were:

Cagayan De Oro City – This city is known as the “City of Golden Friendship and the “Gateway for Northern Mindanao”. The city is also the home of the famous White Water Rafting. It is known for the delicious Pastel, Cheding’s Roasted Peanuts and CDO Jamon. People who want to visit Cagayan De Oro City will not have a hard time in travelling because the city can be reached by using land, air and water transportation. Other places that should be visited are the Guadalupe Shrine and the Carmelites, where we can show our gratefulness and homage to Sr. Santo Nino and Our Lady of Guadalupe.
Camiguin Island – is famous for its Lanzones, underwater cemetery, Hibok-Hbok Volcano and Bura soda Water. Another reason why Camiguin is a “must visit” are its exotic white sand beaches and Swimming Pool in Catarman. Anybody who has visited Camiguin were charmed and mesmerized by the beauty of the island.

Siargao Island – is an island that faces the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Deep. It belongs to the province of Surigao del Norte. It is considered as the country’s surfing capital and will hopefully become as one of the best surfing ports in the world. For instance, every October, the island hosts an international surfing competition which is participated by the best surfers all over the world.

Bukidnon – is the place where you can see the largest Pineapple plantation in the country. It is the perfect place to go for those people who want to escape the heat of the city because of its location which provides a cooler temperature. Bukidnon is a perfect place for a vacation.

Davao City – is famous for its popular durian fruits. Aside from Durian, Davao is also the fruit producer of the sweet and sour pomelo, Marang and banana. It has many wildlife conservation center where you can find the Philippine Eagle and the Philippine Crocodile. Davao City is considered a commercial and economic center of Mindanao. Among Davao City’s famous spots are the Pearl Farm, Samal Island. During night time, the city is active especially in Davao’s Matina Square in the downtown area.

Zamboanga City – is famous for its colorful Vintas, the Curacha (a large type of crab), batiks, malongs and dried fish. The City is famous for the Dakak Park and Beach Resorts.

Iligan City – is the home of one of the most famous tourist spots in Mindanao known as the Tinago Falls, which is known for its enchanting beauty. Tinago Falls is a very conducive place where you can take a dip in the fresh and cool water. Another famous falls found in this city is the Maria Cristina Falls.

Surigao del Sur – is the place where you can find the enchanting Enchanted River, located in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur. It is a new and enchanting tourist spot which is known for its crystal clear blue waters and its surprising depth.

Manolo Fortich Bukidnon – is a byword of people who are looking for total fun and entertainment. Manolo Fortich Bukidnon is the place where Dahilayan Forest Park is located. The Dahilayan Forest Park is in Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. It is one of the best and the most amazing theme parks not only in Mindanao but also in the Philippines. The Dahilayan Forest Park offers a lot of exciting activities that everybody will surely enjoy. One exciting event that you can do is to try their zip line. The park also provides many wonderful and fantastic views that everybody will surely enjoy.

El Salvador, Misamis Oriental – is the one of the most visited place by people who are greatly devoted to the Divine Mercy. Many people from other places flock in El Salvador to visit and pay homage to the Divine Mercy for all the graces you have received. Some people go to the Divine Mercy to ask for special intentions.
Dapitan City – is a province which is located in Zamboanga Del Norte. This city is the place where Doctor Jose Rizal was exiled.

There may be some other cities or places in Mindanao that should be visited. However, all of those mentioned above can already vouch why Mindanao is really considered as the “Land of Promise”. More so, Mindanao is a very beautiful and mesmerizing place because it is blessed by a rich land and water resources.

Visiting the Oldest Cities in the Philippines

Visiting the Oldest Cities in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country characterized by a multi-diverse culture unique to this island nation of more than a hundred million Filipinos. This Southeast Asian tropical country has 7,107 islands spread across its three main geographical regions called Luzon, Visayas and Minadanao. A country rich in history and culture bound by a common trait of putting importance and value to familial bonds and relationships and are famous for their hospitality and friendliness.

The country has about a hundred ethnic groups living in the different regions and societies and has an equally diverse spoken language which has been documented to be over a hundred fifty individualized languages, although Tagalog (or Filipino for purists) remains the universal spoken language. Filipinos also count English as its second language and has been recognized as one of the most fluent English speaking nations in Asia.

The Philippines’ history of being colonized by Spain for more than three hundred years contributed to the country’s reputation for hosting some of the oldest cities in the Asian region. Visiting the oldest cities in the Philippines will allow the tourist to immerse in the country’s rich heritage and history. Before we go on be advised that the list of oldest cities provided below are not in chronological order, it simply is a reference of the oldest cities to visit in the Philippines.
The City of Cebu. Although technically not a City until its charter and incorporation in 1937, many people consider Cebu as the oldest city in the Philippines. A heated debate goes on until present time if Cebu can be considered a city during the Spanish colonial occupation specifically starting when the Treaty of Cebu was signed in 1565. The country’s history books cite the signing of the treaty as a form of official cityhood declaration as the Spaniards through their local ranking officials named their new “City” “Villa de San Miguel de Cebu’. Some historians are inclined to believe that the declaration validates Cebu’s status as the oldest city, while some scholars believe this was not the case and argues that Cebu was just a colonized settlement better referred to as a town and not an official city in the absence of a Royal Decree. Today, the City of Cebu is a bustling center of trade, finance and industry in the Visayan Region and is considered second city of the Philippines next to the capital City of Manila.

The City of Iloilo. This city is actually the main competitor of Cebu for the title of oldest city in the Philippines. A Royal Decree in 1889 signed by Spain’s Queen Regent Maria Cristina declared Iloilo as a “royal” city and is recognized by historians as a validation of Iloilo’s cityhood long before the official charter and incorporation of Cebu which was only declared in 1937 (see above). The decree by the Queen Regent was interpreted as an official act of cityhood, whereas Iloilo was issued a Coat of Arm by the Royalty where the words “La Muy Noble Y Leal Ciudad de Iloilo” were inscribed, giving Iloilo City a reason to claim the title of “Queen City of the South”, a title which also contested and used by the City of Cebu. The City of Iloilo today is an important trading and financial hub recognized as one of the top cities in the Philippines to live and invest in.
The City of Manila. Setting aside the claims of both Cebu City and Iloilo City as the oldest cities in the Philippines, the capital city of the Philippines has long been recognized as an “extension” city of the Royalty of Spain that claimed Manila back in 1571. The historical significance of Manila’s cityhood is contained in a Royal Decree signed by King Philip II declaring Manila as “Ciudad Insigne y Siempre Leal” or the “Distinguished and Ever Loyal City” which gives credence to Manila’s claim as the oldest city with official written references forming the basis of such claim. A few years after the declaration, a wall was erected to protect the city from Chinese pirates who come to pillage and destroy. The wall effectively “enclosed” the city within a defensive and fortified perimeter which led to it being called Intramuros or the city within the walls. Intramuros then was the seat of government and served as Spain’s core of power that represented its control and interests in the capital city and the whole archipelago. Today, Manila is a highly urbanized city which serves as the Capital City of the Philippines. The old stone walls can still be seen in Intramuros, now a popular tourist destination in the City of Manila.

Exploring Historical Spots in the Philippines

Exploring Historical Spots in the Philippines

The Philippines is a nation carved by a rich, colorful and fascinating history. From the time our ancestors arrived 30,000 years ago from ancient Malaya and perhaps since the beginning of written history, the country went through a myriad of historical events that shaped the country to what it is in present time.

This country has been invaded, colonized, annexed and seized by other nations in the past, all leaving behind different historical landmarks which can still be gleaned, seen and visited in the different regions of the country. The nation’s capital itself is laden with historic structures from the Spanish colonial era which began in the 1500’s and lasted for over 300 years.

The following are historical landmarks which serve as living reminders that offer glimpses of the Philippines’ unique history.


Malacanang Palace – Malacanang Palace has been the official residence of all Philippine Presidents since 1935 when the Commonwealth Government was formed, and Philippine President Manuel Quezon was the first Filipino President to use the Spanish colonial period building as his official residence. Malacanang is founded along the banks of the Pasig River and the palace was originally built in 1750 by a powerful and wealthy Spanish Don to serve as his summer rest house.

Intramuros Manila – Manila’s oldest known district, Intramuros was a Spanish era walled city originally constructed in the 1600’s for the purpose of housing ranking Spaniard officials who took over the reins of the country during the period of Spanish colonial rule. Intramuros is characterized by classical European architecture, the walls that fortified the banks of the southern part of the river Pasig stretch 3 miles from end to end which at that period was guarded heavily by Spanish foot soldiers, effectively securing their ranking officials who used Intramuros as their official residence. Today, a glimpse of that past can still be experienced as Intramuros has been turned into a tourist spot cum commercial district which offers a healthy balance of the old and new.

Vigan Ilocos Sur – This locality is situated at the northern regions of the Philippines where Spanish influences and architecture are well preserved. From the cobblestones to the old brick walls and houses that line the whole city.Vigan is truly one of the perfect heritage sites that serve as living proof of the country’s long, and probably unwanted at the time, association with Spain. The City of Vigan was officially declared a UNESCO world heritage site back in 1999. Visiting this Northern city brings tourists back in time, and offers a unique perspective to what it was like during the Spanish occupation of the Philippines.

Cebu City – The proud City of Cebu is the place where the Spaniards first set foot in the Philippines. It is an important historical site and region as Spanish influences, culture and structures can still be seen and experienced to this day. The city counts among its treasures some of the most iconic Spanish era architecture that includes the first catholic churches built by the Spaniards to introduce Christianity and Roman Catholicism to the natives, which to this date is still the largest religious organization in the country and the whole of Asia. Some of the more popular tourist spots of this city include the Krus ni Magellan or Magellan’s Cross, a local heritage site commemorating the historic arrival of the first Spanish explorer and conqueror Ferdinand Magellan who planted a cross on the beach where he landed to mark the beginning of a religious conversion and occupation of the entire country. The Basilica del Sto. Nino is also a popular Spanish era church housing some of the oldest religious relics brought by the Spaniards to the country, including a priceless statue of the child Jesus that dates back Magellan’s landing or 1521.

Corregidor – This is perhaps the best representation of the Filipino resistance to colonial rule both from the Spanish during the colonial occupation and in recent history against the Japanese during the Second World War. Historically important and recognized by the Philippine Historical Commission, Corregidor served as headquarters for the allied forces due to its strategic location at the mouth or entrance of Manila Bay. American and Filipino soldiers fought the invading Japanese forces, sacrificing their lives for freedom and liberty from the Japanese Imperial Army. Today, Corregidor serves as an important historic site where visitors can still see some big guns or cannons still neatly rested on the walls facing the Manila Bay.

The Rizal Shrine – This shrine dedicated to the works and life of the national hero Jose Rizal is located in Fort Santiago inside the historic walls of Intramuros, Manila. Everything inside the complex is meant to showcase the great Filipino’s works and ideals which had inspired the whole country, books, memorabilia’s, copies of his works and collections are proudly displayed, offering a glimpse on the equally colorful life of the Philippine’s most revered hero of the Spanish period.


The EDSA Shrine – The Edsa Shrine is dedicated to our Lady of Edsa, Queen of Peace built in 1989. It serves as an iconic monument to the historic people power revolution that ousted the dictator Ferdinand Marcos from power which is hailed by the entire world as the most peaceful revolution in the history of mankind. It is believed that the bloodless revolt miraculously happened with the intercession and protection of The Virgin Mary, which led to Edsa being called a holy ground by many of the millions who joined the march for peace.

Historical Places in Mindanao

Historical Places in Mindanao

Mindanao is the country’s second largest geographical area or division located in the southern end of the Philippines. The name Mindanao derives from the name of the indigenous tribes and people who lived and dominated the area since the beginning of Philippine written history, the Maguindanaons, historically great warriors and tribesmen who lived under the rules of the Sultanates led by the different Sultans or rulers.

Mindanao’s historical significance is deeply ingrained in the country’s history books and recognized as a major contributor to the Philippines colorful past. There are five major ethnic classes or Muslim groups in Mindanao namely Maguindanao, Samal, Maranao, Tausug and Badjao . Islam was introduced to this region in the 13th century through Muslim Arabian peoples from present day Indonesia and Malaysia through trade. It is the only region that can claim to have stood their ground and refused to be colonized by any of the foreign powers that occupied and annexed the country as their own, successfully resisting Spanish and American colonization during the different periods when these countries tried to control the country, which perhaps is the reason why Mindanao and its people were called great warriors in the colonizers own history books.

For hundreds of years the Spaniards tried to defeat the existing Muslim States but time and again failed to successfully control this region. A few hundred years later, after the Spanish have ceded control of the Philippines to America, the American troops who battled in Mindanao were again met with strong armed resistance and were forced to abandon their plan of completely controlling all the major regions of the country, leaving the Moro’s to themselves. The Bangsamoro concept of being a separate nation from the Philippines was born in the early nineteenth century, with the Moro’s seeking to separate themselves from the Indios (as Christian Filipinos were referred to by the Spanish) and create a distinct identity and nation of their own.

The following are historical places in Mindanao worth mentioning for people to get a glimpse of this elusive and proud Bangsamoro State.


Intramuros Jolo Sulu. The colonization of the Philippines by Spain starting in the 1500’s led to an aggressive army of Spaniards sweeping the archipelago to take absolute control of all the Philippine regions where they actually succeeded in doing at two of the country’s main regions Luzon and Visayas. When they came to Mindanao, the Spanish army was met by a fierce resistance never before seen nor experienced in their conquest of the two other major regions mentioned before. The Moro’s, as they were called then, valiantly defended their territories which led to frustrations among the Spanish conquistadors.

The war raged on between the Moro’s and the Spaniards for more than 300 years, with 16 major recorded military campaigns conducted by the Spanish against the Moro’s of the Sulu Sultanate, with the Mindaonaoans successfully thwarting all the attempts of total Spanish takeover except for a period of three decades when the Spaniards finally were able to get a stronghold of Jolo, Sulu mainly due to the Moro Chieftain’s decision to evacuate and seek refuge in Tawi-Tawi due to a mysterious epidemic that plagued the Sultanate.

Dapitan Zamboanga del Norte. The Shrine City in the Philippines is a moniker given to the City of Dapitan, a place known in history books as the land where the National Hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal was exiled. Jose Rizal is one of the most loved and greatest of all Philippine heroes who have conquered the heart of a nation during the Spanish colonial era. He is well known as a poet, writer, novelist, journalist, ophthalmologist, revolutionary and a great Filipino nationalist who used is inherent talent in writing to greatly influence the hearts and minds of the Filipino people to revolt, not through armed conflict, against the Spanish rule. His greatest and most popular works are Noli Me tangere and El Filibusterismo.


Dr. Jose Rizal advocated liberty from Spanish rule through peaceful means, perhaps to avoid bloodshed that has plagued the nation for centuries prior to him being born. Rizal at an early age has seen the atrocities committed by the Spaniards against his people with violent uprisings resulting in deaths of thousands of Filipinos who have sought liberty from Spain. His most prominent writing which angered Spain was when he mentioned in Noli Me Tangere that if the Spanish colonizers had nothing better to offer the natives except to treat them as slaves or Indios then everyone in Asia specially the Filipinos of his country are doomed.

He was also the founder of La Liga Filipina, an organization that will later give birth to the Katipunan, the group that will pave the way for the start of the Philippine-Spanish revolution. Rizal is not a supporter of violent struggles; instead he proposed to achieve the same end of freedom and liberty through peaceful institutional reforms. The hero believed the need to restore his people’s dignity and self-worth is justification enough to call for freedom and liberation from the grip of Spanish rule. He was tried by the Spanish government for rebellion and sedition and was executed in December 30, 1896 in Bagumbayan.

Must see places in the Philippines

Must see places in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of South East Asia’s most beautiful countries blessed by Mother Nature with 7,107 islands scattered all over the archipelago. It is a country characterized by a multi-cultural and natural diversity rich in spectacular attractions, which makes the Philippines a must see tourist destination in the world.

It’s more fun in the Philippines is the country’s slogan which is used to simplify and summarize what guests and tourists are to expect when in this Asian tropical paradise. We have listed down some of the most beautiful must see places in the Philippines.


Boracay Island. This is a world renowned tourist haven located in Aklan Province of the Western Visayas Region 315 kilometers south of the mainland capital Manila. This island and its white sand beaches has been cited in numerous international travel magazines and consistently voted as one of the world’s most beautiful places, with some actually calling it paradise on earth. Boracay is visited by hundreds of thousands of local and international tourists year round for rest and recreation, with lots of world class accommodations available and events happening along the shorelines almost every day. Boracay is on top of this list for no other reason than being the most spectacular and excellent among the Philippines tourist destinations.

Vigan Ilocos Sur. Vigan is now making itself known in the international tourist scene as one of the best must see places in the Philippines owing to its reputation and designation as a world heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization or UNESCO. Vigan City is characterized by Spanish colonial period structures which to this day are very well preserved and allows tourists to have a feel of what it was like in the Philippines hundreds of years ago. Vigan is now on the list of the New 7 Wonder Cities of the World and is a favorite among international tourists who had been charmed by this truly wonderful city in the northern region of the Philippines.

Banaue Rice Terraces. The Banaue Rice Terraces in the Cordilleras are ancient rice paddies carved in the faces of the mountains surrounding the region. It is located in the province of Ifugao and for hundreds of years has inspired awe to visitors who are lucky enough to have seen and experienced this man-made wonder. The Ifugao Rice Terraces has been in existence for more than 2000, years carefully carved in the mountains by natives who lived long ago and long before this country was discovered by the westerners who colonized it a few hundred years ago.

Baguio City. This city is a favorite among international tourists especially those from the neighboring Asian countries who favor Baguio’s crisp and cool atmosphere. It is located in the Cordillera Region and is about 240 kilometers north of the Philippine Capital City of Manila. It was originally established by the Americans during their occupation of the country in the early twentieth century and was conceptualized as a perfect rest and recreation center for the American troops stationed in the Philippines then. Today, Baguio City is a bustling economy rich in culture and tradition and is still considered as the top tourist destination in the North.

Tagaytay City. The City of Tagaytay is a very popular tourist spot for its picturesque scenery and cool temperate climate well loved by local and foreign visitors. It is located approximately 60 kilometers south of Manila in the industrial Province of Cavite. It is a high altitude locality blessed with a lot of spectacular sights most prominent of which is the Taal Volcano and its surrounding lake. Taal Volcano is the world’s smallest active volcano which rises like a phoenix in the Taal Lake which is normally covered in fog. Visitors in Tagaytay will be pleased to know that the city has invested in maintaining its natural beauty and grandeur, and there are lots of world class hotels and villas available to those who want to stay and relax.

El Nido Palawan. Popularly referred to as the Philippines’ ‘Final Frontier,” this world class protected area which sits in the Province of Palawan in the Southern part of the country is about 400 kilometers away from the capital of Manila. El Nido is characterized by rolling hills, marble cliffs and mountains, rainforests, waterfalls, caves, lagoons and world class white sand beaches with the bluest and cleanest waters. It is a magical natural wonder that has a lot of interesting offerings found exclusively in El Nido, Palawan. Other than swimming, the beaches in El Nido are teeming with water sport activities such as canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing, diving and hosts of other shoreline activities such as beach kiting, volleyball and football. It is said that most tourists who schedule two day getaways end up extending their stays as El Nido Palawan’s charm captivates them and would want to experience more.


Puerto Princesa, Palawan. The City of Puerto Princesa is another of Palawan’s gems. This city is best known for its underground river system that snakes its way underneath mountains. The river is the world’s longest navigable subterranean river declared by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a world heritage site and is among the world’s 7 wonders of nature. There are a host of attractions other than the underground river such as Puerto Princesa’s amazing beaches and endless coastlines. A visit to this enchanting city will make guests and visitors fall in love and come back for more.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Bukidnon

Reasons Why You Should Visit Bukidnon

Bukidnon, which is located in Northern Mindanao, boasts of its awe inspiring plateaus, waterfalls, mountains, springs, canyons and farms. It is known as the “World’s Pineapple Capital” because it has a wide plantation of pineapple which Del Monte process and canned before selling it to the market.

As a major producer of rice and corn, Bukidnon is also considered as the “Food Basket of Mindanao”. It has also a wide selection of plants planted in the area like pineapples, bananas and sugar cane.


Because of its location, Bukidnon is also referred to as “Highlander” or “mountain dweller”. Bukidnon is the right place to go if you want to escape the heat and the crowded city. It is also the right place for you to visit if you want to see the untouched beauty of nature and to experience the thrill and excitement which anybody would feel in this beautiful piece of land above the mountains.

Bukidnon has many breathtaking beautiful spots or places that you can explore. More so, it has also many activities that await you and the other guests and tourists to experience, hence, there are many reasons why you should really visit Bukidnon. Unlike other places or cities here in the Philippines that offer exotic beaches, Bukidnon has no exotic beaches to offer, instead, Bukidnon can offer the different exotic and natural beauty of nature. As you take a look around, your eyes will feel refreshed because everything around you is oozing with life. Everything is green in color, a sure indication of life. Bukidnon is the perfect place to go if you want to explore and enjoy exciting outdoor activities and adventure. Because of its rich natural resources represented by the mountains and hills that surround the place, Bukidnon is a perfect place for mountain climbing, trail hiking, trekking, rappelling and tubing.

There are many tourist spots or beautiful places in Bukidnon that you will surely love. Aside from just taking a look at all of the natural beauty around you, you will also have a chance to actually experience the beauty of Bukidnon which can make your adventure more exciting and memorable.

Bukidnon has many natural and mesmerizing waterfalls, lakes and natural springs. Its cool water is soothing and taking a dip will just make your visit very memorable. Some of the natural wonders in Bukidnon that you must visit are the Napalit Lake, Lake APO, Pinamaloy Lake, Malagana Lake, Pulangi River, Panamsamon Spring, Ulayan spring, Tinambacan Spring, Malingling spring and Minlaya Falls.

As you pass by Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, you should drop at the Manolo Fortich’s Del Monte Golf Club to grab a bite of their super delicious steak.

If you really want a real adventure, you can explore the different caves in Sumilao which include Sumalsag Cave, Lagundang Cave, Basag Cave, Salawaw Cave, Kasanayan Cave, Kibawe Caves, Spiring Cave, Blue Water, Sagonsong Caves, Liroan Cave, Bogsok Cave, Quarry Cave and the Minsulahog Cave.

This beautiful place on top of the mountains is the home of the longest Zip line in Asia. It is found in one of Bukidnon’s exotic parks known as Dahilayan Adventure Park. This exquisite park has Asia’s longest dual zip line which can really give you a chance to fly high from a launch point of 4,700 feet above sea level. As you fly high you can see the perfect view of Dahilayan Mountains. Aside from soaring high, you can also enjoy the different facilities and amenities offered by this wonderful park.

From zip lining in Dahilayan, you can go to Kampo Juan in Diclum, Manolo Fortich Bukidnon. It offers another breathtaking adventure that you can enjoy. Kampo Juan offers the Anicycle ride where you can bike across a 600 ft. cable which hangs on a 100-ft deep ravine. It has also a hanging bridge which you can cross over a ravine which is 200 ft. above a river. Other exciting activities include a zip line ride, rappelling and Paramotoring.

One of the most awaited events in Bukidnon is the famous Kaamulan Festival, which took place every third week of February. The Kaamulan Festival is a special celebration where the seven tribes, who were the original inhabitants of Bukidnon, gathered. These original tribes of Bukidnon are: Higaoonon, Talaandig, Manobo, Matigsalig, Tigwahonon, Umayamnon and Bukidnon. Kaamulan Festival is considered as the “most authentic ethnic festival in the country” where you can see the different ethnic dance represented by each tribe.

Moving on from Malaybalay, Bukidnon, you will have a chance to view Pulangi River, which is the longest river in Bukidnon. It is one of the main branches of the Rio Grande de Mindanao. It is also one of the major sources of electricity in Mindanao.


Before reaching another municipality of Bukidnon you will already see the famous Musuan Peak. It is located in Musuan, Dologon, Maramag, Bukidnon. Musuan Peak is also known as Mount Musuan and Mount Calayao which is an active volcano. It is very accessible as it is located near the highway. If you want to reach its peak to have a chance to view farm lands, Pulangi River and mountain ranges, a one hour hike can take you there.

Bukidnon is also the home of the second highest mountain in the Philippines known as Mount Dulang-dulang, which is located in Kitanglad Mountain Range. Other mountains are Mount Kitanglad, Mount Kalatungan, Mount Maagnaw, Mount Lumuluyaw and Mount Tuminungan.

Exploring the Best Malls in the Philippines

Exploring the Best Malls in the Philippines

One of the favorite hobbies or past time of some Filipinos, especially the younger generation is “malling” or “window shopping”. They enjoy mall hopping or just stay in one mall. They went to the mall not only because they want to buy something, but because they just want to enjoy the beautiful displays, cool atmosphere, and a chance to meet friends as they stroll and hang at the mall.

The Philippines have many shopping malls or department stores. These malls or department stores have a unique structural and architectural design. To give you a glimpse of where to go when you like to shop or just go “malling”, here’s some of the list of the best malls in the country:

1. Shoe Mart (SM) – SM North Edsa is the first Mall that was put up in our country. After its opening, other malls were introduced into all parts of the Country. SM has put up many branches all over the Philippines. People from all walks of life visit and enjoy shopping in this mall because Shoemart has got almost everything they need at an affordable price. SM has many built in stores and boutiques where you can also choose a wide variety of clothes and accessories. It has also many food chains and restaurants where you can indulge yourself with superlicious foods of both local and international cuisine. SM can also provide you total entertainment because of their games arcade.

2. Robinson’s Place Manila – This mall is located at the heart of the Malate-Ermita border. It is the favorite place where students, professional, tourists (local or foreigners) love to hang out because the place can cater to everything they need.


3. Glorietta – it is a large shopping mall in Ayala Center in Makati City. The mall consists of many shops and boutiques where you can purchase anything you need restaurants, cinema screens, a gym, arcades and an atrium where special events are held.

4. Robinsons Galleria – a large shopping mall located at EDSA

5. SM Mega Mall – another Shoemart branch which is located in Ortigas, the business district of Metro Manila, Philippines. It is also considered as the third largest shopping mall in the country and the 7th largest shopping mall in the world.

6. Gateway Mall – is a shopping mall complex in Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City. Gateway Mall was 2006-2007 shopping mall of the year. It has more the 300 shops and restaurants, food express, cinema and games arcade.

7. Shangri-La Plaza – is a classy shopping mall located in Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City, Philippines.

8. TriNoma – also referred to as the Triangle North of Manila, is also a large shopping mall located in Epifanio de Los Santos Avenue (EDSA) Quezon City.

9. Greenbelt – is located at Ayala Center, Makati City. It is the country’s first Premier Lifestyle Center that caters to the multinational consumer a high quality, specialty shopping, dining and entertainment.

10. SM Mall of Asia – is the second largest shopping mall in the country. It is located at Bay City, Pasay City.

11. Festival Supermall – It is one of the biggest sprawling malls in the Philippines and is considered as an international shopping destination in the country. Other special features that make Festival Supermall the best mall in the Philippines are: It is the first Theme mall in the Philippines; The first mall in the country with a train and rail track running through its hallway; the only mall in the country with 2 indoor theme parks; it is also the only mall in the world with a garden and natural creek that passes through its buildings; It has also the largest mall garden in the world.

12. Alabang Town Center – Is another sprawling shopping complex with Spanish ambiance. It has a great selection of shops and boutiques. It has an indoor laser shooting amusement center where shoppers can visitors can have total fun and entertainment. The Central courtyard with plants and water features are also great.

13. SM Seaside Cebu City  – Another SM mall which is set on a picturesque seaside location. It has the largest roof deck garden in the Philippines. It has also recreational areas like an Olympic sized ice skating rink and bowling alleys and an IMAX theater.

14. Ayala Center Cebu – It is a mall with different frontage designs. It has two main department stores, Metro Gaisano and Rustans.

15. Ayala Center, Cagayan De Oro City – is another Ayala mall located in the “City of Golden Friendship”. Its main stores are Robinsons and Rustans. Ayala Centrio has an activity area which is a popular venue of some important events and celebrations.


16. Lim Ket Kai Center – is a sprawling mall which is located in Lapasan, Cagayan De Oro City. The whole area is composed of different shops and boutiques, food chains and restaurants, movie houses world class hotels (like the Luxe and Mulberry Hotel) and a games and entertainment arcade. Its main department store is Robinsons.

17. Abreeza, Davao City – is developed by Ayala Land and is the first Ayala Shopping mall in Mindanao.

18. Gaisano Mall, Gaisano Grand City, Gaisano Department Store – Just like Shoemart, Gaisano has already many branches all over the country. It is also a one-stop-shop which caters to the needs of the people for food, clothing, shoes, hardware and school supplies. It has also other stores and boutiques which offers many things at a low price.

Exploring Visayas

Exploring Visayas

Visayas is one of the main islands in the Philippines aside from Luzon and Mindanao. It is located in South East Asia. Visayas is a collection of large and small island in the central part of the Philippines and is also considered as the cradle of the country. It consists of several islands surrounding the Visayan Sea. The major islands of the Visayas are: Panay, Negros, Cebu, Bohol, Leyte, Masbate, Samar, Camotes Island and Mactan. There are three administrative regions in Visayas namely Western Visayas, Central Visayas and Eastern Visayas.

There are thousands of islands in the Visayas and everywhere you turn you can see a patch of islands with sands and coral reefs waiting to be explored. Some of the smaller islands are already famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear water and velvety white sand. One of these islands is the exotic Boracay. Each of these islands can be reached by land, water and air transportation, hence, reaching these islands is not a problem.

There are many beautiful places or cities in the Visayan region. All of these beautiful places have their own stories to tell and have their own special features to boast. The whole region has many beautiful things to offer to their visitors, many exotic places to go and something or some place to explore.


If you want to explore the exciting and wonderful place of Visayas you can start your adventure in Cebu City. This is the oldest City of the Philippines and it belongs to the Central Visayas Region. Cebu is also considered as the center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas. Cebu is a perfect place where you can spend a memorable holiday season because it has a moderate climate with no specific wet or dry season, its temperature is from 23 to 33 degrees Centigrade or 73 to 91 degrees. Cebu’s coolest month is January and its warmest month is in May. There are many places that you can explore in Cebu and one of it is Moalboal or Malapascua where divers love to go. Another perfect place where you can go to relax is the Bantayan Island. It is also the favorite place of the tourists. Cebu has many festivals to celebrate and one of the popular festival is the Sinulog Festival, which took place every 3rd Sunday of January in Honor of Senor Sto Nino de Cebu.

From the busy streets of Cebu City, you can go to the home of the Tarsiers or the island of Bohol. It is situated in the Central Visayas Region and its capital is Tagbilaran City. Bohol is also the home of the famous Chocolate Hills and the Panglao Island, where you can enjoy an exciting diving experience.

The Negros Island is another island in the Visayas which is located in Eastern Visayas and Central Visayas. It is the main sugar producing province Negros is divided into two provinces, namely Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. The Capital of Negros Occidental is Bacolod City and Negros Oriental is Dumaguete City. Kanlaon Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, is also in Negros Occidental.

Negros Occidental is the home of the great beaches, remarkable diving spots, natural landscape and friendly and charming people of Negros.

One of the Visayas famous cities is Iloilo City which is also called as the Queen City of the South. Iloilo is located at the center of the Philippine Archipelago. Iloilo still showcases pieces of its splendid past and its rich culture and tradition can still be remembered as the city celebrates many festivals depicting the rich heritage of Iloilo. For instance, Iloilo is called as the “Province of Festivals” and one of its famous festival celebration is the Dinagyang Festival. Iloilo is also the gateway to the region and a favorite stopover for people who are going to Boracay, Palawan, Guimaras, Antique, Capiz and Aklan.

Another island in the Visayas is Boracay. It is only 4.5 miles long, small enough that you can use a bike or motorbike to tour the whole island. Though Boracay is just a small island, it has several exotic beaches that you can explore. Some of the breathtaking and amazing beaches in Boracay are: The Yapak Beach, known for its beautiful white shells; White Beach, has picture-perfect sunsets; Balinghai Beach, a perfect site for honeymooners because of its very private location. Boracay is one of the best beach destinations in the world.

Bacolod City which is located on the Northwestern coast of Negros occidental is another beautiful city in the Visayas region. The city’s famous landmarks are: The San Sebastian Cathedral, located in the heart of Bacolod City. The Sta. Clara Chapel in Sta Clara Subdivision is the home of the local version of Virgin Mary, “Barangay Sang Birhen”, is made of 95,000 pieces of polished shells. The famous San Antonio Abad which features the masterpiece of national artist Solomon Saprid’s “The Risen Christ”. Another famous masterpiece is the Provincial Capitol Building, which uses the Neo-Roman architectural design of American Daniel Burnham and executed by Filipino Architect Juan Arellano.


Another historical and famous city in the Visayas is Leyte. It is one of the biggest islands of the country. It has 2 cities, Tacloban City and Ormoc City. Leyte is famous for the historical Battle of the Leyte Gulf, which is the largest naval battle in modern history.

Where to Eat in Tacloban

Where to Eat in Tacloban

Where to Eat in Tacloban

Tacloban City is one of the top ten most outstanding cities in the Philippines based from the survey of the Asian Institute of Management which was released July 2010. It is the first city in Region Vlll to become a “Highly Urbanized City”. Tacloban City is also the regional center of
Eastern Visayas. Tacloban is a “Waray” speaking city and was also known a Kankabatok, a named derived from the first inhabitants of the place-Kabatok.

Tacloban City has many beautiful and historical spots which were always visited by local and international tourists. Tacloban is also famous for its native delicacies which can be a perfect “pasalubong” for your loved ones and friends. Aside from its delicious native delicacies, Tacloban City is also known for its delicious seafood’s. More so, the city is also known for the delicious treats served in the different restaurant of the city. Restaurants in Tacloban City are a “must Visit” if you want to indulge yourself with the city’s famous food treats. Among the favorite restaurant and food stations in Tacloban are:

1. Café Teresa- They have the best brewed coffee in the city and the best mouthwatering desserts like crepes and banana splits.

2. Giuseppe’s- is an authentic Italian restaurant where you can dine at a very reasonable price. The exceptional services they give to their guests and customers can be compared to the services given by a four star restaurant staff to their customers.
3. Ocho Seafood and Grill restaurant- serves a combination of the Filipino and Chinese cuisine. While you dine in Ocho, you can choose and buy seafood by grams and have them cook it for you. They charge you 100 pesos for cooking fee and rice. They also serve the best Pinakbet in town. Their business starts from 10 in the morning to 10 in the afternoon.

4. Lucky Six- Just like the Ocho Seafood Restaurant; Lucky Six specialize with seafood dishes. However, if you opt to dine in Lucky Six, they also serve original Chinese cooking.

5. Royal Seafood- This restaurant serves excellent seafood delicacies and exotic food like jungle lizards, aphrodisiacs and pancit canton.

6. Zanzibar- Their specialty is the delicious Nacho Salad and the rum beef
7. Rafael Farms- is a family owned farm. They served sumptuous food. Their Calamansi juice which is uniquely prepared as it is added with shredded carrots and cucumber is really refreshing!

8. Hugo’s- They serve freshly made Mexican dishes. They also serve best cakes, pastries and Nachos.

9. Chowking- is one of the local food chain with a wide selection of local dishes and dim sum. They also serve the best and thirst quenching halo-halo.

10. Tacloban Royal Restaurant- They serve delicious sinigang soups and calderreta at a very reasonable price.

11. Zaibatsu- Serve the best pasta. They serve generous servings. The whole place is cozy and their staff also gives good service to their customers.

12. Cherry Refreshment- is Tacloban City’s small snack center and the dealer of the city’s delicious delicacies. Some of their famous delicacies are:

• Binagol- which is made from talyan (which came from the family of gabi), with sweet coconut milk and peanuts for its creamy fillings.
• Sagmani- is made of gabi. It is wrapped in dried banana leaves.
• Moron- is the chocolate version of suman.

13. Calle Z Restaurant- is one of the oldest restaurants in the city which serves sweet and spicy shrimps. Calle Z also serves the best Bulalo, Crispy Tenga and sizzling Bangus. The restaurant opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 4 in the morning of the following day.

14. Uncle Sam Restaurant- They serve Uncle Sam’s Texan Barbecue Back ribs and the best authentic American Burger.

15. Dream café Restaurant- is a great place to have breakfast where you can eat sausage and egg muffins. They serve really great food. Their delicious steaks, meats and other international dishes are yummilicious. For those who love to eat vegetables, Dream Café Restaurant is just the right place for you to go. They serve buttered vegetables prepared with extra spice and cool yummy shakes. They also have freshly baked breads that you can choose to your hearts delight.
16. Shakey’s- If you’re starving to get the best pizza in town, Shakeys has just got everything you’re looking for in a pizza. They have different pizza flavors. Shakey’s also serve salad with croutons.

17. MEX’EM Up Grill Restaurant- They serve super delicious food at a very reasonable price. Their Burritos, salads, vegetarian pizza, beef salpicao and beef with mash potatoes are super yummy.

18. K Patisserie Restaurant- They just got the tastiest colorful cupcakes which are soft and tasty. K Patisserie Restaurant is the right place to go where you can enjoy a light snack with cupcakes and milk shakes.

19. Jose Carlos Restaurant- is Tacloban City’s counterpart of the famous Starbucks Cafe. It is a cozy place for coffee and pastries at a very reasonable price

20. San Pedro Bay Seafood’s Restaurant- San Pedro Bay serves the best seafood delicacies of crabs and blue marlin. They also have excellent shrimp recipes that can really make you ask for more.

21. Ayo Café- offers a numerous selection of delicious food at a very reasonable price. It is a perfect place where you can have a good meal and drink.

22. The Little Green Kitchen Village Restaurant- They serve the amazing crispy pata.